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Gary Y. Okihiro papers, 1939-2018

Series I: Dissertation, Research and Publications

Columbia Boxes 1-2 relate to holdings at Yale's Asian American Cutural Center, New Haven, Yale Box 1

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Dissertations & Spinoffs:

Box 1 "Prelims: Written April 4, 1974"

Handwritten responses. Subheadings: discuss uses/limits of methods; Bantu origins/spread; what is African history?; mfecane/difaqane and the great trek; indirect and direct rule; effects of colonialism; revised (effects of colonialism); revision "on effects of slave trade"; slave trade; chronological approach; what are you doing in African history; reasons for African partition/'scramble'; hand-drawn maps

Box 1 Linguistics (Exercises for Prelims)

Handwritten notes; worksheets.

Box 1 "Reading Lists"

Typed paper by Okihiro "An Evaluation of West African Historiography" Syllabus fall 1967 Course: "The Literature of African History" Leonard Thompson Syllabus fall 1972 History 230 N Advanced Historiography: African. Robert Griffeth Reading Lists: Linguistics (Africa) Readings in US Economic History (under direction of Alexander Saxton) Readings in African Economic History (under direction of Edward A. Alpers)Various references and bibliographies

Box 1 Diss-Index of Research Notes

Index to David Livingstone's letters London Missionary Society (LMS) Library

Notes on "green" box, "blue" box. Notes on LMS Africa journals, reports

Box 1 Africa Historiography, 1972

Advanced Historiography•Course, 1972. Course 230 N, copies of student reviews of books (completed assignments), including two reviews by Okihiro of publications by George Shepperson & Thomas Price, and Leonard Thompson; drafts, handwritten notes

Box 1 Proposals : Dissertation/Applications

Copy of approved dissertation proposal "Hunters, Herders, Cultivators, and Traders: Interaction and Change in the Kalahari Economic Zone, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries." Handwritten and•typed drafts with revisions/corrections.

Typed Dissertation Proposal: November 1973 (for Social Science Research Council), revised version April 1974. Data Sheet (Application for Research), CV letter to Ministry of Home Affairs, Botswana requesting permission to carry out research (with separate copy of dissertation proposal)

Box 1 Ford Fellowship

Correspondence, official documents and payment schedule from Social Science Research Council, correspondence to Christopher Ehret re: progress of research, records of money transfers, financial schedules, expense records. Copy of reading lists (African Economic History list)

Box 1 Diss. Misc Notes

Handwritten notes, genealogical charts

Box 1 Diss-Ling. Research Date:1975

100 Word lists, lexicostatistical dating word lists and data sheets.

"Shekgaladi" cattle terms, small livestock terms, other terms, photocopy of pages from E.O. J. Westphal's "Linguistic Prehistory of Southern Africa."

Box 1 Diss-Pottery Drawing

Sketches of trench mines and pottery in Molepolole

Box 1 Diss-Research Oral History Texts Copy I

Transcribed Interviews, typed; handwritten notes

Box 1 Diss-Research Oral History Texts Copy 2

Second copy (photocopies) of typed transcripts and handwritten notes

Box 1 KS II-Oral Collection

Student papers (from Kgari Sechele II Secondary School), collected oral histories on the history of the Bakwena, with comments

Box 1 Diss-First Draft

Handwritten draft: abstract, chapters

Box 1 Diss-Abstract

Copy (typed) of abstract (with handwritten notes & annotations), letter from Dissertation Abstracts International, revision of abstract (typed)

Box 1 Diss-Ntloedibe Makgotla

Typed paper "NTLOEDIBE, "handwritten draft with notes

Box 1 Diss-Ntleng-ya Godimo Makgotla

Handwritten draft with revisions "Ntlheng-ya Godimo."

Box 1 Diss-Ntlhenga-ya Tlhase Makgotla

Typed paper (untitled), handwritten draft with revisions, typed paper: "Unraveling Maunatlala and Ntlheng-ya Tlhase," handwritten draft with revisions

Box 1 Diss-Kgosing Makgotla

Genealogical charts with notes (handwritten)

Box 1 Diss Mokgalo Makgotla

Handwritten draft of paper/chapter

Box 1 NRC-Kweneng Mine Labor Figures

Table (handwritten) from Native Recruiting Company (MLO) Offices, Molepolole, Dec 1975 1954-1975

Box 1 Dissertation Revision

Notes for references; library order; correspondence with Ron Pahl, notes from Pahl on dissertation draft, John Taylor Univ of Liverpool, Christina Skarpe, Masimega, Notes for revisions. Photocopy of articles by Laura Bohannan and Martin Klein

Box 1 Publishing Desert Crocodile

Publishing agreement for A Social History of the Bakwena and Peoples of the Kalahari of Southern Africa, l9th Century from Edwin Mellen Press, Press guidelines, author checklist, correspondence with St. Martin's Press, U. Washington Press (UW questionnaire)), Johns Hopkins; Michigan State University Press, University of California Press, University of Wisconsin, Indiana University Press, Otto University Press, University of Chicago Press, Cambridge UP, Yale UP. Also Christopher Ehret, Jean Comaroff. Notations; book summary; Okihiro bio.

Box 1 Botswana Research, 1986-87

Application for Fulbright Award 1987-1988 typed note with contacts for references

Box 1 Bakwena-19th century Society

Copies of maps, handwritten notes (full drafts of "Ditsho: Bakwena­ Bagasechele, 1837-1845" and "Resistance and Accomodation: baKwena-bagaSechele, 1842-52," Botswana Notes & Records 5 (1975): 104-16. Photocopies of reference articles

Box 1 Genealogical Research in Molepolole: A Report on Method

Draft of the essay with corrections of "Genealogical Research in Molepolole: A Report on Methodology," published in Botswana Notes and Records 8 (1976): 47-62. Cordell, Gregory: Labor Reservoirs and Population 1914-1939

Box 1 Population Change Among Bakwena

Typed copy of paper by Okihiro, "Population Change among the Kwena of Botswana."

