Columbia University Archives

C.S. (Chien-Shiung) Wu Papers, 1945-1994, bulk 1960-1979

Series VI. Speeches and Lectures, 1958-1984

This series includes speeches and lectures by Wu with a few by others. A folder of speeches in Chinese was unlabeled. Of particular note is Dr. Moche's interview with Wu on women in physics.

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Box 9 Folder 13 Acceptance Speech for 1958 Research Contribution Award, 1958, 1958, 1958

Box 9 Folder 14 Acceptance Speech for 1975 Tom Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics-Subtleties and Surprises, 1975, 1975, 1975

Box 9 Folder 15 Address at the Golden Anniversary of Sigma Delta Epsilon, 1971

Box 9 Folder 16 Address on Receipt of Chinatown Planning Council Woman of the Year Award, 1979

Box 9 Folder 17 Committee Against Genocide by Vietnam, 1979

Box 9 Folder 18 Concluding Remarks by Peter Axel, undated

Box 9 Folder 19 Double Beta Decay in Ca48 and the Conservation of Lepton, undated

Box 9 Folder 20 Dr. Moche Interview re: Women in Physics, 1974

Box 9 Folder 21 Impact of Science: Ended or Only Begun?, undated

Box 9 Folder 22 On the Study of Physics and its development, in Chinese, undated

Box 9 Folder 23 Michael Idvorsky at Columbia College and His Role in the Rise of Idealism in American Science, 1979

Box 9 Folder 24 The Muonic X-ray as a New Tool for Nuclear Structure Studies, undated

Box 9 Folder 25 Nishima Memorial Lecture, 1983

Box 9 Folder 26 Panel on Women in Physics Talk, 1971

Box 9 Folder 27 Recent Progress in Muonic Atoms, 1968

Box 9 Folder 28 Remarks at the Symposium on American Women in Science and Engineering, 1964

Box 9 Folder 29 Report to be Presented to Nevis Laboratory, 1969

Box 9 Folder 30 Research in Physics, 1958

Box 9 Folder 31 Research in the University of Tomorrow, 1967

Box 9 Folder 32 A Review Talk on Muonic Atoms, 1971

Box 9 Folder 33 Society of Japanese Women Scientists, undated

Box 9 Folder 34 Speech for Distinguished Contribution Award by Chia-Hsin Culture Foundation, 1965

Box 9 Folder 35 Statement of Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee, undated

Box 9 Folder 36 Subtleties and Surprises: The Contribution of Beta Decay to the Synchrotron Radio Talk, undated

Box 9 Folder 37 Talk at University of Northern Iowa, 1969

Box 9 Folder 38 Talks at Wisconsin and Padua, 1984

Box 9 Folder 39 Talks Re: Women in Science, undated

Box 9 Folder 40 Test of Time-Reversal Invariance in Electromagnetic Interactions by L.W. Mo, 1969

Box 9 Folder 41 University of Utah Frontiers of Science, 1971

Box 9 Folder 42 Unlabeled, undated

Box 9 Folder 43 Women in Higher Education by Alan Pifer, 1971