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Alfred Neumann architectural records and papers, 1900-1985, bulk 1950s-1960s

Series VI: Faculty Papers

Comprised of three subseries: Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Université Laval, Quebec, and Lectures and Pedagogical Notes. The first subseries contains syllabi of courses and programs of study, student projects, notes regarding curriculum reform, and Neumann's formal proposals for said reform. The second subseries contains a prospectus, syllabi and programs of study, and student works. The third subseries contains teaching plans, lecture notes, proposed curricula, plans for student projects, notes on architectural education, and articles and papers on pedagogical topics.

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Subseries 1: Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Box 5 Folder 34 Projects involving students (Zvi Hecker, Eldar Sharon), undated

Contains photographic reproductions of architectural drawings (Hebrew) (8 photographs)

Box 5 Folder 35 Programs of study and syllabi of courses, Technion, 1957, 1964

2 booklets, which contain yearly study plans, course listings, and course descriptions for undergraduate students (English)

Box 5 Folder 36 Introduction to Teaching Techniques (Technion), undated

Document prepared for professors of the Technion (English)

Box 5 Folder 37 Education at the Technion, 1958, 1963, undated

Contains certificate awarded to Neumann in 1963; also includes "Proposal for the care of second year students," remarks on curriculum reform, and notes regarding the educational state of affairs at the Technion and Neumann's role as professor there (German, Hebrew, English)

Box 5 Folder 38 Technion notes, undated

Notes mainly on the topic of unauthorized changes made to the mechanical engineering building and on the topic of architectural education in relation to the unfavorable state of affairs at the Technion; includes notes entitlted "why the results of nomination seem or are arbitrary," "what are the changes of the program," and "mechanical engineering" (English, German)

Subseries 2: Universite Laval

Box 5 Folder 39 Student works, Universite Laval, 1960s

Contains 37 photographs of architectural models, probably those made by students of Neumann's at the Universite Laval, Quebec

Box 5 Folder 40 Responses to student questions, 1967

Contains interview including questions posed by students regarding the curriculum at the Universite Laval, accompanied by Neumann's responses (French)

Box 5 Folder 41 Program of study, Universite Laval, 1967

Comprehensive program for both undergraduate and graduate study, prepared by Neumann in collaboration with other university professors (2 programs, 1 draft) (French)

Box 5 Folder 42 Prospectus and course of study for l'Ecole d'Architecture, Universite Laval, 1960s

Prospectus pamphlet includes yearly programs of study and syllabi of courses; course of study consists of a chart detailing coursework per semester (French)

Box 5 Folder 43 Proposed courses of study for Master's students, Universite Laval, 1960s

Includes general informational packets, study plans divided into 4 cycles, and syllabi for graduate courses (preparted by Neumann in possible collaboration with other university professors) (French, English)

Box 5 Folder 44 Syllabi for specific architecture courses, studio work, or student projects, Universite Laval, 1962-1963, 1965-1968

Includes untitled third year project, studio project on leisure space, outdoor project themes (logging, fishing, camping, zoo, farm, park, recreational site), 5th year thesis project, 5th year project on industrial landscape design, untitled course on the fine arts (French, English)

Box 5 Folder 45 Syllabi for courses taught in other departments, Universite Laval, undated

List of courses taught by other professors, and syllabi for sociology, economics, climatology (French)

Box 5 Folder 46 News and events leaflet, Universite Laval, 1968

Contains photograph of Neumann (French)

Subseries 3: Lectures and Pedagogical Notes

Box 5 Folder 47 Teaching plans/Lehrplans, undated

Possible lecture notes, notes on pedagogical topics (German, English, French)

Box 5 Folder 48 Notes on proposed curricula, undated

Notes on potential programs of study by year of study, tentative syllabi; includes syllabi for lectures or courses on morphology of architecture, excerpts from the proceedings of CIAM VIII, and admission interview form (French, English)

Box 5 Folder 49 Ideas for student projects, undated

Notes on possible student assignments or lesson plans (French, English, German)

Box 5 Folder 50 Possible lecture notes, undated

Notes on Vitruvius, various construction methods, historic architects, Auguste Perret, and morphological architecture (French, English, German)

Box 5 Folder 51 Notes on the formation of the architect, undated

Notes on architecture education and general pedagogical topics (information flow, creativity in engineering, organization of schools of architecture, teamwork, the studio, education of town planners), includes notes taken from publications, sketches and doodles (English, German, French)

Box 5 Folder 52 Pedagogy reference material, papers, undated

Includes the following papers: Building in our Time, by Konrad Wachsman (delivered as a lecture at the Technion); What's Wrong with Engineering Education, by Hermann Danforth; The Value Structure of Creativity, by Robert S. Hartman; excerpts from The Aims of Education, by Alfred North Whitehead

Box 5 Folder 53 Pedagogy reference material, articles, 1966, 1967, undated

Articles clipped or copied from periodicals, pertaining to childhood education, university education, and architecture education in Time Magazine, Progressive Architecture, the Journal of Architectural Education, and an unknown publication (English)

Box 5 Folder 54 Programs of study, other universites, 1965, 1966

University of Manitoba undergraduate curricula; faculty of architecture proposed curriculum (unknown university), Harvard University Graduate School of Design notice on urban design program (under the supervision of Jose Luis Sert), University of Southern California Department of Architecture pamphlet (directed by Konrad Wachsmann) (English)