Box 1 Demography

Correspondence (Center for African Studies Edinburgh; Christopher Ehret), Dissertation description and order number. Paper: "Population Change Among the Kwena of Botswana," African Historical Demography 2 (University of Edinburgh), Proceedings of the Second Seminar in African Historical Demography, 24-25 April 1981. Multiple drafts with corrections/revision; handwritten notes on extra pages. Handwritten notes with quotations from sources. Reading notes on Schapra's "Tswana Law and Custom."


Correspondence, Leonard Thompson, Shula Marks. Notes from Shula Marks on publication/revision of article: "Economic Growth as a Factor in Sotho-Tswana Cleavage Tendencies" (together with revision/response from Okihiro). Handwritten notes on readings/articles as well as photocopies of articles and book chapters. References (call numbers), notes, diagrams, full handwritten draft of paper

Box 1 Africa: Tlhaping

Three different drafts of "Economic Growth as a Factor in Sotho-Tswana Cleavage Tendencies: The Tlhaping, c. 1790-1817."

Box 1 Africa: Tlhaping

Multiple drafts and copies of Tlhaping paper (two typed originals, many yellow copies with corrections); handwritten notes, some organized under subheadings


Box 1 #10 Legal/Business Envelope: envelope marked "Rhodesia Railroad (scenes in Botswana, Victoria Falls)"-slides.

Box 1a #10 Legal/Business Envelope: envelope marked "Molepolole, Gaborone": slides.

Box 1a #10 Legal/Business Envelope:-envelope•marked "President Seretse Khama & Lady Khama visit to Molepolole."


Box 1a I .Side 1 Botswana, 1975. San music recorded at Makbanyane; Dikoma at Boatlaname Side 2: 100 word list in Sengologa; recitation by Kalantle, Sengologa.

Box 1a 2. Group interview Kgosing, Molepolole, Botswana, February10, 1975

Box 1a 3. Interview with two poets, Ratlou Ketshabile and Sepotoka Mafuri, Goo-Molale, Molepolole, April 4, 1975.

Box 1a 4. Interview with Bakwena women (Mnienkgwane Gaealafshwe, Mmaditloung Kusi, Tshitshawenyane Tebele and Mmekeakele Sechele, II) Kgosing, Molepolole, March20, 1975.

Box 1a 5. Interview with poet, Sepotoka Mafuri, Molepolole, March19, 1975. 1

Box 1a 6. Side 1: 100 word list in Sekgwatheng, 100 word list in Sebolaongwe.

Box 1a 6. Side 2: 100 word list in Sebolaongwe, 100 word list in Seshaga. Letlakeng, Botswana.

Box 1a 7. Interviews with Kabelo Kebakae and Gagonthone Kgari (headman) Molepoloe, Botswana April 9, 1975.

Box 1a 8. Recordings of deliberations of healers (cases of suspected witchcraft), Molepolole, April 21, 1975. Interview of healer, Barakanyo Direlang, April 21 1975.

Box 1a 9. Interviews Molepolole, June 27 1975.

Box 1a 10. Interview with a healer. Interviewees: Keemhitletse Makwati, Mapote Keaketswe, Magatelo Mokgoko, and Thukhwi Segaetsho, July 9, 1975.

Box 1a 11. Interview Timpa Morsarwa (no date)

Box 1a 12. Group Interview Ratlou Ketshabile, Koama Motlhale, Pepere Gabaraane,.February 13, 1975.

Box 1a 13. Group Interview Timpa Mosarwa, Koama Motlhale, kgosi Mack K. Sechele, II, Pepere Gabaraane, and Kgafela Motswasele. Molepolole, February12, 1975.

Box 1a 14. Group Interview, Moleopolole, February 27, 1975.

Box 1a 15. Group interview Moleopolole, Semetsataola Maselesele, Kokwe Segaetsho, Sepotoka Mafuri, Ramotoko Nonyane, and Modisakgomo Thipe.

Box 1a 16. Interview with a healer Semetsataola Maselesele February 28, 1975.

Box 1a 17. Interview with Timpa Mosarwa, February12, 1975.

Box 1a 18. OH M 1 Timpa Mosarwa pt 2 (no date or location posted)

Box 1a 19. Radio Botswana

Box 1a 20. 100 word list in Sekgwatheng (Lephephe Botswana) Standard 7 Lephephe primary school singing; 100 word list in Sesarwa (?)

Notebooks (Original notes):

Box 1a 1. Oral Histories Molepolole I .OH Ml-OH M35

Box 1a 2.OH M36-0H M71

Box 1a 3. OH M. 72-0H M.l 00

Box 1a 4. OH. Ml 00 cont. to OH M.136

Box 1a 5. OH M137-0H M 152

Box 1a 6. OH L (Letlhakng) 1-L:24 and LL.l-LL3 (Lgosi?)

Box 1a 7. OH Msl-3 (Moshaweng); OH Lp l (Lephepe) -- 3

Box 1a 7. OH Lp 1-3; Mk l-2(Makabangare); OH Sl(Sojwe); OH Shl-2 (Shodishadi); OH Bl-2 (Boatlaname); OH D l-3(Dotwe);OH Mt. 1-2 (Motokwe); OH K.1-3 (Kang).

