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Wills and Agreements records, 1902-1994

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Title Wills and Agreements records, 1902-1994
Physical Description 3.75 linear feet (9 document boxes)
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This collection is located on-site.

All administrative records of the University are restricted for 25 years from the date of creation.



This collection is arranged in one series: Series I: Wills and Agreements records, 1902-1994.



This collection consists of the wills and agreements between Columbia University and donors, groups and other organizations.

  • Series I: Wills and Agreements records

    There are two alphabetical sequences in this series: one goes up to 1965 (from 1902-1965), the other starts roughly in 1966 and can go up to 1994. Folders identified as starting in 1966 do not have end dates stated (e.g., 1966 and onwards).

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This collection is located on-site.

All administrative records of the University are restricted for 25 years from the date of creation.

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Series I: Wills and Agreements records

There are two alphabetical sequences in this series: one goes up to 1965 (from 1902-1965), the other starts roughly in 1966 and can go up to 1994. Folders identified as starting in 1966 do not have end dates stated (e.g., 1966 and onwards).

Box 1 Folder 1 A, 1916-1965

Abrons, Henry

Addison, Michael

Aldridge, Walter H.

Alighieri, Dante

Allen, Vivian B.

Alexander, Edith T.

Alumni Federation

American Mathematical Society

American Press Institute Agreement

Anonymous Fund for Student Aid

Anonymous Fund for Student Aid #2

Apisdorf, Alexander

Arizona (508 West 114th Street)

Armstead, Daniel McPherson

Armstrong, Edwin H.

Arnaud, Leopold

Athens University Agreement

Atran Foundation Agreement

Box 1 Folder 2 A, 1966

Abel, A. Evelyn

Abramowitz, Mildred

Abrams, Charles

Abramson, Harold A.

Abramson, Pearl Z.

Abzug, Bella S.

Ackerman, Carl W.

Addison, Viola G.

Adler, Blanche B.

Adler, Edith

Aginska, Sophie Jeanne

Albertson, Elizabeth H.

Alderton, Robert C.

Alexander, Rose B.

Allen, Maude B.

Allin, Elizabeth J.

Allwork, Ronald

Altschul, Frank

Alvord, Helen M.

Amazon, Peter

Anderson, Emery M.

Anderson, James L.

Angell, James Waterhouse

Antignat, Raymond F.

Appel, Hannah J.

Aranow, Edward Ross

Arghis, Aristotle J.

Arms, Lydia B.

Armstead, Daniel McPherson

Armstrong, Donald

Armstrong, Francis T.

Armstrong, John Eldred

Arnold, Lois

Aronson, Henriette

Asketh, Jordon S.

Asmussen, Hans H.

Athenian Clinic

Athletic Consortium Agreement

Auerbach, Ilse S.

Austin, Madeleine

Axelson, Alfhild J.

Aycock, Claude Melville

Ayer, Frank A.

Box 1 Folder 3 BA-BON, 1933-1965

Bacon, Rogers H.

Baer, Bertha Scholarship Fund

Baker, Field

Baldwin, Eleanor DeForest Fund

Bambach, George Frederick

Banbury Scholarship Fund

(2 items)

Bancroft, Frederic

Bancroft, Margaret Fund

Barbieri, Cesare

Barbieri, Cesare Endowment Fund

Barbieri Scholarship Fund

Barns, Nathaniel W.

Bass, Murray H.

Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital

(2 items)

Beachey, Margaret

Beal, Inez S.

Beekman, Gerard Fellowship

Bellman, John Jacob

Bergmann, Rudolf

Bermingham, Edward Fund

Berra, Yogi Scholarship

Bird, Harrison K. Fund

Birenbach, Samuel Fund

Birnberg, Frederick

Birren, Faber Scholarship

Bishop, Cortlandt F. Tuberculosis Fund

Black, Bessie M. Fund

Black, William

(2 items)

Board of Estimates

(12 items)

Bondy, William

Bonsib, Roy S. Fund

Box 1 Folder 4 BO-BZ, 1921-1965

Booth, Ferris

Booth, Ferris Hall

Booth, Willis H.

(2 items)

Boros, Elizabeth A.

Bowerman, George F.

Boyl, Cornelius A. Scholarship

Brahdy, Bernard M.

Brebner Memorial Fund

Brebner, John Bartlet

(2 items)

Brenner, Edward C.

(2 items)

Bristenstool, Harry

Brod, Harold

Bronfman, Samuel

Brown, Sevellon

Brueckmann, Earl

Brukenfeld Family Foundation

Bryce, Mary Tileston

Buch, Emily

Bucher, Walter

Buchman, Moses Dr.

Buckley, James E.

Buckner, Walker & Helen

Bucky, Philip

Buhler, Eugenia R.

Bull, David C.

Bunker, Dumont

Burden, William A. M.

Bureau of Applied Social Research

Burkhard, Walter E.

Burrell, John Angus Fund

Bush, Mary L. Fund

Business, Graduate School of

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Buttenwiesser, Joseph L.

Byers, Mortimer W.

Byron, Oscar

Byron, Oscar Fund

Box 1 Folder 5 B-BAR, 1966

Backer, Eleanor W.

Bahrenburg, Bruce

Bailey, Kenneth H. Sr.

Baker, John P.

Baker, Lois M.

(2 items)

Baldwin, Leah C.

Bale, Margaret M.

Bandman, Florence J.

Bangs, Francis N.

Bank Street College

Barabas, Alfred

Barach, Alvan

Barclay, Thomas Swain

Box 1 Folder 6 BARNARD AGREEMENTS, 1952-1993

1968 September 25

1968 October 17

1962 October 29

1968 October 18

1968 October 17

1968 October 18

1967 August 11

1966 June 6

1962 June 25

1952 May 27

1962 June 25

1962 June 25

1952 May 27

1952 May 27

1952 May 27

1962 June 29

1962 July 17

1952 May 27

1982 June 10

1982 June 8

1973 July 1

1974 March 8

1982 June 8

1982 June 8

1993 June 17

Box 1 Folder 7 BARNUM-BOR, 1966

Barnum, Howard James Jr.

Baron, Etta

Bartlett, Helen Margaret Buttfield

Barton, Bruce

Bartow, Charles S.

Basson, Milton B.

Batali, Bruce

Batson, Lucille

Bauer, Fanny B.

(2 items)

Baumann, Katherine B.

Beaudry, Ywonne A.

(2 items)

Beckwith, Penelope C.

Bedrick, John J.

Beekman, Mary Brierly

Beggs, May F.

Beinecke, William S.

(3 items)

Bekes, Elizabeth Laszlo

Belknap, Edith Wilson

Bell, Florence Hyatt

Bell, James Christy

Belmont, Eleanor R.

Bengel, Wesley

Bennet, Alfred C.

Bentley, Phyllis D.

Berg, Aaron W.

Berger, Samuel

Berkon, Isaac B.

Bernays, Louise W.

Bernett, Clifford

Beube, Frank E.

Beyer, Theodore H.

Bieker, Helen K.

Bigelow, Mason H.

Bilchick, Ruth Coleman

Birdsdall, John M.

Birtwhistle, Movell

Blackmore, Charles Powell

Blan, Lewis B.

Blengsli, Helmer Ludwig

Bloch, Henry

Block, Rose

Bloomfield, Maxwell A.

Bloosburg, Marvin S.

Blount, Edward F.

Blout, Eugene

Blow, Richard A.

Blum, Joseph G.

Board of Estimates

Bobbe, Sidney S.

Bodian, Martin M.D.

Boe, Eugene

(2 items)

Bogert, Rigis Z.

Bohmfalk, John Frederick

Bohn, Carl

Boillin, Katherine A.

Bolles, Harriet

Bonbright, Elizabeth Marsden

Bondy, Agnes

Bonime, Ellis

Bonsib, Alta D.

Booke, Sorrell

Boring, William A.

(3 items)

Born, Howard H.

Box 1 Folder 8 BOS-BZ, 1966

Boscowitz, Huber H.

Bostic, Josephine S.

Bostic, Sam C.

Bosworth, Olive S.

Bothner, Stella V.

Boulton, Laura Collection of Traditional and Liturgical Music

Bourquin, Anne

Bowdery, Barbara

Boyd, Lola Elizabeth

Brackett, Elizabeth Rock

Brady, Leo

Brainerd, Howard R.

Brandis, Henry P.

Braveman, Ruth

Brenner, Arthur B.

Bretzfelder, Helen

Brice, Ashbel Green

Brill, Melville D.

Broekhuysen, Elisabeth Tyson

Broekhuysen, William C.

Bronner, Margaret

Brown, Frank C.

Brown, Hugh Auchincloss

Brown, Karline

Brown II, William V.

Brownell, Abigail F.

Brownmiller, Lorrin T.

Bruce, Kathleen T.

Bruenn, Anna Rosa

Brunetti, Joseph J.

Brunse, Anthony J.

Bryan, Lloyd Thomas

Bryant, Norman K.

University of Bucharest

Buel, Dorothy Baldwin

Buhler, Emily M.

Buland, George L.

Bull, Catharine Marsh

Bullwinkel, Lola Lenhart

Bulmer, James Wesley

Bultman, Rosa M.

Burcher, William M.

Burgham, Frank H.

Burnie, Mary Welsh

Burns, Arthur R.

Burns, Eveline M.

