Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Evgenii Vasil'evich Sablin Papers, 1886-1949

Series II: Manuscripts, Photographs and Drawings

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Box 2 Benckendorff, Constantine, count

Box 52 Aivadovei, A.P. -- "Poemy o Ehizni i smerti Pushkina"

Box 52 Bessedovsky -- "On the way to Termidor"

Box 52 Bilibin, J. -- "Vicisti, Galilaee"

Box 52 I.V.H. -- "Love and Blood"

Box 52 Kasem-Beg, Alexander M. -- "Russian events up till 1935…"

Box 52 Maklakov, Vasilii A. -- "Dolbenkinskoe Delo"

Box 52 Mironov, P.V. -- "Otchet Russkago Pravitel'stvennago Komiteta v Londone"

Box 52 Misheev, N. -- "V gorode Petra Velikago"

Box 52 Muggeridge, Malcolm -- "Posle 8-im mesiatsev provedennykh v Rossii"

Box 52 Sanchkov, A. -- "Le conflict Sino-Japonais et l'U.R.S.S."

Box 52 Sarolea, C. -- "The resurrection of Russia..." and "The truth about Imperial Russia"

Box 53 Sablin, E.V

Box 53 "Dvizhenie russkoi problemy v Veliko-britanii v 192l4-1925g."

Box 53 "Dvizhenie russkoi problemy..." (uncorrected carbon copy)

Box 53 Miscellaneous (1928-1932)

Box 53 Miscellaneous (1933-1937)

Box 54 Miscellaneous (1938-1939)

Box 54 Miscellaneous (1941-1947)

Box 54 Miscellaneous (n.d.; 2 folders)

Box 54 Miscellaneous, (3 folders)

Box 54 Photographs

Box 54 Drawings


Box 2 Miliukov, Pavel Nikolaevich