Columbia University Archives

Office of the Secretary records, 1866-2004

Series VIII: Reports and By-Laws, 1923-1992

This box contains copies of various reports and by-laws once maintained by the Office of the Secretary. These materials were transferred from that office to the University Archives in 1997.

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Box VIII.1 Folder 1 Presidential Commission on Academic Priorities in The Arts and Sciences, 1979

(2 copies)

Box VIII.1 Folder 2 Periodic Review Report (for Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and Commission on Higher Education), 1991

Box VIII.1 Folder 3 The Benefactors of Columbia University, 1990

Box VIII.1 Folder 4 The Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York, Medical Staff By-Laws Rules & Regulations, 1983

Box VIII.1 Folder 5 The Progress and Promise of Columbia University in the City of New York, 1967

Box VIII.1 Folder 6 Presidential Commission on the Future of the University, Working Group on Structure and Organization of the University: Final Report, 1986 (1989?)

Box VIII.1 Folder 7 Preliminary Bibliography of the History of Columbia University by Sarah Henry Lederman and Lawrence A. Cremin, 1990

(5 copies)

Box VIII.1 Folder 8 Memos related to Preliminary Bibliography of the History of Columbia University from Lawrence Cremin, 1989-1990

Box VIII.1 Folder 9 Self-Study Document (in accordance with the Requirement of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Higher Education), 1985

Box VIII.1 Folder 10 Problems and Priorities in Academic Facilities Planning, by James S. Young, 1974

Box VIII.1 Folder 11 Columbia University: A Study of Organization and Administration, 1969

Box VIII.1 Folder 12 Teachers College: Statutes and By-Laws and Other Official Documents, 1986

Box VIII.1 Folder 13 General Studies: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS degree), documents, 1986

Box VIII.1 Folder 14 Management and Planning Institute for Higher Education, Graduate School of Business, 1971

Box VIII.1 Folder 15 Various Minutes in one binder (Executive Officer's Notes on Expediting Committee Meetings; Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Joint Administrative Board; Minutes of the Committee on Plans for Medical Center Laundry; Minutes of the Trustees Committee on Buildings and Grounds), 1923-1924, 1924-1927, 1926, 1936-1940

Box VIII.1 Folder 16 Columbia University Priorities Planning Conference at Arden House, Harriman, New York, 1974

Box VIII.1 Folder 17 The Role of the Trustees of Columbia University: The Report of the Special Trustees Committee Adopted by the Trustees November 4, 1957, 1957

Box VIII.1 Folder 18 Barnard College: Charters, By-Laws, Statutes and Intercorporate Agreement, with amendments to January 1, 1975 (2 copies), 1975

Box VIII.1 Folder 19 Teachers College: Statutes and By-Laws and Other Official Documents as Amended to May 12, 1966, 1966

(2 copies)

Box VIII.1 Folder 20 Research Policy Handbook, 1992

Box VIII.1 Folder 21 The Promise of Tax Reform ed. by Joseph A. Pechman [book of the American Assembly], 1985