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Interviews from Paul Goodman Changed My Life (2011), 2004-2006

Interviews from Paul Goodman Changed My Life (2011), 2004-2006

A total of 74 .mov/.mp4 video files. Each interview has a high resolution and a low resolution version.

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Item Bodhi Bodhi, Epi

Item Bronski Bronski, Michael

Item Chomsky Chomsky, Noam

Item Epstein Epstein, Jason

Item Esalen A Talk at the Esalen Institute with Gordon Wheeler and Jonathan Lee

Item Finkelstein Finkelstein, Zeke

Item Fisher Fisher, Michael

Item Flacks Flacks, Richard

Item Gardner-Frieda Gardner, Frieda

Item Gardner-Geoff Gardner, Geoffrey

Item Goodman-Daisy Goodman, Daisy

Item Goodman-Naomi Goodman, Naomi

Item Goodman-Sally-1 Goodman, Sally (1)

Item Goodman-Sally-2 Goodman, Sally (2)

Item Goodman-Susie Goodman, Susan

Item Gourevitch Gourevitch, Jacqueline

Item Graubard Graubard, Allen

Item Heims Heims, Neil

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Item Hoffman Von Hoffman, Nicholas

Item Kaiser Kaiser, Philip Mayer

Item Laura-X Laura X (Laura Shaw Murra)

Item Leites&Dickstein Leites, Edmund and Dickstein, Morris

Item Malina Malina, Judith

Item Miller Miller, Michael Vincent

Item Nevis Nevis, Edwin C. and Nevis, Sonia March

Item Paley Paley, Grace

Item Raskin Raskin, Marcus G.

Item Rodd Rodd, Thomas W.

Item Rorem Rorem, Ned

Item Rossman Rossman, Michael

Item Stoehr Stoehr, Taylor

Item Surratt Surratt, Jerl

Item Swenson Swenson, Lee

Item Walzer Walzer, Michael

Item Weiss Weiss, Burton

Item Wheeler Wheeler, Gordon

Item Williams Williams, Vera B.