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Columbia University Faculty Photographs collection, 1938

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Title Columbia University Faculty Photographs collection, 1938
Physical Description 5.5 linear feet (11 document boxes)
Language(s) English .
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This collection is arranged in one alphabetically arranged series.



Arranged alphabetically, these individual portraits of Columbia University faculty members are black and white images mounted on heavy cardboard with the name of the individual typed underneath the image. Names that begin with L-M-N-O-P and Q are missing from this collection.

  • Series I: Faculty Photographs

    Arranged alphabetically, these individual portraits of Columbia University faculty members are black and white images mounted on heavy cardboard with the name of the individual typed underneath the image. Names that begin with L-M-N-O-P and Q are missing from this collection.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

This collection is located onsite.

This collection has no restrictions.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

A collection of approximately 537 black and white images of Columbia University faculty members, ca. 1938. The images are pasted to heavy cardboard and the name of the individual is typed on a piece of paper that is pasted underneath the photographic image.

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Series I: Faculty Photographs

Arranged alphabetically, these individual portraits of Columbia University faculty members are black and white images mounted on heavy cardboard with the name of the individual typed underneath the image. Names that begin with L-M-N-O-P and Q are missing from this collection.

Box 1 Abel, Theodore

Box 1 Achilles, Paul S.

Box 1 Ackerman, Carl W.

Box 1 Adams, Carrol

Box 1 Adams, Lewis G.

Box 1 Aldrich, H. R.

Box 1 Alexander, Carter

Box 1 Alexander, John W.

Box 1 Alexander, Ralph S.

Box 1 Alexieff, Vladimir

Box 1 Allen, George M.

Box 1 Amick, Erwin H.

Box 1 Anderson, Dr. Benjamin M., Jr.

Box 1 Anderson, David G.

Box 1 Anderson, Herbert H.

Box 1 Andrews, Benjamin

Box 1 Angell, James W.

Box 1 Arendt, Morton

Box 1 Arnaud, Leopold

Box 1 Arnold, Herbert J.

Box 1 Arny, Henry V.

Box 1 Athearn, Clarence R.

Box 1 Ayars, William S.

Box 1 Babbage, Richard G.

Box 1 Baker, G. Derwood

Box 1 Baker, George Walter

Box 1 Baker, H. Dean

Box 1 Balmford, J. Arthur

Box 1 Barger, Harold

Box 1 Barkas, Walter H.

Box 1 Barnouw, Adriaan J.

Box 1 Barnouw, Erik

Box 1 Baron, S. W.

Box 1 Baughman, Roland

Box 1 Beans, Hal T.

(missing as of 02/11/2011)

Box 1 Beaver, Jacob S.

Box 1 Bechtold, Edwin W.

Box 1 Beckhart, Benjamin H.

Box 1 Bede, Jean-Albert

Box 1 Berger, Morroe

Box 1 Bergson, Abram

Box 1 Berle, Adolf A., Jr.

Box 1 Berry, Andrew C.

Box 1 Betz, Gottlieb A.

Box 1 Bigelow, Karl W.

Box 1 Bigongiari, Gino

Box 1 Bingham, Seth

Box 1 Binkley, Robert W.

Box 1 Biot, Maurice A.

Box 1 Blade, Ellis

Box 1 Blau, Joseph L.

Box 1 Boardman, Fon W.

Box 2 Boese, William H.

Box 2 Bonilla, Charles F.

Box 2 Boorse, Henry A.

Box 2 Booth, E. T.

Box 2 Borton, Hugh

Box 2 Bowen, Ralph H.

Box 2 Bowles, Frank H.

Box 2 Braun, Wilhelm A.

Box 2 Brebner, J. Bartlet

Box 2 Brennecke, Ernest, Jr.

Box 2 Brett, George M.

Box 2 Brewer, Laurence A.

Box 2 Brewster, William T.

Box 2 Briggs, Robert W.

Box 2 Briggs, Thomas H.

Box 2 Brilton, R. S.

Box 2 Brissenden, Paul F.

Box 2 Brown, Courtney C.

Box 2 Brownell, Clifford L.

(2 copies)

Box 2 Bruce, George Howard

Box 2 Brugmans, Henri L.

Box 2 Brumbaugh, Robert S.

Box 2 Bruner, Herbert B.

Box 2 Brunner, Edmund de S.

Box 2 Brunstetter, Max R.

Box 2 Bryant, Norman K.

Box 2 Bryson, Lyman

Box 2 Bucher, Walter H.

