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Richard Joseph Neutra papers, 1927-1978

Series II: Articles

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Box 01 Folder 12 Ideas: The human individual in a world of standardization., undated

Box 01 Folder 13 Repetitiveness is at the root, undated

Box 01 Folder 14 The individual and architecture, undated

Box 01 Folder 15 Ideas: [untitled] #31565mm., undated

Box 01 Folder 16 Ideas: [untitled] #32565jw., undated

Box 01 Folder 17 Away with Dualism, undated

Box 01 Folder 18 A groan over typewriters, dictation machines and Western Union, 1965 March 7

Box 01 Folder 19 Ideas: [untitled] #10164al, undated

Box 01 Folder 20 Ideas: Evolution, undated

Box 01 Folder 21 Psychiatry and architecture, undated

Box 01 Folder 22 Ideas: Setting? Seems something that stays, undated

Box 01 Folder 23 Ideas: [untitled] Feb. 9, 1955, 1955

Box 01 Folder 24 Ideas: Senescence, fame and delegation, undated

Box 01 Folder 25 Ideas: MNEME, memory, a word often and glibly used!, undated

Box 01 Folder 26 Ideas: [untitled] #22264bm., undated

Box 01 Folder 27 Ideas: Increased Longevity, undated

Box 01 Folder 28 Ideas: Tradition is steady or slow-shift ecology, 1964 March

Box 01 Folder 29 Ideas: Memory and misunderstanding, undated

Box 01 Folder 30 Ideas: III, 1.64, 1964

Box 01 Folder 31 Ideas: [untitled] #4864br., undated

Box 01 Folder 32 Ideas:- Some raw and confused thoughts, #32464bm., undated

Box 01 Folder 33 Ideas: [untitled] 1/28/64, 1964

Box 01 Folder 34 Ideas: [untitled] #61764al., undated

Box 01 Folder 35 Biorealismus, undated

Box 01 Folder 36 Ideas: [untitled] #2865b., undated

Box 01 Folder 37 Ideas: Individual and its settingbed, undated

Box 01 Folder 38 Ideas: [untitled] #31565mm., undated

Box 01 Folder 39 Notes on Ideas, #31065br., undated

Box 01 Folder 40 Ideas: Commotion and psychotope., undated

Box 01 Folder 41 Commotion and psychotope, #3565br., undated

Box 01 Folder 42 Introductory - Order for tomorrow, and a language to fit it., undated

Box 01 Folder 43 Outlook on the environment of tomorrow., undated

Box 01 Folder 44 Tasks and practice of the architect, undated

Box 01 Folder 45 Thoughts on the practice of architecture, undated

Box 01 Folder 46 Architects should be trained to proactive - where?, undated

Box 01 Folder 47 The small and the sensational, undated

Box 01 Folder 48 Interests of an architectural student, undated

Box 01 Folder 49 Young men have an unlimited future in architecture, undated

Box 01 Folder 50 How to become an architect, undated

Box 01 Folder 51 Science and religion through the experience of an architect, undated

Box 01 Folder 52 Richard Neutra book, undated

Box 01 Folder 53 Foresight made popular among innocents before their future, undated

Box 01 Folder 54 "T. & T." - Team and training, undated

Box 01 Folder 55 From the life and work of Richard Neutra, I, undated

Box 01 Folder 56 From the life and work of Richard Neutra, II, undated

Box 01 Folder 57 Richard J. Neutra Foundation, #3464al, undated

Box 01 Folder 58 Heating and cooling Sunday school classroom building: Garden Grove Church, undated

