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The American Assembly records, 1950-2008

Series II. Assembly meeting records, 1951-2006

The Assembly meeting records - national and regional conferences - are available as bound volumes. These "editorial and other papers" volumes contain information about the opening ceremonies, speeches, press statements, photographs, round table digests, final report and final printed documents. There are also the first booklets or brochures relating to Arden House and the American Assembly. The papers include editorial, public relations, advance preparation, and the actual conduct of the Assembly. They are not complete and they were originally compiled to give later officers of the American Assembly an idea of how the Assemblies were planned and administered. Volumes are organized by Assembly number and then chronologically. Background papers prepared for the Assemblies and the Final Reports can be found either as part of the volume or as a separate bound volume. For final reports and revisions, see Series III. Publications.

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Box 2 First American Assembly - U.S.-Western European Relationships, 1951 May

Box 2 United States-Western Europe relationships as viewed within the present world-wide international environment, 1951 August

(A compilation of research reports, documents, and other pertinent information designed to be used as a background for discussion. Published in August 1951 by The American Assembly, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University.)

Box 2 Second and Third American Assemblies - Inflation: Its Causes, Consequences and Cures, and A Re-Appraisal of Inflation., 1952 May and December

Box 3 Inflation Issues and Problems: The Work Book, Volumes I-V, 1952

Box 4 Fourth American Assembly - Economic Security for Americans, 1953 November

(Also sometimes referred to as the Third American Assembly)

Box 4 Fifth American Assembly - The US Stake in the UN: Problems of UN Charter Review, 1954 July-August

Box 4 Sixth American Assembly - The Federal Government Service: Its Character, Prestige, and Problems, 1954 October

Box 4 The Federal Government Service: Its Character, Prestige, and Problems, 1954

(Background papers prepared for the use of participants and the Final Report of the Sixth American Assembly)

Box 4 Seventh American Assembly - United States Agriculture, 1955 May

Eighth American Assembly - The Forty-eight States: Their Tasks as Policy Makers and Administrators (State Government)

Box 5 Arden House Assembly, 1955 October

Box 5 Southern Assembly, 1956 April

Box 5 Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1956 June

Box 5 New Mexico Assembly, 1956 September

1956 September

Box 5 California Assembly, 1956 September

1956 September

Box 5 Oklahoma Assembly and Wyoming Assembly, 1957 November

1957 November

Box 4 Illinois Assembly, 1958 February; Vermont Assembly, 1958 September; Massachusetts Assembly, 1959 April; Arkansas Assembly, 1959 June., 1958-1959


Ninth American Assembly - The Representation of the United States Abroad

Box 5 Arden House Assembly, 1956 May

1956 May

Box 5 Mid-American Assembly, 1957 January; Southern Assembly, 1957 January; Memphis Assembly, 1957 March, 1957

Box 6 Western Assembly, 1957 March

1957 March

Tenth American Assembly - United States and the Far East

Box 6 Arden House Assembly, 1956 November

1956 November

Box 6 Midwest Assembly, 1957 March; Cleveland Conference, 1957 April; Duke American Assembly, 1957 June; Western Regional Conference, 1957 June, 1957

Box 6 Twin Cities High School Assembly, 1958 March; Southeastern Assembly, 1958 April; Dallas Assembly, 1958 February, 1958

Eleventh American Assembly - International Stability and Progress: United States Interests and Instruments

Box 6 Arden House Assembly, 1957 May

1957 May

Box 6 Berkeley Assembly, 1957 September; Midwest Assembly, 1957 October; Southern Assembly, 1958 January; Memphis Assembly, 1958 March, 1957-1958

Box 6 Central States Assembly, 1958 October; Air Force Academy Assembly, 1959 April; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1959 January, 1958-1959

Twelfth American Assembly - Atoms for Power

Box 7 Arden House Assembly, 1957 October

1957 October

Box 7 Southern Assembly, 1958 April; Mid-America Assembly, 1958 October; Florida Assembly, 1958 October, 1958

Thirteenth American Assembly - The United States and Africa

Box 7 Arden House Assembly, 1958 May

Box 7 Western Assembly, 1958 October; Rocky Mountain Assembly, 1958 October; Southern Assembly, 1959 January, 1958-1959

Box 7 Michigan State Teachers Assembly, 1959 June; Mid-West Intercollegiate Assembly, 1960 April; Phelps-Stokes Assembly, 1964 November; Kansas City Assembly, 1959 October-November; Illinois Assembly, 1960 February-March, 1959-1960

Fourteenth American Assembly - United States Monetary Policy

Box 8 Arden House Assembly, 1958 October

(Volume I)

Box 8 Southern Methodist Assembly, 1959 March; Duke Assembly, 1959 March; Western Assembly, 1959 May, 1959

(Volume II)

Fifteenth American Assembly - Wages, Prices, Profits and Productivity

Box 8 Arden House Assembly, 1959 April-May

(Volume I)

Box 8 Western Assembly, 1959 October; University of Texas Regional Assembly, 1959 November; Vanderbilt Assembly, 1959 November; Great Lakes Assembly, 1960 June, 1959-1960