Box 2 Bucky, Philip B.

(2 copies)

Box 2 Burchler, Justus

Box 2 Burlingame, C. Charles

Box 2 Burmister, Donald M.

Box 2 Burnett, Whit

Box 2 Burns, Arthur R.

Box 2 Burnside, Charlee H.

Box 2 Butler, Donald J.

Box 2 Butts, R. Freman

Box 2 Byrnes, Thomas W.

Box 2 Callcott, Frank

Box 2 Campbell, Oscar J.

Box 2 Campbell, Robert A.

Box 2 Carey, Robert L.

Box 2 Carman, Harry James

Box 2 Carpenter, C. D.

Box 2 Carr, Wilbert L.

Box 2 Caswell, Hollis L.

Box 2 Chamberlain, Lawrence

Box 2 Chase, William J.

Box 2 Cheatham, Elliott E.

Box 3 Cherneff, Robert

Box 3 Childs, John L.

Box 3 Childs, Ralph de S.

Box 3 Church, James M.

Box 3 Church, N. L.

Box 3 Clamens, Pierre A.

Box 3 Clark, Donald L.

Box 3 Clark, Gurney

Box 3 Clark, Hans T.

Box 3 Clark, John M.

Box 3 Clarke, Harold F.

Box 3 Clay, John Paul Jones

Box 3 Clough, Shepard B.

Box 3 Coffee, Joseph

Box 3 Cole, Charles C.

Box 3 Cole, K. S.

Box 3 Coleman, Henry S.

Box 3 Collins, George R.

Box 3 Cooley, John C.

Box 3 Corbett, H. W.

Box 3 Cornell, Francis G.

Box 3 Cottrell, Donald P.

Box 3 Counts, George S.

Box 3 Cowan, L. Gray

Box 3 Craig, Gerald S.

Box 3 Crawford, Arthur R.

Box 3 Crawley, Lawrence Q.

Box 3 Creighton, Robert J.

Box 3 Crist, Ray H.

Box 3 Crowley, John R.

Box 3 Croxton, Frederick E.

Box 3 Curry, Walter A.

Box 3 Curtin, David Y.

Box 3 Cutmann, James

Box 3 Cyr, Frank William

Box 3 Damke, Herman

Box 3 Daniels, George E.

Box 3 Dargeon, Harold W.

Box 3 Davenport, William W.

Box 3 Davis, Bergen

Box 3 Davis, Edgar H.

Box 3 Dawson, Charles R.

Box 3 Deak, Francis

Box 3 Dean, Joel

Box 3 Del Manzo, Milton C.

Box 3 Deonis, Federico

Box 3 Devor, Elmer L.

Box 3 Devries, Henry P.

Box 3 Dibden, Arthur, J.

Box 3 Dimmler, George

Box 3 Dinsmoor, James A.

Box 3 Dittler, Herbert

Box 4 Dix, Lester

Box 4 Dobbie, Elliott V. K.

Box 4 Dodd, David L.

Box 4 Dodge, M. Hartley

Box 4 Doering, William

Box 4 Doersam, Charles H.

Box 4 Dowling, Edward M.

Box 4 Dowling, N. T.

Box 4 Drew, Thomas B.

Box 4 Driver, Ben C.

Box 4 Du Bois, Armand B.

Box 4 Dumming, John R.

Box 4 Dunham, Allison

Box 4 Dunn, Leslie C.

Box 4 Dunning, William B.

Box 4 Dutcher, Frederick H.

Box 4 Eckert, Wallace J.

Box 4 Edelman, Nathan

Box 4 Edwards, Lyford P.

Box 4 Elderfield, Robert C.

Box 4 Elftman, Herbert

Box 4 Eliot, Charles G.

Box 4 Eilenberg, Samuel

Box 4 Elliott, Edward S.

Box 4 Elliott, Harrison S.

Box 4 Ellsworth, Robert

Box 4 Elsbach, Ernst

Box 4 Emrich, Duncan B.

Box 4 Epstein, Joseph

Box 4 Estabrooke, William L.

Box 4 Evans, Austin P.

Box 4 Evans, F. Bowen

Box 4 Evans, Hubert M.

Box 4 Everett, C. W.

Box 4 Fackenthal, Frank D.

Box 4 Failla, G.

Box 4 Falise, Alphonse

Box 4 Farinholt, Larkin H.

Box 4 Farnsworth, Charles H.

Box 4 Farwell, Herman W.

Box 4 Faulkner, Ray

Box 4 Feiss, Carl

Box 4 Fellows, Otis

Box 4 Feodoroff, Nicholas V.

