Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Evgenii Eduardovich Messner Papers, 1917-1974

Series I: Material by Messner

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Box 1 Correspondence

Box 1 Memoranda


Box 1 Autobiography

Box 1 "Iz pokoleniia v pokolenie"

Box 1 "izbrannye stat'i"

Box 1 "Kriticheskie mysli o pervoi vsemirnoi voine"

Box 1 MLik sovremennoi voiny"

Box 1 "Lutskii proryv"

Box 1 "Mir bez mira"

Box 1 "Nekotorye prichiny porazheniia Germanii v voinu 1939-1945 g.g.", 1939-1945

Box 1 "Nezamechennyi sovetami 'vtoroi front' vtoroi mirovoi voiny"

Box 2 "Partizanskoe voevanie"(by Messner and others)

Box 2 "Vzgliad snizu na voinu"

Box 2 A-Z

Memoirs by Messner

Box 3 "Memuary o segodnia"

Box 3 "Moi vospominaniia"(Parts I-V)

Box 4 "Moi vospominaniia"(Part VI and Afterword)

Box 4 "Odessa"

Box 4 "Shesf desiatiletii vsemirnoi revoliutsii"(Pages 1-1008)

Box 5 "Shesf.. ."(Pages 1009-2322)

Box 6 "Shesf... "(Pages 2291-3293)