Box 01 Folder 59 Typical rules to be used in shaping interiors, undated

Box 01 Folder 60 Tower of Babel, II, undated

Box 01 Folder 61 Long range affluence, undated

list of articles from folder 5 stops here

Box 01 Folder 62 Vitality through design, undated

start of "Enclosure List" included at the beginning of the collection

Box 01 Folder 63 Idyllwild Art Conference - Lecture, undated

labeled L-8 (Lecture) in "Enclosure List" of articles

Box 01 Folder 64 Gulf States Regional convention, undated

labeled L-32 in "Enclosure List" of articles

Box 01 Folder 65 Social Implications of Architecture, undated

labeled L-39b in "Enclosure List" of articles

Box 01 Folder 66 Survival through design and urban life designed, undated

labeled PL-69 in "Enclosure List" of articles

Box 01 Folder 67 Lebende stadt, undated

labeled PL-65 in "Enclosure List" of articles

Box 01 Folder 68 "Auditorium", undated

labeled STD-16 (Survival Through Design, book) in "Enclosure List" of articles

Box 01 Folder 69 Sacramento redevelopment, undated

labeled PL-30 in "Enclosure List" of articles

Box 01 Folder 70 House, undated

labeled PL-5

Box 01 Folder 71 The world of tomorrow, undated

labeled L-64

Box 01 Folder 72 Slums and housing in regions of mild climate, undated

labeled PL-2

Box 01 Folder 73 California, past, present and future, undated

labeled L-60

Box 01 Folder 74 A junior high school: practical and ethical problems, undated

labeled SCH-18

Box 01 Folder 75 Summary of thoughts on hospitals, undated

labeled L-56

Box 01 Folder 76 Summary, Retrospection and architecture today, undated

labeled L-55

Box 01 Folder 77 Summary of an undelivered speech, UCLA conference on Africa, Law Arrowhead, undated

Box 01 Folder 78 School buildings of a new type, undated

labeled SCH-13

Box 01 Folder 79 Arizona Industrial Workshop: Planning - a most human issue, 1958 March 7

labeled L-51

Box 01 Folder 80 School buildings, undated

labeled SCH-10

Box 01 Folder 81 Thoughts expressed for hospital convention, St. Louis, Jan. 1957, 1957

labeled L-48

Box 01 Folder 82 Architecture and psychological fact, 1956

labeled L-27C (Banff Sessions 1956)

Box 01 Folder 83 Banff session, January 1956, 1956

labeled L-27A

Box 01 Folder 84 Division and recovery, 1955

labeled L-24, "Lecture at home of Dr. Hertz, 2/24/55"

Box 01 Folder 85 Lecture: School design - a general public issue, undated

labeled L-18

Box 01 Folder 86 The creative process in architecture, undated

labeled L-7

Box 01 Folder 87 Richard J. Neutra's speech in Athens, undated

labeled L-5

Box 01 Folder 88 Richard Neutra on planning a good house, undated

labeled L-12

Box 01 Folder 89 Das dramatische und seine Behausung, undated

labeled AAL-133 (Architecture, Art and Life Magazine)

Box 01 Folder 90 Glass and man, undated

labeled AAL-132

Box 01 Folder 91 Glass in the theater building, undated

labeled AAL-131

Box 01 Folder 92 Zur billanz der Moderne, undated

labeled AAL-130

Box 01 Folder 93 Building for teaching and learning, undated

labeled AAL-145

Box 01 Folder 94 The museum, undated

labeled AAL-129

Box 01 Folder 95 Sun protective devices, undated

labeled AAL-143, "Re: Courthouse, Orange County - 'Sun Protective Devices'"

Box 01 Folder 96 Ideas: From thoughts on human nature to survival through design, undated

labeled AAL-126

Box 01 Folder 97 The centerpiece of a library by RJN, undated

labeled AAL-141

Box 01 Folder 98 Science and religion through the experience of an architect, undated

labeled AAL-140, another copy of same article included in folder 51

Box 01 Folder 99 Corners of glass, undated

labeled AAL-121

Box 01 Folder 100 Architecture, not of "today", undated

labeled AAL-136

Box 01 Folder 101 Neutra glaubt, undated

labeled AAL-117

Box 01 Folder 102 Richard Neutra becomes a philosopher after forty years of building, undated

labeled AAL-107

Box 01 Folder 103 The South and the challenge of regionalism (Ideas from Survival Through Design), undated

