Rare Book & Manuscript Library

John Loring papers, 1970-2020

Series IV: Correspondence and Materials Relating to Nobility, Actors and Actresses, Celebrities, and Art World

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Box 11 Volume 1 Nobility, Part 1

Various correspondence, photographs and memorabilia; Princess Olga von Liechtenstein; Queen Margrethe II of Denmark; Queen Anna Maria of Greece; Princess Benedikte of Denmark

Box 11 Volume 2 Nobility, Part 2 / Actors and Actresses, Part 1

Various photos, correspondence, and memorabilia; Juliette Greco memorabilia and photos; Patricia Neal memorabilia and photos; Alexander Sombart memorabilia, correspondence, and photos; Shelley Winters photo; John Travolta photo by Harry Benson; Various photos: Clint Eastwood, Sting, Fay Wray; Notes by John Loring following lunch in Bette Davis's home in Weston, Connecticut

Box 11 Volume 3 Actors & Actresses, Part 2

Alexis Smith photos and correspondence; Jonathan Freeman photos and correspondence; Arlene Dahl photo; Mary Martin correspondence; Angela Lansbury correspondence; Patricia Losey photos and memorabilia; Bruno "Christiano" Zanin photos; Brook Byron, Caesar Groning, Sylvia French photos; Roger Daltry performing "Tommy" photos; Bette Midler, Tiffany "Family Garden" dedication, photos, correspondence and memorabilia; Tiffany "Great Gatsby" party photos and clippings; Alvaro Gheri photos, and memorabilia; Peter Vitale, Eric Adjani, [Joseph Losey] photo; Bill Berkson, Eleanor Lambert, photo and correspondence; Aileen Mehle, aka "Suzy," photo and note

Box 11 Volume 4 Letters, Invitations, Notes from Prominent People

Index at front of Volume

Box 12 Volume 1 Correspondence and photos with Celebrities: Presidential, Film, Nobility, Society, etc.

Index at front of Volume, including: Jacqueline Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Lady Bird Johnson, Barbara Bush, Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Travolta, Sarah Jessica Parker, Andy Warhol, Paloma Picasso, Patricia Neal, Bette Midler, Faye Wray, Juliette Greco, Regina Resnik, Queen of Denmark HM Margrethe II, Joseph Losey, Peggy Guggenheim, Diana Vreeland

Box 12 Volume 2 Correspondence and photos with Celebrities: Presidential, Film, Nobility, Society, etc.

Index at front of Volume, including Patricia Losey, Elsa Peretti, Marissa Berenson, Countess Diamanti Luling, Carrie Donovan, Estee Lauder, Fernando Botero, Bettina Graziani, Nancy Holmes, Isabelle Colin Dufresne (aka "Ultra Violet"), Lisa Marie Presley, Thadee Klossowski, Laurence-Marie Lamaire and Yse Allaud

Box 12 Volume 3 Correspondence and photos with Celebrities: Presidential, Film, Nobility, Society, etc.

Index at front of Volume, including Naomi Leff's talk presenting Pratt Institute Doctorate of Fine Arts to John Loring, Peggy Guggenheim, Barbara Tober, John Heinz, Suzie Frankfurt, Isabelle Colin Dufresne ("Ultra Violet"), HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark, Harold PinterMatteo Thun, Audrey Hepburn, NRN Princess Chantal of France, Val Selleck and Harry Benson, Kenneth Noland, H. E. Isabel de Saint-Malo, Lars Liebst, HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark, HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, James Baldwin

Box 13 Volume 1 Letters, notes, and photos: Jacqueline Kennedy

Box 13 Volume 2 Letters, notes from HSH Albert II Prince of Monaco, Jacqueline Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, and others including Ultra Violet

Box 13 Volume 3 Bertold Loffler 108 Fredermaus Café Postcard; Rodney Ripps artwork; Marcus Leatherdale photo

Box 14 Volume 1 Yves Saint-Laurent Black Volume

Loring portrait of YSL, photos, notes, clippings, memorabilia, Robert Whitaker photos, Aillaud photos, John Loring layouts for YSL Silkscreens

Box 14 Volume 2-3 Yves Saint-Laurent

Two Amber Volumes. Yves Saint-Laurent working binders for YSL's first men's collection, shown in John Loring's YSL Rive Gauche boutique at the Cipriani Hotel, Venice, 1967; New Yorker, March 18, 2002: Issue with Judith Thurman article "Swann Song, Yves Saint Laurent bids adieu," pp. 134-141