(Volume II)

Sixteenth American Assembly - The United States and Latin America

Box 8 Arden House Assembly, 1959 October

(Volume I)

Box 9 The Caribbean Assembly, 1960 March

(Volume II)

Box 9 Southern Assembly, 1960 January; Arizona Assembly, 1960 April; San Francisco Assembly, 1961 January; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1961 January, 1960-1961

(Volume III)

Box 9 Midwest Assembly, 1962 February; All Student Assembly with Manchester College, Indiana, 1964 May; Minnesota-Dakotas Assembly, 1964 June, 1962-1964

(Volume IV)

Seventeenth American Assembly - The Federal Government and Higher Education

Box 9 Arden House Assembly, 1960 May

(Volume I)

Box 9 Midwest Assembly, 1960 October; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1960 December; Southern Assembly, 1961 January; Southwest Assembly, 1961 May; Minnesota Assembly, 1961 September; Occidental Assembly, 1961 December, 1960-1961

(Volume II)

Eighteenth American Assembly - The Secretary of State

Box 10 Arden House Assembly, 1960 October

(Volume I)

Box 10 Midwest Regional Assembly, 1960 November; Associated Colleges of the Midwest Assembly, 1961 March; Rocky Mountain Assembly, 1961 June; Mid-America Assembly, 1961 November; Occidental College American Assembly, 1962 July, 1960-1962

(Volume II)

Box 10 United States Air Force Assembly, 1963 April; Principia College American Assembly, 1962 November, 1962-1963

(Volume III)

Nineteenth American Assembly - Arms Control: Issues for the Public

Box 12 Arden House Assembly, 1961 May

(Volume I)

Box 12 The European-American Assembly (Burgenstock, Switzerland), 1961 July

(Volume II)

Box 12 Creighton Assembly, 1961 November-December; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1962 January; San Francisco Assembly, 1962 February; Columbia College Citizenship Conference on Disarmament, 1962 February; Minnesota Assembly, 1962 March; United States Air Force Academy Assembly, 1962 April, 1961-1962

(Volume III)

Box 13 Western Reserve University Assembly, 1962 May; Iowa Assembly, 1962 May; Rocky Mountain Assembly, 1962 May-June; Denver High School Assembly, 1962 September; Colorado High School Assembly, 1962 October, 1962

(Volume IV)

Box 13 Ball State Assembly, 1961 May

(Volume V)

Twentieth American Assembly - Outer Space: Prospects for Man and Society

Box 13 Arden House Assembly, 1961 October

(Volume I)

Box 13 The European-American Assembly (Brighton, England), 1962 May

(Volume II)

Box 13 Southern Assembly, 1962 January; Southwestern Assembly, 1962 May; San Francisco Assembly, 1962 June; Aspen Assembly, 1963 May; Great Plains Assembly, 1963 March, 1962-1963

(Volume III)

Box 13 St. Louis Assembly, 1963 September; Air Force Assembly, 1964 April; Community Assemblies: Rice Alumni Assembly, 1962 November; Beaumont Assembly, 1963 April; Rice Alumni Assembly for High School Students, 1963 October, 1962-1964

(Volume IV)

Twenty-First American Assembly - Automation and Technological Change

Box 14 Arden House Assembly, 1962 May

(Volume I)

Box 14 California Assembly, 1962 November; Southern Assembly, 1963 January-February; San Francisco Assembly, 1963 January-February; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1963 February, 1962-1963

(Volume II)

Box 14 Tennessee-American Assembly, 1963 March; Battelle-American Assembly, 1963 May; Principia College Assembly, 1964 September; Rice Alumni Assembly, 1963 June, 1963-1964

(Volume III. See also Phelps-Stokes Assembly on this topic in the Regional Assembly Papers volume in Box 18)

Twenty-Second American Assembly - Cultural Affairs and Foreign Relations

Box 14 Arden House Assembly, 1962 October

(Volume I)

Box 15 Asian-American Assembly: Cultural Affairs and International Understanding (Kuala Lampur, Federation of Malaya), 1963 April

(Volume II)

Box 15 Occidental College-American Assembly, 1962 December; Midwest Assembly, 1963 March; Phelps-Stokes Assembly, 1963 May; Iowa-American Assembly, 1963 May, 1962-1963

(Volume II)

Box 15 Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1963 August; Duke-American Assembly, 1964 March; Mid-America Assembly, 1964 April; Ohio University Assembly, 1964 November, 1963-1964

(Volume III. See also U.S. Air Force Academy Assembly on this topic in the Regional Assembly Papers volume in Box 18)

Twenty-Third American Assembly - The Population Dilemma

Box 15 Arden House Assembly, 1963 May

(Volume I)

Box 15 Southern Assembly, 1964 January-February; Occidental Assembly, 1963 November-December; Mid-America Assembly, 1964 February ; Phelps-Stokes Intercollegiate Assembly, 1965 November, 1963-1965

(Volume II)