Box 4 Field, G. Lowell

Box 4 Finch, James K.

Box 4 Fink, Collin E.

Box 4 Finkelstein, Ididore

Box 4 Finneran, John T.

Box 4 Fisher, Ernest M.

Box 4 Fisher, Harold M.

Box 4 Fitzpatrick, Frederick

Box 4 Fleming, Thomas P.

Box 4 Fletcher, Donald A.

Box 5 Flinn, Frederick B.

Box 5 Florinsiky, Michael T.

Box 5 Florit, Eugenio

Box 5 Fondiller, William

Box 5 Forkner, H. L.

Box 5 Forsberg, C. E.

Box 5 Fosdick, Harry Emerson

Box 5 Fox, Edward B.

Box 5 Fox, John O.

Box 5 Fox, Melvin J.

Box 5 France, Harry C.

Box 5 Francisco, Vera

Box 5 Fraser, Ian F.

Box 5 Fretwell, Elbert K.

Box 5 Friedman, Milton

Box 5 Friess, Horace L.

Box 5 Fritz, Kurt Von

Box 5 Gagey, Edmond M.

Box 5 Garrelts, Jewell M.

Box 5 Garrett, Henry E.

Box 5 Gaston, Charles R.

Box 5 Gates, Arthur

Box 5 Gaudin, Albert

Box 5 Gellhorn, Walter

Box 5 Gentzler, W. Emerson

Box 5 Gerow, Charles D.

Box 5 Gibbs, Becket

Box 5 Gillord, James P.

Box 5 Ginzberg, Eli

Box 5 Glasoe, G. Norris

Box 5 Goebel, Arthur

Box 5 Goodrich, L. Carrington

Box 5 Graff, Henry F.

Box 5 Graham, Clarence H.

Box 5 Grant, Frederick C.

Box 5 Grant, John L.

Box 5 Graves, Cebra Q.

Box 5 Grebler, Leo

Box 5 Greet, W. C.

Box 5 Grey, Lennox

Box 5 Grouleff, Paul H.

Box 5 Gucker, Colba F.

Box 5 Gulick, Luther H.

Box 5 Hacker, Louis M.

Box 5 Hadas, Moses

Box 5 Hadley, William A.

Box 5 Hale, Robert L.

Box 5 Halford, Ralph J.

Box 5 Hallenbeck, Wilbur C.

Box 5 Haller, William

Box 5 Halse, Albert

Box 6 Hamilton, Robert P.

Box 6 Hammet, Louis P.

Box 6 Hance, William

Box 6 Handler, Milton

Box 6 Hanna, John

Box 6 Harness, George T.

Box 6 Harnish, Donald P.

Box 6 Harriss, G. Lowell

Box 6 Hart, Albert G.

Box 6 Hartmann, George W.

Box 6 Havens, William

Box 6 Havlik, Hubert F.

Box 6 Hawke, Eric A.

Box 6 Hayes, Arthur

Box 6 Hays, Paul R.

Box 6 Hazard, John N.

Box 6 Hazen, Allen T.

Box 6 Hecht, Selig

Box 6 Heiman, Jacob

Box 6 Hellstrom, C. Ivar

Box 6 Helm, Leslie C.

Box 6 Hennessy, Wesley J.

Box 6 Herpers, Richard

Box 6 Hertzmann, Erich

Box 6 Herzog, George M.

Box 6 Hibbitt, George W.

Box 6 Highet, Gilbert

Box 6 Hill, J. Foster

Box 6 Hinckley, A. D.

Box 6 Hirschberg, Leo

(2 copies)

Box 6 Hixson, Arthur W.

(2 copies)

Box 6 Hoffherr, Frederic G.

Box 6 Hoffman, Isidor B.

Box 6 Holland, Daniel M.

Box 6 Hollingworth, Harry L.

Box 6 Holm, George T.

Box 6 Holmes, Ralph J.

Box 6 Holz, Charles H.

Box 6 Hoover, Merle M.

(2 copies)

Box 6 Hopkins, J. Gardner

Box 6 Hopkins, L. Thomas

Box 6 Horkheimer, Max

Box 6 Hotelling, Harold

Box 6 Howson, Roger

Box 6 Hubbard, Benjamin A.

Box 6 Hungate, Thad L.

Box 6 Hunningher, Benjamin

Box 6 Hunt, Erling M.

Box 6 Hurd, Charles P.

