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   Columbia College A.B. Theses Collection, 1878-1905

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Series I: Columbia College A.B. Theses, 1878-1905

Series I consists of bound volumes of undergraduate theses submitted by students at Columbia College from 1878 to 1905. The theses are arranged in alphabetical order by last name within each volume. As the volumes were initially cataloged as books the original Columbiana call numbers are noted in the container list for each volume

Bliven, William Warren, "Life and Character of John Milton"

Volume 1878 (CO E78)
Cheesman, Louis Montgomery, "Is Evolution Contrary to Revelation?"
Holls, George Frederick William, "Theirs as a Statesman"
Kent, William, "Light Literature"
Bearns, William James Gilbert, "The Influence of Commerce"
Bogert, Henry Lawrence, "A Comparison of the Greek and Roman Literatures"
Bogert, John Lawrence, "Finites, Infinites and Infinitesimals in Their Relation to Our Senses"
Brower, Charles De Hart, "Shall the Bible Be Retained in Our Public Schools?"
Caldwell, Charles Elder, "Revolutions"
Crowe, Charles Hopper, "Agriculture--The Ideal and Real"
Curtis, Benjamin Farquhar, "Wordsworth’s Theory of Poetry"
Cushman, Holbrook, "View of Life on Leaving College or Taking Soundings"
Hitchcock, Francis Reynolds, "Character of Andrew Jackson"
Hoffman, Charles Frederick, "Benedict Arnold"
Holly, Charles Frederick, "An Essay on the Life, Character, and Political Influence of Alexander Hamilton"
Hopkins, Edward Washburn, "A Comparison between the Early Customs and Language of the Hindu and Greek"
Hurlburt, Charles Frederick, "The Philosophy of Revolutions"
Kenyon, Ralph Wood, "Geology in Accord with Revelation"
Lewis, Samuel Ferris, "Sketch and Life of Aaron Burr"
Low, Edward Allen, "Alfred Tennyson"
Peyton, Cornwall Kensington, "Influence of Association"
Pryor, James W., "Notes on the Writings of Philip Gilbert Hamerton"
Russell, William Hamilton, "The Object of Pictures and How It Is Accomplished by Woodcuts"
Schell, Edward Paul, "The Anglo-Saxon Race"
Seligman, Jefferson, "Athens in the Age of Socrates"
Waller, William, "Alexander Hamilton"
Watson, Henry Ross Campbell, "The True Patriotism of Washington"
Williams, Mornay, "The Dangers of Pauperism in Large Cities"
Barnum, Frederic S., "Party Growth in the United States"

Volume 1879 A-K (CO E79 Q1)
Brereton, Thomas John, "The Political Life of the Moors in Spain"
Browning, Frederick William, "A Thesis on Financial Speculations"
Bull, Charles George, "A Thesis on Medieval Art and Medieval Science"
Burton, August us Imbrie, "A Thesis on Terrestrial Phenomena"
Cornell, Charles Ezra, "The Past, Present and Future of the United States"
Daw, William Ernest, "Unity, Duality, Trinity"
Eldredge, Charles, "Progress of Science"
Foster, Theodore Bogert, "International Arbitration"
Gould, William Elford, "A Thesis on the Art of Pleasing"
Hallock, William, "The Water Supply of New York City"
Halsey, George Brooks, "A Thesis on the Ancient and Modern Novel"
Hildreth, David Morgan, "The Power of Verse to Perpetuate Historic and Heroic Events"
Hilton, Henry Graham, "Islamism"
Illch, Abraham, "A Thesis on the Jews and the Middle Ages"
Joseph, Emil, "The Fallacies of Protectionism"
Kellogg, Melville Albert, "Some Thoughts on Free Exchange"
Kingsbury, Herbert Alan, "An Essay on the Growth and Progress of Philosophic Thought in Greece"
Lacey, Harry Olmstead, "Shakespeare’s Character of Julius Caesar"

Volume 1879 L-W (CO E79 Q2)
Lott, Charles H, "Lobbying"
Moldenke, Charles Edward, "The Influence of English Writers on German Literature"
Mulcahey, John Henshaw, "Chivalry"
Northall, Edward Arthur, "The Phaedo"
Ohart, Solomon Jay, "The Political Development of Nations"
Osborne, Samuel Duffield, "Mohammed"
Parsons, William Barclay, "The Failure of Universal Suffrage"
Pettit, Herbert Dalton, "Temperance Reform: A Thesis"
Pond, Sylvanus B., "Radicalism versus Conservation"
Runk, Edward Johnson, "The Will"
Sands, Ferdinand, "Spectrum Analysis"
Seaman, Alfred P.W., "The Value of Theory in Politics"
Seligman, Edwin Robert Anderson, "The Political Influence of Mental Culture"
Spader, Vanderbilt, "Patriotism Ancient and Modern"
Van Doren, Charles Young, "Comparative Roman Eloquence"
Wetmore, John Chetwood, "An Outline of the Political History of the United States"
Adler, Leon N., "Socrates, His Character and Teachings"

Volume 1880 A-D (CO E80 Q1)
Barnwell, Robert Morgan Gibbes, "Homer, As Represented by Modern Discovery"
Bates, William Graves, "Lord Bacon"
Belden, Charles Samuel Marvin, "Science and Religion In Modern Thought"
Bissell, Pelham St. George, "The Suffrage Question"
Blackwell, George Engs, "Is Universal Suffrage a Success?"
Blunt, Edgar Stuart, "Capital Punishment"
Bull, Robert Maclay, "Our Statesmen"
Bush, James Freeman, "Cavour -- His Influence on Italian History"
Carlisle, John W.F., "Religion and the State"
Conover, James Potter, "Effects of Luxury on a Nation"
Constant, Samuel Victor, "The Life and Writings of Charles Lamb"
Dibblee, Frederick William, "Money"
Draper, Frank B., "Thesis on Conscience"
Gerbert, Herman Peter, "Reform of the English System of Land Tenure"

Volume 1880 G-L (CO E80 Q2)
Getty, Robert Parkhill, "The Influence of Climate on Man"
Harper, Horatio Root, "The Educational Systems of Europe and America"
Howell, Henry W., "Washington and Napoleon"
Hubbard, William Hustace, "The History of the American Railroad System"
King, Landreth Hezekiah, "The Undulatory Theory of Light"
Le Boutillier, William G., "The Life and Writings of John Lothrop Motley"
Lehman, Milton Emanuel, "Love of Country"
Livingston, James Duane, "The American Indian"
Locke, Jesse Albert, "Protection: Does it Protect?"
McVickar, William Bard, "Ought the Press to be Free?"
Mandel, Leo Herman, "Life of Mary, Queen of Scots"

Volume 1880 M (CO E80 Q3)
Marshall, Fielding Lewis, "Socialism"
May, Henry Solomon, "The Homeric Question"
Mills, Henry Mihalovitch, "Life and Character of John Marshall"
Miller, Ross, "Free Trade versus Protection"
Moody, Charles F., "The Effect of the Practical Tendencies of the Age on Education and Religion"
Morgan, William Fellowes, "The Mutual Relationship of Spain and America"
Morganstern, Charles Louis, "The Medea of Euripides"
Morris, Philip Alexander, "The Value of Biography"
Newbrough, William, "A Brief History of the North American Indians, Past, Present and Future"

Volume 1880 N-R (CO E80 Q4)
O’Neil, Charles August ine, "Character and Magnitude of the Crisis of 1850"
Paine, Henry Gallup, "Elementary Education"
Phelps, Louis Napoleon, "Daniel Webster"
Philips, Frederic D., "Alexander de Parma"
Porter, Elbert Stoothoff, "The Advantages of Free Trade to the United States"
Riker, Henry Laurens, "Abraham Lincoln"
Robb, William Lispenard, "The United States Signal Service"
Roome, Claudius Monell, "Socialism"
Roome, William Harris, "English Development from Empiricism"
Rusk, Thomas Alexander, "Christianity and Civilization"
Scrugham, William Warburton, "Chinese Immigration is Injurious to the Interests of the Country"

Volume 1880 S-W (CO E80 Q5)
Shaw, Samuel Gormley, "The Emersonian Philosophy"
Short, Henry Alford, "The Permanency of Literature"
Snyder, Edward Havemeyer, "Business Morals"
Stewart, Perez M., "Capital Punishment"
Taylor, William Hickok, "The Indian Question"
Van Gieson, Ransford Easman, "Land Tenure in Ireland"
Wait, Howard St. Clair, "Culture and Melancholy"
Waring, Gardiner Howland, "Free-Trade is the True Solution of the English Land Question"
Waterbury, Nelson Jarvis, "Life"
Weeks, Herbert A., "Woman Suffrage"
Angell, Rufus Greene, "Chivalry"

Voulme 1881 A-E (CO E81 Q1)
Anthony, Richard Allard, "Paper Money in the United States"
Arnold, Frank Wallace, "A True Republic"
Bates, John, "German Immigration and Probable Results of Emigration in the United States"
Beers, Lucius Hart, "Reconstruction in the United States"
Cabot, Arthur Winslow, "A Thesis on Oliver Cromwell"
Clover, Bertrand, "Goethe and Schiller"
Cohen, Albert Andrade, "Socrates"
Combes, Richard, "Progress of the United States"
Cunningham, Louis, "Peter the Great"
Demorest, William Curtis, "Dickens and Zola"
Dunning, William Archibald, "Roundhead and Sans-culotte"
_____ (no name), "Immigration into the United States"
Field, Edward S., "Fanaticism"

Volume 1881 F-N (CO E81 Q2)
Fowler, Samuel S., "Self-Improvement"
Garr, George F., " The Present ad Proposed Methods of Crossing Central America and the Isthmus of Panama"
Gibbens, Daniel L., "The Question of Free Trade in the United States"
Gottheil, Richard J. H., "Jewish Academies in Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Times"
Heard, James, "The Policy of Amelioration"
Henriques, Alexander F., "The Drama"
Horn, James T., "Legislative Restriction of Railroads"
Hotchkiss, Lucius W., "Socialism and Communism"
Kimball, Herbert S., "Agriculture, the Leading Industry of the United States"
Lum, Charles M., "State Education"
McDougall, Howard, "The Function of Modern Government"
Mills, Henry L., "True Manhood"
Montgomery, James H., "The Vendeans"
Muller, Hugo R., "The Torpedo and its Use in War"
Nordeman, Herman F., "Aufschwung der Polititishen Rede in 18ten und 19ten Jahrhundert"
Parker, Robert B., "The Advantages and the Disadvantages of the Election System"

Volume 1881 P-W (CO E81 Q3)
Peck, Harry T., "The Place of Rhyme in Ancient and Modern Versification"
Rambaut, Thomas D., "The Spelling Reform"
Reid, Frederick W., "Music"
Riggs, Edward, "Modern Colonization"
Roberts, Erastus T. R., "On the Possibilities of Aërial Flight"
Sayre, Reginald H., "Cromwell and the English Commonwealth"
Smedberg, Harry A., "Land Tenure as Existing in England and Ireland at the Present Day"
Smith Job L., "The Regulation of Wages"
Stilwell, Van M., "Is Ancient or Modern History More Truthful?"
Stout, Ellarson, "The Birth of Modern Civilization"
Stuart, Eugene T., "Heroes and Hero Worship"
Taylor, George H., "The Religion of Gautâma as Delineated in Edwin Arnold’s Light of Asia"
Torrey, Franklin B., "Is the American Public School System Detrimental to Religion or Not?"
Walter, William I., "Civil Service Reform"
Whitaker, Lemuel, "The Achilles-Heel of Berkeley’s Idealism"
Wilcoxson, William F., "Musical Culture"
Baker, Joseph E., "Civilization"

Volume 1882 B-C (CO E82 Q1)
Banks, James L., "The Immediate Causes That Led to the American and French Revolutions"
Barrell, Harry F., "North America Should Have Political Unity"
Burr, Frederic M., "Art in America: Its Present and Future"
Burrill, Drayton, "The Electoral Franchise"
Carlin, Robert S., "Labor in Europe and America"
Carter, George S., "The Growth of Modern Liberalism"
Carter, James, "The Sabbath"
Clark, Bainbridge P., "The ‘Le Misanthrope’ of Molière"
Crosby, Nicolas, "Reverence for Antiquity"
De Forest, Othniel, "England’s Responsibility for the Present Condition of Ireland"

Volume 1882 D-K (CO E82 Q2)
Drachman, Bernard, "Poets and Poetry of the Karaites Prefatory Note"
Gillies, Edwin J., "Cooperation"
Greene, Edward R., "Socialism in America"
Halsey, Frank S., "Reform in the Civil Service of the Country"
Harvey, Alexander, "Universal Suffrage as Limited by the Property Qualification"
Henry, Frank L., "The Downfall of Louis XVI"
Higgins, Eugene, "Labor: A Social and Political Necessity in the United States"
Keasbey, Rowland P., "The Antiquity of Man"
Lawson, William T., "The Literature of the Mexican War"

Volume 1882 L-P (CO E82 Q3)
Lee, Frederick H., "Invasion of Portugal by Napoleon Bonaparte"
Leopold, Alfred M., "The Reformation"
Livingston, Edward, "Effects of the Crusades on Europe"
Lowrey, William K., "Modern Philology; Its History and Results"
Maclay, David G., "The Tariff"
Mead, Clarkson S., "The Influence of New England upon the United States"
Moore, William A., "Money. Its History, Uses, and Standard"
Murphy, Deas, "Trades’ Unions"
Nash, Thomas, "The Downfall of the Federal System in England, France, and Germany"
Nies, James B., "Walt Whitman: The Man, the Poet, the Reformer"
Otis, William K., "A Theory of English Versification"
Parsons, George B., "Continental Paper Money"
Parsons, Harry, "The Destruction of Private Property in Times of War"
Purdon, James, "The Defects of the Jury System in the United States"
Ray, Louis D., "Atlantis"

Volume 1882 R-W (CO E82 Q4)
Rives, Reginald W., "American Eloquence"
Romaine, Girard, "Advantages and Disadvantages of a Republican Form of Government"
Rogers, Nathaniel P., "American Literature"
Ryder, Edgar L., "The Rise of the Influence of the House of Commons"
Simonds, Charles H., "The History and Uses of Money"
Smidt, Frank B., "Circumstantial Evidence"
Spencer, John C., "Shakspeare’s Two Delineations of the Character of Mark Antony as Found in ‘Julius Caesar’"
Travers, William R., "Architecture"
Van Cortlandt, Robert B., "The International Association of Working Men"
Warrin, Marshall L., "Suicide and Civilization"
Webber, John, "Puritanism"
Wiley, William O., "Washington Irving"
Wilson, Marshall O., "The Influence of American Institutions upon European Government"
Woodworth, Newell B., "Fair Trade in England"
Apgar, Edward H., "The Ideal and the Real"

Volume 1883 A-B (CO E83 Q1)
Atkins, Astley, "Speculation: Its Causes and Effects"
Baker, August us D., "Electrical Potential"
Barnes, George H., "Patriotism"
Bird, John Thomas, "Know Thyself"
Brown, Joseph S., "The Permanent and the Transient"
Bruner, Henry J., "The Relation of Climate to Freedom"
Butler, George Hendrick, "The Moral Enthusiasm in the Life Work of Demosthenes"
Case, Henry P., "Mystery Plays -- Past and Present: Their Influence"

Volume 1883 C-F (CO E83 Q2)
Chalmers, James V., "The Future of the Anglo-Saxon Race"
Chaloner, John A., "The Irish Land League and What It has Accomplished"
Chew, John M., "Common Sense -- In Religion"
Clark, Edward W., "A History of the English Literature of the 17th Century"
de Ruyter, John E., "The History of Irish Land Tenure"
Eldridge, Walter N., "Puritanism"
Emmet, Devereux, "The English Public School System and Its Applicability to the United States"
Ferguson, Robert, "Reform"
Freeman, Rowland G., "Free Trade"
Frost, Halstead H., "The Future of the American Indian"
Gore, John K., "Development"

Volume 1883 G-H (CO E83 Q3)
Gudeman, Alfred, "The Saphists"
Hallett, Walter E., "Gladstone versus Disraeli"
Hand, Oliver K., "The Reformation"
Hazen, William L., "The Rise of the Influence of the House of Commons"
Heydecker, Edward, "Luther and Loyola: Their Influence on Men"
Holden, Edwin B., "Universal Suffrage"
Hulshizer, Austin, ""Cooperation of Capital and Labor"
Ives, Frederic D., "Excessive Wealth of Individuals a Detriment to National Prosperity"

