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Sofiia Vladimirovna Panina Papers, 1900-1956

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Creator(s) Panina, Sofii͡a Vladimirovna, grafini͡a, 1871-1956; I︠U︡renev, Petr P.; Masaryk, Alice Garrigue, 1879-1966; Obolenskiĭ, V. A., kni︠a︡zʹ (Vladimir Andreevich), 1869-1950; Petrunkevich, I. I. (Ivan Ilʹich), 1843-1928; Astrov, N. I. (Nikolaĭ Ivanovich), -1934; Chelishchev, Viktor Nikolaevich, 1870-1952; Kizevetter, A. A. (Aleksandr Aleksandrovich), 1866-1933; Mili︠u︡kov, P. N. (Pavel Nikolaevich), 1859-1943; Nabokov, Vladimir , 1869-1922; Bilibin, Ivan I︠A︡kovlevich, 1876-1942; Masaryk, T. G. (Tomáš Garrigue), 1850-1937
Title Sofiia Vladimirovna Panina Papers, 1900-1956
Physical Description 5000 items (16 boxes; 1 folder; 1 album)
Language(s) Russian .
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Most of the collection concerns the Russian emigration in interwar Europe; a sizeable part deals with the Kadet (Constitutional Democrat) Party in the Russian Civil War. There is correspondence, manuscripts, subject files, photographs, and printed materials. There are many letters by liberal figures, such as Astrov, Viktor Chelishchev, Petr I︠U︡renev, Aleksandr Kizevetter, Pavel Mili︠u︡kov, Vladimir D. Nabokov, Vladimir Obolenskiĭ, Panina, and Ivan Petrunkevich. There are also letters from Ivan Bilibin, Alice Masaryk, and Thomas Masaryk. Manuscripts are chiefly by Astrov, and include memoirs, poems, and lectures. There are also memoirs by Panina, and eulogies by various people on Astrov. Subject files from 1917-1920 have materials on Panina's arrest and trial by the Bolsheviks, Kadet conferences, protocols of meetings of the Kadet Party central committee, and other items. Files on the emigration deal with the Russkiĭ Ochag (Russian Hearth) and other bodies, especially in Czechoslovakia. There are photographs of Astrov, Kizevetter, Nikodim Kondakov, Alice Masaryk, Panina, and others. Printed materials include books, clippings, and offprints by Astrov and others.

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Papers: Source of acquisition--S. V. Panina. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1954.

Papers: Source of acquisition--Heirs of S. V. Panina. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1957.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

Countess Sofii︠a︡ Panina was a Russian liberal and social activist. Also included are papers of Nikolaĭ I. Astrov, a liberal leader.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Aldanov, Mark Aleksandrovich

Box 1 Anderson, Paul B.

Box 1 Argunov, Andrei Aleksandrovich

Box 1 Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Box 1 Avksent'ev, Nikolai Dmitrievich

Box 1 Bilibin, Ivan Iakovlevich

Box 1 Bitsilli, Petr Mikhailovich

Box 2 Chelishchev, Viktor Nikolaevich

Box 2 Chelnokov, Mikhail Vasil'evich

Box 2 Chirikov, Evgenii Nikolaevich

Box 2 Crane, John 0.

Box 2 Demidov, Igorf Platonovich

Box 2 Denikin, Anton Ivanovich

Box 2 Denikina, Kseniia Vasil'evna (Mrs. Anton I.)

Box 2 Dolgorukov, Pavel Dmitrievich

Box 2 Efremov, Ivan Nikolaevich

Box 2 Evlogii, Metropolitan

Box 2 Fedorov, Mikhail Mikhailovich

Box 2 Fel'kner, Vladimir

Box 2 Florinsky, Michael T.

Box 2 Gessen, Iosif Vladimirovich

Box 2 Gronskii, Pavel Pavlovich

Box 2 Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich

Box 2 Iablonovskii, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Box 3 Iurenev, Petr Petrovich

Box 3 Karpovich, Mikhail Mikhailovich

Box 3 Kartashev, Anton Vladimirovich

Box 3 Kharlamov, Vasilii Akimovich

Box 3 Kizevetter, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Box 3 Kobylinskii, Lev L'vovich (pseudonym-Ellis)

Box 3 Kokoshkin, Fedor Fedorovich

Box 3 Koni, Anatolii Fedorovich

Box 3 Konisskaia, Nataliia Ivanovna

Box 3 Konovalov, Aleksandr Ivanovich

Box 3 Kovaleskii, Evgraf Petrovich

Box 3 Kuskova, Ekaterian Dmitrievna (Mrs. S. N. Prokopovich)

Box 3 Lazarev, Egor Egorovich

Box 3 Lednicki, Waclaw

Box 3 Lekhno, Valentin Iosifovich

Box 3 Losskii, Nikolai Onufrievich

Box 3 Lowrie, Donald A.

