Columbia University Archives

Women's Graduate Club Portrait collection, 1920s-1930s

Series I. Portraits

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Box 1 Augur [?], Margaret

Box 1 Brown, Winnifred

Box 1 Cheney, Carleton

Box 1 Cobern, Mr. & Mrs.

Box 1 Cowl, Jane

Box 1 De Mac[gtin?], Maria

Box 1 Downs, Margaret B.

Box 1 Earhart, Amelia

Box 1 Fiske, Minnie Maddern

Box 1 Fraser, Jesie M.

Box 1 Graham, Miriam Stuart Monteith

Box 1 Gregory, Lucy

Box 1 Greve, Harriet

Box 1 Griggs, Hazel

Box 1 Haessler, Luise

Box 1 Hardy, Sarah Drowne Belcher

Box 1 Higgins, Rachael

Box 1 Hull, Henry

Box 1 Kennedy, Madge

Box 1 Locke, S.

Box 1 Lowell, Amy

Box 1 MacDougall, Mary Stuart

Box 1 Madeleva, Sister M.

Box 1 Marlowe (Sothern), Julia

Box 1 Merivale, [Eva?]

Box 1 Merivale, Philip

Box 1 Morley, Christopher

Box 1 Morris, Alice

Box 1 Nonita ?

Box 1 O'Brian-Moore, Erin

Box 1 Pollock

Box 1 Powell, Nancy

Box 1 Read, Sue

Box 1 Skinner, Otis

Box 1 Sothern, E.H. (Edward Hugh)

Box 1 Standing, Guy

Box 1 Taintor, August a

Box 1 Upton, Dorothy

Box 1 Weed, Bertha Elaine

Box 1 Wilson, Florence

Box 1 Wylie, Elinor

Box 1 Unidentified portraits (19 items)