Columbia University Archives

Department of Economics records, 1915-2016

Series I: Department records, 1915-1966

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Graduate education

Box 1 Folder 1 Registration figures, 1939-1950

(Course enrollment numbers by class, admission and registration statistics, graduate student progress and completion numbers.)

Box 1 Folder 2-3 Faculty of Political Science Committee on Instruction materials,, 1915-1958, (2 folders)

Box 1 Folder 4 Subcommittee on Business of the Joint Committee on Graduate Instruction memoranda and correspondence,, 1952-1958

Box 1 Folder 5 General notices to the members of the Department of Economics,, 1931-1966

(Restricted until 2042)

Box 1 Folder 6 Qualifying Examination Committee, 1945-1961

(Restricted until 2037)

Box 1 Folder 7 Summer Session, 1950-1954

(Restricted until 2030)


Box 2 Folder 1-2 Faculty appointments, 1935-1956, (2 folders)

(Includes Nomination for Appointment forms, correspondence with the Office of the Provost, and travel allotments to go to conferences.)

Hiring Committees

Box 2 Folder 3 Committee on an Agricultural Economist, 1947-1949

Box 2 Folder 4 Committee on an Economics Historian, 1941-1952

Box 2 Folder 5 Prof. Carl S. Shoup correspondence, 1953-1955

(Correspondence with Grace Keller at the department office while Prof. Shoup was in Europe.)

Box 2 Folder 6 Prof. Arthur R. Burns correspondence, 1954

(Correspondence with Grace Keller at the department office during Summer 1954.)

Box 2 Folder 7 Presentation of portrait of Prof. Henry R. Seager, 1931

(Transcript of remarks at the presentation on May 28, 1931. Speakers were Prof. Seligman, Schuyler Seager, and President Butler.)

Box 2 Folder 8 Visiting professors, 1944-1959

Related Institutions

Box 3 Folder 1 School of Business curriculum, 1943-1954

Box 3 Folder 2 School of Business faculty, 1942-1951

Box 3 Folder 3 Barnard College, 1938

Box 3 Folder 4 Columbia College, 1929-1946

Box 3 Folder 5 Columbia College, 1941-1956

Box 3 Folder 6 Columbia College budget and faculty items, 1946-1958

Box 3 Folder 7 European Institute Program, 1949-1954

Box 3 Folder 8 General Studies, 1949-1951

Subject Files

Box 4 Folder 1 Photographs, 1930s

(Includes department photograph with members identified, from the early 1930s and portraits of Edwin R. A. Seligman)

Box 4 Folder 2 Bicentennial celebration, 1951-1954

Box 4 Folder 3 Cahn dissertation, 1941-1949

(Restricted until 2025)

(Bernard D. Cahn, former student)

Box 4 Folder 4 Economics alumni fellowships, 1954-1957

Box 4 Folder 5 Kazanjian fellowships, 1950-1952

(Includes photographs of two fellowship recipients)

Box 4 Folder 6 Reconstruction of Fayerweather Hall, 1945-1950

Box 4 Folder 7 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc., 1947-1954

Box 4 Folder 8 University Seminar: The Institutionalization of the Economic Process,, 1953-1955

Box 5 Folder 1 Faculty of Political Science committee materials and correspondence, 1952-1960

(Includes materials related to the Committee on Publications and Committee on Instruction, as well as obituaries. Materials belonged to the Secretary of the Faculty, Prof. David S. Landes and Prof. Henry F. Graff.)

Box 5 Folder 2-3 Information concerning members of the Department of Economics (Faculty of Political Science, Barnard, Columbia College and Extension), 1940s, (2 folders)

(Card catalogue with faculty members' names, addresses, and degrees. The cards include information about sabbaticals. Many have a copy of the faculty member's cv attached with a paper clip.)