Box 01 Folder 104 Science and architecture, undated

labeled AAL-115

Box 01 Folder 105 Is there an abstract approach left in an age of observation?, undated

labeled AAL-104

Box 01 Folder 106 Nature brougth before our mind sciences inter-related for the student, undated

labeled AAL-113

Box 01 Folder 107 A causerie on our danger and salvation, undated

labeled AAL-102, includes 2 copies

Box 01 Folder 108 But, Mr. Neutra, what are your design principles?, undated

labeled AAL-111

Box 01 Folder 109 Welt und Wohnung, undated

labeled AAL-119A

Box 01 Folder 110 A place of worship. What should a church look like?, undated

labeled AAL-100

Box 01 Folder 111 The layer cake, undated

labeled AAL-90

Box 01 Folder 112 Your house can drive you crazy, undated

Box 01 Folder 113 Illumination, life and architecture, undated

labeled AAL-93

Box 01 Folder 114 The architect - a naturalist, undated

labeled AAL-97

Box 01 Folder 115 Arts and sciences of the architect and his status, undated

labeled AAL-81

Box 01 Folder 116 India today - an example of need for city planning and architecture, undated

Box 01 Folder 117 Steel and the architect, undated

labeled AAL-35

Box 01 Folder 118 "Biorealismus", undated

labeled A-153

Box 01 Folder 119 Kulturelles Wort "Die Kunst, Zu Hause Zu Sein", 1964

labeled A-155

Box 01 Folder 120 Some thought on geriatric planning, undated

labeled A-157

Box 01 Folder 121 Suggestions for a series of lectures and seminars gleaned from an informal conversation with Richard Neutra, undated

labeled A-159

Box 01 Folder 122 Ideas: Photography II, undated

labeled A-164

Box 01 Folder 123 Nature in the human species, undated

labeled A-165

Box 01 Folder 124 Le Corbusier - Three quarters of a century, undated

labeled A-105

Box 01 Folder 125 Fragment of a letter from the correspondence of RJN with the parson, who wanted his church to fit creation, 1962

labeled A-104

Box 01 Folder 126 Japan and total composition of environment, 1959

labeled A-85

Box 01 Folder 127 Synopsis - Architects and clients, undated

labeled A-6

Box 01 Folder 128 The man-made community - design or progressive accident?, 1954

labeled A-18

Box 01 Folder 129 Das seelische in der architektur, 1957

labeled A-29

Box 01 Folder 130 Client interrogation, an art and science, undated

labeled A-69

Box 01 Folder 131 On current design activities around the globe, undated

labeled A-74a

Box 01 Folder 132 Vigor in current design, undated

labeled A-74a

Box 01 Folder 133 Neutra's interest in domestic clients, 1957

labeled A-75

Box 01 Folder 134 After the great man's death, undated

labeled A-83, "thoughts on a broadcast, to which RJN has been invited"

Box 01 Folder 135 The potential worldwide mission of Argentina, undated

labeled A-88

Box 01 Folder 136 Mut zum Erprobten, 1961

labeled A-91

Box 01 Folder 137 Community buildings and their architect, undated

labeled A-94

Box 01 Folder 138 The "undated" architect and philosopher outside of all sensational fashions, undated

labeled A-99

Box 01 Folder 139 The desert, undated

labeled A-100

Box 01 Folder 140 Creative consistency, undated

labeled A-107

Box 01 Folder 141 Training, undated

labeled A-108

Box 01 Folder 142 Fliegender architekt, undated

labeled A-114

Box 01 Folder 143 Physiology of the theater, undated

labeled A-129

Box 01 Folder 144 Traffic damages without and within the skin, undated

labeled A-133

Box 01 Folder 145 Bio-realism and the world of tomorrow. Industry and the active role of the architect, undated

labeled A-143

Box 01 Folder 146 Can the individual be insured by the policy of flexible forethought or must it be frustrated?, undated

labeled A-146

Box 01 Folder 147 Fat and future - the architect and his passengers, 1964

labeled A-63

Box 01 Folder 148 Where - in our progress - is man?, 1960

labeled A-59

Box 01 Folder 149 Two lectures at Banff 1957 - I. Design and its proof, 1957

labeled L-39A

Box 01 Folder 150 Two lectures at Banff 1957 - II. The architect in the age of "operation.", 1957

labeled L-39A

Box 01 Folder 151 Convergence of formative forces, undated

labeled L-49

Box 01 Folder 152 Banff sessions - 1956, 1956

labeled L-27

Box 01 Folder 153 The shapes on a campus are not extra curricular, 1957

labeled L-38, "at Convention of Assoc. for Higher Educ. - Third General Session 3-5-57"

