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Anatolii Vasil'evich Baikalov Papers, 1918-1959

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Creator(s) Baĭkalov, Anatoliĭ, 1882-1964
Title Anatolii Vasil'evich Baikalov Papers, 1918-1959
Physical Description 6200 items (26 boxes)
Language(s) Russian .
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Correspondence, manuscripts, and documents created during Baikalov's sojourn in England, from about 1918 on. There is correspondence with major Russian emigres such as Aleksandr Guchkov, Aleksandr Kerenskii, Boris Nikolaevskii, and Marc Slonim, and with British figures such as Malcolm Muggeridge, the Duchess of Atholl, Sir Bernard Pares, and Sidney Webb.

The manuscripts consist mostly of Baikalov's writings for British and Russian emigre periodicals. The subject files concern such organizations as Zakupsbyt (The Union of Siberian Cooperative Unions) and the American Slavic Colonization Trust.

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Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1959.

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Aldanov, Mark Aleksandrovich, 1886-1957 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Aleksinskiĭ, Grigoriĭ, 1879-1967 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
American Slavic Colonization Trust Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Atholl, Katharine Marjory Stewart-Murray, Duchess of, 1874-1960 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Bakhmetev, B. A. (Boris Aleksandrovich) Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Beloselʹskiĭ-Belozerskiĭ, Sergeĭ Sergeevich, 1895-1978 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Berberova, N. (Nina) Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Denikin, Anton Ivanovich, 1872-1947 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Dioneo, 1865-1935 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Emigration and immigration -- Great Britain Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1862-1936 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1862-1936 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Gulʹ, Roman, 1896-1986 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Kautsky, Karl, 1854-1938 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Kerensky, Aleksandr Fyodorovich, 1881-1970 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Keynes, John Maynard, 1883-1946 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Maklakov, V. A. (Vasiliĭ Alekseevich), 1870-1957 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Melʹgunov, S. P. (Sergeĭ Petrovich), 1879-1956 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Muggeridge, Malcolm, 1903-1990 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Nicolaevsky, Boris I., 1887-1966 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Pares, Bernard, 1867-1949 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Rudnev, V. V. (Vadim Viktorovich), 1879-1940 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Russians -- Great Britain Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Seton-Watson, R. W. (Robert William), 1879-1951 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Sikorsky, Igor Ivan, 1889-1972 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Slonim, Marc, 1894-1976 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Snowden, Ethel Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Snowden, Philip Snowden, Viscount, 1864-1937 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Struve, Gleb Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Struve, Petr Berngardovich, 1870-1944 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Tolstoy, Alexandra, 1884-1979 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Tėffi, N. A. (Nadezhda Aleksandrovna), 1872-1952 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Vansittart, Robert Gilbert Vansittart, Baron, 1881-1957 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Webb, Sidney, 1859-1947 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Zenzinov, V. (Vladimir), 1880-1953 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID

History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

Baikalov, Anatolii Vasil'evich (1882-1964), Russian Social Democrat, leader of the Krasnoyarsk Mensheviks, journalist, political figure. Аfter the 1917 Revolution lived in England.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Aldanov, Mark Aleksandrovich (pseudonym of M. A. Landau)

Box 1 Aleksinskii, Grigorii Alekseevich

Box 1 Bakhmetev, Boris Aleksandrovich

Box 1 Berberova, Nina Nikolaevna

Box 1 Citrine, Walter M.

Box 1 Craig, James, Viscount Craigavon

Box 1 Denikin, Anton Ivanovich

Box 1 Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich

Box 1 Gul', Roman Borisovich

Box 1 Henderson, Arthur

Box 1 Kautsky, Karl

Box 1 Kerenskii, Aleksandr Fedorovich

Box 1 Keynes, John Maynard

Box 1 MacDonald, James Ramsay

Box 1 Maklakov, Vasilii Alekseevich

Box 1 Mel'gunov, Sergei Petrovich

Box 1 Muggeridge, Malcolm

Box 2 Nikolaevskii, Boris Ivanovich

Box 2 Pares, Bernard

Box 2 Plekhanova, Rozaliia Markovna (Mrs. Georgii V.)

