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Charles Malamuth Papers, 1910-1965

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Creator(s) Malamuth, Charles, 1899-1965; Eastman, Max, 1883-1969; Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940; Olesha, I︠U︡riĭ Karlovich, 1899-1960; Shklovskiĭ, Viktor, 1893-1984; Menjou, Adolphe, 1890-1963; Lyons, Eugene, 1898-1985; Kataev, Valentin, 1897-1986; Tolstoy, Aleksey Nikolayevich, graf, 1883-1945; Petrov, Evgeniĭ, 1903-1942; Ėrenburg, Ilʹi︠a︡, 1891-1967; Lunacharsky, Anatoly Vasilievich, 1875-1933; Zami︠a︡tin, Evgeniĭ Ivanovich, 1884-1937; Pilʹni︠a︡k, Boris, 1894-1937
Title Charles Malamuth Papers, 1910-1965
Physical Description 6500 items (26 boxes)
Language(s) English .
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Material is arranged into 5 series.


Scope and Content

Papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, subject files, and printed materials. Malamuth translated such works as Trotsky's "Stalin" and Valentin Kataev's "Kvadratura kruga." After World War II, he worked successively for the American Joint Distribution Committee in Europe and the Middle East, the Voice of America, and Radio Liberty. These papers reflect many aspects of Malamuth's career. Among the correspondents are Max Eastman, Eugene Lyons, Adolphe Menjou, and Lev Trotsky. There are one or two items each from Ili︠́a︡ Erenburg, Evengiĭ Kataev, Anatoliĭ Lunacharskiĭ, Alekseĭ Tolstoĭ, and Evgeniĭ Zami︠a︡tin. Manuscripts include a signed typescript of Boris Pilńi︠a︡k's "Volga vpadaet v Kaspiĭskoe more," a film scenario by Viktor Shklovskiĭ, and plays by I︠U︡riĭ Olesha, Tolstoĭ, and Zami︠a︡tin. There are photographs of David Ben-Gurion, Bela Kun, Lev Kamenev, Vladimir Lenin, and Grigoriĭ Zinovév. There are also photographs from Soviet Russia ca. 1920, and some about the resettlement of the Adenese Jews to Israel. Subject files deal with the publication of Trotsky's "Stalin," the American Joint Distribution Committee, the Voice of America, and Radio Liberty.

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Papers: Source of acquisition--Mrs. Charles Malamuth. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1965.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

Writer and translator.

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Series I: Correspondence

Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Alekseev, Gleb Vasil'evich

Box 1 Balabanova, Angelika

Box 1 Baudouin de Courtenay, Jan

Box 1 Camus, Albert

Box 1 Chamberlin, William Henry

Box 1 Dallin, Alexander

Box 1 Eastman, Max

Box 1 Erenburg, Il'ia Grigor'evich

Box 1 Fischer, Louis

Box 1 Fisher, Harold H.

Box 1 Iakovlev, Aleksandr Stepanovich

Box 1 Jaffe, Samuel

Box 1 Kashia, Nikolai Petrovich

Box 1 Kataev, Evgenii Petrovich (pseudonym-Evgenii Petrov)

Box 1 Kataev, Valentin Petrovich

Box 1 Kaun, Alexander Samuel

Box 1 Lavrenev, Boris Ahdreevich

Box 1 Lawrence, Jerome

Box 1 Levin, Boris Mikhailovich

Box 1 Levine, Isaac Don

Box 1 Lyons, Eugene

Box 1 Menjou, Adolphe

Box 1 Mosely, Philip E.

Box 1 Nikulin, Lev Veniaminovich

Box 1 Noyes, George Rapall

Box 1 Pipes, Richard

Box 1 Salisbury, Harrison E.

Box 1 Seton-Watson, Hugh

Box 1 Shakhovskoi, Dmitrii Alekseevich (secular

Box 1 name of Bishop Ioann of San Francisco)

Box 1 Suvarin, Boris Konstantinovich

Box 1 Tolstoi, Aleksei ftfkplaevich

Box 1 TrotsKiij Lev

Box 1 Tsereteli, Iraklii Georgievich

Box 1 Vol'skii Nikolai Vladislavovich (pseud.-N. Valentinov)

Box 1 Wolfe, Bertram D.

Box 1 Zamiatin, Evgenii Ivanovich

Arranged Correspondence

Box 3 Malamuth, Renee (Mrs. Charles)

Box 3 Malamuth Family

Box 3 Beal, Fred

Box 3 Curtis Brown, Ltd. (much on Trotsky's Stalin)

Box 3 Dubrowsky, Davi d

Box 3 Farrar & Rinehart (much on V. Kataev)

Box 3 Harper & Brothers (Much on Trotsky's Stalin)

Box 3 Merritt, Max J.