Box 16 Great Plains Assembly, 1964 March; Associated Colleges of the Midwest, 1963 April; Minnesota-Dakota Assembly, 1964 September; Utah State University-American Assembly, 1964 September, 1963-1964

(Volume III)

Box 16 Southwestern Assembly, 1964 May; Association of Rice Alumni Assembly, 1964 March; San Francisco Assembly, 1963 June; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1964 February; New England Assembly, 1964 April; George Washington American Assembly, 1963 November, 1963-1964

(Volume IV)

Box 16 Pan-American Assembly (Cali, Colombia), 1965 August

(Volume V)

Box 16 Alma College American Assembly, 1967 April; Chautauqua American Assembly, 1967 August, 1967

(Volume VI)

Box 16 Central American Assembly (Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio, Costa Rica), 1968 July

(Volume VII)

Twenty-Fourth American Assembly - The United States and the Middle East

Box 17 Arden House Assembly, 1963 October

(Volume I)

Box 17 San Francisco Assembly, 1964 February; Mid-American Assembly, 1964 May; Ball State Assembly, 1964 October; North Central (Albion College) Assembly, 1964 September; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1964 October; New England Assembly, 1965 April-May, 1964-1965

(Volume II. See also the Graduate Student Assembly on this topic in the Regional Assembly Papers volume in Box 18)

Twenty-Fifth American Assembly - The United States and Canada

Box 17 Arden House Assembly, 1964 April

(Volume I)

Box 17 San Francisco Assembly, 1964 November; Utah State Assembly, 1965 June; Albion College Assembly, 1965 May; Mid-America Assembly, 1965 May; Ohio Valley Assembly, 1965 January; Manchester College Assembly, 1965 March; Minnesota-Dakotas Assembly, 1965 June, 1964-1965

(Volume II)

Box 17 Eastern Canadian-American Assembly, 1964 July

Box 18 Western Canadian-American Assembly, 1964 August

Twenty-Sixth American Assembly - The Congress and America's Future

Box 18 Arden House Assembly, 1964 October-November

(Volume I)

Box 18 Occidental-American Assembly, 1964 November; Southern Assembly, 1965 January; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1965 February, 1964-1965

(Volume II)

Box 18 Air Force Academy Assembly, 1965 March-April; The George Washington University-American Assembly, 1965 May; Rocky Mountain Assembly, 1965 September; Ball State High School Assembly, 1965 October, 1965

(Volume III. See also the Phelps-Stokes Assembly and the Association of Rice Alumni Assembly on this topic in the Regional Assembly Papers volume.)

Box 18 Regional Assembly papers - Graduate Student Assembly on The United States and the Middle East, 1968 March; Phelps-Stokes Assembly on Automation and Technological Change, 1967 February; U.S. Air Force Academy Assembly on Cultural Affairs and Foreign Relations, 1966 March-April; Phelps-Stokes Assembly on The Congress and America's Future, 1968 February; Association of Rice Alumni Assembly on The Congress and America's Future, 1967 May, 1966-1968

(Papers bound together after the proper volumes were bound.)

Twenty-Seventh American Assembly - The Courts, the Public and the Law Explosion

Box 18 Arden House Assembly, 1965 April-May

(Volume IA and IB)

Box 19 The Saint Louis Assembly, 1966 May; Southwestern Assembly, 1966 May; University of California Assembly, 1966 June; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1966 June, 1966

(Volume II)

International Assembly on The United States and the Philippines

Box 19 International Assembly, 1966 February

(Volume I. The opening meeting was cosponsored by the Philippines-America Society and the "Assembly" began with an international meeting. No Arden House Assembly was ever held.)

Box 19 Fresno State College, 1966 October; Fair Lane Assembly, 1966 November; Baguio Assembly, 1967 January; Philadelphia American Assembly, 1967 March; Lewis & Clark College Assembly, 1967 September; New York Assembly, 1968 March; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1968 November, 1966-1968

(Volumes II & III)

Twenty-Eighth American Assembly - The United States and Japan

Box 20 Arden House Assembly, 1965 October

(Volume I)

Box 20 Pittsburgh Assembly, 1965 November; Southern Assembly, 1966 January; Albion College-American Assembly, 1966 February; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1966 February, 1965-1966

(Volume II)

Box 20 Occidental College-American Assembly, 1966 March; Mid-America Assembly, 1966 April; New England Assembly, 1966 May; Minnesota-Dakotas Assembly, 1966 June; Chautauqua Assembly, 1966 July; Ball State Assembly, 1966 October, 1966

(Volume III)

Box 20 United States Air Force Academy Assembly, 1972 April

(Volume IV)

Box 20 Japanese-American Assembly (Shimoda, Japan), 1967 September

Box 20 Second Japanese-American Assembly (Shimoda, Japan), 1969 September; Graduate Student Assembly, 1970 March, 1969-1970

Box 21 Third Japanese-American Assembly (Shimoda, Japan), 1972 June

Twenty-Ninth American Assembly - State Legislatures in American Politics

Box 21 Arden House Assembly, 1966 April-May

(Volume I)

