Columbia University Archives

Columbiana Manuscripts, 1572-1986, bulk 1850-1920

Series I: Manuscript Volumes

This series consists of bound volumes of diaries, lecture notes, class work, student papers, theses, correspondence, addresses, and other materials produced by Columbia University students, faculty, organizations, and administration. This series also contains seminar proceedings transcribed by the Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recordings, St. Paul's Chapel Parish Registers, and a variety of papers, minutes and constitutions from student organizations. The unique identifying numbers assigned to these manuscript volumes when originally cataloged have been retained and are noted as "item numbers" in the container list. The descriptions of these manuscript volumes in the container list have been adapted from the item level catalog cards created by previous staff members.

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Item 1 Clement Clark Moore Diary, 1856 November 20 – 1863 July 8, 1856 November 20, 1863 July 8

(Records mainly the weather, the temperature and his benefactions. According to the Columbiana annual report for 1936-1937, "[t]he diary bears on its fly-leaf the statement, 'A Diary which ought to have begun at least sixty years ago.'" Curator Milton Halsey Thomas concludes "It is obviously the only diary which Moore kept." These documents (Items #1 and #2) were secured from Major F.C. Fowler, a relative of Clement Moor's wife, Eliza Taylor.)

Item 2 Moore Family Letters (1 volume and 1 manuscript Box)

(43 letters written by Charity Clarke Moore to her sister, Lady Affleck and others and one letter written by Clement Clarke Moore to Lady Lilford. --v.1 Moore Family Papers. --manuscript Box, Books from the Library of Benjamin Moore)

Item 3 George French Seymour Autograph Album, 1850 June

Item 4 Lectures of Professor Richard Sears McCulloh to the Senior Class of Columbia College as taken down by William Dean (C.C. 1855),, 1855 June

Item 5 Lectures on Chemistry given by Professor Samuel Latham Mitchill and transcribed by Dr. William Morrey Ross (P&S 1795), 1793-1794.

(bound with this are two books: Samuel L. Mitchill. The present state of learning in the college of New York. 1794 William M. Ross. A chemico-physiological inaugural dissertation on carbone or charcoal. 1795. Ross annotated dissertation and appended additional notes.)

Item 6 Robert Harpur Mathematical Problems, 1774

(probably used in teaching mathematics in King's College)

Item 7 Robert Harpur Account Book

(includes mathematical and astronomical problems)

Item 8 Helen Robinson History Notes, 1913

(taken at Stanley Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Item 9 Helen Robinson Notebooks, 1915

(contains exercises in French)

Item 10 Robert Harpur Copy Book

(contains copies of royal decrees, provincial laws, poems, mathematical problems, etc.)

Item 11 Notes taken from the Lectures of John Duncan Quackenbos on English Literature as taken down by Milton Stanley Roth (A.B. 1894),, 1891-1892

(School of Arts, Columbia College)

Item 12 Donations to the Mineralogical Cabinet, 1864-1906

Item 13 Catalogue of Minerals, Corrected to, 1887 January

Item 14 John S. Newberry (M.D.) Original Manuscripts

(Buried River Channels; American Sedimentary Rocks; Value to geologists of paleontology; Progress of plant life on North American Continent; Some mooted points in American geology; Inaugural address; Opinions on the Whittaker Case)

Item 15 Notes from the Lectures of Richard Sears McCulloh as taken down by John H. Van Amringe (C.C. 1860),, 1858

Item 16 Thomas Egelston Letterbook (1832-1900), 1963-1900

(typed copies of letters to and from Egleston with related extracts from the Trustees minutes concerning the School of Mines)

Item 17 Bicycle Club Constitution, Minutes, and Correspondence, 1880-1881

Item 18 St. Paul's Chapel Parish Registers, 1892-1986, (16 volumes)

(1908-1919 1920-1934, t1932-1942,1942-1953, 1953-1965, 1965-1968, 1968-1969, 1969-1971, 1971-1973, 1973-1975, 1975-1977, 1977-1979, 1980-1981, 1981-1983, 1983-19841984-1986)

Item 19 Notes from the Lectures of Stopford Brooke on English Prosewriters of the 19th Century as taken down by C. Howard

Item 20 Notes from the Lectures of D. John Kemp on Natural and Experimental Philosophy as taken down by Richard Bingham Davis (x1789c),, 1791 June 21

(volume also contains manuscript poems)