Box 1a 8. OH Hl-3 (Hokantsi)

Box 1a 9. Unmarked (notes from Bostwana National Archives)

Dissertation copies:

Box 1a Two bound copies of dissertation, "Hunters, Herders, Cultivators, and Traders Interaction and Change in the Kgalagadi, Nineteenth Century."

Botswana Research:

Box 2 Pre-Colonial Economic Change Among the Tlhaping

Draft, revised and final copies of paper, "Pre-Colonial Economic Change Among the Tlhaping, c.1795-1817" with handwritten notes, correspondence with International Journal of African Historical Studies 17: 1 (1984): 59-79, Jean Hay (editor), reader reports, correspondence with William Beinart, Colin Murray, Journal of South African Studies


Article drafts and copies

Box 2 BOTSWANA archeology

Notes on archaeological dig (?) findings.. vessels etc.. correspondence from African Herbal College

Box 2 Notes-Readings

Research notes, article copies, African colonization, article drafts, notes

Botswana Tapes (Cassettes):

Box 2 1) Music From Radio Botswana

Music recorded from Radio Botswana broadcasts over a period of time, in August, 1975

Box 2 2) OHIM/16 Ngaka (Maselesele), February28, 1975

Maunatlata, at home of interviewee, 0900 to 1030 Interviewee: Semetsatanl Maselesele, ngaka

Box 2 3) OH/M/11 and OH/M/39

Side I 7 April 21, 1975 7 Kgosing kgotla, 0945 to 1045 Group of dingaka reading the bola regarding two cases Side II 7 April 21, 1975 7 Home of Gagonthone Kgari (Ga-Morwa), 1145 to 1245 Interview with a ngaka Barakanyo Direlang

Box 2 4) L.L.1 100 Word List (Sekgw.) (Sebo.) (Sesh.)

1-018 to 143, 100 Wd. List, Sekgwatheng, Setlhalifinyana Reokwaeng, Letlhakeng 202 to end, 100 Wd. Lis, Sebolaongwe, Molaiwa Molale, Letlhakeng; 2-000 to 019, 100 Wd. List cont., Sebo., Molale, Letlhakeng 020 to end, 100 Wd. List, Seshaga, Seehwano Mogologa, Letlhaking

Box 2 5) Group Interview, Kgosing, 2/10175


Box 2 6) OH/M/29 Interview with two poets

April 4, 1975 at the home of Ratlou Ketshabile, 1545 to 1645 Interviewees: Ratlou Ketshabile and Sepotoka Mafuri, poets

Box 2 7) OH/M/30 and OH/M/38/1

Side 1: 7 April 9, 1973 home of Kabelo Kebakae 0830 to 1030 Interviewees: Gagonthone Kgari and Kabelo Kebakae

Side 2: 7 April 21, 1975 Kgosing kgotla 0945 to 1045 Group of dingaka reading the bola regarding two cases

Box 2 8) OH/Mil Timpa Mosarwa

February12, 1975 Kgosing, on porch of one of kgosi's house 0900 to 1030 Interviewee: Timpa Mosarwa

Box 2 9) OH/M/21 Interview with Sepotoka, poet: March19, 1975 At home of Selebatso 0900 to 1000 Interviewee: Sepotoka Mafuri, 0900, 1000

Box 2 10) OH/M/23 Interview with Bakwena women

March20, 1975 kgosing, behind a rondavel on kgosi's compound 0945 to 1045 Interviewees: Mmenkgwane Gaealafshwe, Mma-ditloung Kusi, Tshitshawenyane Tebele and Mmekeakels Sechele II

Box 2 11) OH/M/15 and OH/M/1711 Poetry

To about 70, three poems by Sepotoka Mafuri and one by Moagi Sebomo (see OH/M/15) February28, 1975 Interview with Sepotoka Mafiri, Maunatlala, at his home 1600-1800

Box 2 12) L.Ms.4 100 Word List (Sekgw.)

1-000 to 205, 100 Wd. List, Sekgwatheng, Lesole Swkgwatheng, Lesole Segwape, Goo-Molandi, Gasese (Moshaweng), at his home

2-000 to 008, Std. 7 singers, primary school, Lephephe 009 to 100 Wd. List, Sesarwa(?), Fusakgomo Kgangyatueng at Makabanyane

Box 2 13) OH.M.63

Side 1 7 June 27, 1975 Goo-Ra-Tshosa l lOO to 1130. Koma and maboko Magatelo Mokgoko, Mapote Keaketswe and Keemhitletse Makwati

Box 2 14) Oral History, Bostswana, 1975

Unable to identify Interviewee(s) or place

Box 2 15) Oral History, Botswana, 1975

Unable to identify interviewee(s) or place

Box 2 16) OH.M.77; OH.M.96

Box 2 17) L.H.2

Box 2 18) OH/M/2 Group Interview

February13, 1975 Kgosing, on porch of one of kgosi's house 1100 to 1230 Interviewees: Ratlou Ketshabile, Pepere Gabaraane and Koama Motlhale

Box 2 19) OH/M/3 Group Interview

February12, 1975 Kgotla (Kgosing) under tree while cattle being auctioned at kgosing kraal 1445 to 1715

Interviewees: Koama Motlhale, Pepere Gabaraane, kgosi Mack K. Sechele II, Kgafela Motswasele and Timpa Mosarwa

Box 2 20) OH/M/411 Group Interview

February18, 1975. Ga-Morwa, at home of Kabelo Kebakae Interviewees: Kabelo Kebakae, Gaetwesepe Rasebe and Gagonthone Kgari (headman of Ga-Morwa)

File Cards:

Box 2a File Cards-Green Box

Handwritten note cards on readings: some subheadings identified: Trade, Bakwena Resistance, General Histories and Historiography, East and Central Africa

