Columbia University Archives

Columbia College records, 1875-2022, bulk 1969-1987

Series II. Columbia College Council, 1950-1978

This series is arranged overall in chronological order. The folders within each box are arranged in alphabetical order by title. In March 1951, the organization of the Columbia College Council was established upon the recommendations of the Committee on Organization. (Organization of Columbia College Council as adopted from recommendations of Committee on Organization(March 15, 1951: i.)) In December 1954, through their Committee on Education, the Columbia College Council was created for the purpose of advising on policy in matters affecting the welfare and development of Columbia College. The council membership was capped at thirty, of which six would be ex-officio members: (1) the Dean of Columbia College, (2) the Dean of Students of Columbia College, (3) the President of the Association of the Alumni of Columbia College, (4) The Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Association of the alumni of Columbia College, (5) the General Chairman of the Columbia College Fund and (6) the Director of Development of Columbia College. (Organization of Columbia College Council as adopted from recommendations of Committee on Organization(March 15, 1951: 2.))

Under Article VII, the Columbia College Council established nine Standing Committees: (1) Executive Committee, (2) Committee on Budget, (3) Committee on Citizenship Center, (4) Committee on College Buildings and Grounds, (5) Committee on College Development, (6) Committee on Education, (7) Committee on Nominations, (8) Committee on Public Relations and (9) Committee on Student Opinion. Under Article VIII, the Chairman of the Council shall be empowered to appoint special committees as the chair considers appropriate and necessary. (Organization of Columbia College Council as adopted from recommendations of Committee on Organization(March 15, 1951: 1-6.))

The Columbia College Council Minutes, in turn, provide an account of the interactions of the Columbia College Council during the years of (1950-1971). The minutes provide insight into the role of the Association of the Alumni of Columbia College, fundraising efforts, Columbia's Community Relations attempts and Welfare of Community Council in the College during these years. Also provided in the minutes is information about student issues and records of funding drives.

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Box 23 Bylaws, 1951, 1965-1966

1 folder; 1 binder

Box 23 Correspondence, 1958-1961

Box 23 Minutes, 1950-1963

4 binders

Box 24 Records of Columbia College--Minutes and Correspondence Correspondence of the Alumni Council/Alumni Federation--Inventory, 1949-1967

Box 24 Meeting Minutes #2, 1951-1957

2 folders

Box 24 Correspondence, 1949-1957

Box 24 1924; Class of, 1950-1957

Box 24 Walter F. Koppisch; Memorial to, 1954-1955

Box 24 Alumni Association--Correspondence, 1955-1967

2 folders

Box 24 Alumni Federation--Correspondence, 1962-1966

3 folders

Box 24 Finances, 1964

Box 25 Council Minutes, 1963-1966

4 folders

Box 102 Council, 1958-1971

Box 102 By-laws, 1958-1967

Box 102 Committee on the Budget, 1961-1963

Box 102 Committee on Buildings and Grounds, 1969

Box 102 Committee on Citizenship Program, 1963-1966

Box 102 Committee on Education, 1968-1970

Box 102 Committee on the Future of Fraternities, 1964-1965

Box 102 Committee on Nominating, 1959-1964

Box 102 Committee on Wills, 1963-1965

Box 102 Correspondence--General, 1964-1969

Box 102 Minutes, 1965-1971

Box 102 Columbia College Fund, 1958-1978

Box 102 Alumni Association, 1977-1978

Box 102 25th Fund, 1977

Box 102 Board of Directors, 1963-1971

Box 102 Minutes, 1962-1971

2 folders

Box 102 By-Laws and Amendments, 1960-1966

Box 102 Amended By-Laws, 1977

Box 102 Committee on Corporations and Foundation Gifts, 1960-1965

Box 102 Correspondence with Donors, 1968-1971

2 folders

Box 102 General, 1958-1971

Box 102 John Jay Associates, 1961-1971

2 folders

Box 102 Prospective Members, 1966

Box 102 McArthur Chair in History, 1962-1970

Box 102 Mailings, 1960-1971

2 folders