Box 2 Rose, William John

Box 2 Rudnev, Vadim Viktorovich

Box 2 Seton-Watson, Robert William

Box 2 Shklovskii, Isaak Vladimirovich (pseudonym-Dioneo)

Box 2 Slonim, Mark L'vovich

Box 2 Snowden, Ethel (Mrs. Philip)

Box 2 Snowden, Philip, Viscount Snowden

Box 2 Stewart-Murray, Katharine Marjory, Duchess of Atholl

Box 2 Struve, Gleb Petrovich

Box 2 Struve, Petr Berngardovich

Box 2 Teffi, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna

Box 2 Tolstaia, Aleksandra L'vovna

Box 2 Vansittart, Robert Gilbert, Baron Vansittart

Box 2 Webb, Sidney, Baron Passfield

Box 2 Zenzinov, Vladimir Mikhailovich

Series II: Arranged Correspondence

Box 3 Adamienko, Nelly

Box 3 Afonin, I.R.

Box 3 Allen, John Sandeman

Box 3 Ameel', Iosif G.

Box 3 Balcevicz, Viktor

Box 3 Bedoyere, Michael de la

Box 3 Beilin, Aleksandr

Box 3 Beliaev, Nikolai P.

Box 3 Belosel'skii, Sergei

Box 3 Birrell, William

Box 3 Boehmer, Walter

Box 3 Bogdanovich, V. L.

Box 3 Breitveit, V. F.

Box 3 Butenko, V.

Box 3 Butiagin, Anatolii

Box 3 Chaplin, Georgii E.

Box 3 Chernavin, T.

Box 3 Chokaev, Mustafa E.

Box 3 Courcy, Kenneth de

Box 3 Danilevich, Tat'ianiia N.

Box 3 Dobriakov, Gennadii A.

Box 4 Germashov, Nikolai M.

Box 4 Golenishcheva-Kutuzova, Anna V.

Box 4 Gorenko, Viktor

Box 4 Grzensinski, Albert

Box 4 Gutman, Anatolii la.

Box 4 Haden-Guest, L.

Box 4 Hollis, Christopher

Box 4 Iakushev, Ivan A.

Box 4 Iarkov, Georgii M.

Box 4 Ivanzhina, Evgeniia M.

Box 4 Jones, Gareth

Box 4 Jordan, A.

Box 4 Kagan, Benj amin

Box 4 Kaliuzhnyi, Ivan I.

Box 4 Kennedy, Thomas

Box 4 Khaveli-Gurvich, Arie

Box 4 Kirilov, Aleksandr A.

Box 4 Knox, Alfred

Box 4 Krylov, Daniil F.

Box 4 Kushakov, Pavel G.

Box 4 Kuzin, Timofei G.

Box 5 Laskin, Nikolai A.

Box 5 Lee, H. W. (8)

Box 5 Liber, Nairn M.

Box 5 Lloyd, Sylvia

Box 6 Mansvetov, Fedor S.

Box 6 Marakuev, Sergei V.

Box 6 Martiushin, Grigorii A.

Box 6 Maslov, Sergei S.(3)

Box 6 Melville, C.F.

Box 6 Mertsalov, Vladimir S.

Box 6 Mikhel'son, Aleksandr S.

Box 6 Monin, Vasilii A.

Box 6 Naumenko, Viacheslav G.

Box 6 Nikolaev, V. I.

Box 6 Novoselov, Petr M.

Box 6 Odintsov, Boris N.

Box 6 O'Hara, Valentine J.

Box 7 Pearse, R. G.

Box 7 Pereplochikov, Nikolai N.

Box 7 Portugeiz, Polina A. and Semen

Box 7 Sablin, Evgenii V.

Box 7 Savelov, N.

Box 7 Slepchenko, Vasilii S.

Box 7 Solonevich, Boris L.

Box 7 Solov'ev, Mikhail

Box 7 Stentsel', Zigmunt S.

Box 7 Taube, Sofia Ivanovna

Box 7 Tiurin, Sergei P.

Box 7 Trutnev, Aleksandr A.

Box 7 Tweed, Richard R.

Box 7 Vil'kitskii, Boris A.

Box 7 Volffson, Arkadii A.

Box 7 Walters, Vincent

Box 7 White, J. Baker

Box 7 Wojciechowski, Jan

Box 7 Zundelevich, Il'ia I.