Box 2 File Cards-Cardboard Box

Larger note cards Dissertation

Research notes on archival collections, secondary sources, research materials, Tswana research, economic research


Box 2 Envelope-Correspondence (Various)

Letters, students from Kgari Sechele II Secondary School, Molepolole, Botswana; Peace Corps, Research

In Resistance, Tule Lake, Japanese Resistance and Agriculture:

Corresponds with Boxes 2-3 at Yale's Asian American Cultural Center, New Haven

In Resistance: Conference on Herbert Aptheker's American Negro Slave Revolts:

Reel to Reel Tapes:

Box 3 I .Saturday Morning Session, Aptheker Conference, Stanford University, May 20-21 1993

Box 3 2. Unidentified

Box 3 3. State of the Field

Box 3 4. African; Africa and Caribbean/LatinAmerica

Box 3 Aptheker Tribute, Santa Clara University Feb 5, 2000 2000, 2000

Contents Correspondence, speech copy, pamphlet, notes and notecards

Box 3 Aptheker festschrift Marchl, 1997 1996-1997, 1997

Scholarly article copies, correspondence

Box 3 In Resistance: Reviews

Reviews, correspondence (letters), list of symposium/volume contributors, royalty statements, University of Massachusetts Press book lists (including publication)

Box 3 Resistance: Papers

Copies of Intro (one edited), handwritten notes, handwritten copy of intro, correspondence (letters to UMASS press, UPenn Press, also contributors; corrections and comments from Aptheker, Bush, Bracey, Wood, Craton, Fox-Genovese, Terborg-Penn, Lovejoy, Ranger, Presley, copies stray pages, full text of papers by Peter Wood, Terence Ranger, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese)

Box 3 In Resistance: UMASS PRESS

Royalty statements, permissions for reprinting, assignment of copyright, correspondence re page proofs, and copy of index (final version), copy of index with corrections

Box 3 In Resistance, 1983 Correspondence, 1983, 1983

Correspondence, letters from contributors, Howard University Press, Johns Hopkins Press, book lists Louisiana State University Press, 1987 Yale University Press, requests for manuscript (and responses), author questionnaire UMass Press, table of contents, UMass, copyeditor's style sheet, copy of Wood's article in Southern Exposure, reader's report, Frances White, Malcolm Call, copies of Aptheker's chapters and copy of paper by Eugene D. Genovese

Box 3 In Resistance, 1983 Correspondence (2), 1983, 1983

Copy of Aptheker concluding remarks, corrections, correspondence with contributors, copy of introduction, corrections from contributors, handwritten notes on phone conversation, Bruce Wilcox, correspondence Greenwood and UMass press, copies of reader reports

Tule Lake, Japanese Resistance and Agriculture:

Index cards:

Box 3 Box of index cards with research notes on Tule Lake.

File Folders:

Box 3 Struggle for Human Dignity. Tule Lake, 1942-43;, 1983-1984

Correspondence, partial introduction draft


Correspondence, grant information and correspondence, grant proposal, book prospectus

Box 3 Publishing Japanese Resistance,, 1973-1977

Correspondence, Journal of Ethnic Studies, Jim Loewen, Pacific Historical Review (including referee notes for "TuleLake Under Martial Law: A Study in Japanese Resistance), Amerasia Journal (including editorial comments), "Tule Lake Internment Camp: A Study in Japanese Resistance, Part II (July 1976)"--handwritten draft with revisions, typed draft with handwritten revisions, Copy of conference paper by David Hacker and Arthur Hansen, "The Manzanar 'Riot': A Perspective and an Explanatory Strategy."

Box 3 1973 Annual Meeting: Japanese Resistance, 1973, 1973

Paper for 1973 Annual Meeting of Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast, "Japanese Resistance in America's Concentration Camps: A Re-evaluation."--2 typed clean copies, 1 handwritten draft, 2 typed drafts with revisions, handwritten notes, copies of tables from WRA Final Report Internal Security Div. Law and Order cases, reference articles, annotated bibliography for Community Analysis Report, WRA 1946

Box 3 Japanese Resistance Chapter

Correspondence with Art Hansen, Don Nakanishi (re contribution to volume on AA history), Yuji Ichioka, Article by Rosalie Wax, "In and Out of Tule Lake Segregation Center: Japanese Internment in the West, 1942-1945" Paper:,"Tule Lake Concentration Camp: A Study in Japanese Resistance"-typed draft with handwritten revisions; copy of handwritten draft with revisions, paper, "Asian Americans and their History, or, Banana Peels on the Spiral Staircase"-typed draft

Box 3 Tule Lake Chapt. Research

Copies of notes on Oral History Tapes; detailed handwritten notes on tapes

Box 3 Tule Lake Under Martial Law

Correspondence incl. Rosalie Wax, 2 annotated article drafts, notes. Offprints of "Tule Lake Under Martial Law: A Study in Japanese Resistance," Journal of Ethnic Studies 5:3 (1971): 71-85. (2 copies)

Box 3 The Press, Japanese Americans. and the Concentration Camps, 1982-1983

Correspondence, article drafts, lecture notes, offprint of (with Julie Sly), "The Press, Japanese Americans, and the Concentration Camps," Phylon 44: 1 (March1983): 66-83. (2 copies)

Box 3 Religion and Cultural Resistance

Full copy of "Religion and Cultural Resistance" conference paper (with Debra Ushijima), printed copy "Religion and Cultural Resistance," typed copy of revision, "Religion and Resistance in America's Concentration Camps," correspondence with Phylon--also copies of reader/referee comments. Offprint of "Religion and Resistance in America's Concentration Camps," Phylon 45:3 (September &1984): 220-33. (2 copies)

Box 3 Miscellaneous Notes on Religion

Handwritten notes for article, as well as notes on sources. Articles by Han Kim, "Religious Protest and Revitalization Movement Among Minorities," and Shigeo Kanda, "Recovering Cultural Symbols: A Case for Buddhism in the Japanese American Communities," correspondence with Shigeo Kanda

Box 3 Japanese Resistance Project : Rev.

