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Aleksei Aleksandrovich von Lampe Papers, 1777-1969

Series IV: Subject Files

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Box 23 Dom otdykha "Nicette"

Box 23 "Eighteen princesses" (Romanov dynasty)

Box 23 Ekaterinoslav campaign, 1918, (2 folders)

Box 24 Ekaterinoslav campaign, 1918 (2 folders), 1918

Box 24 Gedroits, Evgenii Evgen'evich

Box 24 Ilovaiskii, Vladimir Alekseevich

Box 24 Krasnov, Petr Nikolaevich

Box 24 Lampe, A.A. von -- Obituaries

Box 25 Lampe's Puti vernykh, (2 folders)

Box 25 Ob"edinenie Byvshikh Kadet Polotskogo Kadetskogo Korpusa

Box 25 Obshchestvo Byvshikh Kadet Pervogo Kadetskogo Korpusa

Box 25 Red Cross-in Germany, 1945-1948, (2 folders)

Box 26 Romanov family in emigration

Box 26 Rossiiskoe Zarubezhnoe Voinstvo (Sovet)

Box 27 Rossiiskoe Zarubezhnoe Voinstvo (Sovet)

Box 28 Rossiiskoe Zarubezhnoe Voinstvo (Sovet)

Box 29 Russkii Obshche-Voinskii Soiuz (ROVS)(3 folders)

Box 30 Russkii Obshche-Voinskii Soiuz (ROVS)

Box 31 Russkii Obshche-Voinskii Soiuz (ROVS)

Box 32 Russkii Obshche-Voinskii Soiuz (ROVS)

Box 33 Semenovskii Polk (4 folders)

Box 34 Shul'gin, V. V.

Box 34 Stepanov (Svitkov), Nikolai Filippovich

Box 34 Vlasov, General