Box 01 Folder 154 Die stadt: Bauen, Wohnen, Leben, 1961

labeled A-101

Box 01 Folder 155 A man-made space for acoustical, dramatic offering, undated

labeled AAL-123

Box 01 Folder 156 Tapestry, undated

labeled A-95

Box 01 Folder 157 Vorwort im Nachhinein, undated

labeled A-101

Box 01 Folder 158 The city and nature, 1959

labeled AAL-135

Box 01 Folder 159 "Architects drawing", undated

labeled AAL-124

Box 01 Folder 160 Glass and the wide landscape outside, #362ah, undated

Box 01 Folder 161 Many give form, undated

labeled AAL-120

Box 01 Folder 162 World and dwelling, 1960

labeled AAL-119

Box 01 Folder 163 Argentina, undated

labeled A-49

Box 01 Folder 164 To the students of art and architecture in Rio De Janeiro, undated

labeled A-46

Box 01 Folder 165 Bedrooms, undated

labeled A-45

Box 01 Folder 166 Illumination, explanatory notes, undated

labeled A-44

Box 01 Folder 167 From an improvised speech to the Orange County Bar Association, undated

labeled AAL-146

Box 01 Folder 168 The tower of hope - it's program and potentialities, 1964

labeled AAL-144a

Box 01 Folder 169 Towers!, undated

labeled AAL-144

Box 01 Folder 170 Gaertnerische Gestalung und Beleuchtung, undated

labeled AAL- 134

Box 01 Folder 171 "I hope to deserve the name of naturalist", undated

labeled AAL-127

Box 01 Folder 172 The challenge of design, conceptions and misconceptions, undated

labeled A-144

Box 01 Folder 173 Synopsis, undated

labeled A-77, only one sheet of photocopied paper with a one sentence summary of article, does not include actual article.

Box 01 Folder 174 Our little domestic spaciousness, undated

labeled A-66

Box 01 Folder 175 Views on the importance of reading and reading materials, 1956

labeled A-61

Box 01 Folder 176 "Today, the value of color…" (131), undated

labeled A-52

Box 01 Folder 177 Early steel constructions: steel skeletons, undated

labeled A-52

Box 01 Folder 178 Anti-solar devices, 1946

labeled A-50

Box 01 Folder 179 Regionalism in architecture, undated

labeled C-2

Box 01 Folder 180 Human ownership in architecture, 1954

labeled C-1

Box 01 Folder 181 Architektur - ueber's Auge Hinaus, 1962

labeled AAL-128A

Box 01 Folder 182 Nachbarlichkeit und Nachbarschaft, 1954

labeled H-2

Box 01 Folder 183 Tradition zum Gesetz erhoben - Architekturform durch Verordnung beschraenkt, 1955

labeled H-9

Box 01 Folder 184 Innerliches Krafttfeld, undated

labeled A-132

Box 01 Folder 185 Einleitung, 1954

labeled H-17

Box 01 Folder 186 Adolf Loos memories, undated

labeled A-84

Box 01 Folder 187 Examinieren, diagnotsotizieren, ordinieren und herlicher wunsch fuer wohnglueck auf die dauer, 1954

labeled H-15

Box 01 Folder 188 Unorthodoxe Betrachtung IV: teilweise tuekkher ins "plain air", undated

labeled H-14

Box 01 Folder 189 Unorthodoxe Betrachtung III: essen und kochen, 1954

labeled H-13

Box 01 Folder 190 Unorthodoxe Betrachtung II: badezimmer-naturalia non sunt Turpia - im gegenteil, 1954

labeled H-12

Box 01 Folder 191 Unorthodoxe Betrachtung I: privates leben, 1954

labeled H-11

Box 01 Folder 192 Architektur durch fernsteuerung, 1955

labeled H-10

Box 01 Folder 193 Menschliches wohnen, undated

labeled H-8

Box 01 Folder 194 "Life and human habitat", undated

labeled H-6

Box 01 Folder 195 A safe basis for designing the human setting, 1965

labeled A-35, retyped in May 1965

Box 01 Folder 196 Baths today, undated

labeled A-58

Box 01 Folder 197 The landscape architect cannot "come later", undated

labeled A-60

Box 01 Folder 198 Client interrogation, an art and science, undated

labeled A-69, another copy in folder 130

Box 01 Folder 199 Light construction in the West, 1957, 1957

labeled A-62

Box 01 Folder 200 Philosophy, education and the good life, undated

labeled A-76

Box 01 Folder 201 Shape not to be abstracted and computed, but grown and cherished, undated