Volume 1883 I-Q (CO E83 Q4)
Jackson, Abraham V. W., "Moral and Religious Teachings of the Classics"
Knox, Taber, "The Decline of the Old Nobility"
Laimbeer, Francis E., "Representative System of Government, Its Rise, Progress, and Power"
Laimbeer, John, "Mormonism"
Lesher, Arthur L., "Reflections on Goethe’s Faust"
Lyon, Edward P., "The Sphere of the Educator in Social and Political Development"
Manierre, Alfred L., "Conscience"
Noble, Louis, A., "The Monroe Doctrine"
Palmer, George C., ""The Mormons and the United States Government"
Parsons, Arthur W., "A Comparison of Countries Where Protection is Practised and Where It is Not"
Pott, Francis, L. H., "A Comparison between Buddhism and Christianity"
Pott, William H., "What Has Become of the Ten Tribes of IsraelÀ"
Pupke, Eberhard, L., "The Theatre and its Influence on the People"
Quimby, Alfred P., "The Emotions"
Rosenberg, Adam, "Jewish Tradition, The Essence of Judaism"

Volume 1883 R-Z (CO E83 Q5)
Satterlee, Herbert L., "Shakespeare as a Historian"
Schmelzel, James H., "Trades-unions"
Schmitt, Erit B., "Our Public Schools and Their Importance"
Squire, Eben H. P., "The Oxford Tractarian Movement"
Stilwell, Samuel E., "The Kingship in England -- Its Origin and Development Down to the Close of the Reign of Henry II"
Thomson, Giraud F., "The Advantages of Culture"
Van Blarcom, George G., "Is Civil Service Reform PracticableÀ"
Walter, T. Henry, "The Study of Language"
Walther, Hugo J., "Trial By Jury"
Webster, Hamilton F., "The Origin and Meaning of the Monroe Doctrine"
West, John C., "The Attitude of Modern Science Towards Christianity"
Zabriskie, Albert, R., "Emerson"
Appleby, Edgar S., "Causes Leading to the Crusades"

Volume 1884 A-D (CO E84 Q1)
Baker, John C. "The Influence of the Moors on Civilization"
Bates, Walter G., "Cavour"
Bechstein, August us E., "Causes of the Civil War of the United States"
Cameron, Edward M., "Money"
Cannon, Charles M., "Effects of the American Revolution"
Carter, Christopher R., "Moral and Economic Aspects of Slavery"
Coles, Oliver E., "A National University"
Cushman, Joseph W., "Private Property"
Day, William S., "A Study of Latin and Greek"
Deghuée, Charles J., "The Origin of the Spanish Language"
Dodge, Daniel K., "The Minnesingers and the Troubadours"
Dowling, John W., "A Plea for Mediocrity"
Durkee, Joseph H., "Queen Elizabeth of England"
Dwight, Arthur, "The Securities for Peace"
Elliot, Duncan, "Parallel Between the Ancient Greek and the Modern American"

Volume 1884 E-H (CO E84 Q2)
Genung, Charles H., "Gregory VII and the Christian State"
Harriot, J. Bloomfield, "The Crusades"
Harris, George W., "Causes of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"
Harris, Theodore W., "Luther and Loyola"
Hathaway, Henry S., "The Origin and Development of Trial by Jury"
Haviland, Hasbrouck, "The Revival of Learning in Italy"
Henry, Ambrose D., "Garibaldi and Italian Unity"
Hoffman, William M. V., "The Origin of the Crusades"
Holden, George A., "Literature as a Profession"
Kitchell, Obadiah W., "Religion, Education, and Governments, and Their Relation to Each Other in the Modern State"

Volume 1884 K-R (CO E84 Q3)
McCarty, Barclay E., "Our College Course and Our Vocations"
McLaren, Robert N., "The Study of History"
Nelson, Norman F., "The Certainty of a Future Life"
Newton, Eben W., "Causes of the Mexican War"
Ogden, George W., "Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton: His Life and His Works"
Perry, Edward M., "The Government of Municipalities"
Plum, George W., "Colleges and Universities"
Rapallo, Charles A., "A Thesis on the English Reformation"
Richards, Frederick G., "Location of Universities"
Roberts, Jacob H., "Political Economy"
Rutherfurd, Winthrop, "Universal Suffrage"
Skidmore, William R., "Ancient and Modern Civilization Compared"

Volume 1884 S-W (CO E84 Q4)
Slack, John R., "The Danish Conquest of England"
Spencer-Mounsey, William Creughton, "The Old Testament Doctrine of Immortality"
Stevens, John B., "John Bright and America"
Van Cott, Lincoln, "Housing the Poor"
Taylor, Herbert C., "The Greek Question"
Wainwright, Jonathan M., "The Statesmanship of Beaconsfield"
Walker, John T., "Religion and Science"
Ward, James H., "The Causes of Crime and the Remedy"
Wetmore, William H., "The Aristocracy of Democracy"
White, James R., "The Future of the English Speaking Race"
Williams, Alexander E., "The Tariff Agitation"
Baldwin, Jared G., "Concerning Our Navy"

Volume 1885 B-E (CO E85 Q1)
Botswick, Henry A., "Brahmanism"
Bowdoin, Temple, "The Highest Aim of the State"
Brennan, Odie P., "Trades’ Unions"
Brinkerhoff, Matthew, "The Glacial Period"
Browning, John S., "Protection to Home Industries"
Burrill, Edward L., "The Relations of Labor and Capital"
Cady, Hamilton, "Free Trade"
Chase, William F., "Protection versus Free Trade"
Christian, Charles A., "The Sociological Value of the American Novel"
Coles, Alexander, "Art Under Pericles"
Derickson, Samuel, "College Athletics"
Dimick, Fletcher, "The Anglo-Saxon Race and its Descendants To-day"
Dormitzer, Herbert S., "Trade’s Unions"
Egbert, George D., "The Life and Character of Warren Hastings"
Ewing, Thomas, "The Dred Scott Decision"
Fiske, Thomas S., "The Transcendental Analysis"

Volume 1885 F-K (CO E85 Q2)
Fowler, Samuel O., "The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson"
French, John W., "The Historical Method as applied to Political Economy"
Gray, George M., "Cicero. His Life and Writings"
Gifford, Thomas B., "The Social Side of the American Immigration Question"
Heinze, Arthur P., "The Nibelungenlied, or, Der Nibelunge Not (Distress of the Nibelungen)"
Hildreth, Charles L., "A Liberal Education"
Hyatt, George, "The Early Life of Edmund Burke"
Illman, Robert I. B., "The Public Services of Abraham Lincoln"
Jacoby, Levi H., "The Telescope"
Kelley, Austin P., "The Origin and History of Engraving"
Kellner, Henry B., "The Probability of the English Becoming a Universal Language"
Kemp, Robert C., "The Character of Faust"
Kennedy, Henry, "The Advantages of the Spelling Reform"
Keyes, Alexander D., "Socialism"
Knapp, Harry K., "The Alabama Claims"
Mapes, Charles H., "__WASÀÀ__ Literary Work Unfit for Practical PursuitsÀ"

Volume 1885 M-R (CO E85 Q3)
Masten, Everett, "Present Religious Feeling"
McCrea, Nelson G., "The English House of Lords"
Milhau, Edward J., "The Tenement House System of the Present Day. It’s Growth, Evils, and Remedies"
Murray, Robert D., "Free Trade"
Norrie, Van H., "The House of Lords"
Peck, Guy D., "Arctic Explorations and a North-West Passage"
Perkins, Robert R., "Chivalry"
Robbins, Arden M., "Alexander Pope"
Robbins, George S., "The Anglo-Saxon Race"
Ryerson, John A., "Concerning the Equality of Man"
Sparks, George D., "English Minstrels"

Volume 1885 S-W (CO E85 Q4)
Squires, Grant, "The Need of a Reformed Theology"
Stabler, Edward L., "Electricity as a Motor Power"
Stoiber, Emil F., "The Norman Conquest"
Sturges, William W., "The Influence of the Press"
Thomson, George M., "The Population of Cities"
Throop, George E., "Photography"
Townsend, Arthur B., "Causes Which Retard the Progress of Civilization in Spain"
Van Kleeck, Warren, "Our College Course; Use and Abuse of its Advantages; and some remarks on the study of Latin, Greek, and English"
Warburton, Frank T., ""Political and Literary Aspects of Queen Elizabeth’s Reign"
Wasson, Edmund A., "The Chinese Question"
Weil, Robert, "The Judicial Reforms of Henry II of England"
Wheeler, Walter, "Advantages and Disadvantages of Phonetic Spelling"
Whitman, Henry H., "The Marking System in American Colleges"
Williams, Waldron, "The Wagnerian School of Music"
Wormser, Maurice S., "The Fallacies of Protection"
Ackerson, J. Zabriskie, "The Jury System"

Volume 1886 A-D (CO E86 Q1)
Allen, Robert L., "A Few Characters from Dickens"
Ayrault, Guy, "Ruskin’s Style"
Baldwin, Alfred F., "The Yosemite"
Ballantine, James N., "The Relation between a Nation’s Literature and its Progress"
Barry, Ellsworth M., "The Celebration of Christmas"
Bayles, Francis S., "Thackeray as an Antiquary"
Bouvier, John V., "Representative Government"
Clark, Appleton L., "William Wordsworth and his Works"
Cole, Edward F., "John Ford, Dramatist"
Cromwell, Lincoln, "The Colour-System of Shakespeare"
De Witt, Edward, "John DeWitt, Grand Pensionary of Holland"
Cohen, Oscar J., "Maimonides’ Treatment of Biblical Anthropomorphisms"

Volume 1886 COHEN (CO E86 Q2)
Earle, Mortimer L., "Milton’s Defensio Secunda"

Volume 1886 E-H (CO E86 Q3)
Emery, Livingston, "Law and Philosophy"
Faber, Charles D., "The Microscope"
Franklin, James Ruford, "John Ruskin"
Fridenberg, Percy H., "The Study of History"
Garth, Granville W., "Arbitration"
Gilford, Samuel T., "The Indian Question"
Guernsey", Joseph R., "The Caesar of Shakespeare and the Caesar of History"
Harrison, Leon, "Avicebron. Poet and Philosopher. Properly called Solomon Ibn Gabriol. His Life and Times, his Poetry and Philosophy; together with an Account of the Sources of his Doctrines and their Subsequent Influence on Philosophic Thought"
Hart, Elias B., "The Spectroscope"
Heilbrun, Harry, "The Evils of American Journalism"
Johnston, Edward W. S., "William Makepeace Thackeray, the Humanist"

Volume 1886 J-N (CO E86 Q4)
Kirkland, Charles P., "How History is Rewritten"
Knox, De Witt, "Novel Readers and Writers in 1985"
Lawrence, Joseph, "The Life and Writings of Lord Byron"
Lee, Robert P., "Land Tenure"
Manice, William, "Marlowe’s ‘Faustus’ and Goethe’s ‘Faust’ Compared"
McCormick, Lincoln G., "Thomas Moore’s Lalla Rookh Criticism"
McCready, Nathaniel L., "The Characteristics of the Present Age"
Meikleham, William A., "Washington"
Mills, John A., "Spontaneous Generation of Life"
Morrison, Caldwell, "’David Copperfield’ as a Criterion of the Character of its Author"
Notman, Grant, "The United States Navy"
Paris, Francis Ulshoeffer, "Thackeray as a Humanitarian"

Volume 1886 P-S (CO E86 Q5)
Patterson, Edward Litton, "Friedrich Schiller"
Post, George A., "Prohibition"
Randolph, Charles, "Was Napoleon Greater as a General or a Statesman?"
Reckendorfer, Louis Joseph, "Education"
Schmelzel, Irvin, "Strikes: Their History, Causes, Methods, and Efficacy"
Simonson, Gustave, "The August an Age of English Literature"
Simpson, John Elmer, "The Treaty of Utrecht"
Skidmore, Samuel T., "Heinrich Heine"
Snyder, Joseph Gould, "German Socialism"
Spink, Erwin Shepard, "The House of Commons"
Titus, Charles T., "The Benefits of Social Intercourse"

Volume 1886 T-W (CO E86 Q6)
Todd, Andrew Malcolmson, "The Limit of Human Knowledge"
Townsend, John Henry, "Our National Park"
Turk, Milton Haight, "A Study of the Pathetic"
Volkel, William, "The Indian Problem"
Worcester, Elwood Ernest, "Berkeley and His Philosophy" (Parts I and II)
Abenheim, Sidney, "Richard Wagner and the Art Theories and Elements of the Music-Drama"

Volume 1887 A-F (CO E85 Q1)
Anderson, P. Chauncey, "The Occupation of Mexico by the French"
Bacon, James Frederic, "Voltaire"
Barstow, William Slocum, "A Thesis on the Spectroscope"
Bates, George Butterfield, "The Mexican War, Its Causes and Results"
Browning, William Hull, "Protection"
Brush, Edward Hale, "Materialism in American Character"
Byland, William Ferdinand, "The Press: Its Origin, Development, and Influence"
Crosby, Edward Nicoll, "The Great Railroad Systems of the United States"
Curtis, Atherton, "The Authorship of Junius’s Letters"
Eytinge, Charles Seabury, "Christianity in Shakespeare and Dickens"
Finck, George Henry, "Private Property in Land: Some remarks on the attacks of Mr. Henry George against this institution as disseminated in his book ‘Progress and Poverty’"
Hankey, Mary P., "The Literature of Greece"

Volume 1887 Hankey (CO E87 v.4)
Gardiner, Asa Bird, "The Treason of Major General Benedict Arnold"

Volume 1887 G-M (CO E87 Q2)
Gasten, William, "Miss Mulock as a Novelist"
Gennert, Maurice Gottlieb, "The Transmission of Force by Means of Electricity"
Gilman, George Houghton, "The Future of Our Railways"
Goddard, Charles Franc, "The Ethics of Sophocles"
Harris, Maurice Henry, "Woman’s Place among the Ancient Hebrews: A Comparative Study"
Herriman, Samuel C., "The Pre-Historic Races of America"
Holden, John H., "Charlemagne"
Hunter, Frederick William, "The Local Posts of New York City, Philatelically Considered"
Jacot, Herman Louis, "The Influence of Reading on the Formation of the Character
Kerfoot, John Barrett, "The Political Influence of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States"
Knapp, Charles, "What Is the Probable Date of Zoroaster"
Le Roy, Stuyvesant, "Natural Resources of Our Country"
Mason, Charles Sellman, "Shakespeare’s Villains"
Page, John Mitchell, "Architecture in America"

Volume 1887 P-W (CO E87 Q3)
Pell, Alfred Duane, "The Prophecies of Isaiah"
Plum, James Rankin, "Thomas Carlyle"
Rennes, Louis, "The Development of Greek Tragedy"
Requa, Henry Milton, "The Young Pretender"
Richards, Guy, "Personal Hygiene"
Sands, Charles Edward, "The Attitude of England in the Civil War"
Saxe, George Godfrey, "Evolution: A Brief Treatise"
Schuyler, Edwards Ogden, "Culture Essential to Modern Success"
Scriba, George Dundas, "A Comparison of the Characters of Medea and Lady Macbeth"
Sloan, Samuel, "The Moors in Spain"
Snyder, Edwin Hall, "Organised Labour in America"
Stevens, Robert Livingston, "The History and Growth of the Tiers-Etat in France"
Strebeigh, Harold, "Socrates"
Ward, William Frederick, "Charles Kingsley"
White, Leonard Dalton, "The United States Coast Survey"
Whiting, Edward McKinstry, "The Position that Men of Education Should Occupy in the Present Industrial Crisis"
Aitken, William Beuford, "The Influence of Newspapers in Agitating the Labouring Classes"

Volume 1888 A-H (CO E88 Q1)
Allin, Frederic Brevoort, "The Amalgamation of Races in the United States"
Ayrault, Arthur De Lancey, "International Arbitration"
Baldwin, Charles Sears, "The Moravians in the United States"
Bogert, Walter Lawrence, "The Minnesingers"
Bunzl, Richard C., "Trade Unions"
Ely, Henry Bidwell, "Essay on Free Trade"
Ewell, Douglass, "Is Carbon Dioxide PoisonousÀ"
Ewing, Hampton Denman, "A History of the Parliament of Ireland"
Fairchild, Jarvis Rose, "The Mission of the Stage"
Gilford, John Parkin, "Labor and Capital"
Goeller, Robert, "Wages and the Tariff"
Gordon, Reginald, "Immigration into the United States"
Hall, Percy Foster, "The Ethics of Islam"
Hammer, Leander M., "Military of Rome"
Harper, Henry S., "International Copyright"
Hathaway, Frank R., "The Edict of Nantes"
Humphreys, Willard Cunningham, "German Universities, Their Origins and Early Development"
Kane, Arthur Matthew, "The Tariff Question"

