Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Mstislav Valerianovich Dobuzhinskii Papers, 1910-1957

Series V: Original Artwork

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Box 17 American Indians

Box 17 "Anything Can Happen"

Box 17 Architecture: Classical; Baroque; German

Box 17 Architecture: Romanesque, Gothic

Box 17 17th-l8th Century English and French Costumes and Architecture

Box 17 Armor

Box 18 Boris Godunov, Kniaz1 Igor', Khovanshchina

Box 18 Caucasus

Box 18 Commedia del Arte

Box 18 Czechoslovakia (Costumes)

Box 19 Decorative Arts

Box 19 Directoire et Consulat

Box 19 Drevnaia Rus'

Box 19 Dybbuk

Box 20 Evgenii Onegin

Box 20 19th Century Fashions

Box 20 l6th Century Germany

Box 20 Heraldry, Astrology, Sortilege

Box 20 17th Century Holland; l6th-17th Century Costumes

Box 21 Lithuania; Spain; 19th Century Sweden

Box 21 Louis Philippe, Second Empire, Victorian

Box 21 Middle Ages: Costumes and Ornamentation

Box 21 Middle Ages: Weaponry and Military Apparel

Box 21 Mythology

Box 21 Napoleon's Army, 1812

Box 21 Orient

Box 21 Polish l6th Century Costumes

Box 21 Polish Troops, l6th Century

Box 21 Pushkin and Lermontov

Box 21 17th and l8th Century Costumes (Queen Anne)-Ladies'

Box 21 17th and l8th Century Costumes (Queen Anne)-Men's

Box 22 Rus' (Historical Materials)

Box 22 Russian Baroque Ornamentation, Architecture; Eagles

Box 22 Russian Provinces and St. Petersburg

Box 22 Uniforms of Russian Troops

Box 22 Scotland (for Giselle)

Box 22 Ships; Varia

Box 23 Slovo o polku Igoreve

Box 23 Ukraine

Box 23 Voina i mir