Columbia University Archives

Office of the Secretary records, 1866-2004

Series V: Office Files, 1946-1997

This series contains correspondence, office files and information binders.

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Subseries V.1: Office Files and Binders, 1962-1997

These boxes contain binders of information and other materials (notes, correspondence, memos, reports, etc.) from the files in the Office of the Secretary. Materials were created during the tenure of Secretaries Betty Jemmott, Corinne Rieder, interim Secretary DiAnn K. Pierce and R. Keith Walton, but also contain materials that date from earlier administrations. They were received in March 2000, but were not given an accession number until November, 2001, and are housed in five record cartons. It also includes a record carton containing three binders of information concerning the Committee on Logo received in December 2001 (Acc.No. 2001-051).

Telephone and Fax

Box V.1 Folder 1 1991-1992

Box V.1 Folder 2 1992-1993

Box V.1 Folder 3 1993-1994

Box V.1 Folder 4 1994-1995

Box V.1 Folder 5 1995-1996


Box V.1 Folder 6 Transition - Presidential Search invoices, 1993

Box V.1 Folder 7 Presidential Search – closed accounts, 1992-1994

Box V.1 Folder 8 Standing and Subcommittee Assignments, Advisory Council Membership, 1977-1988

Box V.1 Folder 9 Special Committee of the Trustees - Memoranda and Report, 1968

Named Professorships

Box V.1 Folder 10 1962, 1971-1979

Box V.1 Folder 11 1982-1984

Box V.1 Folder 12 1996-1997


Box V.1 Folder 13 Plan, Charts from Joe Meisel, John Benso, 1996-1997


Box V.1 Folder 14 Notes, 1993

Box V.1 Folder 15 Book Responses, circa 1990

Box V.1 Folder 16 History, 1996-1997


Box V.1 Folder 17 1985-1986

Box V.1 Folder 18 1980-1983

Box V.1 Folder 19 Trustee Minutes [Draft?], 1997 February


Box V.2 Folder 1-3 Notes, circa 1989, 3 folders

Box V.2 Folder 4 Materials, 1988-1990

Box V.2 Folder 5 Questionnaire, 1990

Box V.2 Folder 6 Other, 1989

Box V.2 Folder 7-9 Rough Notes, 1989, 3 folders

Box V.2 Folder 10 Salo Wittmayer Baron Professorship Establishment Reception Program [loose], 1979 May 2

Box V.2 Folder 11 Report of the Review Committee for the School of Library Service [loose], 1990

Box V.2 Folder 12 Strategic Planning Session, Bureau of Service Operations, Family and Adult Services at Sterling Forest Conference Center, 1985 March 21-22

Box V.2 Folder 13 Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, 1986-1987