Box 21 Colorado Assembly, 1966 December; Mid-America Assembly, 1966 December; Montana-Idaho Assembly, 1966 December; Northwest Assembly, 1966 December; Kent State Assembly, 1966 December, 1966

(Volume II)

Box 21 Southern Assembly, 1967 January; Occidental Assembly, 1967 January; Southeastern Assembly, 1967 March-April; Duke University Assembly, 1967 April; Kentucky-Tennessee Assembly, 1967 April, 1967

(Volume III)

Box 22 New England Assembly, 1967 September; Minnesota-Dakotas Assembly, 1967 June; Syracuse University-American Assembly, 1967 October; Texas Assembly, 1967 October; Pennsylvania Assembly, 1968 May, 1967-1968

(Volume IV)

Box 22 Central States College Association Assembly, 1971 March

International Assembly on Nuclear Power

Box 22 International Assembly (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada), 1966 June

(Volume I. No Arden House Assembly was ever held.)

Box 22 Canadian-American Assembly on Nuclear Power (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada), 1967 June

(Volume II)

Box 22 Minnesota-Dakotas Assembly, 1966 September; San Francisco Assembly, 1966 November; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1966 November; Columbia School of International Affairs Assembly, 1967 February; New England Assembly, 1967 March; Notre Dame Assembly, 1967 March; U.S. Air Force Academy Assembly, 1967 April; Cleveland Assembly, 1967 April; The George Washington University Assembly, 1967 May, 1966-1967

Thirtieth American Assembly - Challenges to Collective Bargaining

Box 23 Arden House Assembly, 1966 October

(Volume includes materials related to a Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1967 July, the only regional conference devoted to this topic.)

Thirty-First American Assembly - The United States and Eastern Europe

Box 23 Arden House Assembly, 1967 April

(Volume I)

Box 23 San Francisco Assembly, 1967 November; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1967 November; University of Texas Assembly, 1967 December; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1968 February-March; Philadelphia Assembly, 1968 March; Air Force Academy Assembly, 1968 April, 1967-1968

(Volume II)

Box 23 Kansas City Assembly, 1968 April; The George Washington University American Assembly, 1968 May; Michigan Assembly, 1968 June; Chautauqua Assembly, 1968 August; New England Assembly, 1968 December; Central Sates Assembly, 1969 October, 1968-1969

(Volume III)

Thirty-Second American Assembly - The Ombudsman

Box 24 Arden House Assembly, 1967 October

(Volume I. Also includes information about the preparation of the book Ombudsmen for American Government? (edited by Stanley V. Anderson).)

Box 24 Mid-America Assembly, 1968 March; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1968, August; Western American Assembly, 1968 June, 1968

(Volume II)

Box 24 Michigan Assembly, 1968 October; Northern New England Assembly, 1968 November; Temple University Assembly, 1969 February; University of Illinois Assembly, 1969 March; Southeastern Assembly, 1969 March; Phelps-Stokes Assembly, 1969 May, 1968-1969

(Volume III)

Thirty-Third American Assembly - Uses of the Seas

Box 24 Arden House Assembly, 1968 May

(Volume I)

Box 25 The Graduate Student Assembly (Columbia SIPA), 1969 January-February; Occidental American Assembly, 1969 February; University of Miami American Assembly, 1969 April, 1969

(Volume II)

Box 25 Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1969 May; New England Assembly, 1969 May; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1969 October; Kansas City Assembly, 1969 October, 1969

(Volume III)

Law and the Changing Society

Box 25 First Assembly (Chicago, Illinois) - in cooperation with the American Bar Association, 1968 March

(Volume I)

Box 25 Mid-America Assembly, 1969 May; Western Assembly, 1969 June, 1969

(Volume II)

Box 25 Second Assembly (Palo Alto, California), 1975 June

Thirty-Fourth American Assembly - Overcoming World Hunger

Box 26 Arden House Assembly, 1968 October

(Volume I)

Box 26 San Francisco Assembly, 1968 November; Southern Assembly, 1969 February; Philadelphia Assembly, 1969 March; Air Force Assembly, 1969 April; Canadian-American Assembly, 1969 June; Chautauqua Assembly, 1969 July; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1969 September; Michigan State Assembly, 1969 October-November; Kansas State Assembly, 1969 November; Philadelphia Student American Assembly, 1970 February, 1968-1970

(Volume II)

Thirty-Fifth American Assembly - Black Economic Development

Box 26 Arden House Assembly, 1969 April

(Volume I)

Box 27 Midwest Assembly, 1970 February-March; Southeastern Assembly, 1970 April; Middle Atlantic Assembly, 1970 April-May; New England Assembly, 1970 April-May; Western Assembly, 1970 June, 1970

(Volume II)

Thirty-Sixth American Assembly - The States and the Urban Crisis

Box 27 Arden House Assembly, 1969 October-November

(Volume I)

Box 27 Southern Assembly, 1970 January-February; Air Force Academy Assembly, 1970 April; Mid-America Assembly, 1970 June; George Washington University Assembly, 1970 June; Western Assembly, 1970 September; Southeastern Assembly, 1970 December, 1970

(Volume II)

Box 27 Texas Assembly, 1970 December; Illinois Assembly, 1971 January; Kent State University Assembly, 1971 March; Middle Atlantic Assembly, 1971 March; Rocky Mountain Assembly, 1971 March; New England Assembly, 1971 May, 1970-1971

(Volume III)

Ad Hoc Assembly on Arms Limitation

(Ad hoc Assembly programs were convened to "update and revise" past Assembly programs. )

Box 28 Arden House Assembly, 1970 March

(Most of the participants had taken part in earlier Assembly programs on Arms: Arms Control (1961) and Nuclear Weapons (1966).)

