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Alan Cameron papers, 1959-2020

Series III: Teaching

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Box 7 Folder 1 Course Syllabi and Exams

Box 7 Folder 2 Course Lectures: Catullus

Box 7 Folder 3 Course Lectures: Fifth Century East

Box 7 Folder 4 Course Lectures: Barbarians

Box 7 Folder 5 Course Lectures: Diocletian and Constantine

Box 7 Folder 6 Course Lectures: The High Empire

Box 7 Folder 7 Course Lectures: Ammianus Marcellinus

Box 7 Folder 8 Course Materials: Ancient Novel

Box 7 Folder 9 Course Lectures: Julian

Box 7 Folder 10 Course Lectures: Fourth Century - Last Pagan Revolt & Circle of Symmachus

Box 7 Folder 11 Course Lectures: World of Late Antiquity

Box 7 Folder 12 Course Lectures: Pagans and Christians

Box 7 Folder 13 Course Lectures: The Oriental Cults

Box 7 Folder 14 Course Lectures: World of Late Antiquity (Persecutions)

Box 7 Folder 15 Course Lectures: The Fourth Century

Box 7 Folder 16 Course Lectures: Why did Synesius stay so long in Constantinople?

Box 7 Folder 17 Course Lectures: De Regno and Aurelian

Box 7 Folder 18 Course Lectures: The Fourth Century - Constantine

Box 7 Folder 19 Course Lectures: Tiberianus

Box 7 Folder 20 Course Lectures: Valentinian On . . .

Box 7 Folder 21 Course Lectures: Roman Empire

Box 7 Folder 22 Course Lectures: Theodosius

Box 7 Folder 23 Course Lectures: Patronage of Art and Literature in the Fourth Century

Box 7 Folder 24 Course Lectures: Paganism and Literature

Box 7 Folder 25 Course Lectures: The Poem Against the Pagans: Who and When?

Box 7 Folder 26 Course Lectures: Split Between East & West

Box 7 Folder 27 Course Lectures: Bakers

Box 7 Folder 28 Course Lectures: Polytheism in Ammianus

Box 7 Folder 29 Course Lectures: Frontiers

Box 7 Folder 30 Course Lectures: Late Antiquity

Box 7 Folder 31 Course Lectures: Attitudes to the Roman Empire

Box 7 Folder 32 Course Lectures: Sexual Renunciation and Asceticism

Box 7 Folder 33 Course Lectures: Saints and Holy Men

Box 7 Folder 34 Course Lectures: Decadence

Box 7 Folder 35 Course Lectures: Decline and Fall

Box 12 Folder 4 Seminar Proposal: Hellenistic Poetry