Item 21 David Clyde's Original Series of Hymns and Sacred Lyrics, 1901

Item 22 David Clyde's Course of Poetic Readings, 1902

Item 23 Hugh McLellan (B.S. Architecture, 1898) Workbook in Descriptive Geometry, Paris,, 1898-1899

Item 24 Notes from the Lectures of John McVickar on Intellectual Philosophy, Moral Science, and Political Economy as taken down by Wheelock H. Parmly (A.B. 1841 A.M. 1845), 1841-1842, 1841, 1841-1842

Item 25 Notes from the Lectures of John McVickar on History as taken down by Wheelock H. Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845), 1839-1840, 1842, 1839-1840, (3 volumes)

Item 26 Certified copy of documents composing the transfer of the title of Elgin Botanical Gardens from David Hosack to the State of New York,, 1804-1811

(copy signed by Archibald Campbell and dated at Albany, 1835 January 9)

Item 27 Corrected Typescript of Science in the Making by Joel H. Hildebrand,, 1956

(Bampton Lectures in America No. 9)

Item 28 Corrected Typescript of The Art of William Blake by Sir Anthony Blunt,, 1959

(Bampton Lectures in America No. 12)

Item 29 John M. Arms (C.C. 1840) Translation and Notes to Plato's Gorgias,, 1839-1840

Item 30 Shakespeare Club Minutes, 1885 February 12 - 1888 May 7, 1885 February 12, 1888 May 7

Item 31 Notes from the Lectures of Professor Thomas Egleston on the Metallurgy of Iron as taken down by William Cullen Uhlig (Ph.B. 1896 E), 1895, 1896, 1895

Item 32 Charles Nehrbas (LL.B. 1871) Notes for Law Cases, 1880

Item 33 Robert Kelly (C.C. 1826) On Flattery, 1825

Item 34 Notes from the Lectures of John McVickar on the Principles of Universal Grammar as taken down by James Berdan (x1823 C.C.),, 1821 April

Item 35 John Henry Hobart Haws (C.C. 1827) inaugural address on the occasion of his installation as president of the Peithologian Society,, 1827 February 8

Item 36 George C. Stone (Ph.B 1879) on well waters used in the manufacture of artificial mineral water in New York,, 1979 May 20

Item 37 Hamilton Young Castner (x1879 C.C.) on the condition of the waters of the City of New York,, 1878 June

Item 38 Notes from the lectures of Professor William G. Peck on the Mechanics and the Applications of Calculus to it, as taken down by James L. Greenleaf (C.E. 1880),, 1878-1879

Item 39 Philolexion Literary Society: "Coriolanus", the Evolution of the System of Castes and Social Classes,, 1883

Item 40 Correspondence with Lowell Pierson Beveridge and others regarding the repair and operation of the organ in St. Paul's Chapel,, 1933-1934

Item 41 Diary of a Trip Through Europe with Professor Henry Drisler as recorded by Henry Nehemiah Dodge (1843-1937 M.D. 1868), 1859 July 8 - 1860 November 5, 1859 July 8, 1860 November 5, (2 volumes)

Item 42 John Barent Johnson (1769-1803 A.B. 1792) Diary, 1787-1803, (18 volumes)

(--v.1 1787 January 1-1788 April 17, with related notes. --v.2 1788 April 18-1789 February 14. --v.3 1789 February 15-1790 November 20. --v.4 Missing as of 2010 November 24. --v.5 1791 August 29-1791 December 31. --v.6 1792 January 1-1793 January 1. --v.7 1793 January 1-1794 May 2. --v.8 1794 May 1-1794 December 31. --v.9 1795 January 1-1795 December 31. --v.10 1796 January 1-1797 April 6. --v.11 1797 April 1-1798 January 3. --v.12 1798 January1-1798 September 2. --v.13 1798 September 1-1799 March 25. --v.14 1799 March 26-1800 July 31. --v.15 1800 August 1-1801 September 16. --v.16 1801 September 22-1803 April 3, September 17-22 missing. --v.17 1803 April 3-1803 July 14. --v.18 1803 August 3-1803 August 13)

Item 43 One Park Avenue, or a Good Address by Roger Howson, 1932 December

(bound; address at Conference of Eastern College Librarians, 1932 November 26; with author's autograph and corrections. Typed and signed by Kathleen Duffield. Note on final endpaper: "Designed and bound in Columbia University Library, Frank C. Erb, 1932 December 21")

Item 44 John Henry Innes (LL.B. 1872) Diary, 1868-1936 (3 Boxes containing multiple volumes; 7 volumes), 1868-1936

