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Judith Crist papers, 1930s-2012

Series VI: Audiovisual Materials, 1972-1985, undated, undated

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This series contains audio and video recordings. The recordings include interviews, reviews, and spots by Crist, as well as material related to the Tarrytown Film Weekends.

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Subseries VI.1: Audio Recordings, 1972-1985, undated, 1972-1985, undated

This subseries contains audio of what appears to be primarily interviews, discussion sessions, and other programming that formed part of Crist's Tarrytown Film Weekends.

Box 82 Peter Medak, 1980

Box 82 New Year Film Weekend, undated

Box 82 New Year Film Weekend Wrap Up, undated

Box 82 Film Weekend, November 1978

Box 82 Film Weekend, February1978 (Hal Ashby, Jerome Hellman, Jon Voight), February1978

Box 82 Robin Hardy, The May sles, 1979

Box 82 Sidney Pollack, 1979

(Tapes III and IV)

Box 82 Eli Wallach, undated

Box 82 Film Weekend Frank Perry, 1974

Box 82 Film Weekend Frank Perry and Sidney Lumet, undated

Box 82 Film Weekend Robert Evans, John Frankheimer, 1977

Box 82 John Schlesinger, Hellman, 1975

Box 82 First Weekend C.B Luce, undated

Box 82 New Year's Eve, 1978-1979

Box 82 H. Rasky, C.G. Allison, 1977

(Reels 1-2)

Box 82 Lamont Johnson, undated

(Reels 1-2)

Box 82 Paddy Chayevsky, 1972

Box 82 Film Weekend James Goldman, 1976

Box 82 Film Weekend Bob Radwitz, 1976

Box 82 Alan Arkin, undated

Box 82 Film Weekend William Friedkin, undated

Box 82 Film Weekend Labor Day, 1979

Box 82 Film Weekend Robert Sherman, 1979

Box 82 Tarrytown Conference Joe Mankiewicz, 1973

Box 82 Film Weekend Joe Levine, 1973

Box 82 Film Weekend Brian Forbes, 1974

Box 82 Robert Aldric, 1975

Box 82 Tarrytown House Attenberg, 1972

Box 82 June Film Weekend, 1976

Box 82 Melvin Frank, 1979

Box 76 Burt Renolds, Dom Deleaus Interviews, undated

Box 76 Film Weekend: John Frankenheimer, Robert Evans, 1977

Box 76 Film Weekend: Robert Evans and Karel Reesz, 1974

Box 76 Robin Hardy, etc., 1979

Box 76 Film Weekend: William Friedkin, 1973

(Appears to relate to the French Connection, Boys in the Band, etc.)

Box 76 Paul Newman Weekend, undated

Box 76 Sidney Pollock, 1979

(Tapes I and II)

Box 76 T. Tyron, 1978

(Appears to relate to Tom Tyron's Fedora)

Box 76 Melvin Frank, undated

Box 76 John Schiesinger, Robert Evans, Marthe Keller, 1976

Box 76 "The Osgood File" with Judy Muller on WCBS News 88 Re: Siskel and Ebert, 1990 March20, 1990

Box 76 Answers, undated

Box 76 Personal cassette from Abe, undated

Box 76 Mike Piazza Interviews: Jesse Jackson, Henny Youngman, Ed Clark, undated

Box 76 Raquel Welch at Tarrytown, undated

Box 76 Movie Mavens #1-2, 4-5, undated

Box 127 Judith Crist Movie Mavens, with Sylvia Miles, Bruce Williamson, and Frank Camardella,, undated

Box 76 Film Weekend, Kirk Douglas, 1975

Box 76 Saturday Morning Wrap-Up, undated

Box 76 Saturday Morning, Afternoon, and Evening talks, undated

Box 76 Friday Evening Introduction (Lewis John Carlino), undated

Box 76 Lee Jorden NYFC, 1973

(Reels 1-2)

Box 76 Judy and Renee Furst, 1980

Box 76 Lamont Johnson (soundtrack of The Scoundrel), undated

Box 76 Film Weekend, Bette Davis, 1974

Box 76 Movie Music, undated

Box 76 Travel Talk Judith Crist Film, undated

Box 76 From Hollywood for the Holidays, 1985

Box 127 Dartmouth, 1966

(Judith Crist and Arthur May er)

Box 127 Vivian Epstein, 1978

(Frequent singer at Crist's annual "Survival Parties")

Box 127 Focus on Youth, undated

(Guest: Judith Crist)

Box 127 Ford Hall Forum: Judith Crist: "Much Ado about Pornography,", 1974

(National Public Radio, Washington, D.C.)

Box 127 Barry Gray, 1965 July, 1965

Box 127 Barry Gray, 1965 August, 1965

Box 127 University Film Festival (Syracuse University), 1967

(Panel discussion that included Judith Crist)

Box 127 Mike Wallace at Large, 1973

(Judith Crist and V. Cunby)

Box 127 WNEW Radio Sunday News Closeup: The Film You Cannot See, 1964

(Day of Drums: Years of Lightning)

Subseries VI.2 Video Recordings, 1970, 1982- 1987, undated, 1970, 1982- 1987,, undated

This subseries contains U-matic videocassettes of Crist's reviews for WOR-TV and DVD copies of appearances, interviews, reviews, spots by Crist. A list of Crist's WOR reviews is included in the box with the U-matic videocassettes, and an index of reviews done for WOR and WWOR is filed in Box 91.

Box 127 Film from TV Guide (D-30-I) Film Critic Judith Crist, undated

(In color)

Box 127 Film from TV Guide (35-20-G) Promoting August 29, 1970 issue, 1970, August 29, 1970, 1970

(In color)

Box 127 Henriquez-Crist (2), undated

Box 127 JOE--Excerpt, undated

Box 86 Catalogue of WOR-TV reviews, 1982

(List of Crist's reviews, on paper)

Box 86 WOR-TV Crist Reviews, 1982-1984

(These are likely duplicated by the DVD copies)

Box 127 Folder CD Case Judith Crist WOR Channel 9 News at Noon, 1981 September -1984 March20, 1981

(Reviews; contents listed on the individual DVDs)

Box 127 Folder CD Case Judith Crist WOR-TV Reviews, 1982-1987 September 30, 1982-1987

(Reviews; contents listed on the individual DVDs)

Box 127 Folder CD Case Interviews and Judith Crist Appearances/Quotes, 1980-1984, undated, 1980-1984, undated

Box 127 Folder CD Case Archive of American Television Judith Crist Interview, 2006 February 24, 2006

Box 127 Folder CD Case Clips / Video Press Kits,, undated

Box 127 Folder CD Case Promo and Pledge Spot,, undated

Box 127 Folder CD Case Movies, undated

Box 91 WOR (&WWOR) (TV Reviews), 1981- 1987

(Index only)