Columbia University Archives

"Records of civilization" records, 1915-1954

Series I. Correspondence, 1915-1954

This series contains the correspondence between the series editor, Austin P. Evans, and the authors and representatives at Columbia University Press (CUP). The records are organized by the title of the work and/or the author of the original ancient or medieval text to be translated and annotated. The files include correspondence with the translators and/or commentators and the representatives from Columbia University Press. There are also files with published reviews.

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Box 1 Abelard's Sic et Non (not published by Columbia), 1938-1946

(Richard McKeon)

Al-Taftazani's A commentary on the creed of Islam, 1930-1949

(Earl Edgar Elder)

Ambroise's The crusade of Richard Lion-Heart, 1940-1942

(John L. La Monte and Merton Jerome Hubert)

Andreas Capellanus's The art of courtly love, 1939-1941

(John Jay Parry)

Bodin's Method for the easy comprehension of history, 1939-1949

(Beatrice Reynolds)

Boniface's Letters (The letters of Saint Boniface), 1932-1942

(Ephraim Emerton)

Book of the Popes, Reviews, 1917

(Louise Ropes Loomis)

Brant's Narrenschiff (Ship of Fools), 1942-1946

(Edwin H. Zeydel)

Cassiodorus's An introduction to divine and human readings, 1939-1946

(Leslie Webber Jones)

Castellio's De haereticis (Concerning Heretics), 1930-1935

(Roland H. Bainton)

Cato's De agri cultura (On Farming), 1928-1935

(Ernest Brehaut)

Conquest of Lisbon (De expugnatione Lyxbonensi), 1932-1936

(Charles Wendell David)

Copernicus Astronomy (Three Copernican treatises), 1937-1951

(Edward Rosen)

English translations from medieval sources, bibliography, 1929-1951

(Clarissa P. Farrar and Austin P. Evans (2 folders))

Gesta Friderici (The deeds of Frederick Barbarrosa), 1930-1953

(Charles Christopher Mierow)

Gregory VII, Letters, 1930-1932

(Ephraim Emerton)

Erasmus's Institutio principis Christiani (The education of a Christian prince),, 1927-1937

(Lester K. Born)

Gregory of Tours's Historia Francorum (History of the Franks), 1924-1939

(Ernest Brehaut)

Gregory of Tours, Reviews, 1917

Hellenistic Civilization (unpublished), 1929-1933

(Harry Mortimer Hubbell (H.M. Hubbell))

Hellenic Civilization, Reviews, 1915-1916

(G. W. Botsford and E. G. Sihler)

Helmold's Cronica Slavorum (The chronicle of the Slavs), 1928-1936

(Francis Joseph Tschan)

History of History, 1923-1927

(James T. Shotwell)

History of History, Reviews, 1923

History of Mar Yaballaha (Yaballaha III), 1925-1927

(James A. Montgomery)

Irish History Sources (The sources for the early history of Ireland),, 1923-1935

(James F. Kenney)

Box 2 Jean de Venette (The chronicle of Jean de Venette), 1929-1954

(Jean Birdsall and Richard A. Newhall)

Lanzelet; a romance of Lancelot, 1948-1951

(Kenneth G. T. Webster and Roger Sherman Loomis)

Literature of the New Testament, 1932-1941

(Ernest Findlay Scott)

Literature of the New Testament, Reviews, 1922-1924

Liutprand's Antapodosis (unpublished), 1928-1929

(Frances Harper and Loren C. MacKinney)

Macrobius's Commentary on the dream of Scipio, 1939-1951

(William Harris Stahl)

Odo of Deuil's De profectione Ludovici VII in orientem, 1941-1951

(Virginia Gingerick Berry)

Old Norwegian Law (The earliest Norwegian laws), 1928-1935

(Laurence M. Larson)

Orosius (The seven books of history against the pagans; the apology of Paulus Orosius),, 1923-1937

(Irving Woodworth Raymond)

Otto of Freising (The two cities; a chronicle of universal history to the year 1146 A.D.), 1919-1929, 1146, 1919-1929

(Charles Christopher Mierow)

Papal Finance (Papal revenues in the Middle Ages), 1925-1936

(William E. Lunt)

Pascal's Equilibrium of Liquids (The physical treatises of Pascal: the equilibrium of liquids and the weight of the mass of the air),, 1931-1937

(Frederick Barry)

Peasant Life in Old German Epics (Meier Helmbrecht and Der arme Heinrich),, 1926-1936

(Clair Hayden Bell)

Penitentials (Medieval handbooks of penance), 1925-1939

(John T. McNeill and Helena M. Gamer)

Peterborough Chronicle, 1939-1951

(Harry A. Rositzke)

Philip de Novare's The wars of Frederick II against the Ibelins in Syria and Cyprus,, 1930-1936

(John L. La Monte and Merton Jerome Hubert)

Puritan Tracts (Tracts on liberty in the Puritan Revolution), 1929-1937

(William Haller)

Redentin Easter play (Das Redentiner Spiel), 1936-1941

(A. E. Zucker)

Robert de Clari's Conquest of Constantinople, 1930-1935

(Edgar Holmes McNeal)

Russian Law (Medieval Russian laws), 1939-1947

(George Vernadsky)

Salvianus's On the government of God, 1927-1932

(Eva M. Sanford.)

See of Peter, 1925-1927

(James T. Shotwell and Louise Ropes Loomis)

Social and Economic History (A guide to the printed materials for English social and economic history, 1750-1850),, 1920-1926

(Judith Blow Williams)

University records (University records and life in the Middle Ages),, 1937-1954

(Lynn Thorndike)

Usamah's An Arab-Syrian gentleman and warrior in the period of the crusades,, 1928-1930

(Philip K. Hitti)

William of Tyre's A history of deeds done beyond the sea, 1925-1948

(Emily Atwater Babcock and A. C. Krey)

Zabara's The book of delight, 1928-1932

(Moses Hadas and Merriam Sherwood)