Burton, Lee H.

Bush, Ralph B.

Butler, Charles T.

Butler, Mildred D.

Butterworth, John F. M.D.

Byron, Oscar

Box 2 Folder 1 C, 1925-1965

Camp Columbia

1963 October 7

1927 April 1

1959 November 12

1957 June

Campagna, Christina P.

Carman, Harry J. Fellowship Fund

Carnegie Corporation Fund

Center for Research and Education in American Liberties

Casa Italiana Endowment Fund

Chamberlain, Joseph P. Fellowship Fund

Chamberlain, Lawrence H.

Chambers, Frank W.

Chandler, Augusta B.

Charles, Alta Genevieve

Charlton, Herbert Richard

Chapin, Simeon B. Jr.

Chemical Engineering Equipment Fund

Chew, William Newman

Chobot, Robert

Chrystie, Thomas W.

Class of 1901 Fund

Class of 1902 College & Engineering Scholarship Fund

Class of 1905 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1907 College & Engineering Scholarship Fund

Class of 1909 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1909 Law Fund

Class of 1910 Law School Fund

Class of 1912 Law Fund

Class of 1914 College and Engineering Fund

Class of 1916 College Scholarship Fund

Class of 1918 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1921 Law Fund

Class of 1924 Law School Fund

Class of 1927 College Scholarship Fund

Class of 1928 College Permanent Fund

Class of 1928 Physicians and Surgeons Scholarship Fund

Class of 1930 Decennial Fund

Class of 1932 College of Physicians and Surgeons Special Scholarship Fund

Class of 1932 Law School Fund

Class of 1935 Law Fund

Class of 1939 Law Fund

Class of 1953 Law School Fund

Class of 1953 Physicians and Surgeons Scholarship Fund

Class of 1954 Law School Fund

Class of 1954 Columbia College 25th Anniversary Fund

Class of 1955 Law Fund

Class of 1956 Law Fund

Class of 1958 Law Fund

Class of 1959 Law Fund

Clement, Esther R.

Coe, Margaret E.

Cohen, Dr. Rose

Cole, Harry Dix

Collings, John K.

Colt, S. Sloan

Columbia Alumni in Memoriam Fund

Columbia Alumni in Perpetuity Fund

Columbia Alumni Club of Union County, NJ, Scholarship Fund

Columbia College Band Alumni Endowment Fund

Columbia College Bicentennial Scholarship

Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center Fund, Inc.

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Fund

Columbia University Club of Washington Loan Fund

Columbia University General Purpose Fund #2

Commonwealth Fund

Conrad, Margaret E. Scholarship Fund

Cornell, Milton L.

Coudert, Frederic R.

Coufal, Joseph W.

Coulter, Helen B.

Coykendall, Frederick

Crawford, Leona M.

Crew Fund of Columbia University

Curtis, Carlton

Cushman, Cordelia H.

Box 2 Folder 2 C, 1966

Cancer Clinic in Greece

Carmen, Harry J. Fellowship Fund

Carleton, Christine S.

Carleton, Robert A. W.

Carlson, Odin V.

Carroll, Charles R.

Carter, Emma Dillard

Cary, Edith S.

Casey, Sarah M.

Cecere, Alexander B.

Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse

Chambers, Lytle G.

Chandler, Catharine

Channell, Bernice Cole

Chapman, Ray Parkin

Chassin, Isaac

Cheathan, Elliott E.

Chew, William Newman

Childs, Frances Sergeant

China, People's Republic of and Columbia University

Christie, Lillian A.

Christiernin, Charles L. Jr.

Chrystal, Albert F.

Clare, Helene K.

Clark, Ward R.

Clark, Fanny S.

Clarke, Elizabeth Munro

Clay, Clement Claiborne

Clay, Eugene H.

Clay, Ione

Clayton, Ruth E.

Clemens, Michael J.

Clive, George J.

Clyde, Ethel

Coakley, Martha G.

Cobb, Sterling E.

Cobb, Joyce Mackie

Cobban, George Jr.

Codik, John G.

Cohen, Myrtle

Cohen, Samuel L.

Cohn, Hugo

Cohn, Irene H.

Coit, Helen Allen

Cole, Edward L.

Cole, Leo W.

Collins, Alice H.

Columbia College

1978 January 23

1979 November 7

1980 July 1

Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center File No. 30,413

Compton, Dorothy D.

Conant, Cora B.

Conka, Francis T.

Conklin, William D.

Connell, Edith Stewart

Connolly, Adele M.

Conrad, Margaret E.

Converse, Edith Dunshee

Cook, W. Leigh Jr.

Cooper, Mary F.

Copland, Aaron

Corbitt, Hugh B.

Cordier, Andrew W.

Cornell, Milton L.

Cornell University Letter of Intent to establish University Physician Alliance

Corrigan, Michael A.

Corthell, Gladys L.

Costallat, Paul

Cottington, Marianne W.

Cournand, Rita S.

Courtney, Jeremiah

Cowgill, Clara Edith

Cramer, Fritz J.

Crispell, Reuben B.

Critzas, Evangelos J.

Crocker, George A.

Cromwell, Mary Louise

Crouch, Norma E.

Crowley, Ann C.

Cruger, Helen

Cruickshank, Ruth

Cummings, Samuel Billings

Cruser, Maud Adelaide

Crystal, Fabian M.

Curran, Frederic M.

Curran, Mary E.

Currier, Edith Sterling

Curtin, Enos

Cymrot, Mark E.

Box 2 Folder 3 D, 1944-1965

Das Foundation (Taraknath Das)

1948 June 20

1954 February 21

Davenport, Horace E. Fund

David, Vera B

Davis, A.M. Scholarship Fund

Davis, Elmer Memorial Lecture Fund

Davis, Tobe Coller

Dawson, Archie O.

Dayton, Elizabeth

DeAngelis, Anthony M. Scholarship Fund

Dean's Discretionary Fund

De Jari, Baron Mark

Delafield, Francis Hospital

1951 March 2

1956 February 24

1961 July 5

1961 July 5

1961 July 5

1961 July 5

1962 January 15

1962 July 1

Denno, Willard J.

Dental & Oral Surgery Scholarship Fund

Dental Alumni Association Research Award Fund

Deutsch, Rosa F.

Devoe, William B.

Dodge, Hartley (Hartley Fund)

Dodge, Marcellus Hartley

Donovan, William J.

Douglas, Edith Mary

Douglas, Janet H.

Douglass, John Q.

Drennen, Earle W.

Driver, George

Dugdale, Allison H.

Durant, Alma Oriental Fund

Duryea, William Memorial Fund

Dusenbury, Arthur N.

Box 2 Folder 4 DA-DO, 1966

Dailydaite, Mary

D'Alessandro, Thomas

D'Amato, Rina N.

The Dalton School

Daly, Joan Chilton

Daly, Thomas F.

Dando, John A.

Da Ponte, Marcia

Davenport, Fred M.

Davenport, Horace E.

Davenport, Horace E. Estate

Davenport, John M.

David, Albert

Davidian, Haig H.

Davidove, Louise A.

Davies, Erica R.

Davis, Abraham M.

Davis, Arthur M.

Davis, Diane E.

Davis, Gertrude R.

Davis, James Llewellyn

Davis, Lewis E.

Davison, Henry N. Estate

Deane, Herbert Andrew

Deardorf, Catherine Vincent

Debing, Lawrence M.

De Coppet, Theakston

Deering, Eleanor E.

DeForest, Julie Morrow

DeGraff, Thelma B. Estate

De Haas, Elsa

De Lamar, Alice A.

Delattre, Genevieve Stahl Estate

Deming, Dorothy

Demuth, Frank W.

Denno, Willard J.

Denny, Lucy W.

Dental & Oral Surgery, School of

1975 October 14

1988 February 3

Denton, Inga M.

DeShon, Herbert Jackson

Dewar, Ida H. Estate

DeWilton, Rollo Linsmore

Dickman, Henrietta Breed Estate

1994 December 23

1996 December 20

Dickoff, Cecelia D.

Diekmann, William H.

Dimmitt, Edith

Dinegar, Robert H.F.

Dinel, Gerald Paul

Dinnen, Florence M.

1976 February 8

1994 December 23

Dinnerstein, Edith V.

Dinnerstein, Helen

Dinnerstein, Morris

Dixon, Helen Y.

Dobson, Richard A. Jr.

Doll, Henri Georges

Dollard, Elizabeth K.

1982 May 6

1983 May 10

1983 May 10

1994 December 23

Dorgan, Ethel J.

Doroghy, Heddy

Dorsch, Martin

Douglas, Alexander T.

Douglas, Raymond Hall

Box 2 Folder 5 DORMITORY AUTHORITY of the State of New York, 1966

1981 May 15

1981 May 18

1981 May 18

1981 May 18

1981 June 16

1981 June 16

Box 2 Folder 6 DR-DZ, 1966

Drake, Emerson H.

Drake, Robert T.

Dreux, Paul S.

Drezner, Fred

Driesen, Irving

Driver, George

Droz, Marcel E.

Drucker, Janet C.

Drucker, Samuel

Drury, Charles William

Duane, Richard Bache

Duckett, Clara H.

Dudley, Leonea B.

DuMoulin, Rockwell K.

Dunlap, Ralph I.

