George N. Burleigh diary, 1888

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George N. Burleigh diary, 1888

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This series contains the handwritten diary of missionary George N. Burleigh, detailing his work in South Africa in 1888, the year he turned twenty. The 230 page diary includes entries for every day of that year, and describes Burleigh's encounters and surroundings, and includes opinions on the state of religion and "the souls of the African people." The diary also provides insights into conditions and conversations among the following religious groups: Roman Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, Jews, Muslims, The Salvation Army, South African Methodists, and indigenous Khoikhoi ('Hottentot') religions. The diary frequently compares aspects of New York culture and the South African way of life; for example, occupational and commercial activities, modes of entertainment (long excurses on smoking, drinking, and dancing), and gender relations.

This series is arranged in original order.

Box 1 Cape Town diary, 1888