labeled A-77

Box 01 Folder 202 People and steel, undated

labeled A-103

Box 01 Folder 203 Topics for training discussions and exercises, undated

labeled A-104

Box 01 Folder 204 History and the setting for a project of rehabilitation, undated

labeled A-113

Box 01 Folder 205 Text for the Long Beach Museum catalogue for the exhibition "Southern California Interiors", undated

labeled A-115

Box 01 Folder 206 Introduction to radiation and shading, undated

labeled A-120

Box 01 Folder 207 The complex of nudism, undated

labeled A-122

Box 01 Folder 208 "I am grateful to our profession…", undated

labeled A-125

Box 01 Folder 209 Foreword, 1959

labeled A-126, Foreword to the book Japanese Gardens for Today

Box 01 Folder 210 Medical group practice - an architect speaks to equally reputed physicians, undated

labeled A-128

Box 01 Folder 211 An atelier of Richard Neutra, undated

labeled A-134

Box 01 Folder 212 Life through shape, undated

labeled A-137

Box 01 Folder 213 Neutra, pioneer in commercial design, undated

labeled A-138

Box 01 Folder 214 Pictures, fetishes, memories and truth, undated

labeled A-139

Box 01 Folder 215 The comparative method in studying innate behavior patterns, undated

labeled A-140

Box 01 Folder 216 Ideas: Senescence, fame and delegation, undated

labeled A-141, another copy in folder 24

Box 01 Folder 217 Ideas: Evolution, undated

labeled A-142, another copy in folder 20

Box 01 Folder 218 Epilogue on an architect's life, undated

labeled A-161

Box 01 Folder 219 Part I Primary sources: the pre-human condition, 1960

labeled A-162

Box 01 Folder 220 Photographer and architect, undated

labeled A-163

Box 01 Folder 221 Ideas - Photography I, 1962

labeled A-164, Ideas - Photography II in folder 122

Box 01 Folder 222 Early work of Richard Neutra, undated

labeled A-166

Box 01 Folder 223 "The architecture of Mexico, old and new…", 1963

labeled A-170

Box 01 Folder 224 Synopsis - "Scientism" and art in social architecture, undated

labeled AAL-1

Box 01 Folder 225 Synopsis - "Procedure in a design office", 1946

labeled AAL-2

Box 01 Folder 226 Synopsis - Mobilization of contract data, 1950

labeled AAL-3

Box 01 Folder 227 Tasks and practice of the architect, undated

labeled AAL-4, another copy in folder 44

Box 01 Folder 228 The postwar school plant and its neighborhood context prepared for the architectural record and nation's schools, undated

labeled SCH-24

Box 01 Folder 229 School construction and wood as construction material, undated

labeled SCH-23

Box 01 Folder 230 Addition elementary school: Manhattan Beach, California, undated

labeled SCH-20

Box 01 Folder 231 Preliminary specification synopsis experimental school, undated

labeled SCH-16

Box 01 Folder 232 The California school plant, undated

labeled SCH-14

Box 01 Folder 233 Plywood school plants and prefabrication in school buildings, undated

labeled SCH-12

Box 01 Folder 234 Postwar school plants, undated

labeled SCH-11

Box 01 Folder 235 Typification of non-classroom educational facilities, undated

labeled SCH-9

Box 01 Folder 236 Schools in Oceania, undated

labeled SCH-6

Box 01 Folder 237 Sea - land - transfers, undated

labeled PL-14

Box 01 Folder 238 The Los Angeles region - a typically current study object, undated

labeled PL-11

Box 01 Folder 239 The non-metropolitan world calls for the architect, undated

labeled PL-10

Box 01 Folder 240 The problem of the housed - what about his adjustment?, undated

labeled PL-9

Box 01 Folder 241 Considerations of economy in the production of homes; possible investigations and research, undated