Box 7 Hutchcroft, C. Robert

Box 7 Illich, Louis F.

Box 7 Inghram, Howell A.

Box 7 Ireland, Bernard P.

Box 7 Izard, Thomas C.

Box 7 Jackh, Ernest

Box 7 Jackson, Theodore A.

Box 7 Jacobs, Albert C.

Box 7 Jensen, Herbert

Box 7 Jessup, Philip C.

Box 7 Jette, Eric R.

Box 7 Johnson, F. Ernest

Box 7 Johnston, Bruce G.

Box 7 Jones, George F.

Box 7 Jones, Harry W.

Box 7 Kandel, Isaac L.

Box 7 Kanzer, Edward M.

Box 7 Karl, Stephen D.

Box 7 Kay, Marshall

Box 7 Kayan, Carl L.

Box 7 Kazakevich, Vladimir D.

Box 7 Keener, S. Grant

Box 7 Kehl, George L.

Box 7 Kellogg, Jerome M. B.

Box 7 Kennedy, Edward T.

Box 7 Kenyer, Arthur D.

Box 7 Kerr, Paul F.

Box 7 Kiehl, Samuel J.

Box 7 Kiesler, Frederick J.

Box 7 Kilpatrick, William H.

Box 7 Kimball, Albert P.

Box 7 Kimball, George E.

Box 7 Kirk, Grayson

Box 7 Kitson, Harry D.

Box 7 Kleinman, Hyman H.

Box 7 Klineberg, Otto

Box 7 Klingman, Walter O.

Box 7 Kolchin, Ellis R.

Box 7 Koopman, Bernard O.

Box 7 Kopp, George A.

Box 7 Kouwenhoven, John A.

Box 7 Kraeling, E. C.

Box 7 Kristeller, Paul Oskar

Box 7 Krutch, Joseph W.

Box 7 Kurrelmeyer, B.

Box 7 Kurzrok, Raphael

Box 7 Rabi, I. I.

Box 7 Radcliffe, George

Box 7 Raskin, Eugene

Box 7 Rath, George E.

Box 7 Raup, Bruce

Box 7 Read, Thomas

Box 7 Redpath, Albert S.

Box 8 Reese, Willis L. N.

Box 8 Reeve, William D.

Box 8 Reeves, W. Harvey

Box 8 Rehberg, Charles F.

Box 8 Reid, Robert H.

Box 8 Rhodes, Willard

Box 8 Riccio, Peter M.

Box 8 Richards, J. F. C.

Box 8 Richardson, Cyril C.

Box 8 Rieger, Charles

Box 8 Robbins, Harry P.

Box 8 Roberts, Samuel H.

Box 8 Robinson, Geroid T.

Box 8 Robinson, C. Allen

Box 8 Robinson, Leland Rex

Box 8 Rogers, Raymond R.

Box 8 Rohdenburg, Theodor

Box 8 Roll, Frederic

Box 8 Roros, James

Box 8 Rosh, Ercole

Box 8 Rowland, Richard C.

Box 8 Rubin, Isidor C.

Box 8 Rusk, Ralph L.

Box 8 Russell, James E.

Box 8 Russell, John B. Jr.

Box 8 Salvadori, Mario S.

Box 8 Salzer, Benjamin

Box 8 Sansom, Sir George

Box 8 Santullano, Luis A.

Box 8 Sargent, S. Stansfeld

Box 8 Saulnier, Raymond J.

Box 8 Scanny, Jos T.

Box 8 Schelting, Alexander V.

Box 8 Schiller, A. Arthur

Box 8 Schilt, January

Box 8 Schmidt, Carl T.

Box 8 Schmitt, A. E.

Box 8 Schneider, Herbert W.

Box 8 Schoenfeld, William N.

Box 8 Schrader, Franz

Box 8 Schulze, Henry H. L.

Box 8 Schumann, Charles H.

Box 8 Schwab, Allen T.

Box 8 Schwarzschild, Martin

Box 8 Scott, Ernest L.

Box 8 Scott, Harry A.

Box 8 Seabury, Paul

Box 8 Senkier, Robert J.

Box 8 Severinghaus, Williard

Box 8 Seward, Franklin A.

Box 8 Shaffer, Laurance F.

Box 8 Shanahan, William O.

Box 8 Sharp, Henry S.

Box 9 Shotwell, James T.

Box 9 Shoupe, Carl S.

Box 9 Simkhovitch, V. G.

Box 9 Simmons, Harwood

Box 9 Simon, Henry W.

Box 9 Sinnott, Edmund W.