Duperre, Andree

DuPont, Jessica Ball

Dyer, Nellie Hawk

Unidentified Agreement

(18 pages)

Box 3 Folder 1 E, 1952-1965

Earle, Edward Mead Scholarship Fund

Economics Alumni Fellowships Endowment Fund

Edman, Irwin

Edman, Irwin Fellowship Fund

Edwards, Arthur Octavius

Edwards, Alfred

Egbert, Dr. James C.

Eggers, Carl

Emerson, Dr. J. Haven Memorial Fund

Emery, Henry G.

Emery, Mary Lander

Empie, Carlos D.

Engel, Solton

Epstean Fund

Erskine, John Fund

Evangelismos Hospital of Athens

Box 3 Folder 2 E, 1966

Eastman, Ida R.

Eberlin, Walter C.

Eborn, Olive C.

Edelman, Irvin A.

Edgar, Nettie

Edison, Thomas Alva Professorship

Edith C. Blum Foundation

Eglee, Edward P.

Eichholz, Florence Louise

Elbert, Marian Bourne

Elder, Frank Rose

Ellender, Raphael

Elling, May L.

Ellinger, Elleanor S.

Ellinger, Madeleine

Elliot, Helen Brown Estate

Elmerdorf, Lucy Wright

Elnett, Elaine

Engel, Julie B.

Engineering & Applied Science, School of:

1979 November 7

1980 August 25

Engineering Center

English, Evelyn W.

English, Henry F.

Entemann, Charlotte S.

Erickson, Henry C.

Esterman, Benjamin

Esteve, Eugenia

Evans, Morgan D. Jr.

Evans, Phyllis M.

Everett, Roberts

Exton, Elaine

Box 3 Folder 3 F, 1936-1965

Fackenthal, Frank D. Scholarship Fund

Falkenhainer, Chester O.

Farmer, Arthur Elkin

Farrar, Lilian Kenturah Pond

Farrel, Alfred C. J. Endowment Fund

Farrell, Ida E.

Farrelly, Theodore Slevin

Faulkner, Edward Daniels Fund for the Cure of Arthritis

Feldmann, Robert L. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fellows, William Kinne Memorial Fund

Felsen, Morris Fellowship Fund

Ferrahian, Matthew G. and Eunice

Fitzgibbon, Thomas O'Gorman

Focardi, Pier-Luigi

Focardi, Clara Gibson

Ford, Hazel Hopkins

Ford Foundation Fund

(3 documents)

Forsyth, Mabel V.P. Smith

Fox, Howard Fund for Department of Dermatology

France, Melville J.

Franklin, Benjamin Scholarship Fund - Journalism

Franklin, Margaret Ladd

Freeman, Carl N.

Friedenheit, Myron Goldsmith Fund

Friedman, Stanley Fund for Excellence in Chemistry

Friends of the Library Fund

Frommer, Samuel A.

Futtner, Nikki Peters-Lucille Memorial Fund

Box 3 Folder 4 F, 1966

Faber, John P.

Fabian, Robert

Fabricant, Murray

Fackenthal, Frank Diehl

Fain, Frieda L.

Fain, Jacob Mitchell

Farber, Sadye

Farmer, Margaret M.

Farrington, Thayer B.

Farrow, Helene A.

Feaster, Annette M.

Feinson, David

Feldman, Aaron S.

Feldman, Philip

Ferderber, William

Field, Al

Field, Bertram

Field, Helen C.

Fielding, Ethel

Fielding, Tania P.

Fife, Admiral James

Fish, Marjorie

Fishberg, Arthur M.

Fisher, Harold H.

Fisher, Sara Ezell

Fleischman, Milton W.

Fleming, Andrew D.

Fleming, Elizabeth W.

Fletcher, Eleanor Langley

Flinkers, Harmen B.

Flohr, Clarence H.

Flournoy, Francis R.

Flynn, Charles A.

Fogel, David

Foglesong, Leta B.

Forbes, Francis Bonner

Forestiere, Jasper A.

Forst, Leon

Foster, Harold M.

Fox, Grace E.

Fraher, Thomas

Frame, Elsie Butz

Frank, Arthur

Frankel, Evan M.

Frantz, Virginia Kneeland

Franz, Nellie A.

Fraser, Ian Forbes

Freedman, Doris C.

Freedman, Hyman

French, George S.

French, Mary DeWitt

Freund, Ruth

Fried, Andrew D. Memorial Prize

Fried, Harry

Friedman, Arnold D.

Friedman, Harry G.

Friedman, Wilbur H.

Friery, John F.

Friess, Horace L.

Fritz, Edmund B.

Frommer, Fannie Cohen

Fuldner, Russell V.

Futch, Opal

Box 3 Folder 5 G, 1952-1965

Gaillard-Loubat Library Endowment Fund

Gallagher, Louise A.

Garrison, Wyckoff Lawrence

Gardner, Dr. Carol Elissa

Gay, Frederick Parker Memorial Fellowship Fund

Gehrig, Lou Memorial Scholarship Fund

General Scholarship Fund of the School of General Studies

Geological Society of America Research Fund

Gehrig, John Lawrence

German, Scott

Gerstle, Eleanor D.

Gilbert, Ariadne

Gilbert, Beatrice W.

Gilbert, Elsie C.

Gildersleeve, Alger C. Scholarship Fund

Gildersleeve, Virginia C.

Gintzler, Morris

Gitlow, Samuel

Given, John, L. Jr. Fund for Research in Uropathology

Glazebrook, James R.

Glenney, Walter Lester

Gluck, Edwin L. Law Scholarship Fund

Goetze, Frederick A. Memorial Fund

Gold, Mitchell A.

Golden, Ross Lectureship Fund

Goldman, Melanie Prince

Goldwater Memorial Hospital

1954 March 1

1959 July 1

Gordon, Donald

Gordon, Florence

Grace, Joseph P.

Graham, Horace R.

Grandin, Frances

Grant, Stanley R.

Green, Edward H.

Green, Hannah

Green, Norvin H.

Greenbaum, Lawrence S.

Gregory, Luther E.

Grier, William A.

Gudeman, Alfred Israel

Gymnasium Agreement

1961 August 29

1961 November 1

Box 3 Folder 6 GA-GO, 1966

Gaberman, David

Gahagan, Walter H.

(2 copies)

Gahan, Rose S.

Gaines, Helen I.

Gales, Cynthia Ann

Galloway, William F. Jr.

Gans, Cornelia Wilhemina Louise Eeckelaert

Garbedian, H. Gordon

Garrett, Ruth H.

Gaus, Janette Ricker

Gavron, Frances E.

Gay, Frazer W.

Gedney, Viriginia Van Siclen

Geiger, Louise Lillian

General Studies, School of

1978 January 23

1978 September 39

1979 November 14

1980 July 1

Geology Department Agreement: Sale of Systematic Mineral Collection

Gibson, Clarissa

Gibson, Leon W.

Giffuni, Joseph V.

Gilfillan, Louise W.

Gillespie, Frank J.

Ginsburg, Samuel

Giop, Sonia Raiss

(2 copies)

Gitlow, Dr. Samuel

Glasier, Marshall

Glaubach, Jacob David

Gluck, Florence

Goerlich, Helen

Goebel, Dorothy Burne

Goetze, Dorothy

Goetz, Norman S.

Goff, Jessamine Webster

Goldburg, Louis

Goldburg, Ruth

Goldin, Frances

(2 copies)

Goldman, Harriet L.

Goldman, Max L.

Goldman, Sol

Goldstein, Ruth

Gollon, Gertrude L.

Good, Alexander

Goodale, Francis

Goodhart, Arthur Lehman

Goodman, Emanuel

Goodman, Maurice

Goodrich, Luther Carrington

Goody, Aaron

Gormly, Edna F.

(2 copies)

Goss, Bert C.

Gottsegen, Jack

Gould, Frances A.

Box 3 Folder 7 GR-GZ, 1966

Graciany, Rachel

Graham, Evelyn L.

Granelli, Laura K.

Granet, Emil

Granet, Ruth

Granholm, Florence M.

Grasslands Hospital

Gray, Alfred Herman

Gray, John Alexander Clinton

Green, Esther

Greenburg, Ruby T.

Greene, Arthur L.

Greene, Josephine Wells

Greenebaum, Richard M.

Greenwald, Isidor

Gregory, Alva K.

Grenthot, Catherine

Grey, Caroline R.

Griesemer, Lawrence

Grimm, Peter

Grollman, Queenie A.

Grosberg, William W.

Gross, Anna B.

Grout, Gertrude E.

Guccione, N. Charles

(2 copies)

Gumm, H. Harold

Gunn, Isabella

Gustaitis, Peter Jr.

Gutenberg, Werner B. Jr.

Gutmann, Walter

Box 3 Folder 8 H, 1902, 1952-1965

Hacker, Lillian L. Fund

Haft, Robert Stephen

Halden, Dorothy C.

Halley, Rudolph Scholarship Fund

Hamann, Adolf M.

Hamilton, Amy Gordon

Hammond, Frederic Prescott

Hammond, James B.

(Not originally part of the collection, but found in the Historical Subject Files. Added October 23, 2002 by Abbie Lester.)

Harder, Ernest H.

Harriman Homestead

(3 items. See also Harriman in HARLOR-HZ)

Harrison, George L. Papers

Haskell Hall

Haviland, Henry Field Scholarship Fund

Hause, Frank J.