Thirty-Seventh American Assembly - The Health of Americans

Box 28 Arden House Assembly, 1970 April

(Volume I)

Box 28 Southern Assembly, 1971 January; West Coast Assembly, 1971 March; Aspen Institute Assembly, 1971 March-April; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1971 May; Kentucky and Ohio Valley Assembly, 1972 January; Southeastern Assembly, 1972 November, 1971-1972

(Volume II)

Thirty-Eighth American Assembly - The United States and the Caribbean

Box 28 Arden House Assembly, 1970 October

(Volume I)

Box 28 Air Force Academy Assembly, 1971 April; Graduate Student Assembly (Columbia SIPA), 1971 April-May; University of Miami Assembly, 1973 April, 1971-1973

(Volume II)

Student-Businessmen's Assemblies

Box 28 Columbia Graduate School of Business, 1970 October

(One-day meeting was on the subject of Student Unrest and the Business Community. Volume includes many photographs.)

Box 29 Northwestern University Assembly, 1972 January; UCLA Assembly, 1971 November; University of Pittsburgh Assembly, 1973 June, 1971-1973

Box 29 Thirty-Ninth American Assembly - The Future of American Transportation, 1971 April

(Includes the records of the Southeastern Assembly, 1972 April)

Box 29 New York City Urban Fellows Assembly (Columbia Teachers College), 1971 June

Fortieth American Assembly - Collective Bargaining in American Government

Box 29 Arden House Assembly, 1971 October

(Volume I)

Box 29 Southern Assembly, 1972 January; Western Assembly, 1972 May; University of Colorado Assembly, 1972 June; Southeastern Assembly, 1972 December; Great Lakes Assembly, 1973 March, 1972-1973

(Volume II)

Box 32 The United States and the United Nations, 1972 April

(Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1973 April.)

Forty-First American Assembly - The Future of Foundations

Box 30 Arden House Assembly, 1972 November

(Volume I)

Box 30 Western Assembly, 1973 June; Southwestern Assembly, 1973 September; Great Lakes Assembly, 1974 September, 1973-1974

(Volume II)

Forty-Second American Assembly - Prisoners in America

Box 30 Arden House Assembly, 1972 December

(Volume I)

Box 30 Southern Assembly, 1974 January; The University of Miami American Assembly, 1974 May; Western Assembly, 1973 September; Midwest American Assembly, 1974 December, 1973-1974

(Volume II)

Forty-Third American Assembly - The Changing World of Work

Box 30 Arden House Assembly, 1973 November

(Volume I)

Box 31 Southern Assembly, 1974 January; Western Assembly, 1974 May; Western Assembly of Workers, 1974 September; Rocky Mountain Assembly, 1974 November; Midwest Assembly, 1975 March, 1974-1975

(Volume II)

Box 31 Forty-Fourth American Assembly - Choosing the President, 1973 December

(Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1974 March.)

Forty-Fifth American Assembly - Land Use in America

Box 31 Arden House Assembly, 1974 April

(Volume I)

Box 31 Southeast Assembly, 1974 October; Kent State Assembly, 1974 November; Texas Assembly, 1974 December; Southern Assembly, 1975 January; New England Assembly, 1975 April; Claremont Assembly, 1975 June, 1974-1975

(Volume II)

Forty-Sixth American Assembly - Art Museums in America

Box 31 Arden House Assembly, 1974 October-November

(Volume I)

Box 32 European-American Assembly (Oxford, England), 1975 October

(Volume II)

Forty-Seventh American Assembly - The Multinational Corporation

Box 32 Arden House Assembly, 1974 December

(Volume I)

Box 32 Air Force Academy Assembly, 1975 March

(Volume II)

Box 32 Forty-Eighth American Assembly - The Records of Public Officials, 1975 April

Forty-Ninth American Assembly - Women and the American Economy

Box 32 Arden House Assembly, 1975 October-November

(Volume I)

Box 32 Southern Assembly, 1976 January; Air Force Academy Assembly, 1976 January; Southeastern Assembly, 1976 November; Michigan Assembly, 197 March; Southwestern Assembly, 1977 May, 1976-1977

(Volume II)

Box 33 Fiftieth American Assembly - Nuclear Energy, 1976 April

(Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1977 March)

Box 33 Manpower Goals for American Democracy, 1976 May

(In cooperation with the national Commission for Manpower Policy. The volume Jobs for Americans was published after this assembly. There were no regional assemblies held.)