(1880-1902 1903-1921, 1922-1936, 1868-1870, 1870-1871, 1872-1873, 1874-1879, 1880-1887, 1893-1894 volume 7 missing as of November 24, 2010)

Item 45 Edward Copland (A.B. 1809) Commencement Oration, On Sensibility, in North Dutch Church, New York,, 1809 August 9

Item 46 Papers relating to the establishment of the Professorship of Rabbinical Literature in Columbia College,, 1887

Item 47 James Atkins Noyes (Mines, 1978) Plates to Accompany a Treatise on Shades and Shadows by Charles Davies

Item 48 Frederick Roeser (E.M. 1884) Notebook of Assay Records

Item 49 Armin Kohl Lobeck (1886-1958) Geological Fieldbooks, 1907, 1916, 1920, 1907, 1916, 1920, (3 volumes)

(Contents: v.1 Geological Fieldbook, Columbia University, [field trips to Upper Manhattan, the Bronx, Hoboken, Edgewater and Paterson NJ] 1907. --v.2 Geological Fieldbook, Columbia University, Easter Trip, 1916 April 20, Franklin Furnace, Cornwall, Lebanon, etc. includes notes for 1915 as well. --v.3 Wisconsin Geographical Surveys Fieldbook, Lake Superior Trip, 1920 including 6 loose photographs of minerals with notes on verso. )

Item 50 Letter Book of Theodore W. Dwight, Professor of Law, 1883-1885

Item 51 Letters and Drawings Relating to the Statue of Leo Columbiae (Columbia Lion)

(12 items mounted in a scrapbook)

Item 52 Benedict Club Constitution and Minutes, Souvenir Programs, 1887-1898

Item 53 Edward William Laight (A.B. 1793) General Brigade and Regimental Orders Relating to 6th Regiment of Infantry, New York,, 1808-1811

Item 54 Notes from the Lectures of Professors Thomas S. Fiske and George H. Ling on Mathematics as taken down by Edward E. Whitford (Ph.D. 1912),, 1906-1909

Item 55 Forty-Ninth Street Campus Plans of the Buildings of Columbia College by H.F.J. Porter, Superintendent,, 1888

Item 56 Edward Warren Capen (Ph.D. 1904) Seminar Paper in Sociology on Types of Mental and Moral Character in Massachusetts

Item 57 Andrew Light Horst (A.M. 1901) Seminar Paper in Sociology on a Statistical and Sociological Study of Volunteers,, 1961

Item 58 Thomas Jesse Jones (Ph.D. 1904) Seminar Paper in Sociology On A Sociological Study of North Carolina in the Colonial period

Item 59 Letter Book of Richard J.H. Gottheil, Professor of Rabbinical Literature and Semitic Languages,, 1906-1908

Item 60 Edgar Richards (x1880E.) Third Year Memoir, Ozone, 1878 November

Item 61 Henry Alvord Robinson (Ph.B. 1880E; LL.B. 1882) Third Year Memoir, Ozone, Occurrence, Properties and Preparation,, 1878 November 1

Item 62 Otis Mortimer Munroe (Ph.B. 1879E.) Third Year Memoir, Memoir on the Occurrence, Preparation and Properties of Ozone,, 1877 October 25

Item 63 Frederick Augustus Potts Jr. (x1880E.) Third Year Memoir, Memoir on the Occurrence, Preparation and Properties of Ozone,, 1878

Item 64 Theodore Tonnele (Ph.B. 1880E.) Third Year Memoir, Ozone, its History, Occurrence, Preparation and Properties,, 1879 November 1

Item 65 Barnard Graduate Club Reports and Minutes, 1895-1896

Item 66 Notes from the Lectures of Theodore W. Dwight as taken down by Edward Sears Clinch (L.L. B. 1867),, 1865-1866

Item 67 Benjamin Augustus Onderdonk (A.B. 1847) Notes on English Literature and History,, 1846 March 7

Item 68 Notes taken from the lectures of Richmond Mayo-Smith, Professor of Political Economy,, 1886

Item 69 Abram Stevens Hewitt (C.C. 1842) of the Association of the Alumni, Presidential Address to the Association of the Alumni of Columbia College,, 1884

Item 70 Gilbert Ogden Fowler (A.B. 1806) Roman Antiquities: lectures first of the government of the Romans,, 1805 December 2

Item 71 Alfred John Baker (L.L. B. 1874) Moot Court Cases, Columbia Law School, argued before Professor Theodore W. Dwight as Judge, 1871 and 1872, 1871, 1872

