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Serge Chermayeff architectural records and papers, 1909-1980

Series X: Faculty Papers, Washington University

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Subseries 1: Course Materials

Box 37 Folder 01 Course and reference materials., 1963

4 items. Syllabi and reference materials for term as visiting critic.

Box 37 Folder 02 St. Louis, Missouri, urban design studies., circa 1963

42 items. Sketches, diagrams, and models created during appointment as visiting critic reproduced in photographic formats, Thermofax copies, and photocopies, with notes.

Box 37 Folder 03 Course and reference materials., 1970

4 items. Syllabi and reference materials for term as visiting critic. Some materials in duplicate.

Box 37 Folder 04 Course and reference materials., 1972

2 items. Press release and administrative papers.

Subseries 2: Reference Files

Box 37 Folder 05 "Urban Design Studio / Arch. 712 / Spring Semester / Second Design Study, Washington University School of Architecture. A Prototype Development Study for A Residential Sector North of Forest Park.", undated

7 pages. Typescript photocopy, with annotations; Probably from a critique attended by Chermayeff.

Box 37 Folder 06 Maki, Fumihiko and Masato Ohtaka. "Some Thoughts on Collective Form With An Introduction to Group-Form." Prepared at Washington University., 1961 Feb

36 items. Mimeograph, with annotations

Box 37 Folder 07 Maki, Fumihiko and Jerry Goldberg. "A Form for Movement Through Pluralistic Cities." Prepared at Washington University., 1962 Apr

27 pages. Photocopy

Box 37 Folder 08 Wohlstetter, Albert. "Technology, Prediction, and Disorder." Talk given at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, New York, New York, September 4-7, 1963., 1963 Sep

25 pages. Photocopy

Box 37 Folder 09 School of Architecture. Bulletin of Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1971-1973., 1971 Apr 15

1 item.