Box 33 Regional American Assemblies on Population and Hunger: New England Assembly, 1975 June; Great Lakes Assembly, 1975 June; Great Plains Assembly, 1975 June; Southeastern Assembly, 1975 July; Southwestern Assembly, 1975 September; Western Assembly, 1975 October, 1975

(No Arden House Assembly was held since this program was a continuation of two previous American Assemblies: Population Dilemma (1963) and Overcoming World Hunger (1968).)

Fifty-First American Assembly - Capital Needs of the U.S.: The Next Decade

Box 34 Arden House Assembly, 1976 October

(Volume I)

Box 34 Southern Assembly, 1977 January; Southwestern Assembly, 1977 March-April; Pittsburgh Assembly, 1978 February, 1977-1978

(Volume II)

Box 34 American Assembly on Death, Taxes and Family Property, 1976 December

(This Assembly grew out of an agenda item on wealth transmission from the Second American Assembly on Law and the Changing Society, which was held in Palo Alto, CA in June 1975.)

Fifty-Second American Assembly - The Ethics of Corporate Conduct

Box 34 Arden House Assembly, 1977 April

(Volume I)

Box 34 National Capital Assembly, 1977 November; Southern Assembly, 1978 January; Air Force Academy Assembly, 1978 March; Southwestern Assembly, 1978 June; Ohio Assembly, 1978 July, 1977-1978

(Volume II. The regional assemblies on The Ethics of Corporate Conduct and on Corporate Governance are found in the same volume. Two are on Ethics; one on Governance; and two on both subjects.)

Fifty-Third American Assembly - The Future of the Performing Arts

Box 35 Arden House Assembly, 1977 November

(Volume I)

Box 35 Southern Assembly, 1979 January; Mid-America Assembly, 1979 September; Great Lakes Assembly, 1980 September; Northeast Assembly, 1981 September, 1979-1981

(Volume II)

Fifty-Fourth American Assembly - Corporate Governance in America

Box 35 Arden House Assembly, 1978 April

(The regional assemblies on this subject are found together with those of the Fifty-Second American Assembly, Volume II)

Box 35 The American Assembly on Presidential Nominations and the Media, 1978 May

(Held at Seven Springs Center. Arden House was not available.)

Box 35 The American Assembly on Youth Employment, 1979 August

(Youth Employment and Public Policy. In association with the National Commission on Employment Policy).

Box 36 Fifty-Fifth American Assembly - Improving Energy Efficiency, 1978 November

(Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1979 April, and the Great Plains Assembly, 1979 October.)

Box 36 Fifty-Sixth American Assembly - The Integrity of Higher Education, 1979 March-April

(Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1980 March.)

Fifty-Seventh American Assembly - Mexican-American Relations

Box 36 Arden House Assembly, 1979 November

(Volume I)

Box 36 Binational American Assembly, 1980 October-November

(Volume II. Also held at Arden House.)

Box 41 Air Force Academy Assembly, 1981 March; Western Assembly, 1981 November; Southwest Assembly, 1982 March; Delta Assembly, 1984 November, 1981-1984

(Also Volume II.)

Box 36 The American Assembly on Economic Issues and the President: 1980 and Beyond, 1980 March

Fifty-Eighth American Assembly - The Farm and the City

Box 37 Arden House Assembly, 1980 April

(Volume I)

Box 37 Southeast Assembly, 1980 December; New England Assembly, 1981 April; Plains States Assembly, 1982 June; Delta Assembly, 1982 October; Northwest Assembly, 1983 June, 1980-1983

(Volume II)

Box 37 Fifty-Ninth American Assembly - The China Factor, 1981 March

(Includes the records of the Pittsburgh Assembly, 1981 May.)

Box 37 Sixtieth American Assembly - Military Services in the United States, 1981 September

(Held at Seven Springs Center. Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1982 March, and The Atlantic Council, 1982 March.)

Box 38 Sixty-First American Assembly - Ethnic Groups in the United States, 1981 November

(Includes the records of the Michigan Assembly, Ethnic Relations in Michigan and the United States, 1982 November.)

Box 38 Sixty-Second American Assembly - The Future of American Political Parties, 1982 April

Box 38 Sixty-Third American Assembly - The American Economy in Transition, 1982 November

(Includes the records of the U.S. Air Force Academy Assembly, 1983 March)

Box 38 Sixty-Fourth American Assembly - The Future of American Financial Services Institutions, 1983 April

Box 39 Sixty-Fifth American Assembly - Improving American Innovation, 1983 November

(Includes the records of the U.S. Air Force Academy Assembly, 1984 March)

Sixty-Sixth American Assembly - Public Policy on Alcohol Problems

Box 39 Arden House Assembly, 1984 April

(Volume I, Part I)

Box 39 Arden House Assembly, 1984 April

(Volume I, Part II)

Box 39 Northeast Assembly, 1985 June; Western Assembly, 1986 October; Southeastern Assembly, 1986 July; Texas Assembly, 1986 September, 1985-1986

(Volume II)

Box 40 Sixty-Seventh American Assembly - The Arts and Public Policy in the United States, 1984 May-June

(Includes photo negatives)

Sixty-Eighth American Assembly - Canada and the United States

Box 40 Arden House Assembly, 1984 November

(Volume I. Includes photo prints and an audio cassette. Cosponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations.)