Hawkins, Stephen O. Fund

Hawley, John G. Memorial Lectureship Fund

Hayes, Carlton Joseph Huntley

Hayne, Helen M.

Hazeltine, Alice Isabel

(2 copies)

Heath, Royal V.

Heidelberger Lectureship Fund

Heike, Rudolph E.

Hellman, George S.

Helmer, Harold T. Scholarship in Engineering Fund

Hewitt, Abram S.

Hispanic Institute

Hitchcock, Martha H.

Hoffman, Bernard B.

Hogan, Louise U.

Hollis, Henry L.

Hollis, William

Holman, Arthur J.

Holmes, Maud G.

Hooper, George M. Jr.

Hopkins, Joseph Gardner

Horwitz, S. Gross

Houck, Harry W.

Houston, Alfred

Hudson, Clara E.

Hudson, Percy K.

Huebschman, Charles Memorial Fund

Hungarian Research Funds

Hunt, Darl H.

Huntingdon, Archer Milton

Hutchins, Margaret

Hyman, Wallace M. Memorial Fund

Box 4 Folder 1 H-HARDIE and HARLEM HOSPITAL, 1962-1966

Haas, Florence

Haefner, Ralph

Hafely, Nagla M.

Hahn, Lula R.

Haldenstein, Herbert W.

Halk, Edna J.

Hall, Adelaide Eaton

Hall, Joseph Sargent

Hallock, Alverdah S.

Hallock, Halford

Halsband, Robert

Hambert, Albert J.

Hamilton, Margaret L.

(2 copies)

Hammerstein, Dorothy B.

Hanauer, Sylvan L.

(2 copies)

Haner, Carl

Hanks, Stedman Shumway

Hannafin, William Michael

Hansen, Richard

Hardie, Robert S.

Harlem Hospital, agreements with

Professional staff for the department of medicine, 1964

Diagnostic and therapeutic radiology, 1964

Obstetrics and gynecologic services, 1964

Pediatric service, 1962

Amended agreement pediatric services, 1965

Agreement as amended, 1962

(2 copies)

Recruiting staff, 1962

Recruiting of professional staff, 1963

Graduate program for the training of psychiatrists, 1962

Professional Staff for the anesthesiology Services, 1962

Obstetric and gynecologic services, 1962

Amended agreement diagnostic and therapeutic radiology services, 1965

Pathology services, 1964

Psychiatry services, 1964

Amendment to affiliation agreement, 1970

New York City Health and Hospitals Corp., 1970

(See also separate Health and Hospitals folder.)

Agreement with New York City in regards to Harlem Hospital, 1967

Box 4 Folder 2 HARLOR-HZ, 1950-1965

Harlor, Margaret Gray

Harper, Harold

Harriman, William Averell and Marie N. - Arden House

Harriman, W. Averell Institute of Advanced Study of the Soviet Union

Harris, Jonathan L.

Harris, Stuart

Harrison, Meyer S.

Hartshorn, Edith Lieb

Haskins, Bayard T.

Haskell, Helen Lacey

(2 copies)

Haubiel, Mary Rice

Hauser, Marion

Hauser, Rose J.

Haviland, Henry Field

Hazard, John Newbold

Hawkins, George L. Jr., M.D.

Hearn, Helen B.

Heffernan, Marion Cahill

Hegarty, Merle Y.

Hellenberg, Lawrence H.

Heller, Abraham M.

Heller, Nathan

Heller, Philip B.

Helmle, Helen May Smith

Henderson, Jean

Hendrickson, C. Leroy

Henry, John S.

Henry, Ryder 2nd

Henschel, Ruth

Hensel, Jessie E.

Hepburn, Dollie B.

Herman, Florence Rogatz

Hertz, Christina

Herzog, David S.

Hettleman, Phillip

Heyman, David M.

Heyman, Henry K.

Higginson, Harriet S.

Highet, Gilbert

Hill, Robert D.

Hinrichs, Albert Ford

Hirsch, Charles J.

Hirsch, Leo H. Jr.

Hirschl, Irma T.

Hiss, Dr. Philip Hanson, Jr.

Hitt, Eugenia Woodward

Hochfeld, Henry

Hochlerner, Tobias

Hodas, Nathan I.

Hoerner, Grant

Hoey, Jane M.

Hofstadter, Rose Wohl

Hogan, Mary

Holcomb, Richard Y.

Hollis, Florence M.

Hollis, Walter

Holmquist, Sixten

Holston, Verner M.

Holthusen, Henry F.

Holtzman, Jean

Hoovel, Mildred B.

Hoovel, William H.

Horlick, Bernard

Horowitz, Mitchell A.

Houck, Harry W. Estate

Houck, Harry W. Unitrust Agreement

House, Ethel May

House, Martin S.

Howard, H. Carolyn

Howe, Virginia

Howland, Florence Helena

Hoyt, Anson P. S.

Hoyt, Lois M.

Hoyt, Samuel L.

Hubbard, Seth A.

Huber, Francis D.

Huber, Yolande H.

Hudson, Vida L. W.

Huggins, Mabel C.

Hughes, Howard Medical Institute Affiliation Agreement

Hughes, Howard Medical Institute Patent and Intellectual Property Agreement

Humphrey, Fred L.

Hunsbedt, Elizabeth N.

Hunt, David T.

Hunt, Ruth D.

Hurok, Solomon

Hymowitz, Abraham

Box 4 Folder 3 HEALTH AND HOSPITALS CORPORATION, affiliation agreement re: Harlem Hospital, 1985

Box 4 Folder 4 I-K, 1949-1965

Ide, John Jay

Industrial Reactor Laboratories

Institute for the Crippled and Disabled

Intercollegiate Agreement

International House

Irvington Village Easement for Right-of-Way

Iselin, Eleanor Jay

Israelson, Edith Ida

Ivy Group Agreement, 1964 September 17

Ivy Group Agreement, 1954 February 11

Jackson, Kate B.

Jaffin, Barney Prize Fund

Jay, John Papers

Jeal, Edward R.

Jewish Theological Seminary Joint Program Agreement

Johnson, Edwin Irving

(2 copies)

Jolson, Al Fund

Jones, S. Fosdick

Joske, Alexander Fund

Katz, Herman

Kaufman, Marjorie H.

Keen, Elizabeth V.

Kellogg, Walter Guest Fund

Krumb, Henry

(2 copies)

Krumb, La Von Duddleson

Kuebler, Helen S.

Kupec, Augusta L.

Kupperman Prize Fund

Box 4 Folder 5 I, 1966

Ingalls, Mabel Satterlee

(2 copies)

Ingalls, Roscoe C.

Ingram, Irene S.

Iran, International Medical Complex

(2 copies)

Iran, Atomic Energy Organization

Iran, Ministry of Social Welfare

Irving, Walter V.

(2 copies)

Isbell, Emily D.

Israel, J. Leon

Italian Academy

Izzo, Charles N.

Box 5 Folder 1 J, 1966

Jacobi, Edwin G.

Jacobsen, Leif Y.

Jacobsen, John

Jacobsen, Julia G.

Jaques, Elizabeth Hand

(2 copies)

Jaques, George W.

Jaros, Alfred L. Jr.

Jarvis, Edith L.

Jay, Louise K.

Jeffery, Elsie Gordon

Jeffords, Margaret C.

Jenkins, Mabel B.

Jenkins, Shirley

(2 copies)

Jensen, Carl C.

Jensen, D. Rees

Jewish Theological Seminary

1978 March 28

1981 March 13

1983 December 21

Jewish Studies and Social Work Joint Program

Jirikow, Lucile M.

(2 copies)

Johnson, Balbina A.

Johnson, Dorothy Baker

Johnson, Dorothy W.

Johnson, Louise Ann

Johnson, Victor

Jonas, George E.

Jonas, Miriam F.

Jones, Harry Willmer

(2 copies)

Jones, Peter T.

Jones, Richard H.

Joseph, Edith

Joseph, Nannine V.

Joseph, Ruth G.

Josephy, David

Joy, Homer Van Beuren

Judaeans, The

Judson, Herbert

Juntti, Ruth

Jameson, James W.

Jurkowitz, Horace S.

Jurkowitz, Ruth

Box 5 Folder 2 JACOBY, JACOB J.

Box 5 Folder 3 JACOBY, JACOB J.

Box 5 Folder 4 KA-KI, 1966

Kadell, Anne

Kahnheimer, Leah Wagenheim

Kaiser, Clara Anne

Kaliski, David J.

Kallmann, Margarete

Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology Foundation

Kane, Grace M.

Kantor, Herbert G.

Karpf, Fay B.

Kaufman, Joseph W.

Kaufman, Marjorie H.

Kayden, Simon

Keating, Stephen J. Jr.

Keen, Elizabeth Varian

Keene, E. L.

(2 copies)

Keith, Lewis O.

Kellogg, Katherine Brooks

Kelley, Annie E.

Kelley, Rita M.

Kellogg, Walter Guest

Kellogg, Winthrop H.

Kennedy, Donald Graham

Kennedy, Robert H.

Kenworthy, Marion E.

Keppelmann, Alfred J. Jr.

Kerr, Anna L.

Keyburtz, Orland L.

Keyser, Sarah Youngman

Kidde, Inc.

1983 March 30

1983 April 21

Kiel, Violet L.

(2 copies)

Killough, Lucy W.

