Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary

Missionary Research Library collection on mission work in China, 1893-1950

Missionary Research Library collection on mission work in China , circa 1893 -- 1959

This series is open for research.

8 linear feet; 8 linear feet; 17 boxes

This series contains materials compiled by the Missionary Research Library that document mission work in China largely during the 20th century, including information on missions and religious work, education work, subject files, committees and reports, and photographs.

This series is unarranged, though roughly grouped by topic.

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Box 1 Committees and Conferences, circa 1900 -- 1930

National Christian Council of China; German Association of China; YMCA of China; Council of Youth Workers; Committee on Continental and Orphaned Missions Relief; Conference of Administrators of Mission Boards Having Work in China; Cooperation in the Western Provinces

Box 2 Christianity, Churches and Religion, circa 1930 -- 1949

Church of Christ in China; Christian Literature; Buddhism and Christianity; Chinese Christians; United Christian Publishers; Evangelism; Maps and Local Church Parish Member Roles

Box 3 Missions and Missionaries, 1903 -- 1945

Correspondence; Reports; Politics in Missions; Medical Missions; the Future of Missions; Presbyterian Missions; China Inland Mission; Property and Finance Policies

Box 4 Missions and Missionaries, 1893 -- 1950

Mission Groups; Memorandum of Missions; Reports and Publications; Correspondence

Box 5 Missions and Missionaries, 1930 -- 1945

Correspondence; Circle Letters; Missionary Reports from JapaneseOccupied China

Box 6 Education, 1930 -- 1945

Yenching University

Box 7 Education, circa 1920 -- 1959

Ginling College; Shanghai American School; Medical Education; China Christian Education Association; North China Union Language School; Nanking Theological Seminary

Box 8 Education, circa 1902 -- 1949

United Committee for Christian Universities in China; University of Shanghai; Student Christian Federation; Middle Schools in China; China Christian Education Association

Box 9 Reports and Bulletins, 1937 -- 1941

Box 10 Photographs, 1890 -- 1944

Box 11 Non-Book Paper Material and Wooden Book Boards, circa 1900 -- 1959

Box 12 Non-Book Paper Material and Wooden Book Boards, circa 1900 -- 1959

Box 13 Subject files, circa 1900 -- 1945

Relief Work; China under British Rule; China Famine and Flood Relief; Industrial Cooperatives; Red Cross; North China; Post-War Planning

Box 14 Subject files, circa 1900 -- 1945

Relations with Japan; Visual Aids; American Community in Peking; SinoJapanese Conflict; Shanghai Evening Post

Box 15 Subject files, circa 1900 -- 1945

Boxer Indemnity Agreement; Foreign Relations; Shanghai; Languages; Maps; Aid; Medicine

Box 16 Subject files, circa 1900 -- 1945

Industrial Cooperatives; Chinese in the United States; Women Leaders; Agriculture; War Effort; Politics

Box 17 Subject files, 1897 -- 1939

Health Services and Relief; Industrial Cooperative; China Mail