Volume 1888 K-S (CO E88 Q2)
Little, George French, "A General Discussion of the Phenomena of Psychic Force"
Livingston, Goodhue, "Philip the Second and His Reign"
Mapes, James J., "How Far Chemistry May Aid in the Selection of Food"
Merriam, Walter Hippeau, "Protection vs. Free Trade"
Moody, Samuel Lewis, "The Spanish Cortes of 1810-1814"
Murphy, Edmund E., "The Faerie Queene"
Palmer, Francis Herbert, "Wilhelm Richard Wagner"
Parker, Alexander Forbes, "Theory of Lawson’s Now-Explosive Boiler"
Powell, William Robinson, "The Comédie Humaine of Honoré de Balzac"
Prince, John Dyneley, "Our Coast Indians and Their Language"
Putnam, Graham French, "Restriction of Immigration into the United States"
Reamer, Laurence, "The Ethics of the Second Carolinian Drama"
Sill, Henry August us, "Newman and Maurice"
Sloan, Benson B., "Money"
Sutphen, John Shureman, "Montesquieu and His Works"
Tuttle, George Maurice, "The Political Danger of Mormonism"

Volume 1888 T-Y (CO E88 Q3)
Van Amringe, Guy, "History of French Spoliations (1792-1800)"
Vedder, Harmon A., "Duty to Country"
Villaverde, Enrique Cirilo, "Notes on the Cuban Revolution"
Warren, George Flint, "Is High License the Proper Remedy for the Evils of the Liquor TrafficÀ"
Warren, Lloyd, "An Idea of the Deity"
West, Gerald Montgomery, "Did the Founders of the Republic Intend to Form a National Sovereignty or a Federation of Sovereign StatesÀ"
Wiener, William, "Disinfectants"
Wilcox, Frank Armitage, "What Is the Object of LifeÀ"
Woodward, Benjamin Duryea, "The Development of the Faust Legend with Reference to Goethe’s Faust"
Young, Clarence H., "Nathaniel Hawthorne"
Ager, Harry Curtis (unlabeled), "Free Coinage of Silver"

Volume 1889 A-K (CO E89 Q1)
Ager, Louis Curtis, "The State and the Poor on Methods of Poor Relief"
Banks, Hardy M., "History of the Development of the Railway System of the U.S."
Barlow, Walter Jarvis, "The Minnesingers"
Bright, Edward, "Walter Savage Landor"
Cardozo, Benjamin Nathan, "Communism"
Donnell, Gustavus Trask, "Hamlet’s Insanity Real"
Ely, Leonard W., "The Future of England"
Floyd-Jones, Elbert, "Thesis on History and Development of the Pipe Organ"
Glover, Henry Lincoln, "The Faust Legend"
Jacobs, William I., "The History of Factory Legislation in England"
King, Willard Vinton, "The Roman Satirists"
Montgomery, Archibald Eglinton, "The History of Taxation in New York"

Volume 1889 M-R (CO E89 Q2)
Montgomery, John Seymour, "German Socialism"
Odell, George C.D., "Nathaniel Hawthorne"
Odell, Hammond, "The System of Land Tenure of Henry George"
Pfister, Joseph Clement, "Nebular Hypothesis"
Phillips, Frederick, "The Idylls of the King; Their Source and Historic Origin"
Pratt, Walter James, "History of the Land System of the United States"
Richards, Gracie King, "Oleomargarine"
Robb, James, "The Teutonic Mythology and Its Traces in England"
Slosson, Harrison T., "The Land System of the United States"

Volume 1889 S-W (CO E89 Q3)
Strong, Mason Romeyn, "The Circulation of the Blood"
Thacher, Thomas Worcester, "The Roman Theatre"
Turner, Henry Brown, "Comparison of the Classical and Romantic Schools in French Literature"
Wachenheim, Frederick L., "English Orthography"
Watts, Robert, "The Anti-Rent Riots in New York"
Whitney, Horace Pratt, "A History of the Banking System in the United States"
Weinberg, Judah Lewis, "Influence of Judaism over Philosophy"
Wilde, Norman, "The Religious Character of Greek Thought"
Bleecker, Charles M., "Immigrations and Its Restriction"

Volume 1890 B-G (CO E90 Q1)
Bogert, Marston T., "A Few Notes on Some of Our Eastern Birds"
Bondy, William, "Bi-Metallism"
Brauns, Washington, "Profit Sharing"
Buttles, Marvin D., "The Growth of the United States"
Coudert, Frederic, "Nationalism"
Crane, Frank W., "Socialism"
Fiske, John S., "The Extension of Our South American Commerce"
Gerard, James W., "Henry George and the Single Land Tax"
Gildersleeve, Henry A., "Socialism in Germany"
Graves, Frank P., "The Effect of Slavery on the Roman Character"
Griffing, Harold, "The Function of Language in Mental Development"
Gunnison, Frederic E., "Socialism"
Hayes, Charles H., "Craft Guilds"

Volume 1890 H-P (CO E90 Q2)
Hulshizer, James E., "The Descriptive Element in Longfellow"
Post, Allison W., "Age of August us Caesar"
Powell Henry M., "Development from the Craft Guild to the Factory System"
Jacoby, Oswald, N., "The Negro Problem in the United States"
Lauterbach, Alfred, Railway Discriminations"
Livingston, Charles L., "Strikes, Arbitration, and Conciliation"
McLaren, William A., "From and Economic Point of View"
Mann, Charles R., "The Refracting Telescope. Its Origin, Improvement, and Achievement"
Masker, W. A., "The Relation of Early Christian Doctrine to Greek Philosophy"
Myers, Charles M., "Immigration"
Nelden, John H., "Strikes and Lockouts, Arbitration and Conciliation"
O’Sullivan, Eugene J., "The History of the Parliamentary Tactics of the Present Irish Party"
Pattou, Albert B., "Communism"
Penfield, Thornton B., "Rome; Some Recent Archaeological Discoveries"
Pierce, Smith D., "Scandinavian Writers"
Rector, Joseph Manuel, "A Study of the Anglo-Saxon Poem ‘Dream of the Road’"

Volume 1890 R-W (CO E90 Q3)
Reese, William Willis, "Roman Imperialism"
Rowe, Charles T.B., "The Figure of the Earth (Treated Historically)"
Saterlee, Churchill, "The English Cathedral"
Schluer, Charles A., "Photography as an Aid to Astronomical Studies"
Seward, John Perry, "Histology of the Primula Praenitens"
Shipman, Herbert, "City Government in Imperial Rome"
Stevens, Richard, "Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte: A Parallel"
Taylor, Arthur Irving, "The Rise of the Papal Power"
Tenney, Dudley Hoyt, "Our South American Trade"
Van Norden, Theodore Langdon, "Relation of Greek Philosophy to Christian Doctrines"
Vosburgh, Arthur Seymour, "The Blood"
Warburton, W. John, "Communism"
Whittemore, George Whitfield, "Molecular Motion"
Abbot, Cornelius S., "The Caste System in the Avesta"

Volume 1891 A-C (CO E91)
Adams, Robert Franklin, "The Silk Industry of America"
Arnold, James Loring, "The Art of the Novelist"
Bartow, Charles, "The Theory of the Evolution of Plant and Animal Life"
Bayles, George James, "Nationalism"
Bishop, Cortlandt Field, "Railway Associations"
Butler, Charles, "The Origin of the Doric Order"
Cammann, William C., "The Life and Prose Works of Oliver Goldsmith"
Campbell, Oliver Samuel, "The Evils of Unrestricted Immigration"
Chesebrough, Frederick Woodhull, "Spencer on Instinct"
Collins, Richard, "The Rise and Fall of Mazdaism"
Coykendall, Harry Shepard, "Is Self the Mainspring of ActionÀ"
Davies, Julien Townsend, "Formation of the Federal Constitution by the Convention of 1787"

Volume 1891 D-G (CO E91 Q2)
Dilworth, Read Gordon, "The Single Tax of Henry George"
Dodd, Frank N., "Municipalities: Their Relations to the Public Works"
Elting, Victor Moreau, "The Jury System: Its Origin and Development"
Gallatin, Albert Rolaz, "The Steam Engine: History and Development"
Gallatin, Francis Dawson, "The Effect on Society of the Introduction of Labour Saving Machinery"
Greene, William Kimball, "History of the Second United States Bank"
Gwynne, Arthur Cragin, "The Dualism of the Zoroastrian Religion"
Harison, William, "The Political Growth and Organization of Connecticut"

Volume 1891 H-KAL (CO E91 Q3)
Hood, Charles, "Some Effects of the Tariff on New Jersey"
Howard, Montague, "Resemblances between Zoroastrianism and Other Religions"
Hymes, Edward, "The Identity of Induction with Deduction"
Inglehart, Asa Stewart, "The Bacillus of Typhoid Fever"
Johnson, Philip Edwards, "Emigration and Immigration"
Josephson, Joseph C., "The Romans of the August an Age in Relation to their Religion"
Kalbfleisch, Charles Conover, "Girolamo Savonarola"
Kimber, Robert Bootman, "Evolution and a Personal Creator"

Volume 1891 KIM-P (CO E91 Q4)
Kimber, Robert Bootman, "The Codex Sinaiticus and its Contributions to New Testament Study"
Leonard, George Gillis, "Strikes and Boycotts"
Mapes, Victor, "The Present Tariff in Comparison with the Preceding Tariffs since the Civil War"
Metcalfe, George W., "Ruskin’s Social Theories"
Moldenke, Alfred B., "On the Sublime"
Neeser, John G., "The Papacy in the Time of Charlemagne"
Norrie, A. Gordon, "The National Banking System of the United States"
Palmer, Richard Suydam, "The Silver Question"
Power, Charles Bruton, "Taxation of Corporations"
Putnam, John Farr, "The Appreciation of Nature by the Greek Lyric Poets"
Rosewater, Victor S., "Municipalities and Public Works"

Volume 1891 R-Z (CO E91 Q5)
Shaffer, Jacob Herbert, "Tariff in the United States"
Simpson, Marcus, "The Minnesinger Period"
Sisson, Edward Allan, "Immigration"
Stein, Alexis William, "Mahomet: His Life and Work"
Strader, F.N., "The English Income Tax"
Taylor, Dwight Wilcox, "The Towers of Silence"
Taylor, Henry Richmond, "Emigration"
Tuttle, Herbert Edward, "Bimetallism and the Silver Question"
Uhl, Oswald Werner, "Employer’s Liability and Insurance Laws"
Warner, Franklin Mott, "An Argument for the Abolition of Capital Punishment"
Warner, Henry Wolcott, "Anglo-Saxon Antiquities as Illustrated in Poetry"
Zabriskie, John Barré, "The Circulation of the Blood"
Arnold, W. Montgomery, "Voltaire and Shakespeare"

Volume 1892 A-BO (CO E92 1)
Ashworth, Robert Archibald, "The Poems in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Their Syntax and Inflection"
Bandler, David, "The Magi in the Avesta and in History"
Bandler, Samuel, "The History of the Discovery of the Circulation of the Blood"
Banks, David, "The Development of the English Drama"
Barnard, J. August us, "Shakespeare’s Use of the Element of Terror in the Macbeth"
Bassett, Acton Civill, "Fire and Its Symbolism in Mazdaism"
Beer, George Louis, "Character of Andrew Jackson"
Boyce, Elizabeth Morton, "The ‘Rights of Man’"
Briggs, Alanson Tuthill, "The Rise of the Modern Democratic Party"

Volume 1892 BR-BU (CO E92 2)
Brightman, Horace Irving, "The Ancient Person Divinity Mithra"
Brownson, Edward S., "The Silver Question in the United States"
Buckley, Benjamin Lord, "Similes in Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello"
Burchell, Henry J., "Herondas and His Recently Discovered Poems"
Chapman, A. Wright, "Passages in the Classics Illustrated by the Avesta"

Volume 1892 C-H (CO E92 3)
Childs, Harris Robbins, "Allusions to Agriculture in the Zend-Avesta"
Chrystie, T. Ludlow, "Lynch Law"
Comfort, Randall, "The Anglo-Saxon Poet Cynewulf"
Cowing, Rufus Billings, "The Rise and Development of Our Jury System"
Curtis, Henry Skeillman, "Diatoms"
Gardner, Herschel Luther, "The Doctrine of Mutual Assent in the Law of Contracts"
Giddings, George Welling, "College Journalism"
Hall, William H., "The Development of Shakespearean Comedy"
Hansen, Theodore, "The Ancient Persian Idea of Ahriman"
Hewlett, Arthur Thomas, "Some Rites and Ceremonies of the Avesta"
Keasbey, Frederick Winston, "The Whiskey Insurrection in Western Pennsylvania, 1794"

Volume 1892 K-SM (CO E92 4)
Larocque, Joseph, "Greek Vase Painting"
Leffingwell, Charles Warring, "Shakespeare’s Use of the Supernatural Element"
Morgan, George E., "Tendency of Ancient Philosophy"
Nicholas, George Stevenson, "Factory Laws: Their History and Meaning"
Proudfit, Alexander Moncrief, "The Financial Policy of Albert Gallatin"
Roberts, Edward, "The Three Unities of the French Classical Tragedy"
Sill, James Burger, "The Populace in Shakespeare’s Roman Plays"
Sisson, Charles H., "The Sensuous Element in Scott’s Poetry"
Smith, Everett Pepperell, "A Study in ‘As You Like It’"
Spies, Francis F., "The Drama and Dramatists of the Restoration"

Volume 1892 SP-Z (CO E92 5)
Vail, Clarence Walton, "The Satirists of the Reformation"
Valadier, Charles August e, "Spencer and Darwin on Conscience"
Williams, Zaidee, "The Modern Short Story"
Wise, Stephen Samuel, "Judaea Capta"
Zingesser, August, "King Vishtaspa of the Avesta"
Vatable, August e S., "The Development of the Pre-Shakespearian Drama"
Wight, Joseph Center, "Private Property in Land"
Willets, Edward Bownes, "The Nullification of South Carolina"
One Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Annual Commencement Program, 1893

Volume 1893 A-C (CO E93 1)
Appleton, Floyd, "Strikes and Boycotts"
Bainton, Henry Watterson, "The Orator of the Time of Quintilian Contrasted with the Orator of Today"
Bawden, William Henry, "Ralph Waldo Emerson"
Bernheim, Henry Charles, "The Increase in the Territory to the United States as the Result of the Mexican War"
Bernheim, Max J., "Civil Service Reform in Local Government"
Bijur, Abraham, "The French and Indian War: The Campaign from 1757-1760 and Its Results"
Bijur, Joseph, "Methods of Ancient and Modern Physical Research"
Borland, Middleton Smith, "The Remains of Roman Life in Modern Italy"
Brainerd, Charles Chisholm, "A Study of the Poetry of Matthew Arnold, the Scholar-Gipsy"
Brinckerhoff, William Ross, "The Kings in Shakespeare’s Plays"
Brown, Elias G., "Modern Theories of Heredity"
Carew, John F., "The Constitutional History of England under Henry II"
Castleman, P.S., "Development of Monasticism"
Cohn, Sidney Bernhard, "History of the Military Campaign of 1776 in the Vicinity of New York"
Cook, Howard Martin, "Romeo and Juliet: A Problem in Dramatic Construction"
Cornell, Peter G., "Four Labours of Heracles in Greek Art"
Crampton, Henry Edward, "A Comparison of the External Structure of the Heart and Aortic Arches in Rana and Necturus"
Pollard, Charles Louis, "A Comparison of the Language of Solon with the Ionic and Older Attic"
Reamer, F.T., "The Life and Plays of William Congreve"
Dinkelspiel, Louis Washington, "The Albany Plan of Union"

Volume 1893 D-H (CO E93 1)
Donnell, William Ballou, "Dramatic Construction as Illustrated by Shakespeare"
Grannis, Appleton, "Factory Laws: Their Origin, Growth, and Results"
Gray, Roland Palmer, "Elizabethan Criticism"
Griffiths, Chauncey Boyd, "The Dramatic Structure of ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’"
Hayes, George Charles, "The Ideal and Ideals in American Poetry"
Helleman, Clarence, "Comedy Elements in the Early English Miracle Plays"
Hopkins, Herbert Muller, "Aesthetic Culture in Relation to Moral Development"
Joffee, J., "Comparison of the Idylls of Theocritus with the Eclogues of Virgil"

