Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Robert Allan Jacobs papers, 1890s-1990s, bulk 1909-1983

Series I: Architectural Plans and Drawings

This series includes all of the architectural plans and drawings within the collection, ranging from blueprints to plans, sections, and elevations. Included within this series are drawings ranging from Jacobs' time as a student through his career and retirement as well as plans and drawings from his father, Harry Allan Jacobs, and his partner, Ely Jacques Kahn.

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Oversize 24 Folder 13 100 Park Avenue (New York, NY), 1949

1 item

Oversize 24 Folder 12 1095 Avenue of the Americas (New York, NY), 1971

1 item

Roll A92C.07 126 West 42nd Street (New York, NY), 1973

3 items

Oversize 2 Folder 6 2 Park Avenue (New York, NY), undated

Box 35 Folder 28 A.D.P. Inc., undated

Oversize 2 Folder 7 Airco (New Jersey), undated

Roll A92C.11 Alfred Rose Indian Camp (Lake Placid, NY), 1946

2 items

Oversize 1 Folder 7 Berkshire Mall Center

Oversize 24 Folder 10 Bonwit Teller and Saks Blueprint, 1937

1 item

Box 35 Folder 20 Chapel of St. Christopher (New York, NY), undated

Oversize 24 Folder 8 Dallas Fort Worth Regional Airport (Texas), undated

1 item

Roll A92C.10 Duchess Valley Rod and Gun Club (Millbrook, NY), 1966

62 items

Roll A92C.12 Edificio Copello (Dominican Republic), 1937

43 items

Roll A92C.09 Martin Beck Residence, 64 East 55th Street (New York, NY), 1929

Creator: Harry Allan Jacobs

7 items

Roll A92.06-.07 Alterations to Lehman Estate (Purchase, NY) [2 rolls], undated

Creator: Harry Allan Jacobs

Roll A92C.16 Lehman Estate (Purchase, NY), undated

Creator: Harry Allan Jacobs

Roll A92C.16, A92.06, A92.08 Lehman Residence (Harrison, NY) [3 rolls], 1913, 1915

Creator: Harry Allan Jacobs

Oversize 24 Folder 11 Jacobs Mausoleum, undated

18 Items

Roll A92C.13-.14 Jucca Corporation Land (Pawling, NY), 1968

14 items

Roll A92C.09 47 East 88th Street (New York, NY). Living Room of Apt. 9C, undated

1 item

Oversize 1 Folder 6 Mt. Sinai Hospital (New York, NY), undated

Roll A92C.11 New York World's Fair Space Allocation Plan (New York, NY), 1964-1965

Box 35 Folder 18 Notes and Plans for AT&T, ca. 1967

4 items

Oversize 24 Folder 6 One Penn Plaza (New York, NY), 1969

1 item

Box 35 Folder 19 Pawling Main Street (Pawling, NY), undated

Roll A92C.09 Pawling Zoning Plan (Pawling, NY), 1975-1976

6 items

Roll A92.07 Proposed Master Plan II for the Cemetery of the US Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO), undated

Roll A92C.07-.08 Residence of A. L. Rose, Esq. (White Plains and Lake Placid, NY), ca. 1935-1945

123 items

Roll A92C.06, A92.08 Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allan Jacobs (Stamford, CT) [2 rolls], ca. 1946

53 items

Roll A92C.15 Residence of R.P. Ettinger (Norwalk, CT), undated

Oversize 24 Folder 4 Retail Music Store - Plan Prior to Alteration, undated

1 item

Roll Above A92D Robert Allan Jacobs School Drawings, undated

10 items [oversize roll]

Oversize 24 Folder 15 Robert Allan Jacobs School Drawings, undated

1 item

Oversize 24 Folder 14 Rye Airport (Rye, NY), undated

Roll A92C.07-.08 Sand Hill River Club (Labrador, Newfoundland), 1963

7 items

Box 35 Folder 21 Sheraton Hotel Insignia, undated

Oversize 24 Folder 7 Sheraton Park Hotel (Washington DC), 1974

31 Items

Oversize 24 Folder 5 State Agricultural and Industrial School (Rush, NY), 1947

1 item

Box 35 Folder 27 State University of New York (Genesco, NY), 1967

Oversize 35 Folder 9 United States Post Office John F. Kennedy Air Mail Facility (Jamaica, NY), 1974

20 items

Box 35 Folder 29 Western Electric (Saudi Arabia), 1977

Oversize 2 Folder 5 Western Union, 1969