Box V.2 Folder 14 Tax on Gift and Res.FDS, 1983

Box V.2 Folder 15 Teachers College, 1976

Box V.2 Folder 16 Telephone Card, 1983

Box V.2 Folder 17 University Senate, 1969-1971, 1979-1986

Box V.2 Folder 18 Financial Reports, 1984-1985

Box V.2 Folder 19 Schedule of Fees, 1984-1987

Box V.2 Folder 14 Hardung, Mason, 1979

Box V.2 Folder 15 Emeritus List (II), 1980-1984

Box V.3 Folder 1 Telecommunications Coordinator Manual, 1988-1990

Box V.3 Folder 2 Strategic Planning Commission - Reports of the Task Force, 1993

Box V.3 Folder 3 Notebook of Information

Advisory Councils, 1970-1983

Committee Assignment, 1971-1977

Congratulation, 1972

Condolence, 1970-1986

Congratulations, 1973

Emeritus Designation, 1971-1982

Flowing Phrases, 1974-1977

Job Application, 1977

Memorial Minute, 1972-1977

General, 1968-1984

Retirement, 1970-1982

Honorary Degree Citation, 1967-1978

Named Professorships, 1970-1982

Recommendation, 1974-1981

Plaques, 1975

Prizes and Awards, 1971-1973

Resignation, 1970-1981

Solicitations, 1975

Report to Donor, 1976-1979

Thank You, 1971-1983

Annual Fund, 1976-1977

Continued Support, 1973-1977

Memorial, 1976

Matching Gifts, 1976

Pledge, 1977

Research, 1976

Tribute, 1970-1977

Trustee Resolutions, 1971-1977

Grant Proposals, 1975

Box V.3 Folder 4 Statutes, 1974-1986

Box V.3 Folder 5 Priorities Planning Conference, 1974

Box V.4 Folder 1 Staff Procedures Manual - Health Sciences, 1987

Box V.4 Folder 2 Staff Procedures Manual - Health Sciences Appendices, 1987

Box V.4 Folder 3 Working at Columbia, 1995

Box V.4 Folder 4 Columbia University Personnel Policy Manual, 1976-1992

Box V.4 Folder 5 Columbia University Affirmative Action Plan, 1994

Box V.4 Folder 6 Columbia University Committee Book [Trustee Appointed Committees], 1984

Box V.4 Folder 7 Columbia University Purchasing Policy Procedures, 1980-1983

Box V.5 Folder 1 Committee on Logos of the University (3 binders); Correspondence re: agreement to license University marks, 1984, 1990

Subseries V.2: Correspondence, 1967-1995

These files were transferred to the University Archives from the Office of the Secretary at an unknown date, but presumably in the late 1990s. They consist of some alphabetical subject/correspondence files (e.g. appointment letters, emeritus designations, crank letters, South Africa, etc.) as well as general correspondence files from 1980-1995 (bulk 1986-1990) which were found loose and arranged chronologically by archives staff. The general correspondence files consist primarily of letters to and from Secretaries of the University Marion E. Jemmott and Corinne H. Rieder who would answer routine questions about University history, alumni attendance, professor appointments, use of the Seal and other similar topics. All folders are now acid-free, original folder titles were maintained if deemed appropriate and new folder titles were created as needed. Metal was not removed and some file contents may not be in exact chronological order.

Box V.6 Folder 1 Appointment Letters: Other Institutions, 1973-1975, 1989


Box V.6 Folder 2 1980-1985

Box V.6 Folder 3 1986

Box V.6 Folder 4 1987

Box V.6 Folder 5 1988 January-April

Box V.6 Folder 6 1988 May-December

Box V.6 Folder 7 1989

Box V.6 Folder 8 1990, 1992, 1995

Box V.6 Folder 9 Correspondence - Not Answered, 1989 March-April

Box V.6 Folder 10 Cards (ID, Photocopy), 1980, 1984

Box V.6 Folder 11 Central Files List, undated

Box V.6 Folder 12 Crank Letters, 1972-1994

Box V.6 Folder 13 Dataflex [invoices for equipment repair], 1986-1988

Box V.6 Folder 14 Deans, Directors and Chairmen, 1977, 1981

Box V.6 Folder 15-16 Emeritus Correspondence, 1981-1987, 2 folders

Box V.6 Folder 17 Emeritus Designations & Correspondence, 1967-1987

Box V.6 Folder 18 Emeritus & Retired Officers, Brookdale Survey, 1982-1983, 1987

Box V.6 Folder 19 Investment Steering Committee, 1993 June-December

Box V.6 Folder 20 Investment Steering Committee, 1994 March, June

Box V.6 Folder 21 South Africa Correspondence, 1985

Subseries V.3: Procedures Binder, 1946-1977

This box of documents was located in a record carton with other materials in Low 408C, to which was appended a note in DH's handwriting. Accessioned as 2002-019 by M. Pettit 4/22/2002, foldered and shelved. The divided binder contained procedural information for the Secretary's use, as well as copies of intra-office correspondence on sensitive matters and a copy of a 1966 handwritten report on faculty attrition. The documents within each divided section of the binder have been left as found, but staples and paperclips were removed.

Box V.7 Folder 1 Ad hoc committees, Additional Compensation, Administrative Assistants, Appointment Procedures, 1966-1977

Box V.7 Folder 2 Officers of Instruction, Special Lecturers, 1966-1977

Box V.7 Folder 3 Officers of Research, Administrative Staff Appointments – President and Secretary, Leaves of Absence, Exemption from Teaching Duties, Oath of Allegiance, 1966-1977

Box V.7 Folder 4 I.D. Cards, Salary Scale, Payroll, Statistical Reports, Termination Action Form, Travel Allowance, Vacation Allowance, Visiting Scholar, Form Letter, 1966-1977

Box V.7 Folder 5 Report on Faculty Attrition, 1946-1966