Volume 1893 J-L (CO E93 3)
Johnson, N.G., "Should the Regulations for Marriage and Divorce Be under the Control of the Federal Courts"
Kaufman, Frederick, "The Governorship of Andros"
Keating, Stephen Henry, "The Platonism of English Poetry from Henry VIII to the Death of Elizabeth"
Kingsley, Harvey Roberts, "The Sensuous Element in ‘The Seasons’ of Thomson, Swinburne, and Kalidasa"
Kletzsch, Arthur Charles, "American Political Ideas before the Revolution"
Lay, Wilfrid, "Some Features of Analogy"
Lefferts, Leffert, "The Effect of Music on Morals"
Lesinsky, Louis, "A Discourse of the Several Theories Regarding the Development of the Human Race"
Levias, Caspar, "A Grammar of the Aramaic Idiom Contained in the Babylonian Talmud"
MacMullen, Edward P., "The Huguenots in France from the Declaration of the Edict of Nantes to its Revocation"

Volume 1893 M-N (CO E93 4)
McWhood, Leonard B., ""The Relation between Sound and Emotion"
Marvin, Walter T., "The Textual Evidence to Unity of Authorship of the Apocalypse and the Fourth Gospel"
Merrall, Wlter H., "Dionysus in Greek Art"
Myers, George L., "The Faust Legend"
Newhouse, Walter S., "Force of the Twelve Labors of Hercules as Shown in Greek Art"
Olcott, George N., "Roman Monuments and Buildings as Types of Roman Coins"

Volume 1893 O-RI (CO E93 5)
Peters, Thomas P., "Trade-Unions"
Phelps, Hamilton B., "Development of the Ideas of Charity"
Rile, John L., "The Syriac Epistles attributed to S. Clement of Rome"
Robeson, Fielding T., "The Moors in Spain"

Volume 1893 Ro-S (CO E93 6)
Rotter, Edward G., "A Life of Spenser from Contemporary Sources and from his Works, together with a Criticism of Dean Church’s Life of Spenser"
Rotter, Sanford L., "The Roman Satire"
Shepherd, William R., "A History of the Controversy between Great Britain and the American Colonies 1767-1770 from the Passage of the Townshend Act to the Withdrawn of the Troops from Boston"
Southack, Louis V., "Time Phenomena of Vision"
Squiers, Arnon L., "The Origin of the French and Indian War"
Stout, Andrew V., "The Influence of the Sophists in Greek Philosophy"
Taintor, Starr, "A Comparison between the Main Writings of Virgil and Spenser"

Volume 1893 T-Z (CO E93 7)
Terhune, Albert P., "A Comparison of the ‘Faerie Queen’ the ‘Morte d’Arthur’ and the ‘Idyls of the King’ in point of the Handling of the Romance of Chivalry as a Means of Moral Idealisation"
Timpson, George, E., "Goethe’s Faust and its Sources"
Townsend, Samuel G. F., "The Peculiarities of Poetry Illustrated from a Poem"
Treat, Sidney H., "The Distinguishing Element in the Artistic Theories of Plato and Aristotle"
Underhill, Frederic E., "Artemis in Greek Art"
Wade, Herbert T., "The College Man in Journalism"
Wells, Dana C., "The Wisdom, Wit and Humor of the Don Quixote"
West, William E., "The Chemistry of Vision"
Whitehorne, Frederick N., "The Causes of Righthandedness in Man"
Whyland, William P., "The Silver Question"
Wormser, Louis W., "The Presentation of Chaucer’s Dido compared with Vergil’s"
Zabriskie, Fred T., "The Evils of Unrestricted Immigration, Considered from a Medical Standpoint"
One Hundred and Fortieth Annual Commencement Program, 1894

Volume 1894 A-BR (CO E94 Q A-Br)
Ackerman, David D., "Mutuality of Assent as Required in the Law of Contracts"
Armitage, Paul, "The Sonnets of Sir Philip Sidney"
Atterbury, Lawrence, "The Minnesingers"
Baker, William Hayden, "The Glands of the Stomach"
Benkard, John Philip, "The Elegiac Element in Anglo-Saxon Poetry"
Berry, James Fuller, "Musical Effects and the Accompanying Physical Condition Being an Original Psychological Theory of Music"
Bowman, Francis Hill, "The Galvanometer: Its Theory, Construction and Use in the Measurement of Electrical Currents"
Breck, Charles J., "The Scenery and Environment of the Anglo-Saxon Epic Beowulf"
Buck, Francis Tillou, "Dionysus in Greek Art"

Volume 1894 BU-F (CO E94 Q Bu-F)
Burke, Russell E., "The History of the Internal Revenue during the Civil War"
Carleton, Spencer, "The Discovery and Development of the Galvanic Battery"
Connell, George Stanislaus, "Form in Tennyson’s Juvenilia"
Cook, Harold Coburn, "The Observation of Nature in Bryant, Songfellow, and Whittier"
Cook, Walter Wheeler, "The Use of Mirrors in Galvanometers and Measuring Instruments"
Daly, Eugene Howell, "Primitive Custom in the Roman Marriage Ceremonials"
Dornin, William Coffin, "The French Writers in England in the Eighteenth Century"
Dowie, Horace, "The Greeks as Physicists"
Franz, Shepherd Ivory, "After-Images"
Grace, Joseph Peter, "Liability of a Third Party Who Maliciously Interferes between Promisor and Promisee"

Volume 1894 G-J (CO E94 Q G-J)
Hess, Otto Theodore, "Collectivism: With Special Reference to the Works of Karl Marx"
Hildreth, Philip Redington Mudge, "The History and Development of the English Cabinet"
Howell, J.C., "Franklin the Scientist: An Account of His Theories, Discoveries and Inventions in Electricity"
Hubbard, Ernest Valentine, "A Sketch of the Embryology of Arbacia Punctulata"
Inglehart, David Stewart, "Coleridge’s Principles of Criticism"
Jaffa, Meir, "The Samaritan Element in the Hebrew Scriptures"
Johnston, Herbert Macleod, "The State Presentation of Hamlet"
Knapp, Shepherd, "An Inquiry into the Nature of Comedy"

Volume 1894 K-L (CO E94 Q K-L)
Kosmark, George William, "The Scales of the Sturgeon: An Introduction to the Study of Fish Scales"
Krans, Horatio Sheafe, "The Katharsis in Tennyson’s Poem ‘Maud’"
Leale, Medwin, "The Probably Sources and the Development of the Red Corpuscles of the Blood"
Le Breton, Prescott, "Pettenkofer’s Test for Bile Acids, as Applied in Medical Chemistry"
Liebman, Walter H., "The Colonial Policy of England during the Period of the Restoration, 1660-1672"
Locke, Campbell E., "The Puritanism of Spenser"
Luqueer, Frederic Ludlow, "Plutarch’s ‘De Educatione Puerorum’"
Millard, William Jeremiah, "The Sophistic Theory of Ethics"

Volume 1894 M-R (CO E94 Q M-R)
Newman, Frederick F., "The Conflict between Henry the Fourth and Gregory the Seventh"
Parker, George M., "Aphasia: Realization and Forms"
Phelan, Warren Waverley, "A Comparison of the Political Growth and Organization of Virginia and Connecticut"
Phillips, Albert Capron, "The Banking and Currency System of the United States"
Reese, Theodore Irving, "Types of Hermes in Greek Art"
Rhoades, Winfred Chesney, "Voltaire’s ‘Lettres Philosophiques’"
Robbins, Harry Pelham, "The Relation of Habit to Economic Pursuits"
Roth, Milton Stanley, "The French Element in Dryden’s Literary Criticism"
Sandford, Edward, "The Banking and Currency System of England"

Volume 1894 S (CO E94 Q S)
Satterlee, George Reese, "The History of the Irish Novel"
Seitz, Oscar R., "The History of the Crimean War"
Shaw, Harry Judson, "The Value of Allegory as a Form of Thought and Instruction in Mediaeval Civilization, Its Place in Art, Drama and Literature, and the Reason of Its Inferior Power in Spenser’s Time"
Shaw, William West, "The Manners and Customs of the Anglo-Saxons as Illustrated by the Epic Beowulf"
Sherman, John Dempster, "A Comparison between the Early Greek Stage and the Modern Stage"
Shrady, Henry Merwin, "The Meistersingers from a Social Point of View"
Smith, Clarence Bishop, "The Influence of the Economic Policy and Views of Alexander Hamilton"
Sword, Charles R., "Types of Hera in Greek Art"
Turrell, Guy H., "On the Sources of Matter and Potential Energy Taken in by Plants and Animals Respectively"

Volume 1894 T-W (CO E94 Q T-W)
Uterhart, Henry Ayres, "Spenser’s Imitations from Other Poets, with Biographical Account of Each Author So Used"
Wardenburg, George J., "A Discussion of the Causes and Effects of the Franco-Prussian War"
Weed, Edwin Dunning, "The Scandinavian Element in English Poetic Diction as Represented in the Poetry of Lord Tennyson"
Williams, Arthur Donald, "A Comparison of the Othello of Shakespeare and the Ajax of Sophocles"
Wright, Frederick Amaziah, "The Position of Whittier in American Literature"
Letter from George H. Baker (Columbia College Librarian) to William B. Nye (Registrar), 1895 July 11

Volume 1895 B-CON (CO E95 Q B-Con)
Bauch, Francis Eugene, "How Far Does a Contract Right Give Rise to a RightIn Rem À"
Beckwith, Claude Selwyn, "The Question as to the Home of the Aryans"
Brown, Herbert Doty, "Conway’s Cabal"
Buckley, Charles Frederick, "Hallucinations: Their Nature, Their Causes, and Their Importance to the Practitioner of Medicine"
Cahn, William L., "History of the Origin of the Republican Party"
Capen, P.M., "A Comparison of the Novels of Scot and Cooper"
Chase, Lewis N., "Comparison of Shakespeare and Hugo as Dramatists"
Conant, Roger Lewis, "The Character of Odysseus as Delineated by Homer and the Attic Poets"
Conover, John Hamilton Potter, "On the Respiratory Centre and Its Mode of Working"
Coykendall, Frederick, "A Historical Survey of the Application of Mathematics to the Solution of Physical Problem to the Year 1800"

Volume 1895 COYK-F (CO E95 Q Coyk-F)
Cutler, Frederick Morse, "Fiber Plants and Fibers"
Day, Schuyler Emerson, "Theatrum Romanum: An Essay"
Egner, Henry W., "The Political System of Prince Metternich"
Evans, William Sanford, "Conscience"
Ewen, John, "The Economic Waste of War"
Fitz-Gerald, John Driscoll, "A Study of the Compound Words in Lucretius’s ‘De Rerum Natura Libri Sex’"
Freeman, Clarence Randolph, "The Influence of Poe upon the Minds of His Readers"
Gennert, William Oscar, "The Campaign of 1776 in and about New York"

Volume 1895 G-K (CO E95 Q G-K)
Germann, George Balthasar, "Analogies and Differences between Animal and Plant Life and Development"
Gernsheim, Felix M., "The History of State Banking before the War"
Hartranft, Frederick Berg, "Banking in France and Germany"
Houston, Henry Eugene, "Measurements on the Colors of After Images"
Hungerford, Victor William, "The History of the Eastern Question since 1875"
Keppler, Emil A.C., "The Dutch on Manhattan Island"
Keyes, Conrad Sexe, "The American Revolution in the South, 1780-1782"
Kimball, Maulsby, "Compulsory Education in the United States"
Kuhn, Arthur K., "The Constitutional Rights of England over the American Colonies"
Lazansky, Edward, "Gold and Silver in the United States since 1878"

Volume 1895 L-NEE (CO E95 Q L-Nee)
Mason, William T., "The Conflict between the French and the English for the Possession of the Ohio Valley"
Middendorf, George F., "A Chapter of Evolution"
Miller, Albert O., "The Institution of Private Property in Its Economic Influence"
Mitchell, Edward E., "The Analogies and Differences between Plant and Animal Life and Development"
Mitchell, James M., "The Irish Land Question Since 1870"
Mourraille, Charles G., "The Idea of Universal Language"
Nammack, Elizabeth F., "Horace’s Love of Nature"
Neeser, Rudolph, "The Proclamation of Emancipation"
Newell, Walter S., "A Character Sketch of Nicias"

Volume 1895 NEW-R (CO E95 Q New-R)
Newkirk, H., "Franklin’s Threefold Service to America"
Ogden, Charles W., "Spencer’s Doctrine of Conscience"
Parish, Edward C., "History of Bimetallism in the United States"
Pogson, Henry B., "Possession and Ownership in the Law"
Pope, Frank J., "The Influence of Men of Affairs upon Spenser"
Ripley, William H., "Collegiate Courses in Physics"
Rosenberg, James, "The Principle of Justice in Tragedy"
Rubinow, Isaac M., "The Analogies and Differences between Animal and Plants Life and Development"
ShepardFrederic W., "The Palaeontological Evidences of Evolution"

Volume 1895 S-W (CO E95 Q S-W)
Smyth, Joseph P., "A Contrast of Franklin and Lincoln"
Spingarn, Joel E., "The History of the Theory of Poetry in the Elizabethan Age"
Storm, Clarence, "The Tendency to Ethics in Greek Philosophy"
Stout, Joseph S., "The Political Career of Prince Bismarck"
Street, William D., "Nature, Origin, and Authority of Conscience"
Taylor, David H., "Alcestis and Desdemona. A Comparison of Dramatic Characterization"
Thayer, Stephen F., "The German Mastersingers"
Virgin, Frederic O., "Nathaniel Hawthorne, and The Element of Mystery in his Writings"
Weed, Richmond, "Estimates of Geologic Time"
Wheeler, David E., "Neuromeres of Petromyzon planieri"
Worden, J., Perry, "The Character of the English People as Presented by Shakespeare"
Adams, Charles S., "The Construction and Types of Shakspere’s Blank-verse as seen in the Midsummer Night’s Dream"

Volume 1896 A-BEEK (CO E96 Q1)
Alexander, Bernhard, "The Constitutional Convention of 1787"
Alsberg, Carl L., "The Development of the Head and Brain of the Gar-pike"
Atwill, John R., "Colonial Currency"
Bacon, Rogers H., "Washington Irving as a Correspondent"
Bayles, Edwin A., "A Study of the War Poetry of the Anglo-Saxons"
Beekman, William F., "The Policy of Count Cavour"
Beer, Edwin, "The Congress of Vienna, in 1815"

Volume 1896 BEER-D (CO E96 Q2)
Bryant, George P., "The Economic Value of Education"
Burr, Granville I., "A Discussion of the Rule of Law that an Acceptance is complete upon the Posting of the Letter of Acceptance"
Celler, Herbert L., "The Louisiana Purchase"
Cherry, William S., "The Cranial Nerves of the Opossum"
Cohn, David, "The Liability of a Master to a Servant, for a Tort Committed by a Fellow-servant"
Cohn, Maurice, "The Responsibility of a Married Woman in Criminal Law"
Coudert, Charles, "Voltaire and Catholic Priests"
Daly, Edward H., "The Attitude of England toward Napoleon III"
Dryfoos, Walter S., "Influences upon Goethe and Expressed and Embodied in Faust"
Fick, Henry L. A., "The Relation of Motives to Character and Conduct"

Volume 1896 F-J (CO E96 Q3)
Fitch, Wells H., "The Relation of Motives to Character and Conduct"
Geyer, Harold C., "The Battle of Gettysburg"
Gould, Everett W., "The Cranial Nerves of a Rat"
Halsey, Robert H., "The Eye"
Hays, William H., "Charting the Heavens by Photography"
Irving, John D., "Geological Notes on the Eastern Portion of the Upper Green River Basin of Wyoming"
Johnston, Edward T., "Petronius Arbiter"
Kretz, Walter C., "The Spectroscope in Astronomy"

Volume 1896 K-L (CO E96 Q4)
Kroeber, Alfred L., "The English Heroic Play"
Lehman, Irving, "The Origin & Growth of the Trade Guilds"
Lesinsky, Albert R., "Cousin, Sainte-Beuve and the problem of the Pensees de Pascal"
Levi, Julian C., "Fireproofing"
Livingston, Frederick M., "Tenures in the United States"
McCrea, Robert G., "The Tempest: a Study in Dramatic Construction and Character"

Volume 1896 M-PIT (CO E96 Q5)
McCulloch, Robert A., "The Development of Architectural Iron Construction during the Last Few Years"
Maddox, Aaron W., "The Freedom of the Will and the Relation of this Doctrine to Ethics"
Obermeier, Leonard J., "The Jacksonian Era"
Parker, Asa W., "The Mechanics of the Atmosphere"
Peters, Frederick A., "The Nature, Origin and Authority of Conscience"
Pitblado, Edwy G., "Review of the Evidences of the Early Appearance of Man in North America"
Popper, William, "Archaeology and its Bearing on the Study of the Bible"