(printed summaries with notes of judgment in the hand of Theodore W. Dwight)

Item 72 William Duncan McKim (A.B. 1875 M.D. 1878) Notes taken from various authors relating chiefly to psychology, 1920, 1875, 1920, (2 volumes)

Item 73 Students' Army Training Corps. Minutes of the Administrative Board, Correspondence and Reports, 1918 (2 copies), 1918

Item 74 Notes from the Lectures of Samuel Latham Mitchill as taken down by Peter Solomon Townsend (A.B. 1812l A.M. 1816 M.D. 1816), 1816-1817, 1816, 1816-1817

Item 75 Axe and Coffin Initiation Book

Item 76 Axe and Coffin Covenant and By-Laws, adopted, 1864 October 1

(by J. A. Geissenhainer (A.B. 1858))

Item 77 Axe and Coffin Constitution and Covenant of the P. K. S. with ritual parts for initiation ceremonies,, 1861-1862

Item 78 Letters written to Frank C. Erb on the death of his brother, Frederic W. Erb, for fifty years a member of the staff of the Columbia Libraries,, 1946

Item 79 Jubilee volume presented to Frederick W. Erb on his retirement from the staff of the Columbia Libraries after fifty years of service,, 1884-1934

Item 80 Letters written to Frederick W. and Frank C. Erb on the death of their sister, library assistant, Columbia Libraries,, 1944 June 2

(mounted in one volume)

Item 81 Autographs of Contributors to Chandler Lecture Fund and Medal, 1910 April 2

Item 82 Wheelock Randolph Parmly (x1878 Law) Undergraduate Notes taken at New York University

Item 83 List of Recipients of Columbia College Scholarships, Fellowships, Prizes,, 1858-1898

Item 84 Debating Society Minutes, Class of 1909, 1905-1906, 1909, 1905-1906

Item 85 Notes from the Lectures of John McVickar as taken down by Henry Post McGown (A.B. 1843),, 1841-1842

Item 86 John Broome Boggs (A.B. 1830) Notes taken at Columbia College on Literature, Ancient and Modern,, 1829 March 25

Item 87 Notes from the Lectures of Charles M. Nairne on Psychology, as taken down by James Manning Bruce (A.B. 1866), (2 volumes)

Item 88 Notes from the Lectures of Charles Frederick Chandler at the College of Physicians and Surgeons on Physics and Chemistry as taken down by Frederick Bierhoff (M.D. 1889),, 1886

Item 89 Notes from the Lectures of John McVickar on Political Economy as taken down by Edward Courtlandt Babcock (A.B. 1849)

Item 90 Lectures on Belles Lettres by Professor McVickar delivered to the Junior Class of Columbia College, as taken down by Thaddeus Hubbell Lane (H.T. 1840 Lit. & Sci.), 1839, 1840, 1839

Item 91 Jacob Dyckman (A.B. 1810 A.M. 1813 M.D. 1813) Notes on Roman Antiquities taken in Columbia College, 1809, 1810, 1813, 1809

Item 92 Notes from the Lectures of John McVickar on English Literature as taken down by Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845), 1841, 1842, 1841

Item 93 Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845) Notes on Integral Calculus, Columbia College, 1942, 1842, 1942

Item 94 Notes from the lectures of Professor James Renwick on Chemistry as taken down by Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845), 1839-1840, 1842, 1839-1840

Item 95 Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845) Notes on Chemistry, Columbia College, 1840-1841, 1842, 1840-1841

Item 96 Notes from the Lectures of John McVickar on Rhetoric as taken down by Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845), 1840-1841, 1842, 1840-1841

Item 97 Notes from the Lectures of John McVickar on Evidences of Christianity as taken down by Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845), 1841-1842, 1842, 1841-1842

Item 98 Notes from the Lectures of John McVickar on History of Philosophy as taken down by Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845), 1841-1842, 1842, 1841-1842

Item 99 Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845) Notes on Theology, 1843-1845, 1842, 1843-1845, (3 volumes)

(taken at Madison University?)