Box 40 Air Force Academy Assembly, 1985 March; Pacific Northwest Assembly, 1986 April; Delta Assembly, 1986 May; Great Lakes Assembly, 1986 June; US-Canada East (Ottawa), 1987 October; Northeast Assembly, 1987 November; US-Canada West (Alberta), 1987 November, 1985-1987

(Volume II.)

Box 41 Sixty-Ninth American Assembly - Reforming and Simplifying the Federal Tax System, 1985 April

(Includes audio cassettes.)

Box 41 Seventieth American Assembly - East-West Tensions in the Third World, 1985 November

(Cosponsored by the W. Averell Harriman Institute for Advanced Study of the Soviet Union. Includes photo prints and audio cassettes. Includes the records for of the U.S. Air Force Academy Assembly, 1986 February.)

Seventy-First American Assembly - International Population Policy: Issues & Choices for the United States

Box 41 Arden House Assembly, 1986 April

(Volume I)

Box 42 Delta Assembly, 1987 February; Air Force Academy Assembly, 1987 March; Southwest Assembly, 1987 October; Mid-West Assembly, 1989 October, 1987-1989

(volume II)

Box 42 Seventy-Second American Assembly - Health Care and Its Costs, 1986 November

(Includes photo prints and audio cassettes. Includes the records of the West Coast Assembly, Cost, Quality and Access to Health Care in California, 1988 March.)

Seventy-Third American Assembly - The U.S. Constitution Today

Box 42 Arden House Assembly, 1987 April

(Includes audio cassettes.)

Box 42 Mid-Atlantic Assembly, 1988 June; Midwestern Assembly, 1988 September; Western Assembly, 1988 October; Southern Assembly, 1989 March, 1988-1989

(Volume II)

Box 43 Seventy-Fourth American Assembly - Running Out of Time: Reversing America's Declining Competitiveness, 1987 November

(Includes audio cassettes. Background papers were published as Global Competitiveness: Getting the U.S. Back on Track.)

Box 43 Seventy-Fifth American Assembly - U.S. Global Interests in the 1990s: A New Approach, 1988 November

Box 43 Seventy-Sixth American Assembly - U.S. Interests in the 1990s: Managing the Global Economy, 1989 April

(Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1988 March; Japan Assembly (Tokyo), 1989 November; European Community Assembly (Belgium, Brussels), 1990 May. Includes an audio cassette and photo prints.)

Box 43 The Future of Social Welfare in America, 1989-1990

(This volume includes the records of four regional American Assemblies: Northeast Assembly (Arden House), 1989 November; Southwest Assembly, 1990 May; Midwest Assembly, 1990 June; West Assembly, 1990 November.)

Box 44 Seventy-Seventh American Assembly - U.S. Interests in the 1990s: Preserving the Global Environment, 1990 April

(Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1990 March; Hemispheric Assembly (Caracas, Venezuela), 1991 March; Delta Assembly, 1992 March. Includes audio cassettes.)

Box 44 Seventy-Eighth American Assembly - Tort Law and the Public Interest: Competition, Innovation and Consumer Welfare, 1990 May- June

(Includes audio cassettes.)

Box 44 The Arts and Government: Questions for the Nineties, 1990 November

(Background papers were published as Public Money & The Muse: Essays on Government Funding for the Arts.)

Box 45 Seventy-Ninth American Assembly - Rethinking America's Security, 1991 May-June

(Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1991 March.)

Box 45 Eightieth American Assembly - The United States of America and United Germany: Pillars of a Post-Wall World, 1991 November

(includes the records of the South Carolina Assembly, 1993 March; Great Lakes Assembly, 1993 October; North Carolina Assembly, 1994 November. Includes audio cassettes and photo prints.)

Box 45 Eighty-First American Assembly - After the Soviet Union: Implications for U.S. Policy, 1992 April

Box 45 Eighty-Second American Assembly - Interwoven Destinies: Cities and the Nation, 1993 April

Box 46 Eighty-Third American Assembly - Public Engagement in the U.S. Foreign Policy after the Cold War, 1993 June

(Beyond the Beltway: Engaging the Public in U.S. Foreign Policy)

Box 46 Workshop of the American Assembly: Public Engagement in American Public Policy, 1995 February

(Wye Woods, The Aspen Institute, Queenstown, Maryland)

Box 46 Eighty-Fourth American Assembly - The United States and Japan in Asia: Challenges for the U.S. Policy, 1993 November

(Organized in cooperation with the Japan Center for International Exchange)

Box 46 Eighty-Fifth American Assembly - U.S. Intervention Policy for the Post-Cold War World: New Challenges and New Responses, 1994 April

Box 47 Eighty-Sixth American Assembly - Threatened Peoples, Threatened Borders: World Migration and U.S. Policy, 1994 November

Box 47 Eighty-Seventh American Assembly - U.S. Foreign Policy and the United Nations System, 1995 April

(Includes the records of the Air Force Academy Assembly, 1996 March.)

