Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Susan Orlean Papers, 1930s-2015, 2019

Series II: Correspondence, 1950s-2013

This series contains both personal and professional correspondence files. A few files are related to specific activities: The New Yorker, The Orchid Thief, and Saturday Night, but most files are a mix of correspondence, emails, greeting cards, and postcards.

In general, most correspondence was only loosely organized, and the professional correspondence can be a mix of professional correspondence and personal messages from professional contacts.

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Subseries II.1: Personal Correspondence, 1950s-2006

The personal correspondence files include postcards, greeting cards, and correspondence. Some of the correspondence files, particularly the early postcards, contain items written to/from other family members that do not Susan Orlean herself. Additional family correspondence and materials are filed in Series IV.

Box 17 Folder 1-2 Postcards, 1952-1995, (2 Folders)

Bulk are from the 1950s. Many are family postcards, written by and/or addressed to Orlean's parents or siblings.

Box 26 Folder 10 Postcards, 1953-1959, undated

Many are family postcards, written by and/or addressed to Orlean's parents or siblings.

Box 26 Folder 11 Postcards, 1974-1988, undated

Box 17 Folder 3-11 Personal Correspondence, 1966-2006, (9 Folders)

This includes letters to and from family members, and others. Includes a birthday card that is a puzzle.

Box 17 Folder 23 Personal Correspondence, 1981-2003

Box 26 Folder 12 Cards and Letters, 1999-2004, undated

Box 26 Folder 13 Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1998-2001

Subseries II.2: Professional Correspondence, 1983-2013

The professional correspondence includes emails, quotes from reviews, correspondence regarding various proposals and projects, fan mail, reactions to particular pieces, and files related toThe New Yorker,The Orchid Thief, andSaturday Night.

Box 17 Folder 12-13 Professional Correspondence, 1983-2010 undated, (2 Folders)

Box 17 Folder 20-21 Professional Correspondence, 1999-2000, (2 Folders)

Box 17 Folder 22 Professional Correspondence, 2011, undated

Box 23 Folder 1-4 Professional Correspondence, 1991-2007, (4 Folders)

Box 17 Folder 14 Fan Mail, 2001-2013

Box 17 Folder 15 Interesting Letters, 1996-1999 [Bulk: 1998-1999]

Many items are related to The Orchid Thief and writing done for The New Yorker.

Box 17 Folder 16 The New Yorker, 1987-2002, undated

Box 17 Folder 17-18 The Orchid Thief, 1995-2000, (2 Folders)

Includes quotes from reviews.

Box 17 Folder 19 Saturday Night, 1989-1990, undated

Includes quotes from reviews, interview schedule.