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Walter Curt Behrendt papers, 1910-1945

Series II: Lectures

contains scripts, notes and slide lists of lectures Behrendt gave at Dartmouth College, Princeton University, Wheaton College and talks he gave in Germany. Most of the lectures are annotated. The majority of the lectures deal with the development of cities, city planning, regional planning, modern architecture, housing, transportation and zoning. The lectures cover the history of architecture from

Box 01: Folder 04 Address on Regional Planning, Middle Atlantic States Art Conference 1941
Box 01: Folder 05 City Planning 1936-1937
Box 01: Folder 06 City Planning and Housing Volume 1 1938
Box 01: Folder 07 City Planning , Historical Review 1941-1942
Box 01: Folder 08 City Planning in a Democracy, Hanover Holiday 1942
Box 01: Folder 10 City Planning Introduction undated
Box 01: Folder 09 City Planning, Medieval Town 1941

Includes a broadside for the Washington Square Neighbors Petition with an annotation

Box 01: Folder 11 City Planning, Seventeenth to Eighteenth Centuries 1941
Box 01: Folder 12 Cities of the Future undated
Box 01: Folder 13 Decentralization Former Town Extension System 1936-1937

Includes newspaper clippings

Box 01: Folder 14 Development of City Planning on the Continent 1942
Box 01: Folder 15 Form of the Future Cities, by Clarence S. Stein 1945

Lecture given by Clarence S. Stein at the University of Miami, January 15, 1945

Box 01: Folder 16 History of the Development of City Types undated
Box 01: Folder 17 Housing Lecture 1, Significance of Housing undated
Box 01: Folder 18 Housing Lecture 2, Continental 1943
Box 01: Folder 19 Problems in Housing undated

Lecture is in German

Box 01: Folder 20 Problems in New Buildings undated

Lecture is in German

Box 02: Folder 01 Princeton Lectures, Rehabilitation of Our Cities, Housing Problem, Regional Concept undated
Box 02: Folder 02 Siedlungsfrage und Baukunst 1923

Includes copy of the Program Vereinigung für staatswissenschaftliche Fortbilding zu Berlin

Box 02: Folder 03 Spirit of Modern Architecture I, Problem of Structure 1934
Box 02: Folder 04 Spirit of Modern Architecture II, Arts and Crafts Movement 1934
Box 02: Folder 05 Spirit of Modern Architecture III, Art Nouveau Movement 1934
Box 02: Folder 06 Spirit of Modern Architecture IV, Role of America 1934
Box 02: Folder 07 Spirit of Modern Architecture V, International Style 1934
Box 02: Folder 08 Spirit of Modern Architecture VIII, Housing and Regional Planning 1935
Box 02: Folder 09 Transportation Problems 1936
Box 02: Folder 10 Wheaton College Lecture on Modern Architecture 1937
Box 02: Folder 11 Zoning 1936

Includes clippings from newspapers