Box 47 Eighty-Eighth American Assembly - Fueling the Future: American's Automotive Alternatives, 1995 September

Eighty-Ninth American Assembly - China/U.S. Relations in the Twenty-First Century: Fostering Cooperation, Preventing Conflict

Box 47 Arden House Assembly, 1996 November

[Restricted until 2022]

(Volume I. Includes the records of the first phase of this Assembly, which consisted of a trip to China in 1996 June. )

Box 48 Bilateral Assembly (San Francisco), 1998 July; Air Force Academy Assembly, 1997 February; Western Assembly, 1997 October; Shanghai Assembly, 1998 February; Southeast Assembly, 1998 February; Midwest Assembly, 1998 May; Taiwan Assembly, 1999 June., 1997-1999

[Restricted until 2025]

(Volume II)

Box 48 Ninetieth American Assembly - Africa & the U.S. National Interests, 1997 March

[Restricted until 2023]

Box 48 Ninety-First American Assembly - Community Capitalism: Rediscovering the Markets of America's Urban Neighborhoods, 1997 April

[Restricted until 2023]

(Also known as Improving the Economic Health of America's Distressed Communities. Includes the records of the Louisville Assembly, 1997 February, and the St. Louis Assembly, 1997 April.)

Box 48 Ninety-Second American Assembly - The Arts and the Public Purpose, 1997 May-June

[Restricted until 2023]

Box 49 Deals & Ideals: For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Arts Connections, 1998-1999

[Restricted until 2025]

(Meetings of the American Assembly following the 1997 Ninety-Second American Assembly "The Arts and the Public Purpose" held at Getty Center, Los Angeles, 1998 November, and at Arden House, 1999 April.)

Box 49 Ninety-Third American Assembly - Trust, Service, and the Common Purpose: Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector in a Changing America, 1998 April

[Restricted until 2024]

(Held at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, not at Arden House.)

Box 49 Ninety-Fourth American Assembly - U.S. National Interests and the Western Hemisphere, 1998 May

[Restricted until 2024]

(Western Hemisphere Phases I and II)

The Future of the Western Hemisphere: A Shared Vision Toward 2015

Box 50 Alajuela, Costa Rica Assembly - Western Hemisphere Phase III, 2000 May

[Restricted until 2026]

Box 51 Regional Assemblies - Western Hemisphere Phase IV, 2002-2004

[Restricted until 2030]

Box 49 Ninety-Fifth American Assembly - The Economy: Sustaining Growth with Opportunity, 1999 June

[Restricted until 2025]

(Held at the Emory Conference Center, Atlanta, not Arden House.)

Box 50 Ninety-Sixth American Assembly - Matters of Faith: Religion in American Public Life, 2000 March

[Restricted until 2026]

(includes photo prints and records of the regional assemblies.)

Box 50 Ninety-Seventh American Assembly - Strengthening American Families: Reweaving the Social Tapestry, 2000 September

[Restricted until 2026]

(Held in Kansas City, Missouri.)

Box 50 Ninety-Eighth American Assembly - Racial Equity: Public Policies for the Twenty-First Century, 2001 April

[Restricted until 2027]

Box 51 Ninety-Ninth American Assembly - Collaborating to Make Democracy Work, 2001 December

[Restricted until 2027]

(Held in Los Angeles, California.)

Box 51 Inner City Economic Forum, 2003-2004

[Restricted until 2030]

(Boston, 2003 April; New York, 2003 October, New York, 2004 November.)

Box 51 The Future of the Accounting Profession: Auditor Concentration, 2005 May

[Restricted until 2031]

(Held at The University Club, New York)

Box 52 One Hundredth American Assembly - Art, Technology and Intellectual Property, 2002 February

[Restricted until 2028]

101st American Assembly - Building a More United America

Box 52 Arden House Assembly, 2002 March

[Restricted until 2028]

(Includes photo prints.)

Box 52 Uniting American: Toward Common Purpose Community Dialogues, 2001-2004

[Restricted until 2030]

(The National Dialogue Program. Includes CDs with digital photographs.)

Box 52 102nd American Assembly - Keeping America in Business: Advancing Workers, Businesses, and Economic Growth, 2003 February

[Restricted until 2029]

Box 53 103rd American Assembly - The Future of the Accounting Profession, 2003 November

[Restricted until 2029]

Box 53 104th American Assembly - The Creative Campus: The Training, Sustaining, and Presenting of the Performing Arts in American Higher Education, 2004 March

[Restricted until 2030]

Box 53 105th American Assembly - Renewing the U.S.-Canada Relationship, 2005 February

[Restricted until 2031]

Box 53 U.S. Global Policy and the Future of International Institutions - Southwest Assembly, 2006 October

[Restricted until 2032]

(Southern Methodist University)