Box 3 A-D

Box 4 E-Z

Box 4 Unidentified Correspondents

Box 4 Outgoing Correspondence (chronological)

Series II: Manuscripts

Cataloged Manuscripts

Box 2 Erdman, Nikolai-"Mandat" (play)

Box 2 Lavrenev, Boris Andreevich-"Avtobiografiia"

Box 2 Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich-Statement on Russian-American Relations

Box 2 Olesha, Iurii Karlovich-"Zagovor chuvstv" (play)

Box 2 Pil'niak, Boris Andreevich (pseudonym of B.A.Vogau)-"Volga vpadaet

Box 2 Kaspiiskoe more" (novel)

Box 2 Shklovskii, Viktor Borisovich-"Mertvyi dom" (film scenario)

Box 2 Tolstoi, Aleksei Nikolaevich-"Kasatka" (play)

Trotskii, Lev

Box 2 "Chto takoe natsional'-sotsializm?"

Box 2 "Novaia era mira?" (essays)

Zamiatin, Evgenii Ivanovich

Box 2 Atilla (play)

Box 2 Mucheniki nauki (essay)

Cataloged Documents

Box 2 Kataev, Valentin Petrovich

Box 2 Lunacharskii, Anatolii Vasil'evich


Box 5 Unsigned Scenario-"Sten'ka Razin"

Box 5 Manuscripts by Various Persons

Box 5 Afinogenov, A., "Fear"

Box 5 Beal, Fred, "Case History of a Communist Martyr"

Box 5 Gerasimova V., ''Zhalost'"

Box 5 Glebov, A., "Inga"

Box 5 Kartashov, S. "Nasha molodost'"

Box 5 Kataev, Valentin, "A Million Torments"

Box 5 Kazemzadeh, Firus, "Rise and Fall of the Georgian Republic"

Box 5 Lidin, V., "Okean"

Box 6 Mansvetov, F., Various Manuscripts

Box 6 Mstislavskii, S., "Na krovi"

Box 6 Olesha, Iurii, "Conspiracy of Feelings"

Box 6 Sletov, P. "Perevozchik"

Box 6 Tolstoi, A., & Shchegolev, P., "Die Verschworung die Zarin"

Box 6 Zamiatin, Evgenii, "Flood"

Malamuth, Charles

Box 6 Minor Manuscripts

Box 7 "Judas was a Woman"

Box 7 "Three were Crucified"

Box 8 Translations of Minor Manuscripts by Trotsky

Box 8 Trotsky's Stalin (galley sheets of Malamuth's translation)

Box 9 Trotsky's Stalin (in Malamuth's translation)

Box 10 Autobiographical Notes

Box 10 Manuscript Fragments and Notes

Box 11 Manuscript Fragments and Notes

Box 11 Untitled Play (by Malamuth?)

Box 12 Notebooks

Box 12 Documents

Series III: Subject Files

Box 13 Aleksandr Dolberg

Box 13 American Joint Distribution Committee

Box 13 American Red Cross, 1944-1945

Box 14 Cornell University Russian Program During World War II

Box 14 Jews in the USSR

Box 14 Radio Liberty

Box 15 Radio Liberty

Box 16 USIA-Voice of America

Box 16 USSR (in general)

Series IV: Photographs

Cataloged Photographs

Box 2 Balabanova, Angelika

Box 2 Ben-Gurion, David

Box 2 Kammiev, Lev Borisovich

Box 2 Kun, Bela

Box 2 Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich

Box 2 Loy, Myrna

Box 2 Roosevelt, Eleanor (Mrs. Franklin D.)

Box 2 Zinov'ev, Grigorii Evseevich


Box 17 Charles Malamuth

Box 17 Cornell Russian Program, World War II

Box 17 Crematorium at Terezin

Box 17 Hungarian Revolution of, 1956

Box 17 Israel, ca. 1949

Box 17 Jews of Aden, ca. 1949

Box 17 Miscellaneous

Box 17 USSR (some ca. 1920)

Box 17 Voice of America

Box 17 Warsaw, ca. 1945

Series V: Printed Materials

Box 18 Books

Box 19 Books

Box 20 Books

Box 21 Western Periodicals and Offprints

Box 22 Biulleten' Oppozitsii

Box 22 Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik

Box 22 Soviet Newspapers and printed ephemera, ca. 1930.

Box 23 Clippings

Box 24 Clippings

Box 25 Clippings

Box 26 Fliers and Miscellaneous Printed Materials

Box 26 Miscellaneous