Correspondence (copy of single letter to Frank Emi)

Box 3 Struggle for Human Dignity, Tule Lake, 1942-43, 1983-1984

Correspondence, partial introduction draft


Correspondence, grant information and correspondence, grant proposal, book prospectus

Box 3 Seabrook (various) New Yorker (February20, 27, 1995)

Article copy


Correspondence, journal copy, internee oral history copies, notes, JANM mission statement with comments, press clips, Seabrook Reunion luncheon program, directory, Amerasia Journal article copy, The Seabrooker magazine copies

Box 3 Agriculture, the Camps, and Anti-Japanese Movement, 1982-1985

Correspondence, fonnatting and publishing guidelines, chapter copies with notes, proposed table of contents, conference brochure, article copy, article drafts with notes, draft conference program, notes, U.S. War Department report copies, U.S. government statistics copy, conference schedule. Published (with David Drummond), "The Concentration Camps and Japanese Economic Losses in California Agriculture, 1900-42," in Japanese Americans: From Relocation to Redress, eds. Roger Daniels et al. (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1986), 168-75

Cane Fires, Shattered Windows, Margins and Mainstreams, Common Ground, Columbia Guide

[Corresponds with Boxes 4-7 at Yale's Asian American Cultural Center, New Haven]:

Box 4 Cane Fires: The Anti-Japanese Movement in Hawaii, 1865-1945 (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1991):, 1865-1945

Box 4 "Cane Fires" Manuscript

Manuscript copy

Box 4 Critiques and Revisions

Cane Fires chapter drafts with comments, research and writing notes, draft chapters and index, research guide to archives, correspondence with editors, correspondence with scholars

Box 4 Adverts and Reviews, 1991-1994

press clips, book reviews, correspondence with editors, correspondence with scholars, correspondence with journalists and readers, university press catalogues

Box 4 Cane Fires-revisions for 2nd ed.

Correspondence with readers, press clips, research notes

Box 4 Correspondence-Temple, Sucheng, permissions, 1989-1991

Correspondence with editors, Sucheng Chan, book catalogues, index and text revisions, correspondence with archivists, correspondence on poetry and photo permissions, reader reports, correspondence with scholars

Box 4 JAPANESE AMERICANS: HAWAII/WEST COAST Correspondence, 1984-1989

Correspondence with editors, reader reports, scholarly articles, personal correspondence', correspondence on research and drafts, FOIA correspondence

Box 4 Suikei (Kumaji) Furuya, Haisho Tenten (Eng. trans), 2014

Correspondence with editors, manuscript copy

Box 4 JAPANESE RESISTANCE TO WHITE SUPREMACY Hawaii and the Mainland, 1983-1985

Research notes, article draft, grant report, grant proposals, grant correspondence, book proposal outline correspondence with scholars and experts, article copies, introduction draft

Box 4 Photos, 1991-2009

Photographs for Cane Fires, correspondence with readers

Box 4 NIHAU INCIDENT (Various), 1988

Correspondence, press clips

Box 4 CANE FIRES Presentation, UC Santa Cruz, 3/9, 1986

Presentation copy, correspondence, notes


Box 4a George W. Bicknell, "Security Measures in Hawaii During World War II."

Reflections on Shattered Windows: Promises and Prospects for Asian American Studies (Pullman: Washington State University Press, 1988):

Box 4 Reflections on Shattered Windows: Correspondence with Contributors

Correspondence-AAAS conference book--Art Hansen, John Liu to Dean Toji, Chalsa Loo, Don Mar, Philip Nash, Sau-ling Cynthia Wong, Edwin Almirol, Jeffrey Au, Edna Bonacich, Li-Rong Cheng, George Kagiwada, Peter Park, Keith Osajima, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, Tomji Ishi, Sucheng Chan, Michael Omi, Sucheta Mazumdar, Nobuya Tsuchida, Betty Lee Sung, Russell Endo, William Wei, Grace Yun, Amado Cabezas, Don Nakanishi, Russell Leong, copy of paper by Russell Leong for conference: "To Bring War Home: Asfab.' American Literature Besieged."

Margins and Mainstreams: Asian in American History and Culture (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1991 2014):, 1991

Box 4 Amherst College, 1991-1992 1990-1992, 1991-1992

Correspondence, lecture draft with notes, archival records

Box 4 Margins and Mainstreams Note's

Research and writing notes, article copies, lecture copy

Box 4 Margins and Mainstreams Publicity and Reviews, 1993-2009

Correspondence with scholars and students, correspondence with editors, photo and illustration permissions correspondence, book reviews, book catalogues, correspondence with awards committees

Box 4 Asians-Africans: Parallels and Intersections (Notes-Various), 2000-2005

Article copies, correspondence with readers, scholars, and professionals, press clips, article copies, report copy, research notes

Box 4 MARGINS AND MAINSTREAMS Correspondence, 1992-1993

Correspondence with editors, reader reports, correspondence with Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Box 4 Readers' Comments: Margins/Mainstreams, 1992

Correspondence with editors, notes, correspondence with advance readers

Box 4 Revisions Margins and Mainstreams, 1995-2013

Correspondence with readers, notes

Box 4 Margins and Mainstreams: 20th Anniversary, 2013-2014

Correspondence with editors, Introduction drafts with comments

Box 4 Margins and Mainstreams-UW Press, 1991


Common Ground: Reimagining American History (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2001):

