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School of the Arts records, 1895-1997

Series VIII: MFA Student Theatre Production Materials, 1979-2011

This series contains contact sheets, negatives, slides, programs, promotional materials (postcards, fliers, and posters), photographs, newspaper reviews and articles, press releases, production list, script, business information, and correspondence. Materials range from 1979 to 2011, with a gap between 1984 and 1992. A majority of the materials from 1979-1984 are newspaper clippings – reviews and articles pertaining to the program, its facilities, and productions. From the 1992 to 2003 year, many productions have contact sheets, slides, photographs, or negatives. The later materials are almost solely promotional. Any production that had more than one type of related material (i.e. postcards and programs, fliers, press releases, or reviews) received its own folder, while productions that were only represented by a postcard, flier, or program on its own were grouped together by school year.

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Box 84 The Life of Galileo Business Papers, Spring, 1978

Newspaper Articles, 1979

Newspaper Articles, 1980

Newspaper Articles, 1981

Newspaper Articles, 1982

Newspaper Articles, 1983

Newspaper Articles, 1984

Production Posters, 1984

Production Season, 1992-1993

KQ & Jasper; Mystifying Dick, Nov, 1992

Event Horizon; Aeschylus on Highway One, Dec, 1992

Seagull, Jan, 1993

The Crossroads, Feb, 1993

Fire in a Dark House, Mar, 1993

The Dream of the Ridiculous Man, Apr, 1993

Production Season, 1993-1994

Advanced Theatre Management Seminar, Fall, 1993

Second Stage Series I, Oct, 1993

Second Stage Series II, Nov, 1993

Second Stage Series III, Nov, 1993

Arms and the Man, Dec, 1993

The Bacchae, Feb, 1994

The Creation Myth Project, Feb, 1994

Second Stage Series V, Mar, 1994

Second Stage Series VI, Apr, 1994

Betrayal, Apr, 1994

Theatre Day, May 1994

Production Season, 1994-1995

The Good Person of Seztuan, Sep, 1994

Second Stage Series I, Oct, 1994

Second Stage Series II, Oct, 1994

The Robbers, Nov, 1994

Second Stage Series III, Dec, 1994

Midnight Blues, Dec, 1994

Woyzeck, Jan, 1995

Second Stage Series IV, Feb, 1995

Second Stage Series V, Mar, 1995

The Tempest, Mar, 1995

Insurrection, Apr, 1995

Second Stage Series VI, Apr, 1995

Tartuffe, Apr, 1995

Theatre Management Symposium, Jan, 1995

Production Season, 1995-1996

New Works Series I, Oct, 1995

Three Classics -- Production, preproduction, business materials, Oct, 1995

Three Classics -- Press Materials, Sep-Nov, 1995

Three Classics -- Contact Sheets and Slides, Oct, 1995

New Works Series II, Nov, 1995

New Works Series III, Nov, 1995

Life is a Dream, Dec, 1995

The Winter's Tale, Jan, 1996

Dahmer's Brain, Feb, 1996

Ivona, Princess of Burgundia, Feb, 1996

New Works Series IV, Feb, 1996

Don Quixote, Feb, 1996

New Works Series V, Mar, 1996

Julius Caesar, Mar, 1996

New Works Series VI, Mar, 1996

The Suicide, Mar, 1996

The Birds, Apr, 1996

Thesis Plays, Apr, 1996

Don Juan Comes Back from the War, Apr, 1996

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, May 1996

A Midsummer Night's Dream, May 1996

Production Season, 1996-1997

Fefu and Her Friends, Oct, 1996

The Glass Menagerie, Nov, 1996

Endgame, Dec, 1996

Trojan Women, Jan-Feb, 1997

New Works Series #4, Feb, 1997

Othello, Feb-Mar, 1997

King Lear, Mar, 1997

Festival of Thesis Play Readings, Apr, 1997

Production Season, 1997-1998

Colored Girls, Oct, 1997

The House of Bernarda Alba, Nov, 1997

The Great Highway, Dec, 1997

Hedda Gabler, Mar, 1998

A Dream Play, Apr, 1998

A Caucasian Chalk Circle, May 1998

Production Season, 1998-1999

Taming of the Shrew, Oct-Nov, 1998

Margaret Rose: Richard, Dec, 1998

Woyzeck: A Reconstruction, Dec, 1998

The Duchess of Malfi, Feb, 1999

Antigone, Apr, 1999

Nightwood, Apr, 1999

Box 85 Production Season, 1999-2000

The Power of the Dog, Oct, 1999

Distinguished Beauty Electra, Oct, 1999

Divine Words, Nov, 1999

Tales from the Vienna Woods, Dec, 1999

Playwrights: Here and Now Act I, Jan, 2000

Two Serious Ladies, Feb, 2000

Barabbas, Mar, 2000

Playwrights: Here and Now Act Two, Apr, 2000

Playwrights: Here and Now Act Three, May 2000

Goddard, Apr-May 2000

The Misanthrope, Sept, 2000

Here and Now Act One, Nov, 2000

Scenes from an Execution, Nov, 2000

Here and Now Act Two, Jan, 2001

The Seven Year Itch, Feb, 2001

The Mother, Mar, 2001

Here and Now Act Three, Apr, 2001

Turandot, Apr, 2001

Production Postcards, Fall 2000 Spring 2001, 2000, 2001

Production Postcards, 2001-2002

The Rise of Richard 3, Oct-Nov, 2001

Princess Ivona, Mar, 2002

Box 86 Production Postcards, 2002-2003

Graduating MFA Class, 2003

Photographs, 2002-2003

Peer Gynt, Nov, 2002

The Skriker, Dec, 2002

Mosca, Feb, 2003

Blood Wedding, Apr, 2003

School of the Arts News, 2003-2004

Graduate Class, 2004

Production Postcards and Fliers, 2003-2004

Thyestes, Oct, 2003

Hamlet, Jan-Feb, 2004

Pippin, Feb, 2004

Machinal, Mar, 2004

Macbeth, Mar-Apr, 2004

The Tempest, Apr, 2004

The Colored Museum, Apr, 2004

Bent, July 2004

Production Postcards, 2005-2006

Production Postcards, 2007-2008

A Flea in Her Ear, Oct, 2007

Another Country, Nov, 2007

Acting Studio, Dec, 2007

The Winter's Tale, Jan-Feb, 2008

The Great God Brown, Feb, 2008

The Lesson, Mar, 2008

Big Love, Apr, 2008

American Masters, Apr, 2008

Short Play Showcase, 2008

Production Season, 2008-2009

Production Postcards, 2008-2009

Medea, Jan, 2009

Directing Candidates, 2010

Production Season, 2009-2010

Production Postcards, 2009-2010

Phoenician Women, Nov, 2009

Production Season, 2010-2011

Programs, 2010-2011

Production Postcards and Fliers, 2010-2011

Dreams, Oct, 2010

Broken Wings, Nov, 2010

Dream Play Seagull, Dec, 2010

Estate, Feb, 2011