Volume 1896 POP-SEW (CO E96 Q6)
Proskauer, Joseph M., "The Idea of Literary Form"
Reese, Franklin E., "A History of the Law of Husband and Wife in New Jersey"
Ross, Isidorus, "Nebular Hypothesis"
Rowe, Allan C., "How far does a Chose in Action Create a Right in RemÀ"
Russell, John W., "The Personality of the Author as Expressed in Goethe’s Faust"
Senftner, Herman F., "American Life as Found in Longfellow"
Seward, Samuel S., "English Theatrical Revivals from 1600 to 1700"
Shoup, Walter C., "The Macbeth; a Study of the Dramatic Problem"

Volume 1896 SH-W (CO E96 Q7)
Snyder, John H., "The Effect of the War of 1812 upon our National Development"
Tilley, John, "Educational Ideals and Methods at Rome"
Uhl, Carl M., "The Pronoun in Spenser’s ‘Shepheards Calender,’ its Inflection and Syntax in Comparison with the Anglo-Saxon"
Valentine, John A., "The Construction and Type of Shakespeare’s Verse as seen in The Tempest"
Weil, Richard, "The Mandibula and Hyoidean Arches Discussed in Relation to the Bones of the Ear"
Woodruff, Edwin B., "The Catskills in American Literature"
Babcock, Woodward, "Causes and Effects of Metamorphism on Rocks"

Volume 1897 B-C (CO E97 Q B-C)
Bissell, Philip, "On the Nature and Function of the Bank Note"
Bogert, Theodore L., "Geologic Time"
Bookman, Arthur, "Shakespeare in France"
Boote, Charles W., "John Brown and His Work"
Brodt, Philip E., "An Analysis and Critique of Chapter One of Herbert Spencer’s ‘on Education, What Knowledge is of Most Worth’"
Brooks, Frank H., "The Burial Customs of the Ancient Greeks"
Clarke, William J., "The Transition of New York from Colony to State"
Cluff, Frederick H., "Goethe’s Mephistopheles; the Origin and Development of the Conception"
Dempsey, William T., "The Idylls of the King"

Volume 1897 D-E (CO E97 Q D-E)
Dike, Francis H., "Prose Poetry of the Early Romantic Movement in France"
Edwards, Walter S., "The Dumb Show in Elizabethan Drama"
Elgas, Francis B., "The Use of Rhyme in Vergil"
Ellard, Charles H., "The Chemistry of Photographic Development"
Ely, Addison, "Electrolysis"
Flagler, Henry H., "Dramatic Views of Diderot and Rousseau"

Volume 1897 F-G (CO E97 Q F-G)
Fry, William H., "The Trial of Huss and its Effect Upon Europe"
Fuller, Seymour K., "Pope’s Verse Forms as Differentiated from Those of Dryden"
Gilbert, Benjamin T., "The Development of the Historical Novel in France; Its Theory, Form and Substance as Compared with the Waverly Novels"
Griffin, Arthur B., "Archimedes and His Discoveries"
Gunton, William B., "The Political Philosophy of Alexander Hamilton"
Hellman, Edgar A., "The Lincoln-McClellan Controversy"

Volume 1897 H-L (CO E97 Q H-L)
Hess, Walter L., "Voltaire: Historian, with Special Reference to his History of Charles XII"
Hitchcock, Charles K., "The Oregon Dispute"
Kaplan, Bernard M., "The Nature, Origin, and Authority of Conscience"
Lewine, J., Lester, "The History of Slavery in the Thirteen American Colonies"
Lindenfelser, Stephen, "The Constitutional Congress from its Origin to the Declaration of Independence"
Lyon, John H., "Roger Williams and the Settlement of Rhode Island"
Maguire, Samuel Wilkinson, "The Lewis and Clark Expedition"

Volume 1897 M-P (CO E97 Q M-P)
Marvin, Arthur L., "The Hutchinson Letter and Franklin’s Connection with Them"
Merrill, Edward G., "The Petroleum Industry in the United States"
Petty, Nathan O., "The Development of the Vertebrate Type of Life in Geologic Time"
Prentice, John H., "Folding and Faulting of the Earth’s Crust"
Pressprich, Reginald William, "The English Naval Poems"
Putnam, Albert William, "The Use of the Supernatural in Shakespeare"
Sargent, Charles Chapin, "The Use of Disguises in the English Drama (From the Beginning to Shakespeare)"

Volume 1897 S-SHEAR (CO E97 Q S-Shear)
Sawyer, Henry Hathorne, "The Nature, Origin, and Authority of Conscience"
Senftner, George Washington, "The Personal Development of Faust"
Shanahan, William Seward, "The Play within Play in the Elizabethan Drama"
Shearman, Robert Willis, "On the Cranial and Branchial Characters of the Chimaeroid, Hydrolagus Collei"
Shimmon, Paul, "The Nature, Origin and Authority of Conscience"

Volume 1897 SHIM-ST (CO E97 Q Shim-St)
Smith, Oliver, "The Monroe Doctrine: What It Is"
Soper, Erastus Burrows, "The Political Philosophy of John Stuart Mill"
Spiegelberg, Eugene Edward, "The Hartford Convention"
Spingarn, Arthur B., "Coleridge’s Influence upon English Thought"
Strauss, Morris Lincoln, "The Presidential Election of 1844"
Tanner, Edwin Platt, "John Winthrop and the Settlement of Massachusetts"

Volume 1897 T-Z (CO E97 Q T-Z)
Weisse, Faneuil Suydam, "The General Morphology of the Digastrie Muscle"
Wharton, George Wilson, "The Elizabethan Sonneteers"
Wheaton, Charles Frederick, "Cavour and Mazzini: A Contrast"
Yohannan, Isaac, "Syriac and Its Dialects"
Zerban, Alexander Henry William, "The History of Photography; A Historical Sketch of the Development of Photography"
Letter from Dean Van Amringe to George H. Baker (Librarian), 1898 June 21

Volume 1898 A-C (CO E98 Q1)
Alsberg, Julius, "The Purification and Disposal of Sewage"
Anderson, Ellery Oswald, "Edgar Allan Poe’s Influence in Literature"
Averill, Morton Knight, "James Fenimore Cooper as a Writer of the Historical Novel, with Special Reference to the Sea Tales"
Bulkley, Lucius Constant, "A Contribution to the Comparative Anatomy of the Heart"
Burke, Charles Clinton, "The Oregon Boundary Dispute and Its Settlement"
Comstock, William Williams, "Artificial Diamonds"
Cook, Harry Randel, "A Critical Bibliography of Rhetoric from Kames to Whately"
Curry, Frank Holmes, "The Committee of Correspondence of the Towns of Massachusetts"
Davenport, Ernest Warren, "Girolamo Savonarola"

Volume 1898 D-F (CO E98 Q2)
Demarest, John Woodbridge, "The Development of the Chorus in the Early English Drama"
Depew, Frank, "The Use of Songs and Music in the Early English Drama"
De Young, Arthur B., "Calhoun and Slavery"
Dresser, Frank Griggs, "Studies in the Digby Mystery Plays"
Edwards, Charles Hebard, "Machiavelli as an Inductive Philosopher"
Einstein, Lewis David, "Henry Vaughan"
Ferry, Dexter Mason, "The Greek Chorus as Seen in the Drama of Greece, Rome, and England"
Haas, Harry Louis, "Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation"

Volume 1898 H-L (CO E98 Q3)
Inglehart, Edwin Taylor, "Palestine in the Fifteenth Century B.C."
Iselin, Ernest, "The Dramatic Work of Anthony Munday"
Jacobus, George R., "The Beginnings of Knowledge"
Keppel, Frederick Paul, "The Calyptoblastic Hydroids of Puget Sound"
Lee, Arthur, "A Study of the Pseudo-Shakesperian Tragedy of Losine"
Lemcke, Ernest Gustave, "The Iliad and the Nibelungenlied Compared"
Lester, Maxwell, "New York City at the Opening of the Rebellion"
Mitchell, John Fulton Berrien, "The Common Element in the Fine Arts"

Volume 1898 M-P (CO E98 Q4)
Morris, Stuyvesant Fish, "The Jura-Trias in New Jersey"
Morrow, Albert S., "The Early English Plays on Celtic Subjects"
Morse, Robert King, "The Philosophy of Mathematics with Special Relation to the Number-Concept"
Parks, John Waring, "The Causes of the Thirty Years War"
Parr, Ferdinand Van Siclen, "Studies in Two Pseudo-Shakespearian Plays: ‘A Yorkshire Tragedy’ and ‘The Puritan, or the Widow of Watling Street’"
Pierrepont, Robert L., "A Study of the Old English Play Sir Thomas More"
Pomeroy, Ralph Brouwer, "The Foundation and Early Development of the Franciscan Order"
Pretzfeld, Charles J., "The Disappearance of the Mystery and Miracle Plays"
Randall, Henry Thomas, "The Supernatural in Early English Drama, As Evinced by the Ghost in Pre-Shakespearian Plays"

Volume 1898 R-S (CO E98 Q5)
Randolph, Lothrop, "The Moon: A Brief Statement of Our Knowledge of the Earth’s Only Satellite"
Roberts, Gerard, "The Characteristics of American Humor"
Sandy, William C., "Stage Properties and Scenic Effects on the Pre-Shakespearian Stage"
Schlussel, Jacob Smith, "The Disputed Presidential Election of 1876-1877"
Schwarz, Arthur Harold, "A Comparison between Scott and Cooper"
Solomon, Joseph Barnard, "Burger’s Lenore and The Suffolk Miracle"
Stern, Nathan, "Prophecy in Israel"
Stern, Randall Hoyt, "The Evolution of the Clown in the English Drama"
Symmes, William Bittle, "The American Theatrical Novel"
Tenney, Alvan Alonzo, "State Banking Systems in the United States Previous to the Civil War"

Volume 1898 T-Z (CO E98 Q6)
Vinton, Stallo, "The Free-Soil Party"
Vogel, Martin H., "The Virginia Resolutions of ‘98"
Wagner, Webster, "A Study in the Early English Miracle Plays Which Are Based on Genesis"
Watson, Jesse, "The Separation of Texas from Mexico and Its Annexation to the United States"
Westerfield, William Rogers, "The Poetical Justice as Exemplified by Lear, Gloucester and Cordelia"
Wilson, Jonathan Dunham, "Causes of the War of 1812"
Worthen, Samuel Copp, "Some Doubtful Points of English Usage"
Zeiger, Franklin, "The Ethics of Aristotle"
Baker, Charles Adkins, "Recent Trade-Unions in England and the United States"

Volume 1899 A-C (CO E99 Q1)
Bowman, Harold Hosford, "The Mimes of Herondas"
Bradley, William Aspenwall, "Some English Nature Lovers"
Bross, William Warren, "The American Qualities of Walt Whitman"
Cardozo, Ernest A., "Trades Unionism in England and America"
Cole, Robert Jermain, "David the Poet"
Corning, William Butler, "The Causes and Consequences of the Texas Uprising of 1833-1836"
Deane, Sumner, "William Cullen Bryant as a Journalist"

Volume 1899 D-G (CO E99 Q2)
Eggena, Gustav, "The Development of the Factory System"
Ehret, George, "Schiller as Poet of Freedom"
Eldert, Henry Cameron, "A Comparison of Scott and Cooper"
Ernst, Bernard Morris Lee, "The Mysticism of Poe"
Fletcher, Norton DeLos Lull, "The Development and Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrate Heart in Special Reference to the Adult Structure of the Human Organ"
Fort, George Phelps, "Benjamin Franklin as a Newspaper Man"
Fowler, Arthur A., "Hawthorne as a Story Teller"
Graves, Horace Cutler, "’The Spoils System’: From Jackson’s to Cleveland’s Administration"
Giffin, Irving, "Glaciers, Geologically Considered"
Hackett, Frank Sutliff, "American Newspaper English"

Volume 1899 H-K (CO E99 Q3)
Harrington, Howard Sawyer, "Benjamin Franklin as a Statesman"
Harrison, John S., "Thomas Gray, A Forerunner of the Nineteenth Century"
Hellman, George Sidney, "A Positive and Comparative Study of Webster’s Oratory"
Hinck, Otto Helmuth, "The Farming of Revenues in France before the Revolution"
Hopkins, George G., "Measurement of the Electrical Current"
Hudson, Darwin Shaw, "The Systems of Improved Roads in the United States"
Josephthal, Sidney Louis, "Thackeray as a Poet"
Kellogg, Walter Guest, "The Plays of Arthur Wing Pinero"
Lesem, William Wolfe, "Grammatical Studies in the Old English Ballad, ‘A Gest of Robyn Hode’"

Volume 1899 L-M (CO E99 Q4)
Lichtenstein, Oscar Richard, "The Transformer Myth among the North American Indians"
McCann, John Franklin, "The Lasting Qualities of George Eliot"
Malsan, Adrian Smith, "The Political Theories of Thomas Jefferson"
Marcus, John, "Schiller’s ‘Wallenstein’"
Matthew, George, "On the Need of Instruction in Social Sciences in Second and College Education"
Miller, Henry August us, "The Nervous System of the Frog"
Mitchel, John Purrow, "Certain Characteristics of Daniel Webster’s Oratory"
Moffatt, Miles Rees, "The Sanitary Quality of Drinking Water as Shown by Analysis"
Moran, Charles, "George Henry Borrow"
Mosenthal, Herman Otto, "The Development of the Nasal Cavity of Vertebrates"
Parsons, Geoffrey, "Theories of English Pronunciation"

Volume 1899 P-SH (CO E99 Q5)
Parsons, Theophilus, "The Madness of Genius"
Pell, James Duane, "The Metamorphosis of Rocks"
Ropes, Ernest Chapin, "The Reaction against the French Pastoral Romance"
Schuyler, Montgomery, "The Vidusaka, A Conventional Character in the Sanskrit Drama"
Senftner, Alexis Eugene, "The Relation of the German Dialects to the Literary Language"
Seward, Frederic Kimber, "August e Angellier’s Critique on the Works of Robert Burns"
Sherer, "The Committees of Correspondence in the Decade Previous to the Revolution"
Simpson, Richard Gordon, "The Roman Dinner"

Volume 1899 SI-Z (CO E99 Q6)
Smith, Davison, Heermance, "The Structure and Action of the Cardiac Valves"
Staunton, Harry G., "The Greek Cosmogony"
Tuttle, Charles Henry, "Daniel Webster as an Orator"
Van Name, Warren Mersereau, "The Influence of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ on the Abolition of Slavery"
Zinsser, Hans William, "Developmental Studies on the Mammalia"
Seymour, John C., "American Politics and the French Revolution"

Volume CO E99 Supp.
Alsberg, Henry G., "The Eighteenth Century Courtier"

Volume 1900 A-B (CO F00 Q1)
Bingham, Lee Mansfield, "The Use of the Supernatural as a Dramatic Element on the Pre-Shakespearian Stage"
Block, S. John, "A Study of Henry Chettle’s Dramatic Work"
Bogue, Morton Griswold, "The Development of the Standing Nude Male Type in Greek Sculpture"
Bowman, James Floyd, "The Inequalities of the Earth’s Crust"
Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth, "The Radicalism of Shelley’s Poetry"
Brooks, Roelif Hasbrouck, "Character and Conduct in Their Relations to Motion and Mobility"
Browne, John, "History of the Federal Party"
Brueninghausen, H.W., "Some English Church Poets of the Seventeenth Century"
Cane, Melville Henry, "English Humorous Poetry of the Regency"

Volume 1900 C (CO F00 Q2)
Clapp, Walter Z., "Some Recent Histories of American Literature: A Discussion of Form and Substance with Several Examples"
Clark, Harrison, "Motives and Morals"
Clark, William Irving, "On Dermal and Cartilaginous Elements of the Vertebrate Skull"
Coan, Philip, "The Development of the Royal Power under the Early Tudors"
Coerr, Frederic Huntington, "Studies on Carpus and Tarsus"
Coffee, Rudolph I., "Jewish School Life in Talmudic Times"
Cohn, Alfred Einstein, "Murder in De Quincey, Stevenson and Poe"
Davis, Michael M., "The History of Physical Science Teaching in the Secondary Schools of the United States"

Volume 1900 D (CO F00 Q3)
De Mille, William C., "Reasons for the Success of Certain Modern Plays"
Dixon, Sidney H., "The Credibility of Juvenal’s Portrayal of Roman Society"
Dixon, William H., "Phidias: His Life and Works"
Duden, William, "Wireless Telegraphy"
Duffield, Roy F., "Massachusetts: A Modern American Commonwealth; as shown in her Progressive Legislation"
Dunbar, David O., "A History of the Classical School of Political Economy"
Durham, Roger, "The Physiology of Sleep"
Edwards, James A., "Sympathetic Strikes"

