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Seminar: American Civilization on the American Broadcasting Network records, 1952-1953

Series I: Seminar Programs:, 1952

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Box 1 Newspaper and magazine clippings, October 1952

Box 1 Civilization on Trial, Arnold J. Toynbee,, October 4, 1952

Box 1 Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Frederic Engels,, October 11, 1952

Box 1 Civilization and its Discontents, Sigmund Freud,, October 18, 1952

Box 1 The City of God, St. August ine and Institutes of the Christian Religion, John Calvin,, October 25, 1952

Box 1 Treatise of Civil Government, John Locke,, November 1, 1952

Box 1 Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith, November 8, 1952

Box 1 The Bloudy Tenet of Persecution, Roger Williams and The Day of Doom, Michael Wigglesworth,, November 15, 1952

Box 1 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin , November 22, 1952

Box 1 Declaration of Independence and Selections of the Letters of Thomas Jefferson,, November 29, 1952

Box 1 Letters from an American Farmer, Hector St. John de Crevecoeur,, December 6, 1952

Box 1 The Federalist, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison,, December 13, 1952

Box 1 Nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson, December 20, 1952

Box 1 A Disquisition of Government, John C. Calhoun,, December 27, 1952