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Paul Nelson architectural records and papers, 1924-1976

Series II: Professional Papers

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Box 01 Folder 30 "A La Recherche de L'Hôpital du XXe Siècle," Revue Equipements et Techniques du Confort no. 32, 1965 Nov

Interview with Paul Nelson.

Box 01 Folder 31 American Institute of Architects, Vital Questions, 1968


Container 4-Flap Architecture Hospitalière, Deux Etudes, Paul Nelson: Maison de Santé, Pavillon de Chirurgie, 1936


Box 01 Folder 32 Assorted newspaper clippings, 1963-1964

In French.

Box 01 Folder 33 Calder, Alexander - Correspondence, 1965 Sep 22

In French. Also includes personal comments.

Box 01 Folder 34 Le Carré Bleu, 1961-1969

Multiple editions.

Box 01 Folder 35 Claudius-Petit, Eugène - Correspondence, 1969

Box 01 Folder 36 Drexler, Arthur - Correspondence, 1959-1974

Container 4-Flap Exposition des Techniques Americaines, 1946

Bound scrapbook with black-and-white photographic prints.

Box 02 Folder 1 Galpérine, Charles, "Un American à Paris," Notre Republique no. 250, 1967 Feb 03

Interview with Paul Nelson.

Box 02 Folder 2 Graham Foundation., 1957 Jan 02

Interview with Paul Nelson for "Quatre Soli." Transcript of group discussion regarding research project proposed by Nelson In French

Box 02 Folder 3 Graham Foundation, 1957

Fellows information.

Box 02 Folder 4 Graham Foundation, correspondence to and from, 1957-1958

Box 02 Folder 5 Graham Foundation, 1958 Apr 22

Project report written by Nelson.

Box 02 Folder 6 Graham Foundation, 1958

Fellows information.

Box 02 Folder 7 Les Informations Dieppoises, 1964-1965

Newspaper clippings.

Box 02 Folder 8 Le Corbusier - Correspondence, 1948 Mar 25

Box 02 Folder 9 "Liason des Arts," exhibition, 1961 Jul 31

Correspondence and description.

Box 02 Folder 10 Miró, Joan - Correspondence, 1966 Nov 25

Box 02 Folder 11 Nelson, Paul. "L'Air Conditionné: Sa valeur thérapeutique, ses conséquences sur l'architecture hospitalière", 1934

Box 02 Folder 12 Nelson, Paul. "L'Homme, L'Architecte et L'Industrie du Bâtiment." From unidentified magazine, circa 1950s

Box 02 Folder 13 Nelson, Paul. "Introduction à la Conférence à Vancouver", 1975 Dec 14

Typewritten manuscript.

Box 02 Folder 14 Nelson, Paul. "Modern Architecture is Based on Current Life: Great Building Art Product of Necessity." Chicago Evening Post Magazine of the Art World, 1928 Apr 17

Newspaper clipping.

Box 02 Folder 15 Nelson, Paul. "My Approach to Architecture", 1941 Apr 22

Lecture given at Yale University. Typewritten.

Box 02 Folder 16 Nelson, Paul, "New O.R. Design Concepts." Hospital Topics Magazine, 1959 Feb

Box 02 Folder 17 Nelson, Paul. "Researching for a New Standard of Living." Printed by Revere Copper and Brass, circa 1940s


Box 02 Folder 18 Nelson, Paul. "Les Tables Rondes du Second Oeuvre: Plomberie et Sanitaire Industrialisés." Chaud-Froid Plomberie no. 226, 1965 Oct

Box 02 Folder 19 Nelson, Paul. "Urbanisme et Enfance." Pédiatrie Sociale, undated

Box 02 Folder 20 Nelson, Paul. "Vers le Centre de Santé." La Table Ronde no. 242, 1968 Mar


Box 02 Folder 21 Nelson, Paul. "Vers un Nouvel Humanisme." L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, 1957 Jan

Box 02 Folder 22 Perspecta, 1971

Correspondence with Robert L. Geddes, Graham T. Johnston, and Henry Wollman regarding contributions to Perspecta.

Box 02 Folder 23 Royaumont conference. "Liaison des Arts", 1965 Nov 11

Schedule and list of participants.

Box 02 Folder 24 Royaumont conference. Nelson, Paul, "Le Théatre et les Loisirs", 1961 Jun

Box 02 Folder 25 Royaumont conference. Nelson, Paul, "Vers une méthode pour l'intégration des Arts", 1962 Oct

Box 02 Folder 26 Rosenfield, Isadore. Correspondence, 1971 Nov

Box 02 Folder 27 Sert, José. Correspondence, 1971 Nov