Box 4 American History/Common Ground, 1999-2000

Correspondence with editors; reader reports, notes, press clips

Box 4 Common Ground (Contract and Correspondence), 1999-2013

Correspondence with editors, correspondence on photos and illustrations, draft illustrations guide

Box 4a Common Ground (Contract and Correspondence), 1999-2013

Correspondence with editors, correspondence on photos and illustrations, draft illustrations guide

Box 4 Common Ground-Adverts/Reviews, 2001-2005

Book catalogues, correspondence with editors, general correspondence, promotional materials, reviews

Box 4 Common Ground--Illustrations, 2001-2005

Illustrations, correspondence with editors

Columbia Guide to Asian American History (New York: Columbia University Press, 2001):

Box 4 & 4a Columbia Guide to Asian American History, 1997-2001

Correspondence with editors, book catalogues, book proposals, floppy disk

Box 4a Notes-Robert E. Park and Chicago Sociology

Copy of 1920s article on Robert Park, research notes

Box 4a Columbia Guide-Adverts, Reviews, 2002-2004

Book reviews, catalogues, correspondence

Box 4a Columbia Guide, 2000-2001

Correspondence with editors, book reviews, research and bibliographical notes, annotated bibliography, historiographies

Storied Lives, Whispered Silences, Social Formations Series:

Storied Lives: Japanese American Students and World War II (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999):

Box 5 Storied Lives: Adverts and Reviews, 1999-2013

Correspondence with editors and readers, correspondence with Japanese American National Museum, scholarly article, press clips, reviews, book catalogues

Box 5 Natl. Japanese Am. Student Relocation Council--Project, 1992-1998

Correspondence with Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund, research correspondence, research notes, Quaker materials. Handwritten letters from Michi Weglyn and Tom Bodine.

[N.B. The National Japanese American' Student Relocation Council approached Okihiro to write a history of the World War II National Japanese American Student Relocation Council. Storied Lives is the result of this collaboration.]

Box 5 JANM Grant, NJASRC, 1995-1998

Grant correspondence with the Japanese American National Museum.

[N.B. The Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles gave Okihiro a grant to conduct oral history research for Sibrted Lives! As a consequence, those oral histories are in JANM's National Resource Center Collection.]

Box 5 "Against Racism" [Storied Lives ] manuscript--comments by Tom Bodine, Lafayette Noda, 1997

Correspondence with readers

Box 5 "Against Racism"-correspondence, 1997 2009, 1997

Correspondence with editors and readers, photograph copies, jacket flap copy

Box 5 Jorge Ribeiro "The Wat Misaka Story", 2001

Article copy, correspondence

Box 5 Robert Shaffef (two artides on JAs World' War II. anti-racism), 2001

Articles, correspondence

Box 5 Leslie Ito, 1995-2007

NSRC Fund newsletter, correspondence, article copy with notes, correspondence with editors, prologue drafts, grant correspondence, graduate application materials

Box 5 To Do--Research, 1995

Research notes, correspondence with experts

Box 5 Master Letter File

Draft correspondence, archives guide

Box 5 "Against Racism"--Manuscript, 1998

Correspondence with editors, manuscript copy

Whispered Silences: Japanese Americans and World War II (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1996):

Box 5 Lecture/Slides-"Whispered Silences", 1995

Lecture copies, slides

Box 5 Joan Myers-Camp Photos, 1992-1996

Correspondence, reader reports, press clips, photograph copies

Box 5 Aki, George (Rev.), 1997

Correspondence, press clips

Box 5 J. Myers-"SITES" Project, 1995-2000

Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) correspondence, press clip roundups, exhibit evaluations, exhibit draft script, pamphlets

Box 5 Whispered Silences, 1993-1995

Correspondence with editors, readers, and collaborators, reader reports, notes, press clips, Joan Myers CV, manuscript drafts, photographs, permissions correspondence, catalogues

Box 5 Whispered--Revisions

Correspondence, notes, press clip

Box 5 Adverts and Reviews Whispered Silences, 1996-2000

Reviews, correspondence with editors and awards committees, catalogues, OAH correspondence

Box 5 Social Formations Series, Columbia University Press, 2001-2004


Impounded, Island World, Pineapple Culture, American History Unbound: [Corresponds with Boxes 8-9 at Yale's Asian American Cultural Center, New Haven.]:Impounded: Dorothea Lange and the Censored Images of Japanese American Internment (New York: W. W. Norton, 2006):

Impounded: Dorothea Lange and the Censored Images of Japanese American Internment (New York: W. W. Norton, 2006):

Box 6a "Impounded" Exhibit

Exhibit information, correspondence, photographs, CD

Box 6a Linda Gordon-Dorothea Lange Date 2003-2012

Correspondence on mapping project, correspondence with editors and with Linda Gordon, manuscript draft, article copy

Box 6a Impounded--Norton Date 2004-2007

Correspondence with editors, research correspondence, correspondence on interviews and press, permissions correspondence, manuscript draft, reader reports, reviews

Box 6a Impounded-Reviews/Correspondence I

Press clips of reviews, correspondence, copies of advance praise, article copy

Box 6 Impounded-Reviews/Correspondence 2, 2004-2007

Correspondence with editors, drafts of Linda Gordon essay with comments, reviews

Island World: A History of Hawaii and the United States (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008):

Box 6 Pacific Representations, Theocy•(various)

Research notes on Pacific representation theory; scholarly articles on representations of the Pacific

Box 6 Hilo Boarding School (incl. Lyman House research)

Research notes on history of the Hilo Boarding School; Letter from D. B Lyman describing the school

Box 6 New England Manual Labor/Education/African School

Correspondence with scholar df Protestant foreign missions; research notes on history of foreign mission schools, including African School

Box 6 Hawaiians in Civil War, 2003-2004

Correspondence with scholars on Hawaiian soldiers in the Civil War; articles and archival material on soldiers of color in the Civil War; research notes

Box 6 Carlisle Indian School/Richard Henry Pratt, 2003

Correspondence, records, and research notes on "Porto Ricans"/possible Taina Indians at Carlisle Indian School

Box 6 In-Progress Research, 2001-2003

Research notes, correspondence

Box 6 In-Progress Research and Notes, 2001-2002

Research notes, correspondence, scholarly article on translations, Hawaiian Historical Society catalogues and information

Box 6 Forward.