Box 14 Volume 4-5 Eleanor Lambert

Sybil Connolly

Box 15 Volume 1-3 Correspondence, drawings, photos, press

Box 16 Volume 1 Aillaud, Whitaker, Hundertwasser Volume

Charlotte and Emile Aillaud, photos, correspondence, clippings, memorabilia; Bob Whitaker, photos, correspondence, clippings, memorabilia; Fritz (Friedensreich) Hundertwasser letters

Box 16 Volume 2 "Suzy" [Aileen Mehle]

Articles, photos, press

Box 16 Volume 3 Marisol and Robert Indiana

Marisol, printed material, correspondence, photos, clippings, memorabilia; Robert Indiana and Shelley Lieberman correspondence

Box 16 Volume 4 Robert Mapplethorpe, Patti Smith, David Hockney, Bill Cunningham photos

Signed copy of Mapplethorpe Catalog, contact sheet photos of Paloma Picasso, memorabilia, typescript Opening / The Kitchen; David Hockney catalog with intro by John Loring; Bill Cunningham photos, St. Regis Tiffany party, given to John for use in his book "Tiffany Parties," 1976

Box 16 Volume 5 Patty Smith, Wayne Thiebaud, Andy Warhol, Ultra Violet, Mario Amaya, Alex Katz

Mostly Ultra Violet photos, correspondence, memorabilia; Andy Warhol signature [letter deleted]; Mario Amaya correspondence, photos; Alex Katz re: "John and Rollins"; Gene Moore and Eleanor Lambert with John Loring, photos

Box 16 Volume 6 20 Photos by John Loring of various people including Paloma Picasso, Ultra Violet, Gert Wolfgang Cremer, and Antonio Carmena

Box 17 Volume 1-2 Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson mailings and collages to John Loring and Jim Rosenquist

Box 18 Volume 1 Joseph and Patrician Losey Correspondence #1

Box 18 Volume 2 Joseph and Patrician Losey Correspondence #2

Box 18 Volume 3-4 Joseph and Patrician Losey Correspondence and photos

Box 19 Volume 1 Hokusai

Box 19 Volume 2 Hawaiian Royal Portraits discovery

Box 19 Volume 3 Wiener Werkstaette catalog including Joseph Urban furniture

Box 19 Volume 4 "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Script

Photocopy of script annotated by Audrey Hepburn

Box 20 Volume 1 Eleanor Lambert album of photos created by Tiffany & Co's design dept. to celebrate her 90th birthday

Box 20 Volume 2 Joseph and Patricia Losey

Oversize photos and clippings

Box 20 Volume 3 Peggy Guggenheim

Photos by Robert Whittaker, photocopies of Peggy's Guest Books, and other photos and articles

Box 21 Volume 1 Ray Johnson

Oversize materials

Box 21 Volume 2 Arakawa publication "Derriere Le Mirroir" No. 223

Box 21 Volume 3 Arakawa portfolio of drawings, photos, correspondence

Box 21 Volume 4 Connoisseur, April 1979; Interview, Sept. 1977; Arakawa prints from Galeria Maeght April 1977, 1977-1979

Box 22 Volume 1 Francesco Ferrachini and Kay Thompson

Francesco Ferrachini photos; Sketches of Ferrachini by John Loring; Publications with Ferrachini; Kay Thompson correspondence, clippings, invitation; Notes for "Eloise Goes To Dinner," never published; (At end of Volume) Copy of Eloise inscribed by Thompson: "For John – His very own book. Love, Kay, Me Eloise +" Book removed and cataloged separately in Rare Book Collection.

Box 22 Volume 2 Claes Oldenburg "Tea Bag" multiple project

Box 22 Volume 3 Harry Benson photos

Tivoli Gardens photos; "Three Lords a-Leaping" in front of Royal Albert Hall; Ally McCoist; Nacho Novo

Box 22 Volume 4 Charlotte Ailland and Family photos, press, correspondence

Anna Piaggi; Nancy Holmes; Eric Boman

Box 15-G-1 Harry Benson Photograph: "The Red Box," Queen Elizabeth II, 2014

Box 11 Folder 1 August Rodin letter to Camille Lefevre, 21 August 1908