King, Florence L.

King, Hazel M.

King, Henry George

King, Nettie

Kirk, Carol M.

(2 copies)

Kirkland, Samuel N.

Kittay, Edward

Box 5 Folder 5 KL-KZ, 1946-1965

Klein, Herbert Homer

Klein, John Edward

Klein, Leonard

Klingenstein, Perry

Klugescheid, Helen B.

Knapp, Estelle

Knauth, Marjorie

Knopf, Alfred A.

Knorr, John

Knox, Robert Kenneth

Koerber, George

(2 copies)

Kohler, Alice

(2 copies)

Korea Foundation Agreement

Kowal, Carroll

Kraft, Rudolph L.

Kramarsky, Violet Ingeborg Else

Krass, Eleanor V.

Kreeger, Mary M.

Kress, Florence Thompson

Kretzmer, John L.

Kringel, Ray S.

Kriska, Ruth Hart

(2 copies)

Kristein, Bernice Gordon

Kronheim, Ludwig L.

Krulewitch, Hellen S.

Krumb, Henry

Kuchar, Joseph J.

Kukelski, Julius Henry

(2 copies)

Kunkemueller, Ambrose H.

Kurman, Jeannett

(2 copies)

Kurtz, Elizabeth D.

Kyser, J. Donald

Box 5 Folder 6 L, 1948-1965

Lamont, Florence C.

Lamont Geological Observatory Purchase Agreement

Lamont Deed to Palisades Interstate Park Commission

Lamont Fund for Earthquake Seismology

Lamont Geological Observatory: Geochemistry Lab Building

Lamont, Corliss and Austin

Lampo, Emilio Fund for Research in Medicine and Surgery

Lang, Minnette

Lasdon, William S.

Lattimer, John K.

Lawrence, George F.

Lawrence, Ruth

LeBell, Seymour H.

Lee, Arthur M.

Leiwant, Erwin

Lenygon, Francis Henry

Levinson, Samuel J.

Levy, Harriett Mooney

Lindley, Adelbert H.

Locascio, Nicholas R.

Lockwood, John S.

Loeb, Robert F.

Loewe, Frederick

Lopez, Joseph E.

Loubat, Joseph Florimond

Lourie, Sara H.

Lower Estate Fund

Lowther, Christopher M.

Lyon, John H.

Lyon, Willard A.

Box 5 Folder 7 LA-LE, 1966

Lachman, Charles R.

1975 December 22

1977 December 15

LaGuardia, Italia

Lagnese, Joseph Gerard

Lahey, Richard W.

Lamb, Margaret Haab

Lambert, Aida L.

Lambert, John P.

Lambert, Samuel W. III

Lamport, Golden S.

Landauer, Jerry G.

Landeau, Lester A.

Landers, Alice P.

Landschoff, Ursula

Lane, Carmen B.

Lang, Joseph

Langs, John Pierce

Lappas, Martha C.

Larmore, Clarence H.

Larremore, Thomas A.

Larson, Harold

Larson, Sarah Given

Lasker, Mary Woodard

(2 copies)

Lauterstein, Leon

Lawrence, David N.

Lea, Harry R.

(3 copies)

Leal, Dorothy Dudley

Leavy, Estelle

Leber, Henry

Leckie, John

(3 copies)

Lee, Eleanor

Lee, Susan M.

Lehman, Edith A.

Leiber, William C.

Leifflen, Roy

Lemelson, Claire G.

Lemmon, Walter S.

Lennon, Florence M.

Leonard, Mildred W. and John Hay

Leonard, Chester F.

Leonhard, Hermann R.

Leonhard, Mildred Z.

L'Esperance, Wilford L.

(3 copies)

Lester, Eileen E.

(3 copies)

Leventhal, Harold

Levi, Julian Clarence

(2 copies)

Levine, Leonard

Levisohn, Edwin

Levisohn, Elsie

Levy, Caroline Stern

Levy, David M.

Levy, Mildred A.

Levy, Robert L.

Lewin, George J.

Lewis, Helen S.

Lewis, Leland J.

Box 5 Folder 8 LI-LZ, 1966

Library of Congress Motion Picture Agreement

Lichtenstein, Anson

Lief, Richard

Lightstone, Sidney

Lilley, Anne Dobey Stockder

(3 copies)

Lippincott, Rhoda A.

Lippmann, Blanche

Lippmann, Herbert

Little, Louis L.

1978 September 21

1979 June 5

Lloyd-Jones, Esther McDonald

Lobsenz, Sydney

(2 copies)

Lockwood, Manice deForest

Loeb, Janet Cook

Loeb, Louis M.

Loesch, Ruth Marion

Loewengart, Thea

Loewy, Flora S.

Londa, Maxine H.

Longman, Donald R.

Longwell, Mary Fraser

Loomis, Roger Sherman

Lopin, Sam A.

Lorenz, Robert D.

Loria, Justine

(2 copies)

Loughren, Arthur V.

Lovejoy, John M.

Lowe, Donald V.

Lowrie, Rebecca Lawrence

Lowry, Fern

Lowther, Clara Greer

Ludwig, Mitzi

Lueders, Frederick J.

(2 copies)

Lundstrom, Forrest Martin

Luquer, Evelyn P.

Lynch, Ruth R.

Lyon, Janet E.

Box 6 Folder 1 M, 1945-1965

Maas, Kittyn M.

MacCurdy, Frederick

Mack, Fred A. and Fannie

MacLean, William M.

Mahony, Mary Murray

Mahony, Janet Morgan

Mahony, Walter B.

Maison, Francaise

Mann, Horace School

1953 January 5

1953 January 7

Martin, Walter Ross

Mason, Frank H.

Matthews, Ada Smith

Matthews, James Brander

May, George O.

Maze, M. Montgomery

McAllister, Jane

McBain, Agnes Bartlett

McCastline, Janet Rowland

McCormack, Alfred

McCrea, Roswell C.

McGraw, Arthur B.

McGregor, James H.

McLean, Margaret Prendergast

MD Publications

1960 July 28

(2 copies)

1961 March 6

Mead, Mabel C.

Medaglia D'oro

Medical Center: Cancer Research Laboratories

Medical School Endowment Fund

Meeker, Dora P.

Meierhof, Lina H.

Meirowitz, Philip

Meleney, Frank Lamont Research Fund

Meleney, Frank Lamont Bacteriology Research

Mercer, Helen B. Fund

Merck, George W.

Merritt, Ralph

Mersereau, William J.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Meunier-Guttin, Paul

Meyer, Annie Nathan

Meyer, David L.

Michael, Jerome

Michtom, Joseph S.

Milliken, Seth Minot

Monell, Ambrose Foundation

Monell, Ambrose Medal Fund

Montgomery, Robert H. Fund for the Libraries

Montanaro, Frank B.

Morch, John J.

Morgan, Bertha Alice

Morgan, Ora S. and Rose Huff

Morgenstern, Morris

Moritz, Samuel J.

1960 March 10

1960 March 13

Morningside Heights, Inc.

Morningside Park Athletic Field

Morningside Park (Gymnasium)

Morris, Carolyn W.

Morris, William Agency Fund

Mourraille, C. Gustave

Mudd, Harvey S.

Mudd, Seeley W.

Mudge, Isadore G.

Murrin, Howard

Myers, Bertha S.

Box 6 Folder 2 Mc, 1966

McCallister, Richard

McCarthy, Clarence F.

McClure, Wood

McDonnell, John P.

McHugh, Glenn

McIntosh, Rustin

McKane, Edith U.

McKee, Ralph H.

McKesson, Mary H.

McKnight, Nicholas McDowell

McKnight, Phyllis Ogden

McLanahan, Margaret Janeway

McMorris, Leon Gentry

McNamara, Mary C.

McNeile, Vaun G.

Box 6 Folder 3 M-ME, 1966

Mabie, Ralph R. Jr.

Macalpine, William W.

Machen, Henry Bennett

Mack, Marion Reckford

MacLachlan, Helen Mary

MacMartin, Janet MacGregor

Macy, Helen

Mahaney, Martha Y.

Mahler, Sally

Mahon, Justin D.

Maicas, Jane

Malerich, Helen J.

Malman, Leon

Mandel, Minnie

Manes, Lorne

Manheimer, Dewitt J.

Manheimer, Signe E.

Manley, Herbert D.

1962 July 9

1962 December 12

Manshel, Warren D.

Mansur, Melvin White

(2 copies)

Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company

Marcus, Maurice

(3 copies)

Margolin, Mildred

Mariani, Anita

(2 copies)

Marks, Jack G.

Marquardt, Ernest

Marr, Eleanor B.

Marraro, Howard R.

Marshall, Lenore G.

Marshall, Ottalie G.

Marshall, Sabina

Martin, Elsie Mae

Martin, Marianne W.

Martin, Michael

Maslansky, Manuel M.

Masterson, John G.

Mathews, Helen R.

Mathews, Henderson

Mathewson, Rufus W. Jr.

Matson, Ruth

Matthews, Sophie

(2 copies)

May, A. Wilfred

May, Mortimer

Mayer, Alfred J.

Maynard, Albert Douglas

Mayo, Lucy G.

Meagher, Edward C.

Meder, Elsa Marie

(2 copies)

Medler, Mary Joy McGee

Meehan, Richard

Mehr, Herman L.

