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Charles A. Platt architectural records and papers, 1879-1981, bulk 1882-1933

Series IV: Italian Gardens

This series contains 8"x10" glass plate negatives documenting Charles Platt's 1892 trip to Italy. Platt traveled with his brother, William, to view Italian Renaissance villas and gardens and used many of the photographs he took to illustrate his publication Italian Gardens (Harper & Brothers, 1894). Additional images were included in the 1993 reissue of Italian Gardens (Sagapress/Timber Press). This series also includes 50 unpublished images.

Access is restricted to the original glass plate negatives, which are housed in off-site cold storage. However, a digitized postive photograph has been made for each negative and is linked in the finding aid. The negatives are arranged geographically by city and the listed alphabetically by the name of the villa. Unidentified villas are listed are listed last.

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Subseries 1: Bagnaia

Range: 1998.015.00003 Villa Lante, Terrace casino

Range: 1998.015.00004 Villa Lante, Fountain and flower garden

Range: 1998.015.00005 Villa Lante, Garden

Range: 1998.015.00006 Villa Lante, View of stairs, including balustrade, hedge, and villa

Range: 1998.015.00007 Villa Lante, Fountain of the Moors and garden

Range: 1998.015.00023 Villa Lante, View of pavilion from lower garden

Range: 1998.015.00024 Villa Lante, Fountain of the Moors

Range: 1998.015.00026 Villa Lante, Vases and steps to second terrace

Range: 1998.015.00056 Villa Lante, Gate

Range: 1998.015.00043 Villa Lante, [Fountain of the Moors]

Range: 1998.015.00064 Villa Lante, Fountain of the Moors and garden

Range: 1998.015.00071 Villa Lante, Garden walk with potted trees and plants

Range: 1998.015.00084 Villa Lante, [Fountain of the Dolphins]

Range: 1998.015.00086 Villa Lante, Corner of villa, hedge, and vase

Range: 1998.015.00001 Villa Lante, Pavilion

Subseries 2: Caprarola

Range: 1998.015.00021 Villa Caprarola, Garden wall, including sculpture with vases

Range: 1998.015.00041 Villa Caprarola, Casino, view from entrance court

Range: 1998.015.00091 Villa Caprarola, Garden wall and sculpture

Range: 1998.015.00089 Villa Caprarola, Base of stairs

Range: 1998.015.00048 Villa Caprarola, Entrance and double vaulted colonnade

Subseries 3: Fiesole

Range: 1998.015.00057 Boboli Gardens, Garden view with obelisk, theater, and pergola

Range: 1998.015.00012 Villa Medici, Box walk

Subseries 4: Frascati

Range: 1998.015.00015 Unidentified villa, Wall and cypress adjacent to reservoir

Range: 1998.015.00014 Villa Aldobrandini, Wooded path, benches, vases

Range: 1998.015.00049 Villa Conti, Garden walk to rear entrance

Range: 1998.015.00013 Villa Falconieri, View of garden toward reservoir

Range: 1998.015.00016 Villa Falconieri, Doorway and tree

Range: 1998.015.00017 Villa Falconieri, Villa entrance

Range: 1998.015.00018 Villa Falconieri, View of villa and garden

Range: 1998.015.00034 Villa Falconieri, Portico of villa

Range: 1998.015.00053 Villa Falconieri, Wall surmounted by columns in wooded area

Range: 1998.015.00065 Villa Falconieri, View of reservoir across garden, statuary in foreground

Range: 1998.015.00013 Villa Falconieri, View towards reservoir

Range: 1998.015.00082 Villa Falconieri, View through garden to entrance

Range: 1998.015.00088 Villa Falconieri, Gate surmounted by lions or griffins

Range: 1998.015.00090 Villa Falconieri, Fountain (round)

Range: 1998.015.00022 Villa Mondragone, Entrance to villa

Range: 1998.015.00038 Villa Mondragone, approach drive to palace from public road, with laurels

Range: 1998.015.00039 Villa Mondragone, View from terrace toward Frascati and Rome

Range: 1998.015.00035 Villa Taverna, Rear façade, sunken courtyard entrance to gardens

