Pliny Fisk papers, 1821 -- 1935

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Pliny Fisk papers, 1821 -- 1935

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This series contains provenance notes regarding the purchase of Fisk's journal; Fisk's journal, continued by Rev. Isaac Bird with notes and miscellaneous matter; and Fisk's book of extracts and records, compiled while he was stationed in Smyrna.

This series is arranged in reverse chronological order.

Box 1 Folder 1 Provenance notes, 1935, 1 folder

The provenance notes in this file give evidence of the purchase of Fisk's journal from Mr. E. J. Van Lennep, grandson of Isaac Bird, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, on August 3, 1935.

Box 1 Folder 2 Journal, 1824 -- 1825, 1 folder

This file contains Fisk's journal, written in Fisk's hand up to page 117; the following pages are in another hand, probably that of Isaac Bird [Yale, 1816, Andover Seminary, 1818], as diary notes and translations with a loose manuscript letter from W. Turner, Constantinople, Nov, 16, 1824 and an extract reply from John Barker. Also in Fisk's hand are 18 pages from the back of the volume, detailing products of the French industry in French.

Box 1 Folder 3 Book of Extracts and Records, 1821 -- 1825, 1 folder

Fisk compiled this Book of Extracts and Records while stationed at Smyrna. Writings are in Arabic, English, Greek, and Latin, and are in Fisk's hand up to page 289; the 17 pages after page 289 are in a different hand, possibly that of Isaac Bird. The volume contains a transcription by Fisk of Capitulations and Articles of Peace between H M King of Great Britain and Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Dardanelles, 1809. The volume also contains the Order of the Maronite Patriarch (the order is dated 1825 so could be Patriarch Youssef Hobaish of Sahel Alma, 1823-1845), against the missionaries use of the Bible without the deutrocanonical books as decided at the Council of Trent.