Item 100 Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845) Scripture Notes, 1840, 1842, 1840

Item 101 Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845) Notes on Mineralogy, Columbia College, 1840, 1842, 1840

Item 102 Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845) Examination of Analytical Geometry of Two Dimensions, 1841 July 14, 1842, 1841 July 14

Item 103 Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845) Geometrical Exercises, Columbia College, 1839-1840, 1842, 1839-1840

Item 104 Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845) Spherical Trigonometry, Columbia College, 1840, 1842, 1840

Item 105 Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845)Miscellaneous Notes, 1842

Item 106 Cicero de Oratore, translated by Professor Anthon; Aristotle Art of Poetry, in the hand of Wheelock Hendee Parmly (A.B. 1842 A.M. 1845), 1841-1842, 1842, 1841-1842

Item 107 Charles E. Pellew (E.M. 1884), Professor of Chemistry (1897-1911), Lecture Notes,, 1899

Item 108 Axe and Coffin Minutes of the Grand Council of the φπκε, 1886 November 20 - 1889 December 9, 1886 November 20, 1889 December 9

Item 109 Notes from the Lectures of Charles Frederick Chandler and James S. C. Wells on Chemistry as taken down by Frank Dempster Sherman (Ph.B. 1884 Arch.), 1879-1881, 1884, 1879-1881

Item 110 Reckonings taken by Willet Lawrence Eccles (A.B. 1923 A.M. 1925 Ph.D. 1928) Navigation, 1918, 1923, 1925, 1918, (2 volumes)

Item 111 Robert Harpur Personal Account Books, 1770-1790

(photostat from originals in New York State Library)

Item 112 Documents relating to "select committee appointed to examine into the affairs of Columbia College",, 1854-1855

Item 113 National Defense Research Committee contracts for work on uranium, Physics Department, correspondence,, 1940-1947

(declassified in 1960. Transferred to the George Pegram Papers: Box 41: "Atomic Energy Commission")

Item 114 Medical Faculty Minutes of the College of Physicians and Surgeons,, 1807-1809

(in the hand of Archibald Bruce)

Item 115 School of Engineering Proposed Building for Chemical Engineering, 1929

Item 116 Delta Upsilon Fraternity Record book, 1885

Item 117 Julius Sachs twenty-four lectures on History

(corrected typescript, from the library of Julius Sachs, 1935)

Item 118 Testimonials submitted to the Trustees of Columbia College in behalf of Ogden N. Rood, candidate for the Chair of Mechanics and Physics,, 1863

Item 119 Alexander Anderson (M.D. 1796) Diary, 1793-1799, (3 volumes)

(typescript (carbon) of the diary. Original in the X manuscripts collection, call number X92 An2)

Item 120 George Templeton Strong Diary for, 1836

(typescript copy with corrections)

Item 121 Notes from the Lectures of Professor Herbert Osgood as taken down by Holland Thompson (A.M. 1900 Ph.D. 1906), 1900, 1900, 1900, (2 volumes)

Item 122 Council on Research in the Social Sciences, Minutes of the Council,, 1925-1930

Item 123 Notebooks of Professor John M. Nelson containing chiefly subjects for investigation by students,, 1922, (3 volumes)

Item 124 Notebook of Professor John M. Nelson Notebook containing chemical elements and compounds, etc.

Item 125 Excerpts relating to Columbia College and its alumni from the Diary of Philip Hone,, 1829-1851

Item 126 Excerpts from the Diary of Joanna Anthon (1813-1893), 1867-1883

Item 127 Extracts from the Minutes of the Trustees of Columbia College regarding Samuel Bulkley Ruggles (1800-1881),, 1836-1881

(made by Laura S. Young for Daniel G. B. Thompson, 1943 November - 1943 December)

Item 128 Minutes of the Faculty of Medicine of Columbia College, 1792-1813

(Original in Trustees' Vault)

Item 129 See: Series III, Box 13, Folder 4

Item 130 Notebook of Professor Paul Schweitzer, assistant in analytical chemistry (1866-1872)

Item 131 Zoroaster, The Prophet of Ancient Iran, with notes by Professor Abraham Valentine Williams Jackson for a new edition

Item 132 College and Law School Notebooks of Herbert Livingston Satterlee (B.S. 1883 Ph.B. 1883 A.M. 1884 Ph.D. 1885 LL.B. 1885), 1883, 1883, 1884, 1885, (3 volumes)

Item 133 Correspondence and records relating to Earl hall and its activities, compiled by Herbert Barber Howe, (3 volumes)

(v.1 1899-1911 v.2 1912-1924 v.3 1925-1932)

Item 134 Notes from the Lectures of Franz Boas and David S. Muzzey, 1927-1928

Item 135 Notes from the Lectures of Professor Charles Joy, etc. in Columbia College as taken down by Richard T. Bang (C.C. 1876), (3 volumes)