Range: 1998.015.00036 Villa Taverna, Sunken courtyard between house and gardens

Range: 1998.015.00037 Villa Taverna, Central fountain and laurels

Range: 1998.015.00069 Villa Taverna, View of walled walk with hedges and villa

Subseries 5: Pompeii

Range: 1998.015.00066 Unidentified house, Table with lion or griffin legs, fountain, and basin

Range: 1998.015.00044 Unidentified house, Table with lion or griffin legs and basin

Range: 1998.015.00080 Unidentified house, Table with lion or griffin legs and basin

Subseries 6: Portici

Range: 1998.015.00019 Villa Portici, Bosquet

Range: 1998.015.00020 Villa Portici, Garden gate

Range: 1998.015.00040 Villa Portici, Pavilion

Range: 1998.015.00055 Villa Portici, Gate and plantings

Range: 1998.015.00078 Villa Portici, Tree-shaded walk

Subseries 7: Rome

Range: 1998.015.00010 Colonna Gardens, Flower garden

Range: 1998.015.00011 Colonna Gardens, Niches, sculpture, and cypresses

Range: 1998.015.00030 Colonna Gardens, Allée and steps

Range: 1998.015.00031 Colonna Gardens, View towards flower garden

Range: 1998.015.00032 Colonna Gardens, Statuary

Range: 1998.015.00070 Colonna Gardens, Stairs bounded by box hedge and trees

Range: 1998.015.00076 Colonna Gardens, Walk bounded by plantings and high walls

Range: 1998.015.00046 Colonna Gardens, Flower garden

Range: 1998.015.00028 Quirinal Gardens, Entrance to hedge walk

Range: 1998.015.00029 Quirinal Gardens, Hedge walk

Range: 1998.015.00051 Quirinal Gardens, View of hedge walk with villa

Range: 1998.015.00002 Villa Borghese, Piazza de Siena

Range: 1998.015.00063 Villa Borghese, Piazza de Siena

Published (1894), p.27

Range: 1998.015.00042 Villa Borghese, [Piazza de Siena]

Range: 1998.015.00063 Villa Borghese, [Piazza de Siena]

Range: 1998.015.00009 Villa Pamfili, Flower garden

Range: 1998.015.00027 Villa Pamfili, Steps

Range: 1998.015.00054 Villa Pamfili, Gate with scrollwork, surmounted by vases

Range: 1998.015.00061 Villa Pamfili, Gate and wall with lions

Range: 1998.015.00062 Villa Pamfili, Gate with urns, villa exterior

Subseries 8: Tivoli

Range: 1998.015.00033 Villa d'Este, Walk along reservoirs

Range: 1998.015.00052 Villa d'Este, View from porch

Range: 1998.015.00058 Villa d'Este, Wooded stairs

Range: 1998.015.00059 Villa d'Este, Wooded path with vases, fountain, box hedge

Range: 1998.015.00067 Villa d'Este, Wooded stairs

Range: 1998.015.00073 Villa d'Este, Wooded stairs and walkway to villa

Range: 1998.015.00045 Villa d'Este, Wooded path

Subseries 9: Verona

Range: 1998.015.00025 Villa Giusti, General view

Range: 1998.015.00060 Villa Giusti, Wall and cypresses, with villa in distance

Subseries 10: Unidentified

Range: 1998.015.00068 Unidentified locations, Foot of staircase

Range: 1998.015.00072 Unidentified locations, Garden with wall in background

Range: 1998.015.00074 Unidentified locations, Colonnade and walk with balustrade

Range: 1998.015.00075 Unidentified locations, Villa and orchard

Range: 1998.015.00079 Unidentified locations, Corner of villa, lawn, steps

Range: 1998.015.00081 Unidentified locations, Steps to terrace

Range: 1998.015.00083 Unidentified locations, View of entrance with stairs, colonnade, and balcony

Range: 1998.015.00085 Unidentified locations, Pergola with cactus

Range: 1998.015.00087 Unidentified locations, Chair, interior

Range: 1998.015.00047 Unidentified locations, Façade from across lawn

Range: 1998.015.00050 Unidentified locations, Chair, interior

Various Projects [copy prints from various glass plate negatives]

9 gelatin silver prints from negatives; likely created for Keith Morgan publication(s). Also listed in project photos spreadsheet. Sites include Quirinal Gardens, Villa d'Este, Villa Falconieri, Villa Mondragone, Villa Taverna.