labeled PL-8

Box 01 Folder 242 Housing and democracy, undated

labeled PL-7

Box 01 Folder 243 The insurance of planning, 1945

labeled PL-4

Box 01 Folder 244 Ambiguity ended, undated

labeled RJNa13566

Box 01 Folder 245 Clinical clues gained from the physical accommodation of the mentally disturbed, undated

labeled 1466br

Box 01 Folder 246 Ideas - "Spark in the forest, with the curious snake…", undated

labeled 1466jw

Box 01 Folder 247 Independence - An illusion, undated

labeled RJNa13466

Box 01 Folder 248 Pamphlet on planning, undated

labeled PL-36

Box 01 Folder 249 The Syracuse plan, undated

labeled PL-33

Box 01 Folder 250 Why design?, undated

labeled PL-37

Box 01 Folder 251 Non-visual aspects of planning, undated

labeled PL-66

Box 01 Folder 252 Design a human issue - of individual weight, 1959

labeled PL-68

Box 01 Folder 253 Formation of a community core, and current resistance to it, undated

labeled PL-67, revised copy

Box 01 Folder 254 A fine arts center for a college, undated

labeled PL-40

Box 01 Folder 255 Planning and other scientific pursuits, 1954

labeled PL-41

Box 01 Folder 256 Project in practically prefabricated concrete construction, undated

labeled PL-42

Box 01 Folder 257 Ten commandments on urban affairs, undated

labeled PL-69B

Box 01 Folder 258 Idea - Steps toward prefabrication, undated

labeled PL-43

Box 01 Folder 259 The adaptable model, undated

labeled PL-44

Box 01 Folder 260 How long will American houses be built on premises?, undated

labeled PL-45

Box 01 Folder 261 Housing, undated

labeled PL-46

Box 01 Folder 262 Flugverkehrs - Umschlaghof Rush City, 1927

labeled PL-47

Box 01 Folder 263 Rush City air transfer, undated

labeled PL-48

Box 01 Folder 264 Three approaches to prefabrication, undated

labeled PL-49

Box 01 Folder 265 Prefabricated diatom - dwellings, undated

labeled PL-52

Box 01 Folder 266 Prefabrication - Illustration - Texts, undated

labeled PL-53

Box 01 Folder 267 Case study house no. 20, undated

labeled PL-55

Box 01 Folder 268 Chances of prefabrication, undated

labeled PL-16

Box 01 Folder 269 Economic background of housing, 1958

labeled L-13

Box 01 Folder 270 Synopsis: Rundfunkgespraech. Europa - Amerika und die weite welt des architekten, 1954

labeled L-17

Box 01 Folder 271 Architecture and education, 1948

labeled L-16

Box 01 Folder 272 Austin school planning convention, June 1947 - Non-metropolitanism and the school, 1947

labeled L-15

Box 01 Folder 273 Is "planning" a liberal issue? Or is it just totalitarian stuff?, 1953

labeled PL-17

Box 01 Folder 274 Ringplan school, undated

labeled PL-24

Box 01 Folder 275 Thoughts on portal suburbs; and their human redemption, undated

labeled PL-25

Box 01 Folder 276 Tokyo, 1952

labeled PL-27

Box 01 Folder 277 Housing, defense and postwar planning, undated

labeled PL-59

Box 01 Folder 278 Governmental architecture, undated

labeled PL-61

Box 01 Folder 279 Apartment building forecast, undated

labeled PL-31

Box 01 Folder 280 Puerto Rico performs, undated

labeled PL-62

Box 01 Folder 281 Remark sheets - Biological realism, 1957

labeled PL-64

Box 01 Folder 282 Ideas - Is our daily human setting only a lowly portion of creation?, undated

labeled RJNa112266

Box 01 Folder 283 L. A. inventory, undated

labeled PL-3, missing pages 3 through 10

Box 01 Folder 284 Ideas: RJNa14666, undated

Box 01 Folder 285 Ideas: An architect amidst social ecology, undated

labeled 102065al

Box 01 Folder 286 Longevity and self-identity, 1966

labeled 4.7.66eb

Box 01 Folder 287 The hidden dimension, undated

labeled, RJNa1466, Neutra review of the book by Edward T. Hall