Volume 1900 E-G (CO F00 Q4)
Elmore, W. Bruce, "Muscle Fatigue"
Erskine, John, "The Legend of the Holy Grail"
Fackenthal, Joseph D., "The Narrative Powers of the Sir Walter Scott"
Finnigan, James J., "Philip de Commines and Giovanni Villani"
Fiske, William M., L., "Colonial Life and Character in Thackeray’s Virginians"
France, Melville J., "The School of Charlemagne"
Gallatin, Goelet, "Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, considered as an Epic"
Gardiner,, Philip P., "The Battle of Long Island"
Giddings, Henry S., "The Albigenses"
Gould, John W., "The Influence of Greek on Shelley and Keats"
Grannis, Pierrepont E., "Hawthorne’s Representation of Colonial Life"
Gregory, William K., "The Blood Vessels of Polypterus. Notes on the Heart, Gills Swimbladder and related vessels of Polypterus bichir"
Harrison, Henry Sydnor, "The American Indian in American Poetry"

Volume 1900 H-K (CO F00 Q5)
Hawks, Everett M., "The Nature of the Nerve Impulse"
Hoadley, Harwood, "A Study of the ‘Iphigenia Tauriea’ and the ‘Bacchae’ of Euripides, from the Standpoint of the ‘Poetics’ of Aristotle"
Hoffman, Irving Morehouse, "Changes Produced in Rocks with Special Reference to Atmospheric Agencies"
Howe, Joseph Parkhurst, "Metamorphism of Rocks by Means of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Agencies"
Hull, Robert C., "Italian Morality at the Time of the Renaissance"
Irving, Pierre Frederic, "The Fibre-Tracks of the Bull-frog"
Johnson, John Barent, "Samuel Adams and American Independence"
Jones, Frederick V., "Roman Commercial Life as Seen in Horace"
Kellock, Harold, "Algernon Charles Swinburne"
Kelly, David Frederick, "The Relations between the English Crown, and the Houses of Parliament during the Reigns of William III, and George III"
Kemp, William Cullen Bryant, "The Craft Guilds"
Kidde, Frank, "Short Life of Coluccio Salutate"
Knapp, James R., "The Shorter Poems of Shelley"
Kricke, Maurice, "Cooper’s Treatment of the American Indian"
Leale, Loyal, "Thackeray’s Young Men"

Volume 1900 L-M (CO F00 Q6)
Lesinsky, Leo, "Two Pseudo-Shakesperian Dramae, Thomas Lord Cromwell and the London Prodigal"
Lowenstein, Oscar, "Burns’s Jolly Beggars and Its Prototypes"
Lum, Ralph Emerson, "Religion and Morality"
Mackay, Joseph Wild, "A New View of the Life of Burns"
McKenna, James J., "Depopulation of the Rural Districts"
McMurray, Fred Russell, "The Accuracy of Physical Measurements"
Maxwell, W. H., "Poe’s Influence on Kipling’s Short Stories"
Meeker, Arthur Youle, "Origin of the Constitutional Convention of 1787"
Mehler, Albert Joseph, "A Comparison between Scott’s Peasant Characters in His Scotch Stories and Cooper’s Provincial Characters in His Leatherstocking Tales"
Moffett, Samuel Erasmus, "Canada in the Early Years of English Rule"
Moore, William Underhill, "The Opposition to the War of 1812"
Muirhead, John, "The Pastoral Scenes of Shakespeare"
Nelson, Giffard Arthur, "The Employment of Women and Children in Productive Occupations"

Volume 1900 N-R (CO F00 Q7)
Neugroschl, Abraham Elijah, "Walter Raleigh’s Theory of ‘Style’"
Newborg, Leo D., "The Two Elizabethan Plays; ‘Arden of Feversham’ and ‘A Warning for Fair Women’"
Norman, Mark Wilbur, "The Ku-Klux Klan"
O’Brien, Thomas Edward, "The Influence of Monasticism on Education"
Ogden, Charles Jones, "The Ethical Influences of Neo-Platonism on Christianity"
Parker, Gordon, "The Wonderful Revelations of the Spectroscope in Astronomy"
Pollard, David H., "The Conflict between Sir Isaac Newton and the French School of Astronomers Concerning the Figure of the Earth"
Quackenbos, George Payn, "The Feeling for Nature among the Romans"
Raiman, Robert Insall, "The Poetry of Sir Philip Sidney"
St. Clair, Henry Hull, "The Prakrit of Kalidasa’s Vikramorvaciya"

Volume 1900 S (CO F00 Q8)
Schafer, Algernon Sydney, "Student Life in the 13th Century"
Seguine, Edward Murray, "The Influence of English History upon the Political Ideas of Bossuet"
Smith, Alexander G., "Mythology in the Greek Education"
Stoddart, Charles William, "Possible Influences of Kyd’s Dramatic Work upon Shakespeare"
Strunsky, Simeon, "The Beginnings of the Mendicant Orders"
Tinker, Louis Clark, "Formation of the United States Constitution"

Volume 1900 T-W (CO F00 Q9)
Turner, Wallis Smythe, "The Expulsion of the Acadians"
Walter, Edwin Joseph, "Schiller’s ‘Demetrius’"
Ward, Sylvester L.H., "The English Common Law in the New England Colonies during the Seventeenth Century"
Weinstein, May er Joseph, "Character of the Continental Congress"
Whittaker, Thomas Shirley, "Aphasia"
Williams, John Nelson, "The Mode of Action of Smooth Muscle"
Woodson, Charles Whitehead, "Some Phenomena of Regeneration in Hydra viridis"
Wormser, Mortiz, "Development of Moliere’s Masterpieces and Their Relation to Each Other"
Wortman, Martin, "Causes of the War of 1812"
Armstrong, David, "Political Adventurers and Dynastic Issues of the Eighteenth Century"

Volume 1901 A-B (CO F01 A-B)
Baker, Edward Wood, "The Development of the Sea Tale by James Fenimore Cooper"
Barker, Stephen, "Land Tenure under the Feudal System"
Beaumont, Victor Ernest de, "Napoleon I in the Poems of Victor Hugo"
Beers, William Francis, "Common Law Liability of Parents to Provide Proper Medical Attention for Their Children"
Bensel, William Aitken, "Poe the Analyst"
Boehm, August Abraham, "The Depopulation of Rural Districts"
Boese, William H., "The Localisation of the Function of Hearing in the Brain"
Bonsall, Victor Fitch Mount, "The Reliability of Juvenal: A Study in Roman Life"
Booke, Elliott Williams, "Rousseau’s Contributions to Social Theory"
Bowdish, Lewis F., "’The Guild Schools’ in England"
Bowne, Samuel Winter, "The Mystical Element in Hawthorne’s Writings"

Volume 1901 B (CO F01 B)
Brower, Farrand Dodd, "The Element of Sorrow as Shown in the Works of Charlotte Bronte"
Browne, Squire Fred, "The Historical Development of the Doctrine of Implied Powers in the Constitutional History of the United States from the Adoption of the Constitution until the Civil War"
Bruce, Edward Bright, "Lincoln in Reconstruction"
Bulkley, Henry Duncan, "The Classics Known and Used by Dante and Petrarch"
Buchler, William Paul, "Six Months of United States History"
Buhler, Joseph S., "The Kentucky Stories of James Lane Allen"
Burrows, Walter Field, "Methods of Blood Testing"
Cardozo, Michael H., "The Attitude of Political Parties in the United States toward the Silver Question (1872-1900)"

Volume 1901 C-D (CO F01 C-D)
Chamberlain, Raymond, "The Syllogism in Hegel’s Logic"
Delgado, Frederick P., "The Plays of Arthur W. Pinero"
Depew, Chauncey Mitchell, "The Political Geography of Greece"
Donnellan, George Laurence, "The Influence of the French Revolution on English Politics Prior to the Reform Bill of 1832"
Drucker, Aaron Phinius, "Synopsis of Sociology of L.F. Ward"
Dressler, William B., "The Louisiana Purchase"
Duden, Herman, "The Historical Element in Rostand’s ‘L’Aiglon’"
Durham, Knowlton, "The Legend of Perceval"
Eastmond, Charles, "Relation between Certain Inorganic Salts and the Beat of the Heart"

Volume 1901 E-F (CO F01 E-F)
Edwards, E.J., "The Effect of Trusts on Prices"
Elliman, Kenneth Benbow, "Development of English in the Secondary Curriculum in the United States: A Course in Wordsworth for the High School"
English, A.A., "Why Cooper’s Works Will Live"
English, Paul A., "Some Characteristics of Scott as a Writer of Fiction"
Ernst, Arthur Ogden, "Philosophy of Life of Henry David Thoreau"
Esser, Joseph Henry, "The Origins and Development of Goethe’s Character of Mephistopheles"
Forbes, Charles Savage, "Sir Isaac Newton with a Criticism of His Fluxions"
Frank, Milton L., "Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales"
Foster, George Kenyon, "The Extent to Which Perceptions Depend upon the Physical World and upon the Individual, Respectively"
Forsch, Albert, "Practical Politics in the Jacksonian Era"
Fuerst, Sidney Marsden, "Means for the Development of Good Usage in Elementary Schools"
Grace, Walter H., "Erotic Evolution in the Development of the Emotions"

Volume 1901 G-H (CO F01 G-H)
Grant, H.R., "Roman Allusions in Plautus"
Gray, James, "Freedom of Occupation"
Gulick, Herbert De Hart, "The Cotton Trade in England"
Gumm, Harris Harold, "A Comparison of the Bank-Note Systems of the United States and England: With Special Reference to the English Act of 1844 and the American Act of March1900"
Halsey, Francis Reboul, "The Practical Side of Benjamin Franklin as Shown in His Writings"
Hanson, Hans Olaf, "The Growing Importance of the Vernacular for Education during the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries"
Harpending, Samuel Asbury, "The Development of Material in Instrumental Music, and Its Present Influence"
Harrison, Julian Collier, "The Personal Side of Thackeray as Shown in His Novels"
Havey, Marshall Lawrence, "Dickens’ Boy Characters"
Haydock, Charles E., "The Hostilities between France and the United States, 1798-1800"
Heimann, Walter James, "A Study in Asymmetry among the Decapoda, with Special Reference to the Genus Gelasimus"
Hogan, Richard, "Luther’s Influence on Education"
Jacocks, Harold Huntington, "An Examination of Anatomical Structure in Its Relations to Psychology"

Volume 1901 J-L (CO F01 J-L)
Jackson, John Gillespie, "Thomas Hood"
Keeler, George Beckwith, "The Influence of the Tariff on Trusts"
Kohn, Achilles H., "The Life and Works of Rene Descartes"
Korn, Harold, "Six Characters from Thackeray"
Lederer, Alison Michael, "A History of Columbia Dramatics, to the Year 1893"
Lorenz, Karl K., "Descartes: His Life and Influence on Mathematics"
Lynch, John K., "The Attitude of Pestalozzi toward the Child"
McDonnell, James Francis, "The Influence of Miguel de Cervantes upon Henry Fielding"

Volume 1901 M (CO F01 M)
Mattice, Harold Allison, "John Sturm as an Educator"
McKeon, Peter Joseph, "Deidrich Knickerbocker as a New Yorker"
Mofus, Clive Spencer, "Edgar Allan Poe’s Detective Stories"
Meyer, Rutherford B., "The Development of American Political Opinion between 1765 and 1775"
Mitchell, Edward Bedinger, "The Story of Tristram in English Literature"
Heuser, Frederick William Justus, "The Sources of ‘Sigurd the Volsung’"
Moore, James Bly, "The Growth of the Power of the Speaker of the House of Representatives under the Constitution"
Mosenthal, Walter J., "The Development of Form in Music"
Nash, Stephen Payn, "’Daniel Deronda’ by George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)"

Volume 1901 N-V (CO F01 N-V)
Palmer, Archie Wheeler, "The Life and Poetry of Thomas Hood"
Pegram, Robert Bruce, "The Value of Nutrition in Physical Education"
Proctor, David Gould, "Phases in the Development of Pianoforte Style: A Defence of the Piano"
Renninger, Warren Daub, "Political and Constitutional Effects of Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Policy"
Ringer, Paul Henry, "A Contribution to the Myology of Masacus Rhesus"
Senftner, Alfred Dwight, "The Element of Supernaturalism in the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne"
Sheerin, James, "The Religious Element in Education"
Shepard, Woolsey A., "The Extension by Judicial Decisions of Federal Authority over Inter-State Commerce"
Small, Herbert F., "Romanticism in Heine"
Smith, J. Boyce, "Sessing the Critic"
Southack, John William, "The Character of Heathcliff in ‘Wuthering Heights’"
Spiro, Walter Jesse, "The Iron Industry in the United States"
Stewart, Vernon Champney, "The Physiological Action of Alcohol"
Tavenner, Eugene, "Juvenal’s Reminiscences"
Van Cise, William March, "The Steam Engine in the United States"
Ward, Egbert Hammond Pineo, "The Life-History of a Hay-Infusion"

Volume 1901 W (CO F01 W)
Weir, William Nicholas, "St. Francis of Assisi and the Origin of His Order"
Wetherhorn, Henry, "An Illustration of Shakespeare’s Development in Mind and Art--The Comedy of Errors, Hamlet, The Tempest"
White, Robert Hooper, "Buckingham’s ‘Rehearsal’ and Fielding’s ‘Tom Thumb’"
Williams, James Thomas, "The Note-Books of Nathaniel Hawthorne"
Wise, Henry M., "Early History of a Doctrine of Judicial Power to Declare Legislation Unconstitutional"
Woodruff, Lorande Loss, "Observations on Regeneration in Oligoehaeta with Special Reference to the Genus Dero"
Woolf, Edgar Allan, "Scene-Sequence in the ‘Othello’"
Atkins, George Chew, "The History and Policy of Shipping Subsidies"

Volume 1902 A-C (CO F02 A-C)
Atkins, John Norton, "The Life and Works of Phillips Brooks"
Bancroft, James, "The Ethical Limitations on the Right of the Majority"
Bartow, Clarence Whittemore, "The Probable Condition of the Earth’s Interior"
Baudler, Maurice Edward, "The Nervous Mechanism of the Heart’s Action"
Becker, F.J., "Cicero’s Use of the Diminutive in His Speeches and Philosophic Works"
Bigongiari, Dino, "The Surviving Festivals of Ancient Rome"
Bradley, Allan B. A., "The First Critical Period in American History"
Brown, Harvey Scott, "The Economic Sources of Sulphur in the United States"
Budington, Ernest Gunton, "The Emancipation Proclamations--Its Causes and Effects"
Bullard, Oscar, "Some Ways in Which Photography Has Aided in Advancing Astronomy"
Caldwell, Armour, "The American Short Story: A Product of the Last Century"
Carey, Ralph Whitney, "An Essay on the Actable Quality in the Earliest English Regular Drama"
Carter, Jarvis Pomeroy, "Community of Interest in Railroading"
Clark, Franklin Mortimer, "The Social Conditions in Rome during the Last Half of the First Century A.D., as Portrayed by Martial in His Epigrams"
Colie, Edward Martin, "A Critical Review of Dr. Paulsen’s System of Ethics"
Collins, William Major, "The Religious Aspect of Totemism"
Cowen, Harry G., "A Study in the Characters of Charles Dickens with Special Reference to the Presentation of Dickens’ Philosophy"
Dana, Charles A., "Canada and Annexation"

Volume 1902 D-G (CO F02 D-G)
Danton, George H., "The Beast-Epic in German Literature with Special Reference to Goethe’s Reineke Fuchs"
Dillingham, Paul S., "The Vicksburg Campaign"
Duden, Frederick H., "Subsoil Irrigation"
Eron, Joseph E., "New Currents in Russian Literature"
Faile, Kenneth C., "The Location of the Auditory Centre in the Brain"
Falconer, Bruce, "Edgar Allan Poe: Theory of Poetry"
Fisk, Clinton E., "The Establishment and Development of Slavery in the British-American Colonies"
Fitch, john K., "Jonathan Edwards"
Ford, Harold E., "The Idea of a Universal Language"
Futter, Leon N., "The Political and Intellectual Antecedents of the French Revolution"
Gerster, John C. A., ""A Study of Kipling being a brief sketch of his life and some observations on his works"
Glenney, Walter L., "Electra"
Goff, John W., "Genreal Fitz-John Porter in the Campaign of the Second Bull Run"
Goldenweiser, Alexander, "Fetishism"
Gookin, Warner F., "The Development of Children’s Moral and Religious Ideas"
Haas, Geroge, "India and Persia in certain classical authors"

