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Development Foundation of Turkey (DFT) collection, 1966-2005

Series VII: DFT Case Studies: Sectoral Activities for Small Scale Producers, Poultry, Beekeeping and Animal Husbandry

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Box 1 Folder 46 Concept Paper: Options for Livestock Development (Highlights of on Alternative Livestock Development Model. Lessons learned through DFT's Fieldwork). October 1995. 9 pages (English)

Box 1 Folder 47 Concept Paper: Developing Integrated Poultry Production. 1992. 11 pages (English)

Box 1 Folder 48 Köy-Tür Holding (KTH): An Institution for Financing of Development Projects Through Supplementary Equity Participation and Providing Management Services. 1987. Overview, 22 pages (English)

Box 1 Folder 49 Köy-Tür Holding (KTH): Social Objectives of Holding's Work. 9 pages (English)

Box 1 Folder 50 Köy-Tür Holding (KTH): Safety, Health, and Environment Provisions. 1991. 10 pages (English)

Box 1 Folder 51 DFT's Poultry Production Project. Three leaflets (English and Turkish)

Box 1 Folder 52 DFT's Integrated Beekeeping Project. Seven leaflets on Material, Hives, Products, Queen Bee, Varroa (Turkish)

Box 1 Folder 53 A Synopsis of DFT's Çubuk Integrated Apiculture Project. 1978. 31 pages (English)

Box 1 Folder 54 Technical Implementations in Beekeeping. 2005. DFT booklet, 16 pages (Turkish)

Box 1 Folder 55 DFT Beekeeping Development Project. 1978. Report, 60 pages (English)

Box 1 Folder 56 DFT Brands: Köy-Tür Honey and TKV Honey. DFT leaflet, 1978 (Turkish), 1978

Box 1 Folder 57 Technical Implementations in Livestock Development. 2002. DFT booklet, 16 pages (Turkish) and DFT leaflets on Milk Processing (English and Turkish)

Box 1 Folder 58 Technical Implementations in Vegetable and Food Processing. 2002. DFT booklet, 16 pages (Turkish)