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Haus Cramer architectural records and papers, 1911-2004, bulk 1911-1955

Series IV: Restoration/Reuse

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Box 6 Folder 16 Photographs of Haus Cramer after gas explosion, 1949 Feb

Includes pamphlet on the property

Box 7 Folder 1 Correspondence, Charlotte Cramer-Sachs to Judge Rifkind, 1957 Feb 02

Regarding the possible use of Haus Cramer by American scholars in Berlin; Includes images from articles on Haus Cramer

Box 6 Folder 17 Correspondence, Klaus Curtius, Deutsche Generalkonsul, to Charlotte Cramer-Sachs, 1969 Oct 16

Regarding the preservation of Haus Cramer; includes copy of letter from Klaus Curtius to Rolf Schwedler, Senator für Bau- und Wohnungswesen and an article byJulius Posener on the house

Box 6 Folder 18 Correspondence, Dr. Franz Josef Strauss to Alexander Sachs, 1969 Oct 20

Regarding the preservation of Haus Cramer

Box 6 Folder 19 Correspondence, Dr. Helmut Ruge to Charlotte Cramer-Sachs, 1976 Nov 15-1976 Nov 25

Forwards correspondence with Herr Stoehr, the Senator für Wissenschaft und Kunst, regarding the use of Haus Cramer by Stanford in Berlin

Box 6 Folder 20 Correspondence, Dr. Julius Posener to Charlotte Cramer-Sachs, 1976 Dec 04-1991 Aug 09

Box 6 Folder 21 Posener, Julius, Dr. "Excerpts from Opening Remarks of Speech by Julius Posener on the Occasion of the Hermann Muthesius Exhibit at the Akademie der Kunste, West Berlin", 1977

Two copies

Box 6 Folder 22 Correspondence, Charlotte Cramer-Sachs to Dr. Julius Posener, 1977 Jan 03-1993 Apr 02

Box 6 Folder 23 "Berlin-Dahlem Pacellialle 18-20 Wiederaufbau eines Landhauses von Herman Muthesius", 1977 Mar

Signed by Julius Posener; publication of the Senator für Bau- und Wohnungswesen; includes photocopy

Box 6 Folder 24 Invitation and telegram relating to the inauguration of Stanford University's Program in Berlin, 1978 Jan 06-1978 Jan 16

Box 6 Folder 25 "Stanford-in-Berlin back in business with new program and a new home." Campus Report, 1978 Feb 01

Box 6 Folder 26 "Renovated Berlin villa is dedicated." The Stanford Observer, 1978 Feb

Box 6 Folder 27 Cramer-Sachs, Charlotte. "Erinnerungen an Einen Garten", 1978 Apr 08-1978 Jul 27

Includes a plan of the garden and a letter from the government in Berlin, thanking Charlotte Cramer-Sachs for her help in reconstructing the garden

Box 8 Muthesius. Architettura Monografie, 1981

Inscribed "For Charlotte, with love, P & R, September 1984" P & R refers to Pooh Randall (Lilian né Cramer) and Richard Randall, Jr.

Box 6 Folder 28 Correspondence, Pooh (Lilian) and Richard Randall to Charlotte Cramer-Sachs, 1984 Sep 18

Letter accompanying the Muthesius monograph, given to Charlotte by the Randalls; inserted into the book with a color photograph of the house, marking the section dealing with Haus Cramer

Box 8 Posener, Julius. Fast so alt wie das Jahrhundert, 1990

Inscribed "Für Frau Charlotte Cramer Sachs, in deren Haus ich und der Student verliebt habe, Herzlichst, Julius Posener 30.11.90"

Box 6 Folder 29 Text on the artist Charlo, on the letterhead of Mrs. Alexander Sachs

Found at the back of Julius Posener's Fast so alt wie das Jahrhundert

Box 6 Folder 30 Photographs of Haus Cramer and S-Bahn Station in Dahlem, 1993 Jul

Box 8 Muthesius, Hermann. Style-Architecture and Building-Art: Transformations of Architecture in the Nineteenth Century and its Present Condition, 1994

Box 6 Folder 31 Packet of information on Haus Cramer, 1995 May 08-2001 Nov 15 and undated

Includes multiple descriptions of the house, an excerpt from a book on the restoration of the house, a photo of members of the Stanford program with a portrait of Charlotte Cramer, and some correspondence between Charlotte Cramer-Sachs and Stanford.

Box 6 Folder 32 Correspondence, Dr. Karen Kramer, Director of the Stanford in Berlin Study Center, to Charlotte Cramer-Sachs, 1995 Jul 31-2001 Dec 17

Faxed letter and photocopies, includes articles on the purchase of Haus Cramer by Stanford University and photographs of an event at the house in July of 2001

Box 6 Folder 33 Correspondence, Charlotte Cramer-Sachs to Dr. Karen Kramer, 1998 Jan 15

Includes material on the purchase of Haus Cramer by Stanford

Box 6 Folder 34 Photographs of Haus Cramer and garden, 1999 Oct

Box 6 Folder 35 Report on the reconstruction of Haus Cramer, Jana John and Linda Bollenberg, 2000 Apr 03-2000 Apr 24

Includes correspondence between Charlotte Cramer-Sachs and Jana, John and Linda Bollenberg

Box 6 Folder 36 Correspondence, Bettinna Biedermann to Charlotte Cramer-Sachs, 2004 Feb 04

Regarding inclusion in a book on prominent residents of Dahlem

Box 6 Folder 37 "Berlin-Dahlem Cecilienallee 18-20"

Three copies

Box 6 Folder 38 Photograph of Haus Cramer

Found with bills and receipts

Box 6 Folder 39 Posener, Julius, Dr. "Ein unersetzliches Berliner Haus: Fragen zum anscheinend unaufhaltsamen Abriß unserer Villenvororte." Der Tagesspiegel

Four copies