Volume 1902 H (CO F02 H)
Haberman, Jules V., "Certain Views of Tennyson and Their Development as seen in his works"
Halsey, Harold, "Notes on the Fauna of Great South Bay. The Crustacea"
Halstead, Kenneth B., "Railroad Consolidation"
Harper, James, "The Short Stories of Hawthorne"
Harris, Henry S., "Water-Gas"
Hays, Arthur G., "Freedom of the Will and Determinism"
Hays, Harold M., "Historical Review and Development of Hypnotism"
Hellman, Alfred M., "Cerebral Localization with Special Reference to Man"
Heroy, James H., "Browning’s ‘Pippa Passes’"
Hogan, Thomas, "Alexander Hamilton and the Federal Constitution"
Holland, Harry S., "Medical Essays of Oliver Wendell Holmes"
Holt, Benjamin M., "Irrigation of the Arid Lands"
Hopkins, Joseph G., "Ideas of Nature Poetry"
Hunt, Perry D., "The Development of American Oratory"
Huntting, George H., "Teaching the Drama from the Standpoint of Construction"
Iglehart, Charles W., "Thomas Otway, Poet and Dramatist. With special reference to the element of Pathos in his works"

Volume 1902 I-L (CO F02 I-L)
Jenkins, Burke, "Thoreau’s Walden Experiment"
Johnston, Richard H., "Development of Electro-Chemistry"
Kelly, Richard, "The Interest of the United States in any Colonization of South America by a European Power"
Kennedy, Charles W., "Arthur Hallam -- His Life and Connection with Tennyson"
Krumwiede, Charles, "The Socialization of the Auditory Center"
Langs, John P., "Nationalism and Local Color in Modern Music"
Lawrence, Alfred S., "The Ethical Teaching of the Pastor of Hermas"
Lawson, William W., "The Rise of Cabinet Government in England 1660-1715"
Ledoux, Louis V., "Resemblances to Don Quixote in the Novels of Henry Fielding with a comparison of Vanity Fair and Fielding’s Amelia"
Lewis, Alfred H., "Reflex Actions"
Lewy, Harry M., "The Property Rights of Married Women"
Lieb, Charles C., "The Effects of Various Stimuli on the Metabolism of Paramoecium"
Littell, Robert J., "The Characteristics of Primitive Design"
Lockhart, Edward V., "Freedom of the Will"
Lockwood, Samuel P., "To What Extent Are the Sonnets of Shakespeare BiographicalÀ"
MacIntyre, Clifford Burnett, "Localization of Brain Function"

Volume 1902 M-O (CO F02 Q 1902 M-O)
Mahan, Lyle Evans, "The Feudal System in New York"
Menocal, Daniel Ammen, "William M. Thackeray’s Character of Ethel Newcome"
Merrell, Howard Brown, "The Conception of the Memory, and Its Treatment in Education, as Held by Old Educators, in the Light of Modern Psychology"
Meyers, Reuben A., "The Territorial Expansion of the United States"
Middleton, George, "The Shorter Chapters in Balzac’s Comédie Humaine"
Nesbit, William Marsiglia, "Frederick the Great as an Enlightened Despot"
Oppenheimer, Frederic G., "The Fiscal History of the United States from 1861 to 1865"
Ottenberg, Reuben, "A Comparison of the Arterial Systems of Some Water-Breaking and Air-Breathing Vertebrates"
Parr, Harry L., "Compressed Air--Its History and Present Uses"

Volume 1902 P-R (CO F02 Q 1902 P-R)
Pell, Walden, "Matthew Arnold’s View of ‘Obermann’"
Perrine, William Woodward, "The Political Career of Zachary Taylor"
Philips, Louis, "The Literary Factor in the Struggle for Italian Unity"
Poinier, Henry L., "Great Britain and France in Egypt and the Soudan"
Potts, Rockhill, "Richardson’s Characters"
Prince, Henry Starr, "The Attitude of England towards the United States during the Civil War"
Pullich, Otto, "The Relation between the Human and Animal Mind"
Rhoades, Lyman, "The Chartist Movement in English Literature"
Ropes, Chapman, "Alexander Hamilton as a Party Leader"
Rose, C. Reseraw, "Sir William Blackstone and His Commentaries"
St. John, Theodore Raymond, "The Revival of Chivalry in the Age of Elizabeth"

Volume 1902 S-T (CO F02 Q 1902 S-T)
Schuster, Edward, "The Crisis of 1864 the Fourth Year of the Civil War"
Sewall, Frank Houghton, "The Quadrature of the Circle"
Shoemaker, William Brock, "The Campaign of Gettysburg"
Smith, Henry Kirkland, "The Socialistic Scheme of Coleridge and His Friends"
Unsigned, "Some Types of Women Found in Thackeray"
Spencer, Joseph Whittelsey, "The Dwellings of the Laboring Classes in New York City"
Spicer, Charles Clyde, "Robert Burns"
Spiegelberg, Sidney L., "The Element of Selfishness in the Novels of George Eliot"
Strebeigh, Robert Lefferts, "Cooper’s Representation of the American Indian"
Sturtevnt, Horace Richard, "The Three Parliamentary Reform Bills of England: Their Causes and Effects"
Tinker, Edward Larocque, "The Pageant of the Middle Ages in England"
Ward, Gilbert Oakley, "Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864"

Volume 1902 W-Y (CO F02 Q 1902 W-Y)
Waters, Spencer, "John Wilkes. His Life and Effects on the British Constitution"
Weekes, Arthur Delano, "The River Voyage in Literature"
West, Henry James, "The Iron Ore Deposits of the United States and Canada"
Wharton, William Parker, "Euphemism in Shakespeare"
Willis, Reginald Satterlee, "The Modern Idea of Charles Dickens"
Wilson, Stanley Kidder, "The Elizabethan Sonnet Cycles"
Winslow, Archibald Spiers, "The Relation of Scholasticism to Mediaeval Politics"
Wooster, Floyd R., "Trades Union Restriction of Production"
Wright, Avery Skinner, "The Equitable Basis of Freight Rates"
Unsigned, untitled (sample key word: eulogy) (possibly by John Parr WylieÀ)
Yohannan, Malcolm, "The Credibility of Juvenal’s Account of the Social Conditions at Rome"
Abbott, Clinton Gilbert, "The Athletics of the Ancient Greeks"

Volume 1903 A (CO F03 1903 v.1 Q)
Adams, Almon Edgar, "Daniel Webster the Statesman"
Agate, Frederic Joseph, "Edward John Trelawney"
Allen, Theodore Henry, "The Poetry of Marlowe"
Allen, William Fitch, "The Nullification"
Ansorge, Martin Charles, "Public Monopolies"
Asch, David, "The Development of the Waverly Novels"
Bakerman, John James, "Shakespeare’s Harmony of Style and Character"

Volume 1903 B (CO F03 1903 v. 2 Q B)
Bambach, George Frederick, "The Education of the Roman Boy in the Latter Days of the Republic"
Barnes, Nathaniel Waring, "A Plea for Charles Wesley’s Poetry"
Bartholomew, Robert B., "A Consideration of the Structure and Functions of the Leaf"
Bassett, James, "The Invention of the Differential and Fluxional Calculus"
Bechert, Alexander Otto, "The Hermannsschlacht in German Literature with Special Reference to Heinrich von Kleist"
Beekman, Henry Rutgers, "’Richard Feverel’ by George Meredith"
Bemuth, Rudolph Ludwig von, "John Webster as an Exponent of the Tragedy of Blood"
Bikle, Joseph Stitt, "History of the Invention and the Early Improvements of Logarithms"
Blank, Marco I., "The History and Significance of the Feudal Castle"
Briggs, Yeoman, "The Causes of Economic Crises"
Brinckerhoff, Herbert Corlies, "Stephen A. Douglas and the Kansas-Nebraska Bill"
Butler, Benjamin Franklin, "Benjamin Franklin as an Advocate"
Butler, George Henry, "The Influence of Monopoly upon Distribution in Modern Industrial Combinations"
Casamajor, Louis, "Development of Fibre Tracts in the Amphibian Brain"

Volume 1903 C (CO F03 1903 v. 3 Q C)
Colie, Dayton, "The Origin and Development of Gothic Vaulting"
Comstock, William Phillips, "The History of the Taconic Controversy"
Crowell, John Whiting, "The Utility of Compulsory Arbitration in Industrial Disputes, with Some References to the Function of Arbitration in General and the Futility of the Strike"
Spiegelberg, Walter S. "Miramont," "The History and Policy of Shipping Subsidies"

Volume CO C72 Q 1903
Davis, Albert, "Latin and Romance Words in Shakespeare’s Sonnets"

Volume 1903 D-F (CO F03 1903 v. 4 Q)
Unsigned, "The Monetary Situation in the United States from 1890 -- ’96 with Special Reference to Bimetallism"
Dudley, Pendleton, "The Tobacco Trusts"
Dyrsen, Harry Hammond, "English Influence on Lessing and His Predecessors"
Earle, Victor de la Montagne, "The Relation between Religion and Morality"
Egner, Arthur Frederick, "The Political Theories of Alexander Hamilton"
Elias, Henry Hart, "The Element of Horror in Kyd’s ‘Spanish Tragedy’"
Ferris, Pierce Philip, "L’Influence de Voltaire; présagé dans les Lettres Philosophiques"
Fink, Colin G., "Artificial Graphite"

Volume 1903 F-G (CO F03 F-G)
Fort, J. Irving, "The Bacteriology of Typhoid Fever"
Frank, Walter, "George Peele"
Fuld, Leonhard F., "German Surnames"
Gaige, R. Crosby., "The Revival in Celtic Literature"
Goldenweiser, Emanuel A., "Turguéniev"
Goodman, Frank V., "Physiological Psychology vs. Phrenology (Phrenology from the standpoint of Phy. Psy.)"
Haas, Herbert J., "The Congressional Election of 1866 -- Its Issues and Campaigns"

Volume 1903 H-J (CO F03 H-J)
Harrison, Richard C., "The Career of the Whig Party"
Hendrickson, C. LeRoy, "The Gipsy in Fiction"
Heyman, Henry K., "The Jacksonian Democracy"
Hills, William F., "The Aesthetic Element in Poe’s Poetry"
Hoffman, Alfred, "The Inert Gases of the Atmosphere"
Holmes, Floyd D., "The Growth of Representative Government in the United States"
Isaacs, Stanley M., "The Career of the Whig Party"
Iselin, Lewis, "Early Life on the Frontier of New York"
Jenks, Maurice L., "The Humor of Benjamin Franklin"
Kahn, Jacques, "The True King John"

Volume 1903 K-L (CO F03 v7 Q K-L)
Keeler, Howard A., "The Election of 1860"
Kelley, Robert H., "The Employment of Convicts in Prison Labor"
Koenig, Nicholas A., "The Supernatural in Grillparzer’s Ahnfrau"
Lawson, Charles, "The Madness of Hamlet"
Lefferts, Barent, "Simon of Athens"
Lindsley, Frank W., "Ether Waves and Wireless Telegraphy"
Lovemen, Herbert S., "The Last Chase of the Civil War -- An Account of the Military Operations from Chattanooga to Appomattox"
LaRoche, Philip B., "The Principles of Poetic Criticism contained in the ‘Biographia Literaria’ of Samuel Taylor Coleridge"

Volume 1903 L (CO F03 v8 Q L)
Mandelbaum, Herbert D., "Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria"

Volume 1903 M-R (CO F03 v9 Q M-R)
McCollom, Harold C., "Greek Comedy and its Influence on Latin Literature"
McDonald, James E., "Jonson’s Comedy of Humour"
McClintock, Herbert M., "Beginnings of Political Parties in England"
Moses, James G., "Lafayette and the French Revolution"
Odell, Herbert R., "Francis Parkman’s Treatment of the American Indians"
Odell, Louis S., "Some Observations on the Effect of Light upon Plant Life"
O’Loughlin, Gerald S., "The Sensory or Amnesic Aspect of Aphasia and its Relation to the Theory of Localization of Brain Function"
Osborn, C. W., "Dramatic Contrast in Macbeth"
Perry, J. Lockwood, "Atoms and Corpuscles"
Peters, Harry T., "Appreciation of Sir Walter Scott’s Count Robert of Paris"
Pitske, Edgar, "Byron’s Guide to Italy or the Fourth Canto of Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage"
Reid, Robert L., "Memory, and the Results of its Training"
Reis, Arthur M., "Thoreau, and His Philosophy of Life"
Ridder, Bernard H., "Character of the Fugitive Slave Law of 1860 -- Its Part in the Anti-Slavery Movement"
Riggs, Lawrason, "Jefferson and France"
Schramm, Arnold O., "Propositions for the Reform of Our National Banking System"

Volume 1903 S (CO F03 v10 Q)
Schroeder, Rudolph C. J., "The Disruption of the Whig Party"
Schulman, Robert, "Heinrich Heine as Novelist"
Schuyler, Robert L., "The Milesian Tale -- A Study in the Earliest Forms of Classical Prose Fiction"
Seil, Harvey, A., Radium"
Shainwald, Ralph L., "Two Labor-Saving Devices"
Shields, Harold, "The Development of the Idea of a Glacial Age"
Shoenfeld, Jerome B., "The Practice and Policy of Shipping Subsidies"
von Sholly, B. R., "History and Development of the Aluminum Industry"
Simpson, Kenneth M., "Dickens’ Estimate of America"
Spiegelberg, Walter S., "Abelard and the Beginnings of the University of Paris"
Stanley, Harry W., "King Lear -- As Illustrative of Shakespeare’s Dramatic Genius"
Swinburne, A. C., "Sonnets on English Dramatic Poets"
Strasser, Arthur L., "The Career of the Whig Party"
Sutton, George A. K., "Coal and Water Gas"
Swenson, John A., "The Invention of Analytical Geometry"
Taylor, John W., "The American Forest in Literature"

Volume 1903 T (CO F03 v11 Q)
Telsey, Samuel A., "German Romanticism in English Literature"
Thoman, William F., "Lessing’s Religion"
Thomas, Lloyd B., "The Personal Value of Religion and Learning in Conjunction, in Practical Life"
Tintner, Benjamin A., "The Predisposing Causes of Insanity"
Tomkies, Charles D., "Imagination as a National Factor as Seen in the Growth of Sympathy"
Toussaint, Camille A., "The Discovery and Development of Analytic Geometry"
Townsend, Henry C., "The Significance of Pearl in Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter"
Turnbull, William F., "Railroad Consolidation and Public Control in the United States, With a Mathematical discussion of the Theory of Railroad Rates"
Waddell, Ralph H., "The Dramatic Element of the Book of Job"

Volume 1903 W (CO F03 v12 Q)
Wallstein, Leonard M., "The Election of 1844"
Warren, George E., "The Work of the Great Elector"
Wells, Frederic L., "Stylistic Excellence from a Patrician Point of View -- The Application of Walter Pater’s Theory of Style"
Werner, Gerard B., "German Influence on Hawthorne and Poe"
Wolff, Edwin, "Luther’s Address to the Christian Nobility"
Wortmann, Albert, "The Stage and the Public"
Wyatt, Christopher, "Literary Opinions of Edward Fitzgerald"
Wyckoff, Clarence J., "The Military Career and Character of Major-General George H. Thomas"
Aery, William A., "The Origin and Development of the French Towns, to the Close of the Thirteenth Century"

Volume 1904 A-B (CO F04 Q1)
Akin, Albert J., "A History of Astronomical Photography"
Banning, Hubert, "The Attempts to Prove Relationship between the Indo-Germanic and Semitic Languages"
Bates, William S., "Thackeray in America"
Bloomfield, Allen J., "Piracy on Our Coasts during Colonial Times"
Bovey, John M., "Poe’s Detective Stories"
Boyesen, Bayard, "Thomas Dekker and the Comedy-of-Manners"
Brace, Donald C., "Anti-Slavery Poetry"
Bryant, William S., "Capitalization of the Trusts"
Bulkley, Henry D., "The Development of the Doctrine of Consideration"
Burchell, Durward E., "Modern Aspects of Massenger’s ‘A New Way to Pay Old Debts’"
Butler, Howard A., "The Monroe Doctrine"
Carlsson, Carl P., "A Comparison of Gorboduc and the Spanish Tragedy"