Box 4 Maklakov, Vasilii Alekseevich

Box 4 Malinin, Vladimir Fedorovich

Box 4 Masaryk, Alice Garrigue

Box 4 Masaryk, Thomas Garrigue

Box 4 Mel'gunov, Sergei Petrovich

Box 4 Miakotin, Venedikt Aleksandrovich

Box 4 Miliukov, Pavel Nikolaevich

Box 4 Miliukova, Anna Sergeevna (Mrs. P« N-)

Box 4 Mogilianskii, N. M.

Box 4 Nabokov, Vladimir Dmitrievich

Box 4 Nemec, Bohumil

Box 4 Nemirovich-Danchenko, Vasilii Ivanovich, et al.

Box 4 Novgorodtsev, Pavel Ivanovich

Box 4 Obolenskii, Vladimir Andreevich

Box 4 Osorgin, Mikhail

Box 5 Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna

Box 5 Petrunkevich, Anastasiia Sergeevna (Mrs. I. I.)

Box 5 Petrunkevich, Ivan Ilfich

Box 5 Polner, Tikhon Ivanovich

Box 5 Polonskii, Iakov Borisovich

Box 5 Rodichev, Fedor Izmailovich

Box 5 Rodicheva, Aleksandra Fedorovna

Box 5 Rozenberg, Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Box 5 Rudnev, Vadim Viktorovich

Box 5 Savitskii, Petr Nikolaevich

Box 5 Shakhovskoi, Dmitrii Ivanovich

Box 5 Shingarev, Andrei Ivanovich

Box 5 Shotveil, James T.

Box 5 Shtern, Sergei F.

Box 5 Sokolov, Konstantin Nikolaevich

Box 5 Stepanov, Vasilii Aleksandrovich

Box 5 Struve, Petr Berngardovich

Box 5 Tatarinov, Vladimir Evgenf evich

Box 5 Tereshchenko, Mikhail Ivanovich

Box 5 Teslenko, Nikolai Vasil'evich

Box 5 Tyrkova-Williams, Ariadna Vladimirovna

Box 5 Vinaver, Maksim Moiseevich

Box 5 Vinaver, Roza Georgievna (Mrs. M. M.)

Box 5 Vishniak, Mark Veniaminovich

Box 5 Zaretskii, Nikolai Vasilfevich

Box 5 Zavadakii, Sergei Vladimirovich

Box 5 Zeeler, Vladimir Feofilovich

Series II: Cataloged Manuscripts and Documents


Box 6 Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Box 6 A.A. Kizevetter (lecture)

Box 6 A.A. Kizevetter: Pervyi predsedatel' soveta Russkogo Zagranichnogo Istoricheskogo Arkhiva (draft of essay or lecture)

Box 6 M. la. Gertsenshtein v Moskovskoi gorodskoi dume (essay)

Box 6 Na boevom postu: N. N. Shchepkin (essay)

Box 6 Pamiati kniazia G. E. Lfvova (speech)

Box 6 V. A. Rozenberg (lecture)

Box 6 V. D. Nabokov (lecture)

Box 6 Chelishchev, Viktor Nikolaevich -- N. I. Astrov-sudia (eulogy)

Dolgorukov, Petr Dmitrievich

Box 6 ObshchestVennaia deiatel'nostf N. I.

Box 6 Astrova v emigratsii (eulogy)

Box 6 Osoboe mnenie Kh. P. D. Dolgorukova po voprosu o sozyve Krymskago Seima (essay)

Box 6 Iurenev, Petr Petrovich -- CEulogy for N. I. AstrovD (eulogy)

Box 6 Kharlamov, Vasilii Akimovich CEulogy for N. I. AstrovD (eulogy)

Box 6 Kizevetter, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich -- Zarodysh idea Ligi Natsii (article)

Kobylinskii, Lev L'vovich

Box 6 Iz moikh vospominanii o staroi Moskve. I.

Box 6 Moia pervaia vstrecha s A. Belym (memoirs)

Box 6 K pis'mam N. I. Astrova (note)

Box 6 Muchenitsa (sviatiaia Agnessa) (poem)

Box 6 Pamiati Pavla i Vladimira Iv. Astrovykh (memorial lecture)

Box 6 Po povodu konchiny (zemnoi zhizni) Nik. Iv. Astrova (essay)

Box 6 Kokoshkin, Fedor Fedorovich -- Kornilovskie dni (report)

Box 6 Lednicki, Waclaw -- Curriculum vitae

Obolenskii, Vladimir Andreevich

Box 6 Eulogy for N. I. Astrov (eulogy)

Box 6 Zemstvo i voina (historical essay)