Box 9 Sippola, Rudolph W.

Box 9 Skoglund, Victor J.

Box 9 Slovis, Reuben

Box 9 Smith, John E.

Box 9 Smith, Kenneth A.

Box 9 Smith, Milton

Box 9 Smith, Paul A.

Box 9 Smith, Young B.

Box 9 Snavely, Guy E.

Box 9 Snow, William

Box 9 Snow, William B.

Box 9 Spence, Ralph B.

Box 9 Spragg, S. D. Shirley

Box 9 Stanfield, Boris M.

Box 9 Steele, Theodore M.

Box 9 Stein, Jack M.

Box 9 Steinberg, Edward

Box 9 Steinberg, Philip M.

Box 9 Stewart, Ernest I.

Box 9 Stockder, Archibald H.

Box 9 Stodola, Frank H.

Box 9 Stolz, Walter

Box 9 Strahler, Arthur N.

Box 9 Stratford, William

Box 9 Strayer, George D.

Box 9 Strickler, Fred

Box 9 Strodt, Walter C.

Box 9 Strong, W. Duncan

Box 9 Sundelson, J. Wilner

Box 9 Super, Donald E.

Box 9 Swinney, John B.

Box 9 Taggart, Arthur F.

Box 9 Tannenbaum, Frank

Box 9 Tanner, Donald N.

Box 9 Taylor, Carleton

Box 9 Taylor, Hall

Box 9 Taylor, Horace

Box 9 Taylor, T. Ivan

Box 9 Taylor, William L.

Box 9 Tead, Ordway

Box 9 Thayer, Vivian T.

Box 9 Thomas, Arthur W.

Box 9 Thomas, Franklin

Box 9 Thomas, Llewellyn H.

Box 9 Thomas, Milton Halsey

Box 9 Thurston, Charles W.

Box 10 Tillinghast, Charles C.

Box 10 Torrey, Norman L.

Box 10 Townsend, Palmer W.

Box 10 Trapp, William O.

Box 10 Trautman, Ray

Box 10 Trelease, Sam F.

Box 10 Treleaven, Clifford L.

Box 10 Trilling, Lionel

Box 10 Tryon, Harold H.

Box 10 Tully, Andrew M.

Box 10 Turner, William D.

Box 10 Upjohn, Everard M.

Box 10 Urey, Harold C.

Box 10 Van Der Pool, James G.

Box 10 Van Dyke, John

Box 10 Van Metre, T. W.

Box 10 Vickrey, William

Box 10 Villers, Raymond

Box 10 Von Fritz, Kurl

Box 10 Von Gronicka, Andre

Box 10 Von Grosse, A.

Box 10 Von Nardroff, Robert

Box 10 Vreeland, Howard W.

Box 10 Walden, George H. Jr.

Box 10 Walker, Robert M.

Box 10 Wallace, Schuyler O.

Box 10 Wang, Chi Chen

Box 10 Warden, Carl J.

Box 10 Warman, Manny

Box 10 Watson, Goodwin

Box 10 Watson, Lester R.

Box 10 Webb, Harold W.

Box 10 Wechsler, Albert L.

Box 10 Wechsler, Herbert

Box 10 Weeks, John S.

Box 10 Wellings, T. F.

Box 10 Weltzin, J. Frederick

Box 10 Wetzel, John W.

Box 10 Wheat, Wallace P.

Box 10 White, Carl M.

Box 10 Whiteside, William J.

Box 10 Wieting, C. Maurice

Box 10 Wiggins, Henry H.

Box 10 Wilbur, C. Martin

Box 10 Willard, Robert

Box 10 Williams, H. H.

Box 10 Williams, Horatio B.

Box 10 Williamson, C. C.

Box 10 Willis, J. Brooke

Box 10 Wingerl, Paul S.

Box 10 Winter, Frederick C.

Box 10 Witt, Paul

Box 10 Wolff, John

Box 11 Wolfowitz, Jacob

Box 11 Wolkiser, Arthur M.

Box 11 Wolman, Leo

Box 11 Wood, Ben D.

Box 11 Wood, Thornley B.

Box 11 Woodbridge, Frederick

Box 11 Woodworth, R. S.

Box 11 Work, Lincoln T.

Box 11 Wright, James J.

Box 11 Wuorinen, John H.

Box 11 Yadoff, Oley I.

Box 11 Young, Bailey K.

Box 11 Youtz, Richard P.

Box 11 Ziegfeld, Edwin

Box 11 Zipprodt, Roy R.