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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace European Center records, 1910-1954

Series VII: Cours et Conférences, 1924-1938

This series consists of correspondence, reports, lecture transcripts, invitations, schedules, posters, and printed matter that document the courses and lectures sponsored by and held at the Centre. This series includes material relating to Thomas Mann's lecture delivered at the Centre in January 1926 (See 178.2 and 185.4).

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Subseries VII.A: Cours, 1926-1937

From 1926 through 1939 in collaboration with the Institut des Hautes Études Internationales and under the auspices of the Faculty of Law in the University of Paris, the Centre Européen conducted courses of lectures on international organization and relations. Starting in 1928 the Centre offered a considerable number of shorter courses. The lectures were published and distributed to libraries in Europe and the United States.

For each year, there is correspondence, mostly with the lectureres and printers, and documents. The documents consist of posters, invitations, schedules, budgets, and typed and printed versions of the courses.

See also Series XIII. Oversise material for posters and announcements and the CEIP Records (III.C.5. Cours) for more transcripts of the lectures.

Box 171"56 1926-1927

Box 171A 1927-1928

Box 172 1928-1929

Box 173 1930-1931

Box 174 1931-1932

Box 175 1933-1934

Box 176 1934-1935

Box 177 Folder 1-4 1936-1937

Subseries VII.B: Chaire Carnegie, 1925-1938

In addition to the Cours, the Centre offered independent courses under the auspices of the Chaire Carnegie, which it established in 1925. Each year, the Chaire and invited authorities delivered a series of lectures on a subject selected in agreement with the consultative committee. André Tibal (University of Nancy and previously Directeur of L'Institut Français at Prague) occupied the Chaire from 1925 until 1940.

From 1927 until 1933 the Centre also maintained a Carnegie Lehrstuhl at the Deutsche Hochschule für Politik in Berlin. Unlike the Chaire in Paris, until 1931 the Lehrstuhl was not entrusted to one professor, but was conducted as a series of lectures and seminars given yearly at the Hochschule and the University of Berlin by several professors from different countries. In 1931 Hajo Holborn of the University of Heidelberg was appointed permanent incumbent of the Chaire Carnegie in Berlin. In 1933 the German Government made the Hochschule an official school and the Carnegie Lehrstuhl was discontinued.

This series includes correspondence (mostly with lecturers and printers), clippings, press releases, posters, lectures in typescript and published versions, and invitations.

See also Subseries VII.C. (Conférences diverses) for other material on lectures delivered under the auspices of the Chaire.

1. Paris, 1925-1938

Box 177 Folder 5-7 1925-1926

Box 178 1926-1928

Box 179 1928-1930

Box 180 1929-1932

Box 181 1931-1935

Box 182 Folder 1-5 1936-1938

2. Berlin (Carnegie Lehrstuhl), 1926-1934

The correspondence is primarily with Ernst Jackh, the director of the Hochschule, and Hajo Holborn. This subseries includes Grundfragen der Internationalen Politik (vol. 1-7, 1932-1934), published versions of seven lectures delivered under the auspices of the Carnegie Lehrstuhl, and the publication Schriften der Deutschen Hochschule fur Politik (vol. 1-11, 1934) from after the Carnegie Lehrstuhl was suspended.

Box 182 Folder 6 1926-1927

Box 183 1927-1931

Box 184 Folder 1-4 1932-1934

Box 184 Folder 5 Grundfragen der Internationalen Politik (vol. 1-7), 1932-1934

Box 184 Folder 6 Schriften der Deutschen Hochschule fur Politik, 1934

Subseries VII.C: Conférences diverses, 1924-1933

This subseries consists of correspondence relating to and the typescripts of various lectures delivered at the Centre. Many of the lectures for which there is material in this subseries were given under the auspices of the Chaire Carnegie.

Box 185 1924-1927

Box 186 1927-1930

Box 187 1931-1933

Subseries VII.D: Cartes d'Invitations, 1925-1934

Box 188 Cartes d'Invitations, 1925-1934