Meier, Elizabeth G.

Melicow, Meyer M.

(2 copies)

Melish, J. Robert

Mellen, Henry L.

Mendel, Betty Rose H.

Mendel, Nell W.

Men's Faculty Club Constitution of Columbia University

(2 copies)

Menke, Melba J.

Mercer, Samuel T., M.D.

(2 copies)

Merritt, H. Houston

Merriwether, Duncan

Mertens, Clara Franziska

Mertz, Elizabeth R.

Mesick, Louise

Mesila, Paul

Meyer, Estelle B.

Meyer, Gertrude

Meyer, Ruth F.

Meyerson, Fannye G.

Meyner, Robert B.

Box 6 Folder 4 MI-MZ, 1966

Michels, Rudolf K.

Michtom, Mark

Middlebury College Agreement

(2 copies)

Miller, Charles S.

Miller, John, D.D.S.

(2 copies)

Miller, J. Lowry

Miller, Lucy Carol, M.D.

(2 copies)

Miller, Winifred W.

Ming, Li

Minnick, Mary E.

Mixer, Charles W.

Mock, Frank C.

(3 copies)

Monaghan, Thomas E.

Montgomery, Jane S.

Moody, Maud Grumbacher

Moog, Florence C.

Mooney, Margaret Douglass

Moore, George Gelston, Jr.

Moore, Laurel V.

Moore, Wilbur J.

Morgan, Ethel Alva Mott

Morgan, Luna Rutgers

Morgan, William Millard

Morka, B. John

Morristown Memorial Hospital

Morrow, Susan G.

Morse, Leighton B.

Mos, Edna A.

Moses, Lucy G.

(3 copies)

Mossler, Adele S.

Mouradian, Albert H.

Mouradian, James H.

Mueller, Charles H.

Muller, Gulli Lindh

Muller, Helen Maguire

Mulvey, Vincent J.

Munro, Alfred E.

Murphy, J. Adam

Murphy, Deacon

Murphy, Katharine Prentis

Murray, Howard J. Jr.

Mutnick, Gussie

Box 6 Folder 5 N, 1952-1965

Newman, Jerome A.

New York School of Social Work

Nieder, Georgette

Nilson, Siegfried J.

Noblett, Henrietta A. and William

Nolte, Albert C.

Nursing School, Presbyterian Hospital

Box 6 Folder 6 N, 1966

Nadler, Martin L.

Nagle, Elma S.

Nathan, Benjamin M.

Nauheim, Ruth L.

Nelson, Evelyn L.

Neuhaus, Herman

Neustaedter, Eleanor

Nevins, Allan

(2 copies)

Newhouse, Florence F.

Newman, Douglass

New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

Nicely, Katharine T.

Nichols, Howard B.

Nichols, Norton

Nicolson, Marjorie Hope

Nicholson, Theodore

Nichoplas, Paul

Nicolson, Marjorie Hope

Niner, Frieda

Nixon, Marguerite J.

Noble, Robert Philip

Nolander, Elsie W.

Norris, Donald Edwin

Northcott, John P.

Norton, Delbert A.

Norton, Leota G.

Noyes, Charles P. 2nd

Noyes, Inez Webb

Nye, Frederick Noel

Box 6 Folder 7 O, 1952-1965

Oberndorf, Clarence P.

Ogden, Charles J.

Oldrini, Austin Travelling Fellowship Fund

Olsan, Ire M.

(2 copies)

115th Street, 635 West

115th Street, 612-614 West

116th Street, Closing of

117th Street, 409 West

117th Street, 425 West

117th Street, 407 West

117th Street, Closing of

117th Street, 405 West

Oram, Florence

Osswalt, Myldred

Ostheimer, Blanche B.

Box 6 Folder 8 O, 1966

O'Brien, Justin M.

Offenberg, Max

Ogden, Alfred

(2 copies)

Ohl, John P.

(2 copies)

Ohlsen, Violet E.

Oko, Dorothy Kuhn

Oliker, A. John

Olsen, Florence H.

Olson, Dorothy Alice

Oman, Frederick Giles

(2 copies)

Oppenheim, Rose Grace

Oppenheimer, Enid T.

Oppenheimer, Gideon H.

Oram, Russell M.

O'Reilly, Lucile G.

Orgel, Grace S.

Osborne, Pearl B.

Osterman, Margaret R.

Osterweis, Florence B.

(2 copies)

Overlook Hospital Affiliation Agreement

(4 copies)

Box 6 Folder 9 P, 1904-1965

Paffard, Frederic C.


(2 items)

Palmer, Austin P.

Parker, Joseph Garrison Award Fund

Parr, Harry L.

Parraga, Charles Frederic

Patent Policies and Procedures at Columbia University

Patent and Copyright Agreement

Patricof, Minnie S.

Paulson, Alton Bryon

Pech, James

Pegram, George B. Laboratory

Pell, Herbert Claiborne Jr.

Peloubet, Maurice E.

Pelton, Rodetta F.B.

Perkins, Henry A. Fund

Peters, Nikki and Futtner, Lucile Memorial Fund

Pfeiffer, George A. Scholarship Fund

Pfister, Joseph C. Fellowship Fund

Pharmacy, College of

Philolexian Centennial Washington Prize Fund

Phipps, Francis Harloe

Physicians, College of and Surgeons Alumni Bequest Fund

Pierre, Lillian

Planiol, Andre

Podell, David L.

Polk, Grover

Pope, Generoso Fund

Prentis, Edmund A.

Prentiss, Guernsey D.

Presbyterian Hospital Agreement

President's Student Loan Fund

Pressprich, Reginald William

Probst, Marie, Charles & Walter Memorial Scholarship Fund

Public Health Center Agreement

Pulitzer, Joseph

1904 March

1904 April

1959 November 2

1958 April 28

Box 6 Folder 10 P-PP, 1966

Page, Marshall L.

Palfrey, Clochette Roosevelt

Palmer, Elizabeth

Pantzer, Margaret E.

Parker, Edwin B.

(2 documents)

Parker, Everett H. Sr.

(2 copies)

Parker, Minnie Charitable Trust

Parsons, John Edward

Pasvolsky, Christine M.

Paul, Winston

Paulding, Elizabeth S.

Pauly, Herta H.

(2 copies)

Payne, Guy Jr.

Payne, Hortense O.

Payne, Margaret M.

(2 copies)

Pearlman, Meyer A.

Peck, Juanita Small

Pedevill, Joseph R.

Peer, Ruth Banghart

Pell, Mary B.

Peragallo, Edward

Perlow, Dorothy

(2 copies)

Perry, Winona M.

Peshkin, Lillian R.

Peterson, Isabel Fisher

Peterson, Ruth J.

(2 copies)

Petersen, Sara Snell

Petersen, William E.

Petrie, Helen Starbuck

Petty, Grace

Pew, J. Howard Freedom Trust

Pfeiffer, Mary E.

Phelps, Rose Bernice

Phillips, Walter Jr.

(2 copies)

Photographic Scientists and Engineers, Society of

Pierce, Margaret K.

Pierce, Marylynn Guthrie

Pilpel, Harriet F.

Pinkham, Caroline Mildreth Worth

Pitkin, Katharine J.

Plaut, Edward

Poder, Vladimir

Poe, John Seldon

Pogo, Alexander

Polatin, Alvin H.

Poliak, Saul and Janice Center for the Study of First Amendment Issues

Poliak, Janice

Pollak, Leo L.

Ponte, Robert A.

Poole, Ola Levens

Popper, Louis John

Porada, Edith

(2 copies)

Porada, Edith Professorship in Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology

Porter, Laura F.

Post, Loring W.

Powell, Rita MacArthur

Powell, William Robert

Box 7 Folder 1 PR-PZ, 1966

Prashker, Herbert

Pratt, Jane Abbott

Prentis, Edmund Astley

(2 documents)

Presbyterian Hospital Agreements

(17 documents)

Price, Fraser P.

Price, Margaret W.

Prickett, Clarence L.

Princeton University Joint Program

Probst, Nathan

Proffitt, Charles G.

Proffitt, Henry W.

Proskauer, Joseph M.

Pulitzer Prizes

Box 7 Folder 2 Q-R, 1952-1966

Radner, William

Rado, Sandor

Randolph, Julia Balbach

Rappleye, Willard C.

Reid Hall

Reid Foundation

Research Corporation

(2 copies)

Reynard, Elizabeth

Ritt, Estelle

Roberts, Lydia C.

Robinson, George Dewitt

Robinson, Walter Scott

Robinson, Edwin S.

Robinson, James L.

Robinson, Mabel Louise

Rockefeller Foundation Fund for the Lamont Geological Observatory

Roeser, Frederick

Rogers, Henry Welsh

Rolle, Sidney

Romagna, Anthony J.

Ronan, Mary D.

Roosevelt Hospital

Rose, Arthur

Rosenbeck, Milton B.

Rosenblatt, Girard B.

Rosenblum, Gertrude

Rosenthal, Lewis A.

Rosenthal, Nathan

Rowe, Allan C.

Roy, Malcolm Miller

Rupp, Frederick Louis

Ruprecht, Walter E.

Russian Poetry Translation Prize Fellowship

Ruutz-Rees Caroline

Ryle, Dorothy

Rypinski, Jacob Emanuel

Box 7 Folder 3 Q-RETIREMENT, 1949-1965

Quigley, James M.

