Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

James S. Russell papers, 1981-2005

Series III: Professional Papers

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Box 8 Folder 3 AIA Seminars, 2000 Sept

Draft schedules, AIA resource center flyer

Box 8 Folder 4 AIA Seattle Honor Awards, 2000 Nov

As Moderator of Jury process. Includes List of candidates, jurors and magazine clippings

Box 8 Folder 5 AIA Panels, 2000

Notes, proposals, preparations, convention invitations and itineraries

Box 8 Folder 6 Book Proposal, Making a There There: Building Livable American Places in the 21st Century, 2002 July

Grant proposal draft to Graham Foundation, and some research files

Box 8 Folder 7-11 Course Files, Columbia University GSAPP [1 of 2], 1993-1994, 2000

Appointment letters, correspondence, notes, lectures, transparent and student papers

Box 12 Folder 5-7 Course Files, Columbia University GSAPP [2 of 2], 1997-1998

Appointment letters, correspondence, notes, lectures, transparent and student papers

Box 8 Folder 12 Travels & Researches, Switzerland, 1997

Notes, correspondence and 13 photos and negatives

Box 8 Folder 13 Travels & Researches, Texas, 1998 Jan

Chinati Foundation and Pamela Johnson Associates

Box 8 Folder 14 Travels & Researches, Pittsburg, 1998 Apr

Correspondence, FORE systems annual report and images

Box 8 Folder 15 Travels & Researches, Havana, Cuba, 1999 Jan

Preservation League of New York State Tour

Box 8 Folder 16 Travels & Researches, Seattle, 1999 Jan

Notes, correspondence, and magazine clippings

Box 8 Folder 17 Travels & Researches, Vancouver, BC, 1999 Jul-Aug

Notes, project portfolios and newspaper clippings about Bellevue Art Museum

Box 8 Folder 18 Travels & Researches, Barcelona, 1999

Researches on Rafael Moneo

Box 8 Folder 19 Travels & Researches, Boston, 1999

Notes, correspondence, project RFP and booklet

Box 8 Folder 20 Travels & Researches, Puerto Rico, 2001 Feb

Notes, correspondence, and pamphlets

Box 9 Folder 1 Travels & Researches, NYC Tours, [2001 Dec]

Includes tour files for Long Island city, Dumbo, Yankee Stadium, West side yards, Sunset Park, and 1 CD-ROM of digital files for Yankee Stadium and West side yards

Box 9 Folder 2-3 Travels & Researches, Berlin [2 Folders], 2001-2002

Notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, prospect projects include Berline Chancellery, and Friedrichstraβe

Box 9 Folder 4-5 Travels & Researches, Dutch Design [2 folders], 2000-2002

Notes, correspondence, project portfolios and1 photo of Rem Koolhaas

Box 12 Folder 8 Travels & Researches, Osaka Japan, 1998

Travel documents, notes, possibly related to Architectural Record research for Tadao Ando's Church of the Light

Box 9 Folder 6 Researches Material, The Economy of Center City, 1985 Oct

Draft by Philadelphia City Planning Commission, 3 copies

Box 9 Folder 7 Researches Material, A Plan to Manage Growth, 1987

Briefing material of City of Boston

Box 9 Folder 8 Researches Material, A Planning Process For the Portland Region, 1992 Dec

Vol 1. By Architectural Foundation of Oregon/ Regional Alternatives Planning Process

Box 9 Folder 9 Researches Material, Battery Park City, 1994, 1995

3 booklets of Design Guidelines and plan

Box 9 Folder 10 Researches Material, The Aga Khan Award for Architecture 1996 - 1998, 1998

Press material and magazine clippings

Box 9 Folder 11 Researches Material, Olin Partnership, 1998

Notes, 15 photos, press material and Landscape Architecture magazine clippings

Box 10 Folder 1-2 Researches Material, Projects developed by Port Authority of New York & New Jersey [2 Folders], 1999

Notes, correspondence, one slide of Jamaica AGT Station, airport terminal information, and newspaper and magazine clippings

Box 10 Folder 3 Researches Material, Swiss Re America Corporate Headquarter (Architect: SAM Architects and Partners), 2000 Mar

Notes, project facts and images

Box 12 Folder 3 Researches Material, 3Com Corporation (Santa Clarita), 1999

Notes, articles

Box 10 Folder 4 Researches Material, Block 89 (Madison, WI), 2000 Apr

Correspondence, project fact sheets, and photocopies of drawings

Box 10 Folder 5 Researches Material, Experimental Factory Magdeburg (Architect: sauerbruch hutton architects), 2001

correspondence, notes, drawings and descriptions from architect's office

Box 10 Folder 6 Researches Material, Ijburg Bridges (Architect: Nicholas Grimshaw), 2001-2002

Project description and images

Box 12 Folder 9-11 Researches Material, Concert Halls, 1999

Slides, correspondence, press releases, notes, promotional material, architectural drawings

Box 10 Folder 7 Researches Material, Dusseldorf Projects, 2002 May

Includes projects: Colorium by Alsop; Media Harbor by Jones Lang LaSalle GmbH

Box 10 Folder 8 Researches Material, Future Systems, 2004 May, 1 audiocassettes

Notes, image contact sheets, newspaper clippings and an audio cassette tape

Box 10 Folder 9 Researches Material, Stadiums and Convention Center, 2004 Aug

Newspapers and Javits Center brochure

Box 10 Folder 10 Researches Material, UWM Crewhouse (Architect: VJAA), [2005 May]

Photocopies of drawings and images

Box 10 Folder 11 Researches Material, Miscellaneous, 2000-2004

Notes, correspondence, press material and newspaper clippings

Box 11 Folder 1 Press Events, American Museum of Natural History, Rose Center for Earth and Space, 2000 Feb

Notes and press material

Box 11 Folder 2 Press Events, The Unfinished Bombing: Oklahoma City in American Memory, 2002 Jul

Notes and press release of the publication

Box 11 Folder 3 Press Events, MoMA "Tall Buildings" Exhibition, 2004 Jul

Notes and press material

Box 11 Folder 4 Press Events, Skyscraper Museum, 2004 Jul

Notes, press material and member communications

Box 11 Folder 5 Press Events, National Museum of the American Indian (Washington, D.C.), 2004 Sept

Notes and press material

Box 11 Folder 6 Press Events, Jazz at Lincoln Center, 2004 Oct

Note, Playbill and press material

Box 11 Folder 7 Press Events, Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN), 2005 Apr

Notes and press material

Box 11 Folder 8 Press Events, MoMA Midtown Building Reopen, 2004 Nov

Notes, Press kits

Box 11 Folder 9 Press Events, World Monuments Fund 2006 Watch list Announcement, 2005 Jun

Notes and press material

Box 11 Folder 10 Press Events, MoMA "SAFE: Design Takes On Risk" Exhibition, 2005 Oct

Notes and press material

Box 11 Folder 11 Press Events, High Museum of Art (Atlanta, GA), 2005 Nov

Press material

Box 12 Folder 12 Press Events, MoMA "The Unprivate House", 1999

Press material, article