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Arthur Rothstein photographs, 1848-2000, bulk 1932-1985

Series X: Personal Papers

This series includes correspondence from family and friends, as well as personal correspondence (postcards, greeting cards) from other FSA photographers. There is also material relating to Rothstein's military service, resumes, job applications, and one folder with clippings, student work, and two photographs from Columbia University.

This series includes a substantial amount of personal photographs, which have been separated into categories based on subject matter. Photographs have been organized in rough chronological order, but the majority are undated and unlabeled. Subjects range from snapshots of family gatherings and travels, childhood photographs, as well as images pertaining to Rothstein's career, including photoshoots and conferences. The latter group of images, though relating to professional activities, was originally interfiled in Rothstein's personal files; for this reason, the original order has been preserved. This series also contains a small number of slides, which consist mostly of views of Rothstein's New Rochelle residence taken for insurance purposes, and two personal scrapbooks which may provide contextual information to other photographs in this series.

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Box 47 Folder 01 Columbia University [1 of 2], 1932-1935

Contains clippings from the Columbia Daily Spectator and the New York Times related to Rothstein's student activities and accomplishments, chemistry grades, an art history paper on the depiction of depth perception, a 1933 photograph of the Columbia University Camera Club.

Box 49 Folder 01 Columbia University [2 of 2], 1932-1935

Contains one signed 11 x 14 photograph entitled "Frosh-Soph Rush" (1932)

Box 47 Folder 2 to 5 Correspondence, Family and Friends, 1945-1984

Includes letters written to friends during military service in China and India, with transcriptions made in 2000 for John Peterson, as well as birthday and greeting cards, postcards, and letters from Grace Rothstein and children.

Box 47 Folder 6 Correspondence, FSA Photographers

Personal letters and postcards from Phil Brown, Roy Stryker, John Vachon, and Marion Post Wolcott.

Box 47 Folder 7 to 9 Military activities, 1940-1946

First folder contains military orders, travel documents, and other official memoranda related to Rothstein's service in China and India. Second folder contains material related to applications, appointments, resumes and CV, and honorable discharge. Third folder contains photocopies of above listed documents.

Box 47 Folder 10 Miscellaneous personal material, undated

Includes notes on Russian language, shirt tags and blank postcards for "Jump" clothing company, list of personal belongings, name card and business card, unidentified pencil sketch, possibly of Rothstein (maker unknown), reminiscences written upon the death of Dorothea Lange, and short essay titled "In the Green Hills, Far Away" (author unknown, possibly Rothstein).

Box 47 Folder 11 Photographs, Early Years, ca. 1910s-1940s

12 items : Photographs of Rothstein during childhood and early adulthood, some with family member. Includes photograph of Rothstein's parents.

Box 49 Folder 2 Photographs, Early Years [oversize], ca. 1910s-1940s

1 item.

Box 47 Folder 12 Photographs, Exhibitions, 1978-1980

69 items, including 38 negatives : Openings and events in Paramus, N.J., Parakapas Gallery (Bronxville, NY), and Rizzoli Gallery (New York, NY) with articles enclosed.

Box 47 Folder 13 Photographs, FSA Party, 1977

60 items, including 10 negatives : Taken at a party held at Rothstein's New Rochelle residence on May 14, 1977. Includes series of group photographs of Rothstein, Marion Post Wolcott, Carl Mydans, Jack Delano, and John Vachon.

Box 49 Folder 3 Photographs, FSA Party [oversize], 1977

1 item : Taken at a party held at Rothstein's New Rochelle residence on May 14, 1977.

Box 47 Folder 14 Photographs, FSA Years, 1935-1942, 1978

59 items, including 7 negatives : Rothstein and other Farm Security Administration staff on various assignments. Includes photographs of Roy Stryker, John Vachon, Marion Post Wolcott, and others. With ten photographs and contact prints from Rothstein's 1978 trip to visit Darrell Coble and family in Cimarron County, Oklahoma.

Box 47 Folder 15 Photographs, Military, between 1940 and 1946

53 items : Military service in China and India, also includes pictures of Rothstein in uniform in New York.

Box 47 Folder 16 to 17 Photographs, Photographers, 1940-1982

96 items, including 4 negatives : Rothstein pictured with various photographers at events over the years, including Ansel Adams, Jack Delano, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Carl Mydans, Beaumont Newhall, Roy Stryker, John Vachon, Edward Weston, and Marion Post Wolcott, among others. Third folder contains two 11 x 14 photographs and is located in flat print box.

Box 49 Folder 4 Photographs, Photographers [oversize], 1940-1982

2 items.

Box 47 Folder 18 Photographs, Rothstein, ca. 1940-1985

255 items, including 25 negatives : Portraits, publicity photographs, passport photographs, and other images featuring Rothstein as individual subject.

Box 49 Folder 5 Photographs, Rothstein [oversize], ca. 1940-1985

9 items.

Box 48 Folder 1 to 6 Photographs, Rothstein with other people, ca. 1940s-1985

517 items, including 19 negatives : Business trips and professional travel, exhibition openings, family vacations and holidays, behind-the-scenes at photo-shoots and assignments, LOOK and Parade offices and events. Majority of images are undated.

Box 49 Folder 6 Photographs, Rothstein with other people [oversize], ca. 1940s-1985

17 items.

Box 48 Folder 7 Photographs, Utah, 1985, 1985

19 items : Contains photographs of Rothstein during "Working together: a Utah portfolio" project.

Box 48 Folder 8 Scrapbooks, 1935-1950s

2 items : Contains photographs from Rothstein's graduation from Columbia College, his years as an FSA photographer, military service, and travels to Europe. Some photographs missing from the first scrapbook.

Box 48 Folder 9 Slides, 1960-1981

28 items : Two views of Rothstein with unidentified companion (1960s), one view of a surgical procedure taken forLOOKmagazine (1960), two views of an unidentified political convention (1978 or 1980?), four views of Rothstein taken during trip to visit Darrell Coble and family in Cimarron County, Oklahoma (1978), eight interior and exterior of Rothstein's house in New Rochelle, New York, taken for insurance purposes (1981), and eleven views of an unidentified exhibition opening (1981).

Box 50 Proof print box, undated

Assorted 4 x 5 snapshots.