Box 8 Outgoing Correspondence

Box 8 Unidentified Correspondence

Box 9-13 Correspondence A-Z

Series III: Manuscripts

Manuscripts by Baikalov

Box 14 Curricula Vitae

Box 14 "I Knew Stalin"(with related correspondence)

Box 14 "In the Land of Communist Dictatorship"(with related correspondence)

Box 14 "Joseph Stalin-The Man and Statesman"

Box 14 "Joseph Stalin-Profile of the Red Tsar"

Box 15 Manuscripts for "Krestros"

Box 15 "The Political Police in the Soviet Union"

Box 15 "Soviet Russia"

Box 15 Translations of Reports from Moscow

Box 15 Memoranda

Box 16 Untitled Manuscripts

Box 17 Manuscripts A-Z

Box 18 Manuscripts A-Z

Box 19 Manuscripts A-Z

Manuscripts by Others

Box 20 Adler, B. F. "The Labours of the Geographic Department"

Box 20 Arkitin, G. "Politicheskie nastroeniia naseleniia g. Leningrada v leto 1941 g.", 1941

Box 20 Baratz, L. "Evreiskii vopros v spore slavian"

Bartenev, V.

Box 20 "General Elections in Russia"

Box 20 Short Articles

Box 20 Bezpalov, N. "Begstvo zagranitsu"

Box 20 Bobrov, M. "Mark Surov"

Brown, Stacey

Box 20 Translations of Poems by A. S. Pushkin

Box 20 Translation of "Ruslan and Liudmilla" by A. S. Pushkin

Box 20 Bulgakov, V. "Polozhenie o russkom kul'turno-istoricheskom muzee"

Box 20 Gren, R. A. and V. A. Mertsalov. "Rech' vozhdia"

Box 20 Grzesinski, A. Short Articles

Box 20 Kaliuzhnii, I. Short Stories

Box 20 Khirata, S. "Kak my budem boevat'"

Box 20 Lang, Lucy and Harry. "What We Saw in Russia"

Box 21 Martov, T. "Bloodthirsty Insanity"

Maslov, S.

Box 21 "Bor'ba"

Box 21 "Russia after the Revolution"

Box 21 Mertsalov, V. "Kratkii kurs"

Box 21 Monin, V. "Budushchee ustroistvo russkoi kooperatsii"

Box 21 Monkevich, V. "Sklonite golovy"

Box 21 Morelli, A. "Na rodine"

Box 21 Moskvin, M. "Bez pasporta po Evrope"

Box 21 Mukalov, N. K. Untitled

Box 21 Papanovich, I. Outline for "Kolonial'nie vozmozhnosti aziatskogo severo-vostoka"

Box 21 Poliakov, I. "The Psychological Elements of Modern Warfare"

Box 21 Romanovskii, V. "Marksizm v svoei teoriticheskoi i prakticheskoi

Box 21 sushchnosti"

Box 21 Russkaia, O. "A Wreath on the Grave of Mary from Chicago"

Box 21 Severianin, A. Short Articles

Sibirskii, K.

Box 21 "Tol'ko v Soiuze c rossiiskimi narodami"

Box 21 "V teni Ararata"

Box 21 Sikorsky, I. "Russia versus Communism"

Box 21 Slepchenko, V. "Cossacks Forever"

Box 21 Stepnoi, A. V:"O sovetskom 'patriotizme' i 'geroizme'"

Taube, Baroness S.

Box 21 Short Articles

Box 21 "Zagadka Lenina"

Box 21 Unidentified. "Human Document"

Box 21 Unidentified. "Letter from a Russian Prison"

Series IV: Subject Files

Box 22 American-Slavic Colonization Trust

Box 23 Antikominform-Centre International de Coordination pour la Lutte contre le Communisme

Box 23 "Bor'ba"

Box 23 "Camps of Death"(Kisselev)

Box 23 Christian Protest Movements

Box 23 Committee for the Relief of Russian Intellectuals

Box 23 Cooperative Trade Organizations

Box 23 Correspondence re Lectures

Box 23 Kemsley Newspapers

Box 23 "Krestianskaia Rossiia"

Box 23 Labour Party and Other Workers' Groups

Box 24 London and Northern Trading Co., Ltd.

Box 24 London International Group

Box 24 Merkaz Zione Russia

Box 24 "Morning Post"

Box 24 Moscow Narodny Bank

Box 24 North Russian Association

Box 24 Obshchestvo druzei natsional'noi Rossii v Zagrebe

Box 25 "Posledniia novosti"

Box 25 Publication of Russian Self-Tuition Course

Box 25 Rossiiskoe natsional'noe ob"edinenie v Velikobritanii

Box 25 Russkii zagranichnyi istoricheskii arkhiv v Prage

Box 25 "Segodnia"

Box 25 Society for Promoting Cultural and Economic Relations with the East

Box 25 Soiuz osvoboditel'noi bor'by

Box 25 Trade Defence Committee

Box 25 Trades Union Congress General Council

Box 25 Zakupsbyt

Series V: Printed Material

Box 26 Printed Material and Miscellaneous