Box 6 Osorgin, Mikhail -- Vstrechi: Iuliia Mikhailovna Astrova (article)

Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna

Box 6 Alice Garrigue Masaryk (notes)

Box 6 Moi gorod (memoirs)

Box 6 Na Peterburgskoi okraine. Pamiat Aleksandry Vasil'evny Peshekhonovoi (memoir)

Box 6 Rozenberg, Vladimir Aleksandrovrch--'Mne grustno ottogo..." (poem)

Box 6 Varshavskii, Sergei Ivanovich -- Eulogy for N. I. Astrov (eulogy)

Box 6 Zavadskii, Sergei Vladimirovich --"Chuvstvuia priblizhenie smerti" (final testament)


Box 6 Aleksandrovich, Aleksandr Dmitrievich

Box 6 Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Box 6 Avksent'ev, Nikolai Dmitrievich

Box 6 Dolgorukov, Pavel Dmitrievich

Box 6 Evreinov, Boris Alekseevich

Box 6 Iurenev, Petr Petrovich

Box 6 Kizevetter, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Box 6 Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovich

Box 6 Konovalov, Aleksandr Ivanovich

Box 6 Kovarskii, Il'ia Nikolaevich

Box 6 Krovopuskov, Konstantin Romanovich

Box 6 Masaryk, Alice Garrigue

Box 6 Miliukov, Pavel Nikolaevich

Box 6 Minor, Osip Solomonovich

Box 6 Novgorodtsev, Pavel Ivanovich

Box 6 Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna

Box 6 Rozenberg, Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Box 6 Rudnev, Vadim Viktorovich

Box 6 Vasnetsov, Viktor

Box 6 Zavadskii, Sergei Vladimirovich

Box 6 Zeeler, Vladimir Feofilovich

Box 6 Drawing--Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich -- Abram Mikhailovich Dragomirov

Series III: Arranged Correspondence

Box 7 A-B

Box 7 Artsishevskii, A.

Box 7 Astrov, N. I.

Box 7 Aubert, Th.

Box 7 C Baratov, Nikolai N.

Box 7 C-E

Box 7 Deich, Adrian V.

Box 7 F-G

Box 7 Grammatichkova, Liudmila F.

Box 7 Grinval'd, E. I.

Box 7 H-I

Box 7 Iureneva, E.

Box 7 K

Box 7 L

Box 7 M-0

Box 7 Makletsov, Aleksandr V.

Box 7 Meingardt, £. A.

Box 7 Milich, Elena

Box 7 P-R

Box 7 Panina, S. V.

Box 7 Peshekhonova, A.

Box 7 Russkii Narodnyi Universitet v Prage

Box 7 S-T

Box 7 Semevskaia, Elizaveta

Box 7 Shingarev, V. A.

Box 7 Shneerzon, I. S.

Box 7 U-V

Box 7 Vinaver, Maksim Moiseevich

Box 7 Zhekulina, Aleksandra V.

Box 7 Zurova, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna

Box 7 Unidentified

Box 8 "Iz Trekh Uglov" (Copies of letters exchanged among Astrov, Chelishchev, Iurenev and Obolenskii, 1922-1934 original letters are in "boxes 1-5), 1922-1934

Box 8 Letters from the USSR (Letters by various persons, 1921-1936 Copies by Astrov), 1921-1936

Series IV: Arranged Manuscripts

Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Box 9 Bezhenstvo i emigratsii

Box 9 Den' pominoveniia

Box 9 10 let kommunalfnogo ustroistva v Moskve

Box 9 Dostoevskii

Box 9 Gorod

Box 9 Grazhdanskaia voina

Box 9 Iz istorii gorodskikh samoupravlenii v Rossii

Box 9 Iz pis'ma Zheneva, 1923

Box 9 K vozstanovleniiu gorodskogo khoziaistva v Rossii

Box 9 Konferentsii kadet uzhe pod bolfshevikami

Box 9 League of Nations

Box 9 Minor manuscripts

Box 9 Moskovskaia katastrofia i smert' moikh brat'ev

Box 10 Moskovskie organizatsii, 1917-1918

Box 10 Moskva i razrushaemye pamiatniki stariny

Box 10 Moskva v obrazakh i kartinakh

Box 10 Neskol'ko spravok o fNovom politicheskom kurse1

Box 10 Notebooks on cities

Box 10 Notes (miscellaneous)

Box 10 Notes for memoirs

Box 10 Notes on formation of Kadet Party

Box 10 On civil war

Box 10 On his brothers, Pavel and Vladimir

Box 10 On P. N. Miliukov, Pri svete 2-ukh revoliutsii

Box 10 Partiia Nar. Svobody (po povodu 25 letniia eia osnovaniia)

Box 10 Play based on Turgenevfs Fathers and Sons

Box 10 Poems, (2 folders)