Draft forward of Island World

Box 6 Chapt 1 Regions of Fire

Scholarly articles, historical press clips, research notes, correspondence with scholars

Box 6 Chapt 2 Oceania's Expanse

Research notes, correspondence with curator

Box 6 Notes for Chapt 3-Pagan Priest

Research notes, historical article

Box 6 Chapter 4-Schooling for Subservience

Partial draft of Chapter 41 of' lsland World

Box 6 Chapter 5-Hawaiian Diaspora

Research notes, correspondence with scholars, historical illustration

Box 6 Chapter 6 Poetry in Motion, 2004

Articles, press clips, and information on Hawaiian and jazz music, archival images of Hawaiian sheet music, burial information on Joseph and Adeline Kekuku, correspondence with scholars and experts, research notes

Box 6 Chapt 7, 2004-2006

Content: Research and writing notes, geographical articles and information, article on the waltz

Box 6 Photos/Illustrations

Foreign Mission School cemetery photos, Kekuku burial site photos, Kekuku memorial site photos, Samuel Chapman Armstrong gravesite photos, sheet music cover photo CD-Rom w/track guide, Hawaii state archive photos, assorted photos and illustrations for Island World

Box 6 Selling " Island World", 2006-2009

Correspondence with editors, advance reviews, reader reports

Box 6 Island World: Reviews. Correspondence, 2008-2015

Reviews, correspondence with readers

Box 6 Island World: Reviews/Correspondence, 2007-2008

Correspondence with editors, early reviews, excerpt from Island World proof, maps, CD guide, correspondence with readers

Pineapple Culture: A History of the Tropical and Temperate Zones (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2009):

Box 6 Pineapple-Hawaii

Guide to historical resources, research notes

Box 6 Tropical Medicine (web-search)

Historical article copies, research notes

Box 6 Ideas-Exemplars

Correspondence, research notes, historical press clips, illustration and image copies

Box 6 Pineapple Culture-Permissions, 2008

Correspondence with editors, copies of images and illustrations, permissions correspondence, copies of internet articles on pineapples and Hawaiian music

Box 6 Pineapple Culture: Maps. Illustrations. Tables

Catalogue, photographs, CD, correspondence with editors, illustration guides, map guides, map and illustration copies, information on maps and illustrations

Box 6 Frans Post; New World Representations

Research notes, article copies, illustration copies

Box 6 Dole Archives Hamilton UH-Manoa

Pineapple can labels from Dole Collections Nov 2006 CD of images (photographs), notes on contents to cabinets

Box 6 Hawaii Research, March12-16, 2008

Correspondence with University of Hawaii Manoa library re: Dole collection, correspondence with Dole Intellectual Property Legal team (office of Timothy Oswald) re: reproduction of can labels, formal complaint re: censorship of materials

Box 6 Pineapple Culture UC Press and Writers' Representatives

Royalty Statements for 2012-2013 index, manuscript draft with late additions and changes, style sheet with specific corrections/suggestions, correspondence, copy of abstract of the book, personal card, CD book signing, UC Press 2009 postcard, correspondence & handwritten notes, UC Press podcast for book, Ad UC Press, Pineapple Culture correspondence re blurbers & actual blurbs, CIP data, suggestions from marketing and editors (mostly on cover), copies of checks, reader reports/reviews, correspondence with representatives

Box 6 Pineapple Culture: Reviews/Adverts

Contents Labor : Studies in Working class history of the Americas, Tinfish blogspot, Comparative/World, American Historical Review, World History Connected, UC PRESS 2010 catalogue, APF interview correspondence, Booklist review, Rorotoko online interview (final copy), Newstalk (Sean Moncrieff radio show/Ireland) correspondence re interview, Good Food interview KCRW, correspondence (with handwritten notes), correspondence with graduate students

Box 6 Art, Modernity. Advertising

Notes, correspondence, partial manuscript copy

Box 6 Archives, State of Hawaii


Box 6 Pineapples Colonial Williamsburg

printouts of photographs, illustrations and decorative objects

Box 6 Pineapple Culture

Article copies, notes

Box 6 Artists-" Volcano School'' (various)

Contents: Notes, article copies

Box 6 Pineapple Culture-Notes 1

Handwritten research notes on readings

Box 6 Pineapple Culture-Notes 2

Handwritten research notes on readings

American History Unbound: Asians and Pacific Islanders (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2015):

Box 6 American History, 2010-2015

Correspondence with editors, notes

Box 6 American History--Notes, 2011-2013

American History Unbound draft pages with notes, articles, photos, and comments, press clips. Reader reports

Box 6 American History--Illustrations

Drafts of American History Unbound photo and illustration guides with notes, copies of photos and illustrations with information, CD-ROM, USB drives

Box 6 American History-Illustrations, Correspondence, Permissions, 2014-2015

Correspondence with editors, correspondence on photo and illustrations permissions

