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Aleksei Alekseevich Gering Manuscripts, 1930-1975

Series I: Manuscripts

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Manuscripts Published in Voennaia Byl'

Box 1 Voloshin, P., "Pushkari" (excerpts)

Various authors

Box 1 Biographical sketches

Box 1 Celebrated "buildings in Saint Petersburg

Box 1 Letters to the editor and reviews

Box 1 Military school life (authors A-L)

Box 1 Military school life (authors M-Z and anonymous)

Box 1 Poems and songs

Box 1 Russian army-Brief histories of units and schools

Box 1 Russian army-Non-Russian and foreign detachments

Box 1 Russian army-Standards and medals

Box 2 Russian army-Pre-1800 campaigns

Box 2 Russian army-Minor campaigns, 1815-1914

Box 2 Russian army-Crimean War, 1853-1856

Box 2 Russian army-in peacetime, ca. 1870-1914 (authors A-L), ca. 1870-1914

Box 2 Russian army-(authors M-Z, anonymous)

Box 2 Russian army-Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905

Box 2 Russian army-World War I, 1914-1917 (authors A-J), 1914-1917

Box 2 Russian army-(authors K-S)

Box 2 Russian army-(authors T-Z, anonymous)

Box 2 Russian army-1917 Revolution

Box 3 Russian navy-Individual warships

Box 3 White armies in the Civil War, 1918-1921

Box 3 White armies in emigration, 1921-ca. 19^0

Box 3 Miscellaneous topics

Box 3 Incomplete manuscripts

Unpublished Manuscripts

Box 3 Astaf'ev, Aleksandr Alekseevich, "Moi vospominaniia...o serbsko-turetskoi voine 1876 goda", 1876

Box 3 Latyshev, Sergei, "Kapitan Nikolai Feofilov"

Various authors

Box 3 Reviews of a book and a military history Journal

Box 3 Russian army in peacetime, ca. 1870-1914

Box 3 Russian army-Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) and 1905 Revolution, 1905

Box 3 Russian army-World War I (191U-1917)

Box 3 Russian army-Individual units and military schools

Box 3 Russian army-White armies in Civil War, 1918-1921

Box 3 Miscellaneous