Quinlan, Maurice J.

Rabinoff, George W.

Racaniello, Christine

(2 copies)

Ramapo Trust

Ramirez, Miguel A.

Ramsey, Edward L.

(2 copies)

Rapoport, Eda

(3 copies)

Rapp, Burnis Benson

Rapp, Paul L.

Raskin, Rose

Rasmussen, V. Kann

Rathborne, Isabel

(2 copies)

Rauch, Frances M.

Rear, Harry E.

Recht, Eugenie H.

Reed, Elsie Seller

Reed, William

Reeda, Agnes

Regan, Irene G.

(2 copies)

Rehlaender, Douglas L.

Reich, Benjamin

Reiner, Mabel D.

Reinheimer, Eleanor

Renton, Margaret

Resnick, Louis B

Retirement Plans

(4 copies)

Box 7 Folder 4 RETT-RZ, 1966

Rettenberg, Milton J.

Revson, Charles H.

Rex, Millicent B.

Rheinische-Westfaelische Technische Hochscule, Aachen

Rhind, Flora

Rhodes, Louise S.

(3 copies)

Riblet, Ronald F.

Ricciardi, Alfred

Rice, George P. Jr.

Riley, Loretta C.

Ritter, Saul Alfred

Ritterbusch, William B.

(2 copies)

Rivelson, Sophia J.

Robb, Elise De La Fontaine

(2 copies)

Roberts, Adeline

Robertson, Campbell

Robilloti, James G.

Robinson, Forence Lucas

Robinson, George DeWitt

Robinson, Geroid Tanquary

Robinson, John N.

Rocassi, Eva L.

Roche, Marguerite P.

(2 copies)

Rodnick, Herman Dr.

Rogers, Ella Frankfurter

Rogers, Lindsay

Rogers, Lindsay Fellowship Fund

Rogers, Ruth Manlove

Roosevelt Hospital

Rosen, Ida

Rosen, Isadore

Rosen, Morris

Rosen, Murray J.

(2 copies)

Rosenberg, Herbert Nathan

Rosenfeld, Hyman

Rosenhirsch Foundation

Rosenthal, Philip

Rosenzweig, Marianne

Rosenzweig, Ruth B.

Rosman, Esther

Ross, Caroline B.

Ross, Inez D.

Ross, O.A.

Ross, Richard Morrow

Rostenberg, Lee O.

Roth, Arthur Joseph

(2 copies)

Rothenberg, Lillian

Rouse, Mildred W.

Rousselot, Elsie M.

(2 copies)

Rowzee, Cora M.

Royce, Eva Allen

(2 copies)

Ruben, Samuel

Rubin, Estelle K.

(2 copies)

Rubino, Gabriel

Rudavsky, David

Rutzler, Henry L.

Ryan, Marjorie Langley

Ryle, Thorneycroft

Box 7 Folder 5 S, 1949-1965

Sackler, Arthur M.

Sagamore Scholarship Fund

Sample, Leon E.

Sanders, Helen Slade

Sands, Irving J.

Saphir, Joseph F.

Scharps, Benjamin, David and Abraham

Schiff, Jacob H.

Schermerhorn, Augustus F.

Schier, Wilson W.

Schlitz, Joseph Brewing Co.

Schlivek, Kaufman

Schluer, Fanny C.

Schmidt, Marie C.

Scholz, Frederick W.

Schulze, Henry Herman L.

Schwarz, Herbert F.

Scott, Ernest Lyman and Aleita Hopping

Segal, Charles and Andrew

Semon, Theresa and Blanche S. Thorman Scholarship Funds

Shaper, Jared K.

Shapiro, Solomon and Dora

Shibley, Fred Warner

Shientag, Bernard L.

Smith, Harriet Savage

Smith, Walter E.

Smith, Young B.

Smyth, David W.

Smyth, David Wilson

Specht, Mary Sencindiver

Spencer, Frank D.

Spier, Frances

Sporn, Philip

Stanley, Florence McNeill

Stanley-Thompson Professorship Fund

Stark, Clifford George

Stark, Francis R.

Steinschneider, Marie (wife of Richard Steinschneider)

Stern, Lily

Sternfells, Martin Morris

Stettheimer, Ettie

Stewart, Edgar Edgington, Jr.

Stickel, Jesse

Stiefel, Arnold and Mattie

Stone, Harlan Fiske

Stout, Jean Stoddart

Strang, Benjamin B.

Strange, Lillian F. Dr.

Strassburger, William J

Strong, Oliver Smith

Sturmdorf, Miriam R.

Summerfield, Solon E.

Swann, Erwin D. and Caroline Benke

Sweizer, James A.

Swope, Mary Hill

Box 7 Folder 6 S-SAINT, 1947-1979

Sachar, Edward

Sackett, Nelson Benson

Safran, Bernard Abraham

St. John, Fordyce B.

St. Luke's Agreement, 1971

(7 copies)

St. Luke's-Roosevelt Agreement, 1979

St. Luke's-Roosevelt Agreement, 1983

Memorandums on Roosevelt and St. Luke's Agreements, 1971

Memorandums on Roosevelt and St. Luke's Agreements, 1971

Roosevelt Hospital Agreement, 1952

St. Luke's Hospital Agreement, 1947

(2 copies)

Proposed Agreements with Roosevelt Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital

St. Luke's Agreement (Health Services), 1952

Box 8 Folder 1 SAK-SE, 1966

Sakier, Abraham H.

Saks, Ruth W.

Salisbury, Harrison E.

(2 copies)

Samson, Daniel P.

Samter, Annette

Samuel, Ruth U.

(2 items)

Samuels, Jack Harris

Samuels, Mollie Harris

Sanger, Margaret Research Bureau agreement

Sartori, Giovanni

Sassell, Leontine

Sattler, Dorothy A.

Saxe, Mary S.

Saxon, Charles D.

Saydman, Jeane L.

Schachter, Sol

(2 copies)

Schaedle, Pauline H.

Schapiro, Ruth G.

Schesch, Elizabeth Yassin

Schlegel, Katchen Dorothy

Schlicher, Dorothy C.

Schlichting, Louise J.

Schlivek, Elsie B.

Schmuck, Mildred

Schneierson, Samuel J.

(2 copies)

Schnur, Mollie

Scholz, Charles M.

Schreckenberger, Edward R.

(2 copies)

Schroeder, Rudolph

Schulman, Irwin S.

Schuyler, Robert Livingston

Schwartz, Benjamin

Schwartz, Louis F.

Schwartz, Milton

Schwartz, Murray

Schwartz, Nathan L.

Schweitzer, Gertrude

Schweitzer, Louis

Schweppe, Emma A.

Scott, Aleita Hopping

Scott, Ernest Lyman

Scovil, Francis Kessler

Scudder, John

Scully, Hathaway Weekes

Seager, Louise Rissland

Sealy, Donald F.

Seidler, Bertha

Seil, Edna W.

(3 items)

Seligman, Eustace

Sells, Arthur G.

Selvin, Hanan C.

Sergievsky, Gertrude H.

Severinghaus, Frances Orr

Sewny, Kathryn Wiehe

(2 copies)

Sewny, Vahan D.

Seymour, Whitney Borth

Box 8 Folder 2 SF-STA, 1966

Sharpe, Henry E.

Shaw, Ralph R.

Shea, Edward H.

Shelly, William

Shepard, Margaret Lawrence

Shipway, Verna C.

Shire, Edward I.

Shiya, Margaret F.

Short, Irene Donaldson

Shulman, Joseph L.

Sicherman, Stephen

Siegel, Jack

Sieghardt, Ferdinand J.

Sikes, Margaret Walsh

(2 copies)

Silberg, Daniel H.

Silberstein, Paul

Silipo, Samuel Caesar

Silver, Rollo G.

Silverherz, Joseph D.

Silverman, Jacob Ronald

Simmons, David R.

Simon, Melly

Simpson, Selma R.

Sindeband, Lyllian L.

Sink, Frederick D.

Skidmore, Samuel T.

Slayback, Helen

Sloan, Elizabeth Ann

Slocum, Paul F.

Smith, Alan DeForest

Smith, Barbara

Smith, Blanche R.

Smith, Florence G.

Smith, Grant

(2 copies)

Smith, Helen Parker

Smith, Joseph H.

Smith, Lucian E.

Smith, Morton

(2 copies)

Smith, Paul A.

Smith, William Leslie

(2 copies)

Smithe, Frank B.

Smolnik, Gertrude B.

Snow, Edith N.

(2 copies)

Social Work, School of-Agreement with School of Public Health and Administrative Medicine

Sokolsky, Herbert R.

Solomon, Edward

Soloway, George

Soong, Laura Chang

Sorenson, Dorothea W.

Sosnen, Samuel

Sosnow, George Y.

Soss, Wilma

Sparrow, Albert W.

Spaulding, Lora Eleanor

Spector, Ivar

Speers, Ellen Carter

Spence, Lewis A.

Spence, Malcolm C.

Spencer, Mary E.

(2 copies)

Spilerman, Seymour Dr.

Spingarn, Arthur B.

Spingarn, Susie D.

Spiro, Simon U.

Sprague, Patricia D.

Sprick, Margaret Morton

Stabler, Dorothy

Statler, Alice Seidler

Stavis, Morton

(2 copies)

Box 8 Folder 3 STE-STZ, 1963

Stein, Charles E.