Volume 1904 C-F (CO F04 Q2)
Davis, Abraham M., "The Fall of the Second United States Bank and its Results"
Earle, William P. S., "Edgar Allen Poe: An Appreciation"
Elgar, Harold B., "The Historical Influence of the Louisiana Purchase"
Elgas, Harold M., "Seneca’s Influence upon the English Drama"
Ellis, George A., "The Latent Heat of Evaporation of Water"
Elsworth, Harold J., "Matthew Gregory Lewis as a typical Eighteenth Century Romanticist"
Fish, Samuel C., "Ruskin as an Ethical Teacher"
Fisher, John R., "The Dramatic Monologue of Robert Browning"
Forbes, Francis B., "The Course of English Legislation Regarding Trade Unions"
Foucar, Frederic H., "Chemistry of the Cell"
Funk, Merton L., "Enzymes and their Chemical Activity"
Gay, Frazer W., "The Nebular Hypothesis"

Volume 1904 G-H (CO F04 Q3)
Geer, E. Throop, "The Nature of Property in Slaves"
Gillet, Louis B., "Nature in the Poetry of Shelley"
Goldberger, Norman S., "A Comparison between the ‘Spanish Tragedy’ and the ‘Jew of Malta’"
Gravenhorst, Paul G., "The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson"
Greene, Van R. H., "Steam and Gasoline Automobiles"
Gutman, Arthur S., "The Development of the Social Problem in the Dramas of Alexandre Dumas Fils"
Hammerslough, Rossin L., "The Electroyltic Refining of Copper, with Special Reference to the Process in Use in the United States"
Harris, Herbert H., "The Nature of Conscience"
Hayes, Carlton H., "Political Factors in the Establishment of the Anglican Church"
Hedinger, J. Harris B., "McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign"
Hill, Emory, "The Relations of the Morality and Religion in the Development of the Individual Life"
Houston, Oscar R., "History of Dower"
Hughes, Don E., "The Songle Gold Standard (In the United States from 1873 to 1900)
Inman, Samuel G., "The Origin of Totemism"

Volume 1904 I-L (CO F04 Q4)
Jacobs, Walter A., "The Origin of Species by Mutations and Its Relation to the Theory of Natural Selection"
Jacobstein, Meyer, "The Influence of Great Men in History: as conceived by Modern British Historians"
Jouard, Farel L., "The Oriental Element in English Literature"
Kahn, Albert L., "The Influence of Thomas Kyd’s ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ upon the Early Plays of Shakespeare, especially ‘Titus Andronicus’ and ‘Hamlet’"
Kerr, Arthur T., "Hieronimo as a Type of Villain"
Kilroe, Edwin P., "The Evolution of Private Ownership in Land"
Knauff, Grant, "The Church in Britain before the Saxon Conquest"
Knox, Jaxon, "John Donne and his Poetry"
Kreuder, Herman E., "History of the Development of the Science of Microbes"
Krusa, Henry B., "The Conciliar Movement and its Relation to the Great Schism (1378-1418)"
Lance, Harold B., "The Environment and Distribution of some Trees in the Vicinity of New York"
Landauer, Leo L., "The War of 1812"
Lawton, Maxwell F., "The Influence of the Delphic Oracle in the Classic Period of Greek History"
Leber, Otto H., "Public Ownership of Municipal Monopolies, with Special Attention to Electric Lighting"
Lindsay, Janvier W., "The Development of Prose-writing in the American Colonies"
McAneny, Leonard G., "The Interstate Commerce Commission and the ‘Short Haul’ Clause"

Volume 1904 M-R (CO F04 Q5)
McKinney, Francis W., "Emerson’s Knowledge of Science"
Malmberry, Theodore J. W., "Tegner’s Frithiofs Saga"
Moeller, Philip, "Robert Herrick"
Munker, Maurice J., "The Present State of the Theory of Localization of Brain Functions"
Myers, James, "The Monroe Doctrine and the Philippines"
Newburger, Harry W., "Mirabeau and the Limited Monarchy"
O’Connell, Frank L., "Lessing’s Hamburgische Dramaturgie"
Oppenheimer, Edgar D., "Effect of Ions on the Rhythmic Contraction of Heart Muscle"
Otto, Walter G. C., "The Donation of Constantine"
Pettus, William B., "Plato’s Conception of Goodness as Shown in His Republic, and Christ’s Conception of Goodness as Shown in the Three Synoptic Gospels"
Pitou, Eugene, "The Emancipation Proclamation"
Robinson, James L., "The History of the Adoption of the Eleventh Amendment to the Constitution of the United States"
Rooman, Bayard B., "Neo-and Praseodymium"
Seggel, Otto F., "The Revolution of ‘48’ in France"

Volume 1904 S-T (CO F04 Q6)
Selvage, I. Lester, "The History of Carthage to the First Punic War"
Speck, Frank G., "A Modern Mohegan-Pequot Text"
Stauffen, Ernest, "The Duty of a Parent to Provide Medical Attendance for his Minority Child"
Stein, Herbert L., "The Genesis of the Republican Party"
Stephenson, Albert G., "Webster the Orator"
Swortfiguer, H. Bragdon, "The Two Administrations of Andrew Jackson"
Thurber, Alfred E., "Contrasts between the Short Stories of Poe and Hawthorne"
Tice, Walter A., "A History of the Disposal of the Public Domain of the United States"
Toy, Channing R., "The Style of Jefferson’s State Paper"
Trotter, James P., "Cerebral Socialization of Cutaneous Sensation"
Updike, Edwin Hoyt, "The Nature of Conscience"

Volume 1904 U-W (CO F04 Q7)
Van Ness, Schuyler Waldron, "History of the United States Shipbuilding Company"
Verplanck, John Bayard Rodgers, "The Supernatural in ‘Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay’ and ‘Doctor Faustus’"
Vogel, Edwin Chester, "The Relations of France and America at the End of the Eighteenth Century (1774-1791)"
Wallach, Kaufman Richard, "President Polk and the Monroe Doctrine"
Walz, Jacob, "Railroad Discrimination of Rates"
Warren, Arthur D., "The Development of the Romance of Chivalry in Spanish Literature"
Weissman, Clarence, "The Manufacture of Nitric Acid from the Air"
Wile, Udo J., "The Nature of Conscience"
Wilcox, James Ernest, "Thomas Dekker"
Wilson, Randolph Colclough, "Interpretation of the Constitution, 1879-1817"
Woodard, Clifford Ambrose, "The Transition to the Middle Ages"
Wuppermann, Ralph Kuhner, "The Character of Tiberius Claudius Nero"
Blake, Clinton Hamlin, "Life in Town and Country in the Middle Ages"

Volume 1904 Supplement 1 (CO F04 Q sup. vol. 1)
Hanemann, Edward L., "Christopher Marlowe"
Hurley, Thomas Lester, "The Louisiana Purchase"
Loening, Rudolph Rubino, "The Use of Injunction in Labor Disputes"
Whitin, Ernest Stagg, "New Settlement Work at Columbia"
Julihn, C.E., "The Influence of John Heywood upon the Development of English Comedy"

Volume 1904 Supplement 2 (CO F04 Q sup. vol. 2)
Maeder, John S., "Bacteriology of Typhoid"
Dargeon, M. J., "American Frigates in the War of 1812"
Stray, Arthur Thomas, "Torquato Tasso"
Schlachter, Charles E., "Themistocles’ services to Athens were those of a statesman rather than those of a solder"
Lyford, E. Bert, "Tiberius Claudius Nero"
Van der Burgh, Ludlow H., "Radio-Activity. A lecture delivered for the United States Geological Survey at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis, 1904"
Anspacher, Harry, "The Plays of Robert Browning"

Volume 1905 A-C (CO F05 Q A-C 1905)
Barrick, Samuel Lloyd, "Goethe and the French Revolution"
Barrows, William Burnet, "The Sequoias of the Pacific Coast"
Batchelor, Charles B., "The Triple Conversion of Adolescence"
Biermann, Frederick Elliott, "Jefferson and Jackson as Leaders of the Democracy"
Blauvelt, Martin Emerson, "Sessing’s Saokoon"
Brown-Serman, Stanley, "The Intellectual Life of St. Paul"
Browne, Duncan Hodge, "_____ and Mental Derangement among Savages"
Bradley, Robert H., "Shamanism among the American Indians"
Burnett, Henry Lawrence, "Australian Totemism"
Byron, Thomas Patrick, "A Comparison of Pepita Jiménez and Doña Suz"
Carpenter, Warwick S., "Industrial Insurance: Some Plans that Have Been Tried, Criticized, and a Consideration of One Adapted to the United States"
Clark, Thomas F., "Genesis of the Fourteenth Amendment"
Cohen, Norman M., "Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation"
Curtis, Harlow Dunham, "The Music of Poe’s Poetry"

Volume 1905 C-F (CO F05 1905 C-F)
Cuthell, Chester Welde, "African Fetishism"
Day, Marshall Mallory, "The Atmospheric Symbols of the North-American Indians"
Decker, Winfred Cornwall, "Korder’s ‘Zriny’"
Deixel, Abraham, "The Life of Women in Ancient Greece"
Dickler, Nathan, "The Abacus"
Donovan, William J., "The Democracy of Jefferson and the Democracy of Jackson"
Echeverria, Frederick John, "Character and Will: Their Relation"
Easton, Kerner, "The Bacon-Shakspere Controversy"
Elsberg, Albert Marion, "Athenian Taxation and Finance"
Fallon, George Marcus, "University Life in Ancient Athens"
Ferrari, Robert A., "The Metaphysical and Scientific Methods in the Psychology of Aristotle"
Cooper, Frederick Linn, "The Development of Religious Thought in Tennyson"
Ferris, Morris Douw, "The Necessity of Communication in Simple Contracts"
Findley, Earl R., "The Origin of the Western Reserve"
Fitzgerald, Frank T., "Optimism and Pessimism"
Flower, Herbert J., "The Geological Activities of Man"

Volume 1905 F-H (CO F05 1905 F-H)
Fontrier, Micco Miltiades Achilles, "A Discussion of Newton’s Laws of Motion"
Frank, Joseph Julius, "Theories Concerning the Origin of Petroleum"
Gillespie, James Packard, "Gregory the Great"
Goldwater, Edward, "The Taxation of Corporate Franchises"
Greeff, Gerhard E. H., "Webster and the Tragedy of Blood"
Green, Edward Henry, "The Southern Black Codes of 1865-1866"
Hageman, George Russell, "Nature and Method of the Legal Regulation of Labor Disputes as Practised in New Zealand"
Hamilton, Guy Amisi, "The Political Theories of John C. Calhoun"
Hager, Warren Otis, "Greek versus Latin in the Secondary School"
Harper, Harold, "A British Protective Tariff"
Harrison, Meyer S., "The Development of Decorative Art"
Hastings, Harold William, "The Poetry of Matthew Arnold"
Heaton, James Putnam, "The Part of Democrats in the Formation of the Republican Party"
Heuser, Charles F., "The Indian Currency Reform of 1893-1899"
Higbie, John Robbins, "A History of the Discovery of the Inert Gases of the Atmosphere"
Hubbard, Ralph Hustace, "The History of the Geology of the Kingston-Rosendale District"

Volume 1905 H-L (CO F05 Q H-L 1905)
Hyman, Maurice, "Optimism and Pessimism"
Josephs, Irving S., "The History of Stratigraphic Geology of the United States"
Kaye, Benjamin Mark, "American Tragedy"
Klaber, William, "The Periodic Laws"
Kleeberg, Gordon S. P., "The Part of the Whigs in the Formation of the Republican Party"
Klein, Frederick Edward, "The Open Shop"
Kraetzer, Edgar R., "The Blank Verse of Tennyson"
Lamont, Joseph Riggs, "Optimism versus Pessimism"
LeRoy, Robert, "The Influence of Science on the Criticism of M. Ferdinand Brunetière"
Levy, Benjamin M., "The Panic of 1893"
Lewis, Robert Carpenter, "The National Banking System"
Lewisohn, Julius Arthur, "The Electrolytic Refining of Copper with Special Reference to its Economic Advancement in the United States"
London, Monte, "The Election of 1856"
Lublin, Curtis, "Certain Instances of Analogy in English Usage"

Volume 1905 L-N (CO F05 1905 L-N)
McKenzie, David Andrew, "The Poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti"
Mackenzie, Alexander, "The Experimental Study of Animal Psychology"
Medalie, George Zerdin, "Tiberius Claudius Nero"
Messer, William Stuart, "The Rise and Fall of the Tweed Ring. Lessons from It."
Miller, Elmer C., "Expediency of Government Regulation of Railway Rates"
Mooney, Harry Rich, "The Summum Bonum as Understood by Aristotle, the Stoic and the Epicureans"
Morrall, Charles Francis, "The Elizabethan Sonnet Cycle"
Morris, Dudley Henry, "The Excretory Products of the Earthworm"
Mott, Walter W., "Die Rauber"
Newell, William, "Acetylene, with Special Reference to Its Commercial Uses"
Nichols, Clarence, "Theodor Korner, Poet of Patriotism"
Noble, Floyd C., "A Comparison of Iroquois and Aztec Culture"

Volume 1905 N-S (CO F05 1905 N-S)
Otten, Leonard Flagge, "Germ Diseases in Drinking Water: Contamination and Prevention"
Peter, G. William, "Schiller’s Political Ideals with Special Reference to ‘Don Carlos’"
Piel, William F. J., "The Introduction of the Middle Class Tragedy into German Literature and, apropos, a Criticism of Lessing’s ‘Miss Sara Sampson’"
Pierrepont, Rutherfurd Stuyvesant, "Dryden and the Heroic Play"
Podell, David L., "The Formation of the Republican Party in the State of New York"
Ramsdell, Edwin George, "Poe’s Work in Contrast to His Life"
Riblet, Ronald Frank, "The Tristram and Iseult Legend in England Literature"
Rosenson, Harry James, "Causes of the Formation of the Constitution of 1787"
Rothschild, Walter Louis, "The History of the Development and the Comparative Merits of City Pavements"
Saunders, Leon G., "The Origin of the University of Oxford"
St. George, Albert Harrington, "The French Clergy on the Eve of the Revolution"
Schwed, Harry, "Lincoln and the Election of 1860"
Silberstein, Nathan, "Boethius, Gerbert, and Fibonacci, and the Use They Made of the Hindoo Numerals"
Simonds, William B., "The Dramas of Alfred Tennyson"
Slosson, Steward, "The Nature of the Picturesque"

Volume 1905 S-T (CO F05 1905 S-T)
Smith, Leslie Brewster, "The Sextant and Its Uses"
Spingarn, Sigmund, "English Life in the Seventeenth Century as Seen by Samuel Pepys"
Taylor, James A., "Optimism and Pessimism"
Teale, Edward Lee, "The Art of Tennyson’s Word-pictures"
Thomas, Harold Livingston Reed, "John Henry Newman--a Pilgrim of Truth"
Thompson, Jacob, "Utilitarianism"
Thurston, Edward Day, "The Religious Concepts of the North American Indian"
Tolins, Joseph, "’Gott, Mensch and Teufel’: A Revival of the Faust Legend"
Tompkins, Grenelle Bertram, "The Development of the Mammalian Heart and Its Relation to the Doctrine of Evolution"
Tonnele, John L., "Immigration into the United States"
Townsend, Stillman Dana, "Andrew Jackson and the Era of People Worship"
Treat, Hugh Peters, "The Unconscious Inconsistencies of Terence"
Tucker, George Washington, "The Germans of New York"
Van Buren, John Dash, "The Protective Tariff with Special Reference to Iron and Steel"

Volume 1905 V-Z (CO F04 Q V-Z 1905)
Van Nostrand, Norman Wyckoff, "The People of the Leatherstocking Tales"
Vreeland, Louis Beach, "Tendencies toward Union in the American Colonies"
Waldron, J. Laurence, "Municipal Electric Lighting in the United States"
Webb, Harold Worthington, "The Energy of Radio-Activity"
Weil, Jesse, "Hamilton and the Making of the Constitution"
Willis, Arthur Livingston, "The Treatment of the Story of Antony and Cleopatra in the English Drama"
Wiren, Oscar B., "Daniel Webster’s ‘Seventh of MarchSpeech’"
Wood, Chalmers, "The Shorter Dramatic Monologues of Robert Browning"
Wright, Ernest Hunter, "Memory and Imagination in Aristotle, Locke, Bain, and James"
Younger, Gustavus Adolphus, "The Recognition of the Monroe Doctrine as Established by Recent Venezuelan Diplomatic Complications"
Zeiger, George Vreeland, "A Study of the Commercial Oaks in the Vicinity of New York City"
Birckhead, Hugh McCulloh, "Similarities between the North American and Polynesian Mythologies"

Volume CO F05 Supplement (1905)
Acken, George Alonzo, "Benjamin Franklin as a Diplomat"
Denzer, Sydney W., "The Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe"

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