Columbia University Archives

Morningside Area Alliance records, 1947-1992

Series IX: Photographs, 1949-1969

This series is comprised of the photographic materials in the collection which were not already filed with the materials of another series. Photographs located in the files of another series have been left there and their presence noted in the container list. Included in this series are a large number of promotional photos from the various sponsoring institutions, along with many photographs of buildings and facilities in Morningside Heights. Most of these photos were created or collected for use in reports published by the Alliance. Also included are the contents of a photo exhibit displaying the photography of Richard Conrad depicting mostly street scenes around Morningside Heights as well as the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The text of the exhibit, though it has not been associated with any particular group of photos, has also been retained.

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Box 94 Folder 1 Demolition and Opening Ceremonies for Morningside Gardens, 1955, 1957, 1955, 1957

Box 94 Folder 2 Morningside Buildings, Aerials, and Site for Morningside Gardens, 1949-1954

Box 94 Folder 3 Institutional Buildings and Drawings: Columbia University, Barnard, St. Luke's, Interchurch Center, Morningside House,, undated

Box 94 Folder 4 Columbia University Institutional and Morningside Building Elements, circa, 1964

Box 94 Folder 5 Morningside Heights Street Scenes and Activities, Adult Youth Association Events, circa, 1963

Box 94 Folder 6 St. Hilda's School, Morningside Heights Activities, circa, 1963

Box 94 Folder 7 Morningside Junior Library, circa, 1963

Box 94 Folder 8 Morningside Heights Street Scenes and Activities, Adult Youth Association Events, Stone Gym Events, circa 1963-1966q

Box 94 Folder 9 Stone Gym Youth Activities, circa, 1963

Box 94 Folder 10 Music Program "The Singing School" with Rolla Foley, Richard Conrad Photos,, 1952-1954

Box 94 Folder 11 26th Precinct Community Council: Negatives and Contact Sheets, 1966

Box 95 Folder 3 Residents, Events, and Building of Morningside Heights from Barney Weinberg Files,, undated

Box 100 Folder 11 Youth Report, 1962

Box 100 Folder 12 Institutional Publicity and Morningside Heights Inc. officials, undated

Box 100 Folder 13 Police Merit Awards, 1958, 1960, 1958, 1960

Box 100 Folder 14 General, aerial not of New York and photographic prints of drawings including Statue of Liberty,, undated

Box 100 Folder 15 Board of Directors Dinner at Radio City Music Hall Apartment Suite, 21, April 1955

Box 100 Folder 16 Morningside Manhattanville Redevelopment Survey, circa, 1950

Box 100 Folder 17 Community, Morningside Heights Inc. Officials, and Morningside Model, circa, 1950

Box 100 Folder 18 T.C. Advisory Committee 125 Program, 27, March 1953

Box 100 Folder 19 PS 36 Sculpture, circa, 1968

Box 100 Folder 21 to 22 PS 125 Music Festival, 1957-1958 (2 Folders), 1957-1958

Box 100 Folder 23 PS 125 Parents Association and MC Association blocking 123 St, undated

Box 100 Folder 24 to 25 Morningside Park Music Festival, 1956-1957 (2 Folders), 1956-1957

Box 100 Folder 26 Morningside Park Music Festival with "A Proposal for a Community Music Program in Morningside Park,", 1955-1956


Box 100 Folder 27 Barnard, Cathedral of St John the Divine, Columbia University, 1950-1958 and undated, 1950-1958, undated

Box 100 Folder 28 Jewish Theological Seminary, Interchurch Center, Riverside Cathedral, St Luke's Hospital, Union Theological Seminary, circa, 1955

Box 102 Folder 31 Police Merit Awards, circa, 1958

Box 117 Folder 9 Text for Richard Conrad Exhibition, circa, 1963

Box 117 Folder 10 Rotary Club of Upper Manhattan Event, undated

Box 117 Folder 11 Press Kit for Richard Conrad Exhibition, 1963

Box 117 Folder 12 Morningside Street Scenes, Survey, and Morningside Heights Inc. Programming,, 1950-1962

Box 117 Folder 13 Morningside Street Scenes and People, 1946-1966 (includes negatives), 1946-1966

Box 117 Folder 14 to 15 Institutional Photos, undated (2 Folders, includes negatives), undated

Box 117 Folder 16 Buildings and Sites, mostly Morningside Gardens, 1954-1969 (includes negatives), 1954-1969

Box 117 Folder 17 Morningside Gardens: Demolition and Occupancy Ceremonies, 1954, 1957, 1954, 1957

Box 117 Folder 18 Community Health Services, undated

Box 120 Folder 1 to 3 Richard Conrad Exhibit: Morningside Street Scenes and Activities, circa 1963 (3 Folders), 1963

Box 120 Folder 4 Street Scenes and Programs by Morningside Heights Inc., 1950-1966

Box 120 Folder 5 Mr. Edward Solomon, Youth Athletics, circa, 1963

Box 120 Folder 6 Adult Youth Association: Group Trip to 1 Sheridan Square Theatre in the Village for "Tiniest Town in Mexico", 16, April, 1962

Box 120 Folder 7 Edward C. Solomon and Staff, Jim Young at Columbia Community Athletic Field, circa, 1963

Box 120 Folder 8 Various Street Scenes around Morningside, circa, 1963

Box 120 Folder 9 Unidentified Couple, undated

Box 121 Folder 1 Contact Sheets for photos of Morningside Institutions, undated

Publication Photographs

Box 121 Folder 2 Columbia Institutional, undated

Box 121 Folder 3 International House, Teachers College, Barnard, Jewish Theological Seminary, St. Hilda's and St. Hugh's School, St. Luke's institutional,, undated

Box 121 Folder 4 Morningside Scenes and Buildings, undated

Box 121 Folder 5 to 6 Design Elements and Cropped Images, undated (2 Folders), undated

Box 121 Folder 7 Morningside Scenes and Harmony Building, undated

Box 169 Folder 2 Text for Richard Conrad Exhibition, circa, 1963