Stein, Florette R.

Stein, Marjorie C.

Steinberg, Cornelius S.

Steinberg, Morris F.

Steinert Elsa

Steinhardt, Samuel C.

Stepan, Arpinee Tavshanjian

Stetten, Alice

(2 copies)

Stettheimer, Syra F.

Steuer, Aron

Stiefel, Hortense H.

Stockder, Archibald Herbert

Stockman, Alvin R.

Stone, Ermine

Stone, Stephen Grant

Stookey, Byron

Stookey, Helen Hoyt

Storie, Catharine P.

Stout, Arthur Purdy

Stout, Jean Stoddart

Stout, Julia Frances

Stover, Margaret Milne

Strang, Benjamin B.

Strauss, Irving F.

Strickman, Robert

Stricks, Rae

Sulzberger, Arthur Hays

(2 copies)

Sulzberger, Iphigene Ochs

Sulzberger, Myron

Summa, Helen Staples

Suensson, Einar S.

Swiger, Ethel

Swindells, Pauline T.

Sylvester, Charles L.

Szladits, Lola L.

Box 8 Folder 4 T, 1949-1965

Taylor, Horace

Teachers College agreements


Supplement and amendment, 1949


(2 copies)

Amendment of 1965 agreement, 1974

Agreement with Graduate School of Business

Teicher, Joseph

Terhune, Anice

Terry, Charles Thaddeus

Thielens, Wagner, Jr.

Thompson, Woodman

Thomssen, Edgar

Thorndike, Lynn

Thornton, Janet

Three Arts Club

Ticktin, George B.

Tiro a Segno of New York, Inc.

Tobin, Stephan

Townsend, Mary Evelyn

Transportation Division of the School of Business Administration

Turner, John B.

Box 8 Folder 5 T, 1966

Tachna, Max

Taggart, Leslie D.

Tannenbaum, Jane Belo

Tator, Robert B.

Taub, Abraham

Taub, Peritz

(2 copies)

Taylor, Frances Elizabeth

Taylor, Henry J.

Taylor, Pauline

Taylor, Walter Andrews

Taylor, William T.

Tefferteller, Ruth S.

Temple, Alan H.

Tenney, Warren S.

(2 copies)

TeWinkel, Lois E.

Theuerer, Henry C.

Thoburn, Isabella

Thomas, Lottie E. S.

Thompson, Edward C.

Thompson, George S.

Thomson, Hope

Thomssen, Grace Brinkerhoff

Thorman, Blanche Stein

Thornton, Maude F.

Thorsen, Henry T.

Timken, Katherine

Tirrell, Alice Stuart

Tobin, Hilma

Tobin, William N.

Toby, Allen H.

Todd, Helga C

Tonachel, Gerard

Tonis, Joseph M.

Toplitz, Helen

Towbin, Belmont

(2 copies)

Tozier, Gladys A.

Tracy, Harlan P.

Trapp, Ethlyn

Trawick, MacEldin

Treacy, Marion E.

Tripp, Arthur

Truman, Dorothy K.

Tsukuba University

Tufte, Corinne G.

(2 copies)

Tully, Susan

Turkenich, Ruth

Turnquist, Dorothy A.

Twitchell, Arthur C.

Twitchell, Jean A.

Box 8 Folder 6 U-V, 1949-1965

Ulman, Albert

Ulman, Jerome M.

Untermeyer, Eugene

Upper Estate Fund

Upton, Siegfried M.

Urban, Mar

Van Amringe Scholarship, donation of Emily Bugh

Van Dyk Dean, Phyllis Jane

Van Nostrand, Norman W.

Van Zandt, Josephine A.

Vedder, Frank H.

Verplanck, Evelina Carroll

Verplanck, William E.

Vetsburgh, Karl M.

Vinciguerra, Michael

Vogel, Martin

Vogeler, William J.

Vogleson, Helen E.

Vollmer, Hermann

von Sholly, Benjamin

Box 8 Folder 7 U-V, 1966

Ulmann, Gene

Ulmann, Gene (update)

Union Theological Seminary

University of Indonesia

Updike, Stuart N.

Upton, Siegfried M.

Uris, Joanne

Ussachevsky, Vladimir A.

Vahlteich, Ella McCollum

(2 copies)

Valentine, Julia Hoover

Van Deventer, John F.

Van Hoesen, Florence R.

Van Volkenburgh, Edward

Van Zandt, Josephine A.

Vaughan, Harold Stearns

Veterans Tuition Credit Program

Villeman, Michael Stevens

Visner, Sidney

Volckening, Lloyd I.

Vollmer, Ruth

von Bernuth, Gertrude M.

von Bernuth, Rudolph L.

Voorhees, Frederick

Vosseler, Allison J.

Vredeberg, Marguerite Boudot

Box 8 Folder 8 W, 1952-1965

Wahl, Cornelia

Walter, Herbert Winfred

Walter, John C.

Walz, Andrew

Ward, Hilda

Watson Laboratory

Watson, Thomas J.

Wecheler, Albert Louis

Weekes, Frederick Robert

Welch, Alberta M.

Welch, Fannie Fredericka Dyckman

Westchester Heart Association, Inc.

Westermann, William Linn

Westinghouse Electric Fund

Wheeler, Henry I.

White, Jay L.

Wiehe, Theodore C.

Wiley, William O.

Wilk, Mortimer A.

Wilks, H. Sylvia A. H. G.

Wilks, Matthew Astor

Willard, Paul Fiske

Williams, Chauncey L.

Williams, Edward I.

Williams, Horatio B.

Williamson, Charles C.

Wilson, Gertrude H.

Wilson, John Lancelot

Wolfson, Erwin B.

Wollman, William J.

Wood, Mary E.

Wood, Roy Udell

Woodard, Helen Quincy

Woodbridge Hall

Woodworth Gift

Wurster, Wiliam F.

Wyckof Pease, Josephine

Box 8 Folder 9 W, 1966

Wagner, Beverly G.

Wagner, Mildred M/

Waldecker, Sydney C.

Walker, Frances Ryder

Wallace, Fannie C.

Wallach, Cynthia Marrin

Wang, Sze-Tseng

Ward, Ralph F.

Wardwell, Edward R.

Warren, Effie M.

Warren, George Earle

Warshow, Joseph

Warshow Will, Paul

Warren, George Earle

Wasserman, Marion F.

Waterhouse, Isabel R.

Wathen, Richard W.

Watkins, Robert M.

Watson, Lester R.

Weaver, Charlotte Rachel

Webb, Norine G.

Weber, Blanche G.

(2 copies)

Webster, Florence C.

Webster, Jerome P.

Weeks, Janet Weir

Weigl, George E.

Weikersheimer, Ruth

Weill, Teresa J.

(2 copies)

Weill-Caulier, Bruno R.

Weiner Maurice

Weis, Walter M.

Weiss, Efram I.

(2 copies)

Weiss, Marcel

Weiss, Morton

Welcher, Emma Avery

Weld, Barbara M.

Welding, James R.

Weltman, Sheldon J.

Werner, Florence Baehm

Werner, Walter

Werts, Charlene M.

Wessner, Martha Peters

Westphal, Albert C. F.

Wheatley, Marjorie A.

Whitaker, Mildred Ruth

White, Lewis M.

Whitehorn, Nathaniel

(2 copies)

Whiteley, Alvin

Widowfield, Joseph T.

(2 copies)

Wiedman, William

Wien, Lawrence A.

Williams, Arthur

(2 copies)

Williams, Lynn

Williams, Richmond B.

Williamson, Marjorie E.

Wilson, Carmel S.

Wilson, Edward B.

Wilson, Fred

Wilson, Lester G.

Wilson, Lucille Mather

Windisch-Gretz, Desiree

Wise, Ethel H.

Wishart, Irene Louise

Witmark, Jeannette J.

Witmark, Julius P.

(2 copies)

Witmer, Helen E.

Witmer, Richard Thomas

Wohl, Reuben

Wolcott, Mary G.

Wold, Laurane E.

Wolf, Lawrence B.

Wolfe, DeWitt Henry H.

Wolfe, Elena L.

Wolferz, Louis Ernest

Wolff, Blanche R.

Wood, Barry G.

Woodard, Helen Quincy

Woodruf, Charlotte Van Camp

Woodruff, Edith H.

Woodruff, Elizabeth S.

Woodrull, Theo

Woods, Louise Taraldson

Woodworth, Bettina L.

Woodworth, Svenson

Woolrich, Cornell

Wray, Dorothy M.

(2 copies)

Wright, Mary Heritage

Wueller, Gwen Hahn

Wylie, Amos K.

Wylie, Duncan S.

Box 9 Folder 1 X-Y-Z, 1952-1965

Yale University

(2 copies)

Zachry, Wallace

(2 copies)

Zurich Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule

Box 9 Folder 2 X-Y-Z, 1966

Yates, Winston C.

Yetter, Katherine Renny

Yohalem, Stephen B.

Young, Helen Vincent Sherman

Young, Lois C.

Yount, Carl C.

Zapf, Katharine Peek

(2 copies)

Zavatt, Joseph C.

Zabriskie, George Gray

Zahn, David

Zimmerman, Charles S.

Zinsser, John S.

Zipris, Virginius Victor

(2 copies)

Zulli, Lillian W. Kay