Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Shadrach Woods architectural records and papers, 1923-2008, bulk 1948-1973

Series VIII: Personal Papers

Box 36: Folder 01 Apartment/Office Rental 1971-1973

Correspondence and financial records

Box 36: Folder 02 to 06 Correspondence 1940s-1970s

Includes Military service records, letters related to illness, and condolence letters.

Box 37: Folder 01 Drawings, miscellaneous
Box 37: Folder 02 Government Documents 1973

Death certificate

Box 37: Folder 04 Obituaries 1973. 1975

New York Times; International Herald Tribune, Architectural Design (Peter Smithson), "A Memorial Note on Shadrach Woods" (Jacquelines Tyrwhitt)

Box 37: Folder 05 Personal Effects

Ephemera and notes

Four Flap 01 Photograph Album

Snapshots of Shadrach Woods from childhood to the 1960s

Box 37: Folder 06 Photographs 1950s-1970s

Includes portraits, snapshots, and photos with Le Corbusier

Box 37: Folder 07 Photographs 1950s-1970s

Photos, contact sheets and envelopes

Box 37: Folder 08 Photographs 1920s-1970s

Family photographs

Box 37: Folder 09 Residence Vaugirard-Mathurin-Regnier

Drawings of SW Apartment in Paris and inventory of contents after SW's death

Box 37: Folder 10 Sketch, "Val + Jo--Paris"


Box 37: Folder 03 Student Work

New York University Records

Box 37: Folder 11 Student Work

Academic records (Charles C. Gorton High School and other)