(v.1-2 Chemistry; v.3 Latin and History)

Item 136 James Furman Kemp, The Geological Clinic

Item 137 Columbia College, Seminary Prizes, founded by John McVickar, 1851-1867

Item 138 King's College, Literary Society Minutes, 1766-1772

(original in the New York Historical Society Library)

Item 139 Charles Frederick Chandler, testimonial commemorating 40 years of service in Columbia University,, 1905 April 27

Item 140 Commencement 1900 146th year, June 13. Alumni meeting and presentation of the portrait of John Van Amringe, 1900

Item 141 Notes from the Lectures of Samuel Johnson and Leonard Cutting on Optics and Geometry,, 1760 October

Item 142 Samuel Clossy address on the Uses of Anatomy, delivered at the ceremonies opening the Medical Department of King's College,, 1767 November 2

Item 143 Philolexian Society, Patriotic addresses, 1927 May 5

(Jacques M. Barzun (1927), the Gospel of Loyalty and the International Mind; Frederic Webster Case(1927), Patriotism; Kendall Kimberland (1929), Merchant Marine; Warner H. Mendel (1930 Law), Isolation vs. Cooperation)

Item 144 Hu Shih Doctoral Dissertation, 1927

(a study of the development of logical method in ancient China)

Item 145 Romance Club Minutes and Membership Lists, 1912-1920

Item 146 St. Paul's Chapel Register of Services, 1942-1968

(1942-1952 1952-1957, 1957-1962 1962-1968)

Item 147 Daniel Bell, Columbia College: A Continuing Inquiry (2 Boxes)

(original typescript corrected, third draft corrected)

Item 148 James Paul Chapin Lecture and Laboratory Notes taken in the Department of Zoology,, 1915-1921, (10 volumes)

(v.1 Zoology Courses, W. K. Gregory. --v.2 Botany and Advanced Botany Lectures. --v.3 Botany and Advanced Botany Lab Drawings. --v.4 Zoology, E. B. Wilson, 1916. --v.5 Vertebrates, W. K. Gregory, Lecture and Lab. --v.6 Zoology, T. H. Morgan, 1916-1917. --v.7 Embryology, J. H. McGregor, Lecture and Lab. --v.8 Genetics, T. H. Morgan. v.9 Cytology, E. B. Wilson, 1920-1921. v.10 Laboratory Drawings.)

Item 149 Index to Trustee's and Standing Committee Minutes, 1874 March

(A. Halsey, Clerk)

Item 150 William Ranald Grunow (B.S. 1912C, E.M. 1914) Experiments in Physics, (2 volumes)

Item 151 Gin Mill Club Chronicle, 1878-1900 with additional material to 1908, 1878-1900, 1908

(copy of original chronicle of the Gin Mill Club. Property of Robert E. Annin, sent to Nicholas M. Butler, 1935 May 20)

Item 152 George Drew Egbert (A.B. 1885) Cur Deus Homo? Latin Thesis

Item 153 John Parke Custis Latin exercise book, stepson of George Washington, student at Kings College, 1775

Item 154 Daniel Tompkins (A.B. 1795) College exercise book in mathematics and navigation, Columbia College,, 1795

Item 155 Resolution of the Faculty of Barnard College in recognition of Nicholas Murray Butler's 25th Anniversary of service as President of Columbia University,, 1927 April 19

Item 156 James Furman Kemp (1859-1927) in memoriam: memorial minutes of the Faculty of Applied Science and the Faculty of Pure Science,, 1927 February

Item 157 James Furman Kemp (1859-1927) in memoriam: New York Botanical Garden

Item 158 Appropriations for the New York Public Garden, 1895-1899

Item 159 Greetings and appreciations from the students and colleagues of John Bassett Moore assembled at the dinner in his honor on his 60th birthday, University Club,, 1920 December 3

Item 160 Charles Frederick Chandler, Chapters 1, 4, 7-10

Item 161 Roger Howson notes for a history of Columbia University Libraries,, 1943, (2 volumes)

Item 162 Alfred B. Moldenke(A.B. 1891 Ph.D. 1893) notes taken in Columbia College from the study of Arabic (under A. V. Jackson?). Includes list of Babylonian contract tablets in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1891

Item 163 Lunch Club Roster, 1912

Item 164 Dramatic Club Minutes, 1921-1923

Item 165 Benedict Aaron Leerburger (B.S. 1917C, LLB 1919 A.M. 1919) Notes taken in Columbia College and Graduate Faculties, 1917-1919, 1919, 1917-1919, (2 volumes)

