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Edward Tuckerman Potter papers, 1864-1965

Series I: Personal Papers

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Box 01 Folder 01 Correspondence, 1864-1905, 1965

Correspondents include:

William Payne to Rev. Henshaw; E.T. Potter to "Lawrence"; Herbert Spencer to E.T. Potter; Phillips Brook to E.T. Potter; C.N.P. to Ned Letterhead; A.R. Parson to Mr. R. Wagner-Baireuth; E.T. Potter to Mrs. Colt; E.T. Potter to Mrs. Howard Nott Potter; Frances, E. Ward to E.T. Potter; Frances E. Ward to E.T. Potter; E.T. Potter to and from John Shendan Zelie; E.T. Potter to Mrs. C.L.F. Robinson and Mrs. Allyn Cox.

Box 01 Folder 02 Office papers, 1864

Office papers of McDonald & Clinton.

Box 01 Folder 03 New Year's List, 1870

Box 01 Folder 04 Subject and Results of Study, ca. 1890s

Tentative list of E.T. Potter's Subjects and Results of Study to Feb. 1, 1898. Additional misc. project notes 1897 and most notes undated.

Box 01 Folder 05 List of Architectural Works, undated

Box 01 Folder 06 Musical compositions., 1879-1899

Misc. pertaining to E.T. Potter's musical compositions.

Box 01 Folder 07 List of musical and architectural works, undated

Penciled copy of ETP's own penciled list in his book of musical works and architectural works.

Box 01 Folder 08 Xitria , 1860-1903

Notes made at various times 1860-1899. Dissertation by Potter dated May 13, 1903.

Box 01 Folder 09 Photograph of E.T. Potter, 1869

Box 01 Folder 10 Miscellaneous Papers, undated

"The Rev. Elipahlet Notts 3rd wife and the one who helped ETP was Miss Urania E. Sheldon married Aug 8, 1842", and 3 copies of an unsigned handwritten poem with sketch.

Box 01 Folder 11 Engagement book, 1901

Box 01 Folder 13 Postcards, undated

Unaddressed postcards of Totnes, Old Gateway, Tatnes Guildhall, Totnes, East Gate. Also includes one handwritten note.

Box 01 Folder 14 Newspaper clipping, 1962

One newspaper clipping of Mark Twain's home in Hartford, Connecticut dated Aug. 26, 1962.

Box 01 Folder 15 Union College (Schenectady, NY), 1963

1 copy of the "Union College Symposium, Winter 1963; "Note: see page 9."

Box 01 Folder 16 Letters to the Editor, 1905

A. J. Bloom letter to the editor of NY Daily Tribune regarding E.T.Potter, 1 letter to the editor dated 1889 by 'ART', 1 article undated by Dr. Harold A. Larrabee titled"A Jamesian Adventure Revealed".