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Pulitzer Prizes collection, 1917-2017

Series IV: Miscellaneous, Not Categorized

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Box 34 Folder 3 1933 Honorable Mention. Edward J. Donohoe. Times-Leader Wilkes-Barre, PA for his series exposing misfeasance at a local school board. (With entry form)., 1933

Box 23 Folder 7 1945 Honorable Mention. Joseph Arens of the Overseas News Agency for his war lithographs., 1945

Box 80 1953 Pulitzer Travelling Scholarship awarded to Richard Joseph Anuszkiewicz of the Cleveland Institute of Art. (With Award Letter)., 1953

Box 331 Pulitzer Prize In Journalism, 2000. Photocopies of entries in 1 volume.

Box 97 "Listen . . . and Ye Shall Know" Five 15-year-olds View of the World by Joy A. Balis. 6.35mm x 760m reel-to-reel tape.

Box 150 Folder 19 1907 John Bigelow letter to Villand, January, 23, 1907. 1 page., 1907

Box 140 Folder 6 1928 Herbert Bayard Swope. "Swope Quits" Humorous printing mold., 1928

Box 140 Folder 7 1947. Photograph of the Advisory Board, Graduate School of Journalism, April 25, 1947 Harold Stanley Pollard; Joseph Pulitzer; Stuart H. Perry; Frank D. Fackenthal; Frank R. Kent; Kent Cooper; Carl W. Ackerman; Sevellon Brown; Arthur Krock; Robert Choate; William R. Mathews; John S. Knight; Palmer Hoyt., April 25, 1947

Box 140 Folder 8 1953. "Editors At Work". Pulitzer Prize Jurors reading 1952 Newspaper Exhibits on the 40th Anniversary of the School of Journalism at Columbia University, March9 and 10, 1953., 1952

Box 140 Folder 9 1954 Advisory Board on the Pulitzer Prizes, April 23, 1954. Luncheon at the home of President Grayson Kirk: Frederick Coykendall; Joseph Pulitzer; Grayson Kirk; Kent Cooper; Stuart H. Perry; Hodding Carter; Robert Choate; Sevellon Brown; J.D. Ferguson; Gardner Cowles; William R. Mathews; Arthur Krock; John S. Knight; Carl W. Ackerman. Photograph., 1954

Box 140 Folder 10 1952 Advisory Board on the Pulitzer Prizes, April 25, 1952 Sevellon Brown; Stuart H. Perry; Grayson Kirk; Joseph Pulitzer; Kent Cooper; William R. Mathews; John S. Knight; Arthur Krock; Gardner Cowles; Hodding Carter; Robert Choate; Benjamin M. McKelway. Photograph., 1952, April 25, 1952

Box 140 Folder 11 1951 Advisory Board on the Pulitzer Prizes, April 27, 1951 Sevellon Brown; Greyson Kirk; Joseph Pulitzer; William R. Mathews; Kent Cooper; Frank R. Kent; Stuart H. Perry; Carl W. Ackerman; John S. Knight; Gardner Cowles; Hodding Carter; Arthur Krock; Robert Choate. Photograph, 1951, April 27, 1951

Box 366 2006 Detroit Free Press. Rosa Parks Tribute, January 25, 2006 Sevellon Brown; Greyson Kirk; Joseph Pulitzer; William R. Mathews; Kent Cooper; Frank R. Kent; Stuart H. Perry; Carl W. Ackerman; John S. Knight; Gardner Cowles; Hodding Carter; Arthur Krock; Robert Choate. Photograph, 2006, January 25, 2006

Miscellaneous items:

Box 150 Folder 9 Shirley Hertz Associates. Edward Albee biography

Box 150 Folder 10 Label for Vaughn Shoemaker for "Still Racing His Shadow"

Box 150 Folder 11 Label for The Kansas City Star re. the Great Flood.

Box 150 Folder 12 Newspaper clipping re a battle in war

Box 150 Folder 13 Headline "Supreme Court Gives U. S. Judges Voice in States' Reapportioning; Urban-Rural Struggle at Issue"

Box 150 Folder 14 Photograph from the film of Marc Connelly's The Green Pasture

Box 150 Folder 15 See "from the People" column response 3rd last page of entry

Box 150 Folder 16 Autograph note from Abigail Seymour re. Perestroika

Box 150 Folder 17 Advertisement for John C. Calhoun by Margaret L. Coit

Box 150 Folder 18 Press release and Showbill for Sam Shepard's Buried Child, 1979

Box 159 Folder 19 John Bigelow to Mr. Villand. Autograph letter, signed, January 23, 1907. 1 page.

Box 156 Folder 1-3 Library Vertical File, 1918-1925

Box 156 Folder 4 "Reports of the Juries on the Pulitzer prizes and Travelling Scholarships for Award at Commencement, 1917" Confidential. 3 pages. (2 copies)

Box 156 Folder 5 Correspondence relating to a request from The Boston Globe to reproduce two thousand copies of the Pulitzer medal, May 30 --, July 30, 1975

Box 156 Folder 6 Two Photographs of Joseph Pulitzer II, Joseph Pulitzer III, and Joseph Pulitzer IV, 1955

Box 156 Folder 7 Photograph of three Pulitzer judges at work.

Box 156 Folder 8 Photograph of Ralph Pulitzer, Frank Kent, Nicholas Murray Butler, and Arthur Howe.

Box 156 Folder 9 Clippings re. 50th anniversary of the Pulitzer Prize, May 11, 1966.

Box 156 Folder 10 Biographical Data: Hodding Carter; Arnaldo Cortesi; Bruce Alexander Russell; Edward A. Harris; Homer Bigart; William Leonard Laurence; Russel Crouse; Howard Lindsay; Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr.; Linnie Marsh Wolfe; Leo Sowerby

Box 156 Folder 11 List of Honorable Mentions and Special Awards

Box 156 Folder 12 Story and pictures. Typed list, undated

Box 156 Folder 13 List of telephone extensions available, April 27, 1945

Box 156 Folder 14 Correspondence re. Pulitzer Prizes, April 16 & 17, 1945

Box 156 Folder 15 Photograph of Advisory Board, Low Library, 1938.

Box 156 Folder 16 Baker, Carlos. Forty Years of Pulitzer Prizes. The Grolier Club, December 18, 1956.

Box 156 Folder 17 Columbia University Columns, Volume VI No. 3, May 1957 The Fortieth Anniversary of the Pulitzer Prizes issue. 2 copies., May 1957

Box 156 Folder 18 "Pulitzer Prizes: The Power and the Pressure" from News Photographer, November 1983.

Box 156 Folder 19 Signed greeting from the Advisory Board to Sallie Lindsay White, wife of William Allen White, April 28, 1944. Reproduction.

Box 156 Folder 20 Memorandum from Carl W. Ackerman to Mr. Harron, April 29, 1946.

Box 156 Folder 21 Photograph of bust of Joeph Pulitzer

Box 156 Folder 22 Wills, Kendall J. The Pulitzer Prizes. Volume One 1987. Advanced uncorrected proofs.