Item 166 Russell da Costa Greene (C.E. 1906) City Survey, Bridge Abutments,, 1904 June-1904 July

(student notebook)

Item 167 James Henry Donaldson (LL.B. 1874), Equity Jurisprudence, 1873

(Xerox copy of law school notes)

Item 168 James Henry Donaldson (LL.B. 1874), Ledger of Legal Actions, 1873-1883

Item 169 James Henry Donaldson (LL.B. 1874), Notes for Law Course, 1873

Item 170 Student notes on Natural Philosophy, 1810

(taken from the lectures of Professor John Kemp?)

Item 171 August Otto Aimer, World War I Scrapbook, 1918-1919

Item 172 English Graduate Union Records, 1928-1940

Item 173 Men's Graduate English Club Records, 1902-1912

(includes loose correspondence and receipts)

Item 174 Notes on the Lectures of John Dewey as taken by Elsie R. Clapp, 1910-1912 and 1922-1923, 1910-1912, 1922-1923, (3 volumes)

Item 175 Gertrude D. Stewart (Mrs. Charles A.) testimonial letters on the occasion of her retirement,, 1952 September 30

Item 176 Conciones, notes for sermons, New Haven 1820-1821 and 1931, 1820-1821, 1931

Item 177 The Columbian Diamond/Half-Hours with Machiavelli, 1851 June

(memento of life at Columbia, 1 vol. of ms. Issues of a periodical. Edited by C. V. A. Anderson, D. Embury, W. E. Emerson, and W. A. Johnson)

Item 178 Elaine Foster, A Great School of Fine Arts in New York City, a study of the development of art in the regular undergraduate curriculum of Columbia College,, 1860-1914

(Teacher's College Thesis for an Ed. D.)

Item 179 Student notes on genetics, Biological Sciences, 1948-1960

Item 180 Robert Arrowsmith (A.B. 1882 M.A. 1883 Ph.D. 1884) 7 notebooks of student notes, 1883, 1882, 1883, 1883

(includes: Pindar's Style and Dialect, Professor Oldenberg Catapathalrahmana, Sanskrit notes, Tragicorum Romanorum Fragmenta Ribbeck)

Item 181 English Department, Rhetoric Theses, 1898-1899

(honors essays by students. Contents: Mr. Kipling's Short Stories by Julian Collier Harrison, Walter Bagehot's Literary Essays by Robert Insall Raiman, Machiavelli by John Erskine, Machiavelli by Robert Chipman Hull, The Influence of Jowett on Oxford Thought by Simeon Strunsky, Words Discussed by Fitzedward Hall in His Letters on Usage in the Nation by Adelaide Camilla Hoffman, The Position of Fitzedward Hall as a Writer on English Usage by Adelaide Camilla hoffman, Theoroes of English Pronunciation by Geoffrey Parsons)

Item 182 M. N. Scott, The New York Row House, 1800-1850

(student paper, 1952?)

Item 183 Nicholas Murray Butler formulas used in conferring degrees on commencement day,, 1902-1930

Item 184 Trustees, Committee on Library Affairs, Minutes, 1900-1915

(copies of related correspondence included. Minutes and letters signed by various Columbia officials)

Item 185 Nathaniel Fish Moore, Catalogue of Minerals Deposited by N. M. in Columbia College,, 1845

(many pages blank, many torn out, School of Mines)

Item 186 William Dean notes of lectures on Mineralogy taken during his junior year at Columbia College,, 1854

Item 187 School of Mines Catalogue of Mineralogical collection, 1896

(scrapbook, printed sheets pasted in with numerous ms. annotations, many pages blank)

Item 188 Professor Peter Wilson's (1747-1825) lectures on Roman and Grecian antiquities as transcribed by John N. Taulman (A. B. 1811 A. M. 1815), 1811, (2 volumes)

Item 189 School of Journalism, Dean's Office Guest Book, 1950 May 19-1956 June 5

(signatures, addresses, affiliations of visitors, chiefly journalists, first page dated: 17 April 1950 but has no entries, blank leaves at end)

Item 190 Columbia College School of the Arts janitor's ledger, 1894-1899

(School of the Arts Janitor 1894-1985 was Alphonse Singer. Starting on page 10 for five academic years: lists of scholarships and students holding them, students receiving free and reduced tuition, and for 1897-98, list of the Brooklyn Scholars.)