Box 6 Textbook: Intro to Asian Am History, 2010-2013

Correspondence with editors, book proposal, book proposal responses

Box 6 American History-Edits Correspondence, 2013-2015

Correspondence with editors, table of contents drafts and notes, reader reports

Japanese Legacy, Privilege Positions, Chapters, essays, Reviews, Book Projects:

Japanese Legacy: Farming and Community Life in California's Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino: California History Center, 1985):

Box 7 Japanese Legacy

Research notes

Box 7 Japanese Legacy; Reviews/Communications

Correspondence, permissions for images

Box 7 Japanese Legacy-Revision

Correspondence on republishing with Stanford University Press

Privileging Positions: The Sites of Asian American Studies (Pullman: Washington State University Press, 1996):

Box 7 Privileging Positions-AAAS 1993

Correspondence with authors

Box 7 Gerry McCauley

Correspondence, guide to illustrations and images. [N.B. Gerry McCauley was Okihiro's first book agent.]

Box 7 Offprints-Various

journal copies, article copies, conference proceedings

Box 7 Book Review-Weglyn's Years of Infamy

Michi Weglyn, Years of Infamy. William and Morrow, 1976--3 versions of book review (two with light editing), copy of a different review of the book, author unidentified.

Review published in Amerasia Journal (1977)

Box 7 Oral History and the Writing of Ethnic History: A Reconnaissance

Handwritten notes, research for "Oral History and the Writing of History"

Box 7 Oral History Paper

Correspondence, handwritten and typed drafts of "Oral History and the Writing of History: A Reconnaissance Into Method and Theory," Brochure (Journal of Oral History), catalogues (Columbia Oral History), copy of paper E. Clark & Michael Hyde, "Investigating the Illusion of Technique in Talk: Method or Madness." Published as "Oral History and the Writing of History: A Reconnaissance into Method and Theory," Oral History Review 9 (1981): 27-46

Box 7 Ethnic Studies Textbook, 1982

Handwritten notes, letter from Ginn Custom Publishing on publishing

Box 7 Migrant Labor Review Essay

Review of Labor Immigration Under Capitalism: Asian Workers in the United States Before World War II, edited by Lucie Cheng and Edna Bonachich, Berkeley, University of California Press, 1984--2 versions of review essay, handwritten notes, correspondence, journal, bibliographies, catalogue and library searches for sources on migrant labor, scholarly articles on ethnicity, Chinese immigration and labor, newspaper articles (SJ Mercury) on migrant labor. Offprints of "Migrant Labor and the 'Poverty' of Asian American Studies,"Amerasia Journal 14:1 (1988): 129-36. 2 copies

Box 7 Chapt. Oxford Hist. of Am. West, 1992-95

Correspondence, prize, reviews, demographic data, chapter drafts with edits, edits correspondence, bibliographic notes, index draft, papers on 1992 Los Angeles Riots, Boyle Heights, & 1965 Immigration Act, demographic information, notes, article and chapter copies, book outlines. Co-authored with Sarah Deutsch and George J. Sanchez, "Contemporary Peoples/Contested Places," in The Oxford History of the American West, eds;•Clyde-A:•Milner, II et•al. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994), 639-69

Box 7 West-U.S. History Survey, 1994-1997

Correspondence, memoranda, bibliography copy, article copies, textbook proposal, notes, promotional materials

Box 7 West-Draft Chapters, 1

Notes, correspondence, draft chapters

Box 7 West-Draft Chapters, 2

Notes, correspondence, draft chapters

Box 7 U.S. Survey Textbook, Correspondence, 1997-1998

Correspondence, documents list

Box 7 Neil Gotanda-Critical Race Theory (special issue) conf. October 1998 1997-1998, October 1998

Correspondence, flyer for Critical Race Theory Conference, Yale Law School, November 13-15, 1997

Box 7 Book Proposal: Ancestors or Storied Lives, 1998

Book proposal for a general•Asian American survey text, and correspondence from publishers and Gerry McCauley

Box 7 OUP North American West Series, 1998-2002

Correspondence, reader reports, series proposal with Oxford University Press, involving Clyde Milner and Sarah Deutsch

Box 7 "Thinking Race" Proposals (various)

Book proposal draft for "Thinking Race: History of an Idea"; and other book projects involving Oxford University Press, McGraw Hill, and Duke University Press

Box 7 UC Press-AAs and US History, 1999

Book proposal for "American History" with the University of California Press, which was rejected

Box 7 Loni Ding Ancestors in the Americas I, 1997-2001

Correspondence and notes

Box 7 Loni Ding An, 2002-04

Correspondence, book proposal drafts, research notes and quotations

Box 7 New World Nikkei-Introduction, Final Version, 2001

Correspondence, introduction draft. Published as "Turning Japanese Americans," in Encyclopedia of Japanese Descendants in the Americas: An Illustrated History of the Nikkei, ed. Akemi Kikumura-Yano (Walnut Creek, Calif.:AltaMira Press, 2002), 9-28

Box 7 New World Nikkel-Introduction Translations and Notes

Correspondence, translated quotes testimonies essays and interviews, notes bibliography copy

Box 7 Chapt on Racializations, PR and PI for Nick De Genova, 2002-2003

Correspondence, chapter draft, bibliography draft, partial manuscript copy, paper draft, notes. Published as "Colonial Vision, Racial Visibility: Racializations in Puerto Rico and the Philippines during the Initial Period of U.S. Colonization," in Racial Transformations: Latinos and Asians Remaking the United States, ed. Nicholas De Genova (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 2006), 23-39

Box 7 Okinawan Journal of American Studies, 2006

Correspondence on article, "Islands of History: Hawaii and Okinawa," Okinawan Journal of American Studies 3 (2006): 1-6