Rare Book & Manuscript Library

James Sherry Papers, circa 1962-2016

Series IV: Segue Foundation, 1976-2016

This series includes distribution catalogues, reading series flyers, promotion lists, donation lists, financial records, permissions documents, miscellaneous reviews, and related correspondence pertaining to Roof and Segue Books. This series also includes materials from related foundations including Poets House, St. Mark's Church, and the PEN American Center.

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Subseries IV.1: Administrative and Financial Records, 1976-2016

Box 13 Folder 30 Brossard, Nicole -- Files, circa 1991

Brossard's French CV, correspondence, event flyer, copy of interview with Barbara Godard.

Box 13 Folder 31 Correspondence -- Donation List and Mail Returns, circa 1999

Contains a handwritten list of Segue membership donations and returned-to-sender Segue flyers.

Box 13 Folder 32 Correspondence -- Requests, 1997-1999

Box 13 Folder 33 Distribution Catalogues, 1980-1991

For Segue and L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E distribution catalogues; incomplete runs.

Box 13 Folder 34 Electronic Publishing -- Notes, circa 1991

Box 13 Folder 35 Institute for Policy Studies -- Course Material, 1981

Contains correspondence with William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, who participated in a Segue-sponsored course at the Institute for Policy Studies with Bruce Andrews, Nicholas Piombino, Douglas Messerli, Charles Bernstein, Howard Fox, Abigail Child, Bernard Welt; contains notes, schedules, brochures, supplement no. 1 of LANGUAGE magazine and copies of published essays.

Box 13 Folder 36 Interview with Nicole Brossard -- Copy, 1983

Box 13 Folder 37 Lazer, Hank -- Files, 1992

Reviews, newspaper clippings, and related materials.

Box 13 Folder 38 Miscellaneous Book Orders, circa 1998-2000

Box 13 Folder 39 Miscellaneous Reviews -- Copies, 1988-1995

Box 13 Folder 40 Naropa -- Syllabi and Related Material, 1976

Syllabus from a Ginsberg workshop at Naropa summer of 1976; bibliography of works by Robert Duncan and Michael McClure; and lists of books on reserve and required readings for a course by Chogyam Trungpa.

Box 13 Folder 41 New From Roof Books -- Draft, 1980

Box 13 Folder 42 Perelman, Bob -- Reviews, circa 1986

Box 13 Folder 43 Permissions Documents, 2007

Contains correspondence and permissions for Craig Dworkin's "Stuplimity" and Alan Gilbert's "Adding up to Plural."

Box 13 Folder 44 Photographs, circa 1978

Dick Higgins' "the snowflakes of giordano bruno"; "This is Important" #5 chapbook with poems by Charles Bernstein and Bob Perelman; postcards containing poems by Bob Holman and illustrations by Paul Zinkievich; staple-bound illustrations by Howard Rheingold titled "Pictures from Howardy"; fine paper printings by Susan Howe, Tom Mandel, Gary Apotheker for Tuumba Press.

Box 13 Folder 45 Reviews and Related Material, circa 1987-1995, 2013

Reviews of Roof Books and assorted ephemera.

Box 13 Folder 46 Roof/Segue Promotion Lists, circa 1980s

Box 13 Folder 47 Segue -- Financial Records and Distribution Catalogues, 1993-1994

Contains copies of Segue budgets, 1993 distribution catalogue, and "suggestions for the Literature Field Overview Study/Draft 3."

Box 13 Folder 48 Segue -- Miscellaneous Related Material, 1978-1990

Contains flyers for the Poetry Project, the Segue Performing Arts Space, and the Ear Inn; book review drafts of Ted Greenwald's "You Bet!" by James Sherry; manuscript of "Method of Self," an essay on Charles Bernstein by James Sherry; poems entitled "The Little Testament" by Douglas Messerli; program for a conference on The Politics of Poetic Form; notes by Peter Seaton for "Piranesi Pointed Up"; contains related correspondence with Tom Beckett, Lyn Hejinian, and Douglas Messerli.

Box 13 Folder 49 Segue Catalogue -- Manuscript Corrections and Related Materials, circa 1987

Box 20 Folder 9 Segue Distribution Catalogues and Reading Flyers, 1980-2016

Contains Segue distribution catalogues, Segue Reading Series flyers, Small Press Distribution catalogues, event flyers, and photocopies of miscellaneous book reviews.

Box 13 Folder 50 Segue Document of Debt, 1992 July 10

Document outlining debt owed by Sun & Moon Press for their distribution of Roof Books.

Box 13 Folder 51 Segue Foundation Board Documents, 1977, 1991-1993

Box 13 Folder 52 Segue Foundation Records, 1990-1992, 1995, 1999

Contains Marketing documents, correspondence, job applications, and Roof order forms.

Box 13 Folder 53 Segue Foundation Records, 1980-2013

Contains contracts and related material between Roof Books and Cole Swensen for a translation of Christophe Tarkos' works; copies of the Segue Foundation Bi-Laws, inventory book lists, correspondence with the Gifford Foundation, the Australia Council for the Arts, and miscellaneous book reviews.

Box 13 Folder 54 Segue Performance Space Manager Job Responsibilities -- Fax, 1997 October 2

Box 13 Folder 55 Segue Performing Arts Area Documents, 1988-1993

Contains contracts, a rental agreement template, rehearsal schedules, Segue bi-laws, and related correspondence.

Box 13 Folder 56 Segue Publisher Lists, 1987-1988

Subseries IV.2: Related Foundation Records, 1979-1989

Box 14 Folder 1 Bernstein, Charles -- Book Contract, 1984

Unsigned contract with Sun & Moon Press for Charles Bernstein's Content's Dream.

Box 14 Folder 2 IGOR Foundation Records and Related Material, 1980-1987

Contains notes, budgets, and related correspondence; James Sherry joined the Board of Directors in 1987.

Box 14 Folder 3 INCISIONS/ARTS -- Correspondence, 1999

Box 14 Folder 4 PEN American Center Materials, 1988-1989

Box 14 Folder 5 Poets House Documents, 1994

Contains flyers, correspondence, and materials related to Poets House, and an invitation for James Sherry to participate on a panel on Poetry and Technology.

Box 14 Folder 6 Rainbow Art Foundation Records, 1979-1981

Memos, correspondence, media clippings, planning documents for the 1981 Harbor Festival.

Box 14 Folder 7 St. Mark's Church -- Bluelines and Booklet, 1979

Edited by James Sherry.