Box 11 Poems, (2 folders)

Box 11 Rossiia i emigratsiia

Box 11 Russkaia kul'tura i russkaia emigratsiia

Box 11 Russkie goroda i vserossiiskii soiuz gorodov vo vremia voiny

Box 11 Staraia Moskva; V staroi Moskve

Box 11 Sud'ba gorodov

Box 11 Tretfiakovskaia gallereia

Box 11 1917 Novaia gorodskaia duma v Moskve, 1917

Box 11 1918 god, 1918

Box 11 Voina i obshchestvennye organizatsii

Box 11 Vserossiiskii soiuz gorodov

Box 11 Vserossiiskii soiuz gorodov i russkaia revoliutsiia

Box 11 Zakladka pamiatnika soiuz gorodov i russkaia revoliutsiia

Box 11 Chelishchev, Viktor Nikolaevich -- Poems

Box 12 Chelishchev, Viktor Nikolaevich -- Poems

Box 12 Obolenskii, Vladimir Andreevich -- Poems and story

Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna

Box 12 Minor manuscripts

Box 12 Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna -- Minor manuscripts

Box 12 Notes

Box 12 On Kadet Party, September -/010/1919

Box 12 "Predislovie" to Astrov's Vospominaniia

Box 12 Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich -- Vospominaniia

Series V: Subject Files

Box 13 Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Box 13 Bureau International du Travail

Box 13 Civil War-Kadets

Box 13 Civil War-Kadets & Kerenskii, 19-17

Box 13 Civil War-Kadet conferences in Omsk, November 1918 & May 1919, November 1918, May 1919

Box 13 Civil War-Kadet conference in Yalta, March1919

Box 13 Civil War-Kadet conference in Ekaterinodar, June 1919

Box 13 Civil War-Kadet conference in Kharkov, November 1919

Box 13 Civil War-Paris Kadet group

Box 13 Civil War-Kadet Party in Groznyi, 1919

Box 13 Civil War-Civil War-Protocols of Kadet Central Committee, March-December 1919

Box 13 Denf Russkoi Kul'tury, 1925-28

Box 13 Denf Russkoi Kul'tury, 1929-32

Box 13 Den1 Russkoi Kul'tury, 1933-38

Box 13 Emigration, Czechoslovakia

Box 14 Emigration Europe

Box 14 Events at one of S. V. Paninafs estates, 1917 (Marfino), 1917

Box 14 Gertsenshtein, Mikhail la.

Box 14 Kadets killed in Civil War ("Pamiati pogibshikh")

Box 14 Kobylinskii, Lev L'vovich (Ellis)

Box 14 Komitet ob"edineniia natsionalfno-progressivnoi i demokraticheskoi russkoi emigratsii v Iugoslavii

Box 14 League of Nations, Minorities & Refugees

Box 14 Narodnyi Dom, St. Petersburg

Box 14 Ob"edinenie russkikh organizatsii dlia okazaniia pomoshchi nuzhdaiushchimsia Czechoslovakia

Box 14 Obshchestvo dlia izucheniia gorodskogo samoupravleniia

Box 14 Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna (biographical)

Box 14 Panina as a librarian

Box 14 Paninafs arrest, 1917

Box 14 Petrunkevich, Ivan Il'ich (biographical)

Box 14 Red Cross

Box 14 Russkii Nauchnyi Institut, Berlin

Box 14 Russkii Ochag, Prague-General

Box 15 Russkii Ochag, Prague-Reports, 1925-30

Box 15 Russkii Ochag, Prague-Reports, 1931-38

Box 15 Russkii Zagranichnyi Istoricheskii Arkhiv

Box 15 Vserossiiskii Soiuz Gorodov, Czechoslovakia

Box 15 Vserossiiskii Zemskii Soiuz, Emigration

Box 15 Women's Education in Russia

Box 15 Zavadskii, Sergei Vladislavovich

Box 15 "Zemgor"-Czechoslovakia

Box 15 Zhekulina, Adelaida Vladimirovna

Series VI: Photographs, Print Materials, and Miscellaneous Documents

Box 15 Photographs

Box 15 Den' Russkoi Kul'tury, Petseri (Pechory), Estonia

Box 15 Emigration, Europe

Box 15 Miscellaneous photographs

Box 15 Russkii Ochag, Prague

Printed Materials

Box 15 Clippings (miscellaneous)

Box 15 Clippings on Revolution and Civil War

Box 15 League of Nations

Box 15 N. I. Astrov-Offprints and clippings

Box 15 Offprints by various persons

Box 15 Miscellaneous


Box Oversize Folder Photograph album for the Russkii Ochag, Prague, 1929

Box Oversize Folder Two letters to Sofiia Vladimirovna Panina, 1930