Item 191 Theodore W. Dwight Lectures on Municipal Law, 1875

(pages 342-384 blank)

Item 192 Charles Hilton Brown Law School Notebook, 1877

(pages 352-357 blank)

Item 193 Lecture and Lab Notes from the lectures of Robert S. Woodworth on Psychology 3-4 as taken down by Mortimer Brenner,, 1908-1909, (3 volumes)

Item 194 John Pierce Langs Diaries on Columbia student life and the musical and theatrical life of New York City,1899-1905, (4 volumes)

(v.1 1899 January-1899 March, Freshman year at Columbia. --v.2 1902 January-1902 June, Senior year at Columbia; 1903 September-1904 July, Niagara Falls. --v.3 1905 January-1905 May, recollections of Edward Alexander MacDowell while attending his private class after MacDowell had left Columbia. With cabinet photo of Langs)

Item 195 Morgan Dix Diary, excerpts pertaining to Columbia College, compiled by Roger Howson,, 1856-1906

Item 196 Entries from Isaac Newton Phelps Stokes' Iconography of Manhattan Island re Columbia College, compiled by Roger Howson

Item 197 Nuclear Week Awards, Panel Discussion, 1968 May 18

(proceedings, transcribed by Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recording)

Item 198 Missing as of, 2010 September 30

Item 199 Columbia College Alumni Association, Alexander Hamilton Medal Award Dinner,, 1969

(Joseph Wood Krutch, Recipient; acceptance speech given for him by Mark Van Doren. Proceedings transcribed by Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recording)

Item 200 Mattei Dogan, Gaullisme Lecture, 1969 April 28

(transcribed by Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recording)

Item 201 Mass Communication Seminar, 1957 November 15

(proceedings transcribed by Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recording)

Item 202 Columbia University Alumni Club, Washington, D. C., American Foreign Policy,, 1963 November 12

(panel discussion transcribed by Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recording)

Item 203 Council for Atomic Energy Studies, Panel Discussions and Lectures,, 1963-1964, (4 volumes)

(seminar proceedings transcribed by Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recording. --v.3 Daniel Bell, The Melting Pot)

Item 204 Institute for the Study of Science in Human Affairs, Panel Discussion and Lectures,, 1968-1969, (2 volumes)

(seminar proceedings transcribed by Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recording)

Item 205 National Alumni Program, Panel Discussions, 1964, (2 volumes)

(proceedings transcribed by Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recording)

Item 206 International Alumni Program, Panel Discussions, 1968-1970, (6 volumes)

(proceedings transcribed by Columbia Oral History Research Office from tape recording)

Item 207 Francis Bouck (1873-1941) Diary while attending Columbia, 1891-1893

(missing as of November 23, 2010)

Item 209 A Hebrew Grammar translated from a latin manuscript of Doctor [John C.] Kunze Professor of the Oriental languages in Collumbia[sic] College, New York, May 12, 1796

(purchased August 2016)

Item 210 Professor [Ogden] Rood's Lectuers in Physics Taken Down by M. Pupin '83 Columbia College, N. York

(Gift of John Winthrop Aldrich in memory of John Armstrong Chanler, November 2014)

Item 211 Lectures on Physics Electricy delivered by Prof. [Ogden] Rood, Columbia College. Taken Down by M. Pupin '83 New Yorkm Spring Term 1882.

(Gift of John Winthrop Aldrich in memory of John Armstrong Chanler, November 2014)

Item 212 M. Pupin's Translation into English Prose of Oedipus Tyrannus by Sophocles. Brooklyn, June, July and August 1881

(Gift of John Winthrop Aldrich in memory of John Armstrong Chanler, November 2014)

Item 213 Greek notes of M. Pupin, 1880. Latin notes on Linius, 1881

(Gift of John Winthrop Aldrich in memory of John Armstrong Chanler, November 2014)

Item 214 Department of Biology, Outline of Lectures, 1883

Item 215 Lectures on Logic and English Literature by Dr. [John] McVickar as taken by J.A. Manley, Second Term Junior, New York, 1857

Item 216 Manuscript notes and notes taken from John Dewey's lectures by Alice Chipman and Marion Dwight

(From: Philosophy Department, Professor Justus Buechler)

Item 217 Diary of Philip Krapp (CC 1940), 1937

donated by Nicholas Adams in August 2020

Item 218 Course 15 Field Book of Thomas Knapp Taft, 1904

Surveying notes of Thomas K. Taft (EM 1909) who was part of "Squad 7"