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George Collins papers, 1838-1986, bulk 1949-1986

Series IV: Columbia History of Architecture

Series IV is comprised of material relating to the publication of the Columbia History of Architecture. There are files containing suggested chapters and authors, preliminary instructions to selected authors, chapters regarding prehistoric, primitive, and Pre Columbian architecture, the architecture of Egypt and the Far East, the Architecture of Greater India and South East Asia, Roman Architecture, Gothic Architecture, Mannerism and Classicism, Baroque architecture, the architecture of the United States, and modern architecture. There is also correspondence between Collins and various authors as well as correspondence between Collins and the editors at George Braziller, Inc.

Box 6: Folder 35 Suggested Chapters and Authors undated
Box 6: Folder 36 Preliminary Instructions to Authors 1962
Box 6: Folder 37 Prehistoric, Primitive, and Pre Columbian Architecture undated
Box 6: Folder 38 Architecture of Egypt and the Far East undated
Box 6: Folder 39 Architecture of Greater India and South East Asia 1961
Box 6: Folder 40 Photographs undated

Burma and Cambodia

Box 6: Folder 41 Roman Architecture 1961
Box 6: Folder 42 Gothic Architecture 1961
Box 7: Folder 1 Mannerism and Classicism 1961
Box 7: Folder 2 Baroque Architecture 1961
Box 7: Folder 3 Architecture of the United States 1961
Box 7: Folder 4 Modern Architecture 1961
Box 7: Folder 5 Correspondence 1970, 1976

Correspondence with Peter Serenyi

Box 7: Folder 6 Correspondence 1961

Correspondence with William B. Dinsmoor

Box 7: Folder 7 General Correspondence 1956, 1960-1961, 1963-1965, undated
Box 7: Folder 8 Praeger INC. undated