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Frank Lloyd Wright Miscellanea, 1905-1995, bulk 1940s-1960s

Series II: Biographical Publications / Correspondence

includes a photocopy of a letter from Frank Lloyd Wright to his daughter, Catherine and her husband Kenneth written in 1921 from the Imperial Hotel. This series contains correspondence from Lloyd Wright (FLW'son) to Linn Cowles in which Lloyd recounts a trip to Europe with his father and other reminiscences. This series also contains various biographies (drafts and completed works) and research notes by Harvey Einbinder, Thomas S. Hines, Jr., Thomas A. Heinz, and Robert C. Twomby. Recollections of days at Taliesin by Noverre Musson and a brief history of the Usonia Homes project by Priscilla J. Henken are included. Also includes correspondence relating to the Guggenheim Museum commission and various notes from former Taliesin Fellow, Edgar Tafel.

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Box 01 Folder 09 Genealogy charts, passports, 1905, 1969

FLW family group chart compiled in 1969 by Mrs. David Wright. Multigenerational pedigree chart (FLW's parents, etc.) is attached. Includes photocopies of passports issued to Frank Lloyd Wright and Catherine L. Wright in 1905 and correspondence related to FLW's mother's family and her death date.

Box 01 Folder 09 Correspondence from Frank Lloyd Wright to his daughter Catherine and her husband Kenneth Baxter, 1921

Photocopy of a letter written from the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo on February 7, 1921.

Box 01 Folder 10 Lloyd Wright (son) correspondence and ephemera, 1965 - 1978

Correspondence from Lloyd Wright (FLW's son) to Linn Cowles; includes reminiscences of his father in a letter dated February 3, 1966; with a letter, in German, to Linn Cowles dated December 1965 (Wasmuth publication?) Also includes handmade Christmas cards and Lloyd Wright memorial service program from 1978.

Box 01 Folder 11 Prospectus for "Frank Lloyd Wright: An American Genius" by Harvey Einbinder, undated

Photocopy of an 11 page typewritten prospectus for the book Einbinder would later write.

Box 01 Folder 12 "Frank Lloyd Wright - The Madison Years: Records versus Recollections" by Thomas S. Hines, Jr., 1967

Final published copy and photocopy; with a letter from the author.

Box 01 Folder 12 Correspondence from Thomas A. Heinz regarding research on Luxfer Prism, Co., 1974

Includes copies of his research materials (photocopies of clippings illustrating FLW designs for Luxfer Prism, Co.)

Box 01 Folder 13 "Frank Lloyd Wright in Spring Green, 1911-1932" by Robert C. Twomby, 1968

Published article appeared in the Spring 1968 issue of Wisconsin Magazine of History; with a letter from the author. Letter indicates that the article forms the substance of Twomby's dissertation.

Box 01 Folder 14 "Maginel Wright Barney: An Artist in Her Own Right" by Mary Jane Hamilton, 1992

Copy of a published article from the Fall 1992 issue of Wisconsin Academy Review by Mary Jane Hamilton. Biography of Maginel Wright Barney (1877-1966), FLW's sister.

Box 01 Folder 15 "A Metapsychological Approach to the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright" by Gordon G. Globus and Jeff Gilbert, 1964

Reprinted from The Psychoanalytic Review; with an inscription to Edgar Kaufman from Gordon Globus, MD.

Box 01 Folder 16 "Usonia Homes Cooperative" by Priscilla J. Henken, undated

Typewritten copy of recollection / reminiscence by Priscilla J. Henken.

Box 01 Folder 17 Recollection of Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin by Noverre Musson, 1969 [?]

Typewritten copy with notes by Noverre Musson, an architect and former Taliesin fellow.

Box 01 Folder 18 Correspondence to Frank Lloyd Wright from Hilla Rebay regarding Guggenheim building., 1943

With response from FLW dated June 10th 1943. Hilla Rebay was the first director and curator of Guggenheim's Museum of Non-Objective Painting. She asks Wright to come to New York to discuss "a building for our collection"

Box 01 Folder 19 "What makes it great?" by Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, 1973

Published by Winthrop Laboratories, NY "as a service to the Medical Profession" (?)

Box 01 Folder 20 Misc. letters to Edgar Kaufmann regarding Frank Lloyd Wright's birth date, and various building clarifications, and corrections, 1959 - 1975

Includes copy of letter from Charles H. McArthur to Interiors magazine about incorrect attribution of FLW to design of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, copy of letter from S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. regarding building drawing submission dates. (Gifts of Mr. Edgar Kaufmann) Note: this is NOT correspondence to or from FLW.

Box 01 Folder 21 Edgar Tafel correspondence and notes to Edgar Kaufmann, 1936 - 1974

Edgar Tafel was a Taliesin apprentice. Includes photocopy of a letter from Frank Lloyd Wright to Robert K. Mosher regarding the reason behind the location of Fallingwater dated 1936 with a note from Tafel to Kaufmann; a copy of the eulogy of George N. Cohen written by Edgar Tafel.